Review #8: 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008 Anthology

the Super Saiyan Sephiroths

Story by 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008

Review by Ray

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I was tempted to just fuck with their profile page like I did with Dr. Splattenburgers’, but then I realized it’s much more entertaining if left intact.



We are The Super Saiyan Sephiroths. Yes, I said we!

That’s right, it took four people to write these stories. I can’t decide if that’s sad or if it explains a lot, because collaborations really can go both ways.

We're a bunch of friends who write really good fanfiction,


so instead of having a bunch of different accounts, we decided we'd make this a "team" account. Because we work together so much, and we're awesome.

As much as I disagree, I do admire the enthusiasm.

We write fanfics of all sorts of stuff that's cool.

Yeah, you know all of those rebellious youth tuning into the Food Network all the time.

If it's lame it's not here.(Like Krillin, lol)


We like to paly videogames(HALO!) and do tother cool stuff like watch tv(Hannah Montana is sexy),

Unfortunately, she’s also Miley Cyrus.

watch movies(Daddy Day Camp is one of our faves),

I’m beginning to understand why the quality of these isn’t as great as it could be. I’m still retributing this, but with the knowledge that it was children who wrote it.

watch anime(YugiOh is so cool. Joey is funny.), and do oethr neet stuff. Anyway check back for more stories from all of us. Her'es the team:

lwelyk -

Little known fact, lwelyk is actually pronounced fuckface.


If that’s the case, I weep for teh team.

Mostly because I write the best, and I'm pretty dang awesome.

Not to mention modest.

Anyway, I write lots of cool stuff so be sure to read mine first.

Teamwork at its finest.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII - SEPHIROTH IS SO AWESOME!

Favorite Movie: The Bourne Ultimatum - Lots of cool explosions

Because as we all know, the measure of a good movie is how many explosions there are. In Bruges? Fucking awful, it was like the director wasn’t even trying. Battlefield Earth on the other hand, now that’s a good movie.

Favorite Anime: Naruto! Sasuke is so cool.

Favorite TV show: CSI, even though i'ts gross somethimes

ZM - I'm teh gurl and the cutest of our grup

Once again, an excellent display of values. Who gives a shit about how well a writer writes, what people really care about is how the writer looks. The same of course, can be said for music.

I guess cause Im the gurl, but omg hi I hope you like my stuff.

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts, cuz it has my two favorite things: Cute boys and Disney! : D

Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde/HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL

Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon! _ So kawaii,

Sweet Fanfiction Jesus, don’t you ever say that word. If I have a flashback, that’s on you ZM.

Tuxedo Mask is so HOT!


Friendly-firer -

Well, he sure didn’t waste any time pissing me off.

I am the Stabucks Junkie of the group... having a light Venti Caramel Java Chip Frappacino with no whip as we speak.


Oh yeah Zelda is one of the most awesomest

Most awesomest? Alright, tell him Louis.


thing that existed ever, except for the Stabucks that is.

Favorite game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, because they are that freakin' awesome.

Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (obviously)

Of course it’s obvious; nobody has a different opinion than someone else, that’s why we all get along so well as a species.

Favorite Anime: POKEYMANZ!!

Favorite TV show: Bones, because Emily Deschanel is hot and smart, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 'nuff said.

I agree, more than enough words have come out of you.

SS -

Oh, hello random nazi.

HI GUYS!! Im SS but you can call me Sephy (like sephiroth my favorite!!) I like everything and i write really really good

“I write really really good,” that’s one hell of an oxymoron.

so im like 2nd best i n are group. sorry i didnt write my bio earlier but i had chores :(


Favorite Movie: um i dunnoo i like action movies, maybe that new Die hard one?

If you’re not sure, you don’t have to guess. We’ll be just fine without knowing what Schutzstaffel’s favorite movie is.

Favorite Anime: wow it's hard to choose but i think im going to pick bleach b/c ichigo is awesomeeeeeee

Favorite TV show: Anything anime!! Naruto rules too

And there you have it, all members of 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008. Maybe someday you’ll get to meet the Retributionists, but that won’t be until we actually have enough renown to be worth meeting. We may be the best group of people on the world wide web, but we’re not pretentious about it.

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