Review #96



Review by Ray

I received an email the other day. Guess who's about to be a millionaire.

Dear Friend,

See, now that's a nice way to start a letter. Two words in and I already feel like I can trust this person. So friend, why have you emailed me?

I want you to know that all my efforts to transfer the funds to you through courier company were of no avail due to the amount of money involved is very large to be sent out through courier company.


How could this happen‽ I didn't even know that I was going to be receiving a very large amount of money, but now that I do know, I am quite upset to learn that it cannot be transferred! Pastor John, how did this happen?

I was later made to understand by the federal ministry of finance that the funds could not be transfer to you via courier company.

Of course, it all makes sense now! I guess. By the way John, you have my attention, you can stop using bold for everything.

Therefore,in order to transfer the funds to you,I have made all the necessary arrangement with Bank Of Africa

A very trusted name in banking.

here in Benin Republic for the wire transfer of your funds $1.5M US Dollars into your account in your country.

Wow, $1.5M US Dollars, just imagine the possibilities…


Alright John, I want my monocle, how are we gonna make this happen?

Actually,bank to bank wire transfer could be the best way to transfer this funds to you for security purpose.

Sounds good to me John, but how can I know that this method of transfer is safe?

Meanwhile,I have told Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke the director of Bank Of Africa here in Benin Republic

A doctor, a reverend, and director of a national bank? Watch out most interesting man in the world, Stephen Okeke is coming for your title.

to transfer the usd$1.5MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS

Stop repeating yourself STOP REPEATING YOURSELF.

into your bank account in your country through bank to bank ktt wire transfer. However, all the necessary arrangements of transfer the usd$1.5M UNITED STATES DOLLARS

Come on John, if you're going to spell things obnoxiously, at least make them consistent. Is it $1.5M US Dollars, or usd$1.5MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS, or usd$1.5M UNITED STATES DOLLARS?

into your account

The bank account that I cancelled a few months ago?

in your country was made with Bank Of Africa here in Benin Republic. Infact, I thank God very much for all the improvement that was made from Bank Of Africa Benin Republic because every thing goes normally.

Fascinating. I have no idea what you're talking about John, but fascinating.

As for my agreement with the Bank Of Africa, they promised that your funds will be transfer to your bank account in your country as soon as you supply them your banking information.


Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke the Director of Of Africa Benin Republic


That title is overflowing with win.

said that they need your banking information to able them meet up with the wire transfer of your funds,he also said that a new international(non-resident)account should be opened in their bank on your behalf.I suggest that you should send them an application and give them your banking information where you want to receive the funds to avoid any mistake or wrong transfer.

I couldn't agree more John, it would be a shame if I missed out on the us$1.5M MILLION USD UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

Please write a letter of application to Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke the director of Bank Of Africa here in Benin Republic on the given address below.

ATTN: Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke

Bank Of Africa Benin Republic

E-mail: (

TEL: +229-9858-8727


I'm ready when you are John, what information does Doctor Reverend Cosmonaut President Director of Bank of Africa require?

Fill the blank spaces below with your banking information as requested by the bank director Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke and send the letter of application to the given email address above.

Bank Name=

Bank of Africa, that's an easy one.

Bank Address==

ATTN: Dr. Rev. Stephen Okeke

Bank Of Africa Benin Republic

E-mail: (

TEL: +229-9858-8727

A/c Number===

69 degrees.

Routing Number=


Swift Code====    

Phase one; date a guy, break up with him, write a song about it, repeat. Phase two; sell out and start rapping.


Bitch please, if it were possible for me to die then one of these stories would've made it happen by now.


I'm not picky/I'm not picky.


No equals signs? Alright, guess I don't have to answer that one.

Fax Number===


A copy of your Picture====


Soon I'll have a fancy mustache, soon…

Home Address=


Pretending to know what I'm talking about.

Your Country=====


Take a guess.

Please, Send them your banking information to able them transfer your funds directly to your bank account without any delay.


I want you to contact the director of Bank Of Africa Benin Republic with their telephone number and email address TEL:+229-9858-8727 ( once you receive this message.

I am waiting for your urgent response.

And I am waiting for my $1,500,000$$US DOLLAR.

Thanks and Remain Blessed.

No my child, bless you. Or my father. Or whatever the relationship is between a saint and a pastor.


Mr. Pastor John.


Mr. Saint Purple.