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Story by Sandact6


Sam Healman was a normal kid until one faithful day at camp. Can he live a normal life with a tail out of his butt, odd friends, and a perverted Vaporeon? The first nine chapters of this story were written by Sandact6. As of chapter ten, the story was officially adopted by our very own Lieutenant Fluff. Check out both of their pages by clicking their names up in the title.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Summer Camp Blows
Chapter 2: Really Freaky Stuff
Chapter 3: The Transformation
Chapter 4: Some explaining to do
Chapter 5: The Wait
Chapter 6: Transformation Time! Human Sweet Human!
Chapter 7: Final Day at Camp
Chapter 8: POV of a Peverted Vaporeon
Chapter 10: Family Secrets
Chapter 11: Aunt in Sheep's clothing
Chapter 12: A Forgotten Past Part 1
Chapter 13: A Forgotten Past Part 2
Chapter 14: A Promise
Chapter 15: Tick Tok
Chapter 16: Limbo
Chapter 17: Infected
Chapter 18: Finale