The Music

The Music is the story of artists. More specifically, The Music is the story of six artists, living in Manhattan and and being shadowed by recent history's most influential musicians. Follow them as they struggle with romance, addiction, identity, revenge, and everything else an artist is wont to struggle with.


Chapter 1:You Artists are Insufferable
Chapter 2:Rice and the Ant
Chapter 3:Black Paint
Chapter 4:Ruben’s Cardboard Box
Chapter 5:Flawless Form
Chapter 6:Knockin’ on the Dragon’s Door
Chapter 7:Focus Blurred
Chapter 8:Incognito
Chapter 9:Dirty Deeds
Chapter 10:Composition
Chapter 11:Fever
Chapter 12:Honey
Chapter 13:Hell
Chapter 14:Highwaymen
Chapter 15:Susan’s Invitation
Chapter 16:Ring Finger
Chapter 17:Prescription Pills
Chapter 18:Terry the Killer
Chapter 19:On Black Coffee and Winter
Chapter 20:Former Artists
Chapter 21:Grey Figures
Chapter 22:Bossa Nova
Chapter 23:Bom Dia,
Chapter 24:Metal
Chapter 25:Patricia
Chapter 26:Armament
Chapter 27:Tracing his Finger through the Dirt
Chapter 28:Dylan
Epilogue:Je Vis

© Ray Underscore Thompson, November 2015