Review #8: 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008 Anthology

Transformers Revgne of Megatron and Ash Apokalipse

Story by 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008

Review by Ray

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Chapter 1

One day Megatron was in his evil liar having an evil plan with his hunchmen .

Liar? Hunchmen?


and grined an evil grin!! starscream laughed too and said i cant wait

Neither can I, it sounds hilarious.

meanwile ash ketchum was in a battle.


PIKACHU USE THUNDERSHOCK he yelled. so pikachu did.


the pidgey lost and he won so he got money.

I’ve played a game or two, I know how it works. I can also assure you that those who haven’t played give even fewer fucks.

pikachu was level 200


because my brother told me in the new game there making pokemon can go to like 200 or something so he was really good.

I don’t think that’s true, but my knowledge stops at the DS, and the writer’s source seems entirely credible…

pika! he said and played with ashes hat. HEY CUT THAT OUT ash laughed but piakachu wouldn't. ash started chasing him

He started chasing his own head?

What? ASH is devolving! Into DUMBASS!

but pikachu ran into the bushes but then ash heard pikachu yell afraid. IM COMING PIKACHU


he yelled and chargd in after him.


Srry to leav it on a cliffie but im buildingg the supsense!!

Building the suspense about as soundly as a gingerbread house is built.


Okay, every gingerbread house I ever built.

ch 2 soon i promise

Chapter 2

(a/n sorry I started the story late guys my mom was making me clean my room all weakend)

It’s alright, nobody was waiting.

ash ran into the bushes and saw pikachu being catched by Team Rockit.

Well that was surprisingly easy.

"ha ha ha they said" now we have pikachu and theres nothing you can do abuot it!" Oh no you dont! "said ash"

These “quotes are” confusing as fuck.”

and hepulled out another pokeball from his bag

GO CHARIZARD he trainered but charizard wouldnt' come out

come on Charizard" ash said "i really need you "

chariozard blew fire in his face and everyone laghed

Is charizard in or out of the pokeball at this point?

Team Rockit ran awy with pikachu in their baloon

They ran in their balloon? Well that sounds pretty pointless.



ash angeredNOT PIKACHU

meanwile back at Megatrons basequarters

Chronifiles and basequarters. As much as I hate these stories, I like the words they make up.

he got a picture message with a screen but sound too like on a TV. "who dares distrub me" he pounded and hit the desk with his big fist

Chill Megatron, you’re the one who chose to answer.

"um its us" said team rockit weve finally got that pikachu you wanted boss"


Megatron isn’t Giovani, quit messing with my head!

"good" grinned megatron "birng him to me quick" and he laughed and laughed before hanging up the message

will ash ever get pikachu back?? find out next timje!! next cahpter coming soon i promise

Unfortunately, we never will get to find out, this story was abandoned years ago along with the rest of the account. If it was because all four of them forgot the password, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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