Review #71

I'm the Only One that can Touch Her

Story by LustyLadyoo

Review by Hent

Welcome to the first episode of my new experimental Hentai Manga.

Hentai Man here and welcome to the first episode of my new experimental Hentai Manga to be Retributed.

Also a first for us, we have a story with actually good writing… spelling and grammatically speaking.

Hent why do I have to be here again?

Because deep down you  know you want to be here. Also, because you are chained up and can’t leave. Are you  into bondage or something?

Yes.No. And no (not in that order)

Lets get started. This one is called I’m the only one that can touch her. And as always. Be in a dark room, make sure your parents are out, unzip your pants, and just have fun with it.

So the way that this is going to work is as follows.

Here is a link to a porn site. 

Click it to read the page then come back here for the revew part. Turn the page  by clicking on the image. If you have a better idea as to how we should do this, leave it in the comments.

This is a back up site in case the other one does not work.

(oh hey………..this is only mildly censored. I am terribly sorry but I couldn’t find one without censorship. I will try harder in the future.)


 Hentai Man.

Page 1

 I already like where this is going.

Hentai Man knows how to pick them.

You wake up with a girl on top of you and the first thing you do is scream?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

In his defence it could be a scream of pleasure.

        Page 2

How much scary shit happens at this school?

Is it bad if I constantly get sidetracked by the ads


Page 3

If he is the only one that can touch her, how is she able to hold that book?

Also what book is she reading. To answer your question she might have died reading it.

Another? Good book.

What if she’s not dead but in a coma

Don’t you dare make this a Ghost Dad.

        Page 4

You have obviously failed.

Yes but such suspense.

        Page 5

Childhood friend and necrophilia?... Is it necrophilia if its with a ghost?

No it’s Specrephilia.

One of Rays inner personalities you're here for the fun?

        Page 6

Six pages in and now we get to the truly good stuff.

Bullshit! There have been no boobs yet

Give it a like...four more pages.

        Page 7

Sex is a very healthy thing to do in the morning.

Damit Hent now we have to learn, I hate you

Sex Ed?

No, not even then.

        Page 8

Okay I’ll bite. What does this have to do with the story?

Because it’s Japan, you need a reason to do it with a ghost.

        Page 9

Note to self: become a Ghost Buster.

Theres no guarantee, but theres no harm in trying it.

        Page 10

Four pages. What did I tell you!

Objection! i called for boobies. Not a ass (how ever fine it is)

….give it like...two pages

        Page 11

Love? This has no place here! Get it out!

Love? What we’re doing we don’t need love.

Physical? Yes we do.

Still a better love story then Twilight.

Stop saying that. If you do when we will have to start doing movies we’ll have to review that abomination

Did you just have a stroke?

        Page 12

The Ultimate one night stand!

If this ends up being a FUIADS I’m going to be… never mind. I am enjoying this story.

9 Things You Do NOT Need to Be Happy



Page 13

So...He is still in class right?

I see no problem with that.

I do. He is the only one that can see or touch her so there is no possibility of a three way.

        Page 14

So much for he’s paralyzed.

When a man see boobs he will always be able to move.

        Page 15

So he is aware that everyone can see him.

How can you tell that his hands have grown? Did he fondle her as a little kid too?

        Page 16

How does she know his dick got bigger?

… Have you ever gotten an boner?

Why don’t ask your sis…… mot…..dammit

Jokes There...ugly?

Why are you looking at them like that

How long has Ray had you locked up down here? When is the last time you saw a girl?

        Page 17

So the dude sitting next to him can see this right?

FUCK YOU SIR! How dare you complain when you are getting head!

Maybe he is getting the teeth?

        Page 18

Bull shit she didn’t notice! I guarantee we will see more of her later.

Hent, I don’t want to review any more. I just want to read

You’re on the clock! keep working. We don’t keep you locked up for no reason.

Yes you do.

        Page 19

For a virgin she is very skilled in the art of blowjobs

Hentai Mans’ favorite!


Page 20



Page 21

So can they see cum on her face or does it disappear in her mouth?

Well only one person was looking at him while he was groping the air and didn’t say anything… I am going to say that they can but he is the class pervert and this is normal for everyone.  

Page 22

For her first bj i give it a 8

Extra credit for doing it in class. 9

        Page 23

For a virgin she sure does give in easily.

For a virgin she sure knows a lot about all this

What’s so hard? You put the rownd item into the round holes.

        Page 24

It’s called sex. My job here is done.

        Page 25

One could say she’s *Puts on sunglasses* knocking on wood.



        Page 26

Go big or go home

Hard to do with a small PP.

Really? Really? That’s were you censor yourself?

I did say that this was lightly censored.


Page 27

So the way to last longer is to go deeper?

        Page 28

Her power has weakened! Attack now!

Yuuya used Womb smasher!... It’s supper effective!        

Page 29

Fuck you censorship.

What’s going to happen when he cums?

I’m hoping that it will hit the the person in front of him.


Page 30

What do you want from us porn?

Are we suppose to feel bad for the chick getting laid?

Personally I’m going to fap.


Page 31

Did we miss something?

        Page 32

I like to kiss boys so long as they have been turned into a girl for some...anime reason.



That wouldn't surprise me


Page 33

Ok. We get it. The ghost is tight. As implausible as that sounds.

        Page 34

Once again… All fanfiction and porn writers should take a health class.

        Page 35

How did no one notice him fucking her?

Congradulations! Other than the sex, the last 23 pages were pointless! Fuck you story.

Page 36

This class is either suffering from a severe case of selective deafness and blindness or is full of very dedicated students.

        Page 37

The bitch came back the very next day. Also I am going to laugh if she's not dead.

Theres no way that the writer would try to pull that bullshit on us.

        Page 39

I don't like his face in the last frame. Looks like he's about to freak out again, and I'm tired of that

How dare you be scared of sex!

        Page 40

"Some of this dick!"

        Page 41


        Page 42

Whats so wrong with forcing something down a girls throat?

        Page 43

She is boned to this world by your penis.

        Page 44

All right blow job time!

The best part of any day.


Page 45

What do you think she is doing?

To bad! Your getting a blow job. End of discussion.


Page 46


Three way?

        Page 47

I win.

You don't know that.

Hentai Man knows all!

Page 48



Page 49

Plot twist!

        Page 50

Wait she thought you have sex in the ass? What grade is she in, did she not pay attention in health class. Good job electing your class president.

Don’t question it. This is the only thing that makes sense so far.

Thats pushing it.

        Page 51

God damn it. If your going to translate something into English, do it all the way and don’t just change the word to how to pronounce it in english.

        Page 52

Learning?...In school?!?! What sorcery is this?

Alright, I can get behind this sex ed.

        Page 53

So apparently the internet does not exist in Japan. How are you soposed to insult someone now?

Carrier Pigeon Bitch

        Page 54

Nice job on justivicating rape ass hole

“It's not like i really have to have sex with her to teach her”...But I’m going to anyways.


Page 55


Page 56

This guy is a shitty teacher, it's called a vagina not a pussy. Pussy is a slang term, bitch.

Are you mocking my teaching style?

        Page 57

Great morals. Did I go to far? She tells you more. It must be fine. PERFECT LOGIC.

In reality she didn't tell him more, the ghost chick did. PERFECT LOGIC        

Your logic will get you killed around me.

        Page 58

...I’m not a girl but...I’m going to assume that you need a vary hardcore fetish for this to be pleasurable.

        Page 59

 That's not cuming, that's waterbending.

Bitch please


        Page 60

Aaaawwww. It’s over already? Or does she what more?

Turn the page.

        Page 61

Hentai Man wins again!

        Page 62

Another chick that loves him, What's the name for a guy Mary Sue?

Marty Sue or Gary Sue.

        Page 63

Oh no. She’s fingering her ass because she doesn't know how sex works.

Really because it looks like her pussy.

All I see is a censorship bar. So its all in the eye of the befucker.

        Page 64


For all three of you that were wondering yakisoba is a chinese dish that looks like this.


Page 65

I know something thats more delicious.


        Page 66

Well It looks like she is going to take it up the ass anyways. So much for learning.

        Page 67

...I was wrong...But so is the story. She was practising with her ass not her vag.

        Page 68

No shit you can feel the rotor it's in your own ass.         

Page 69

Haha 69

Son. You have a lot to learn. Page 69 is a celebration. Not something to just laugh at and move on.


Page 70

Thats because you do.

Why is the top her ass solid white?

You need to cut costs somewhere.

        Page 71

So just put it back in?

That would require them to stop.

I call bullshit.

        Page 72

Thank you for proving my point.

It looks like she got possessed

Well she did have a ghost in her.

That left.

        Page 73

More? How much more? I’m interested in who he is going to bang next and you're in the way.

        Page 74

How erotic are you? She did have a rotor up her ass during school.

        Page 75

Two of them. On of which is very small and I will laugh at.

Probably bigger than yours


Good one.

Page 76

Don’t you dare make this a “Fuck you its a dream story”


Ugh, that was one hell of a dream I was definitely having where Hentai Man and Warnuts were reviewing hentai manga in Google Docs for some batshit crazy reason but then I woke up and it was definitely all a dream.


Dammit. This is real isn’t it?

Your damn right! Now that you're sleeping pills have worn off, you may now join us!

        Page 77

Does it say smooch? They used a second graded term in a H-manga

Nothing says proof like good ol’ fashioned fucking.

        Page 78

The way he’s laying there, I’m expecting doctor Frankenstein to come in at any moment and zap him with lightning.


        Page 79

The sequel nobody asked for. Also, hold on; are LustyLadyoo and LustyLady00 different people?

What about the BlackRussian?

        Page 80

Are they really going to do that fake out where you make us think she is gone but isn’t.


        Page 81

“You haven’t been all that cheerful lately, is it because you haven’t had a clear enough view of my tits?”

Well that would make anyone unhappy.

Fuck you censorship!!!

        Page 82

Shit, I must have missed so much plot from the first chapter, because this makes no fucking sense.

Let me break it down for you.

        There is this dude named (insert name here). He has this ghost chick following him around. She said that the only way to get her to pass on is to fuckher. He then fucks her in his classroom while class is going on. This doesn't make her pass on so she possesses a girl for his class the thought you could only have sex with your ass. The ghost fucks him with her body. ½ way through the fucking, the ghost disappears but the girl keeps fucking him because she has quote “I have always been in love with you!!” You are now up to speed.

Pretty sure the person who wrote this was on speed too.

“the east building is!” an excuse to cram in an orgy?

        Page 83

Are those real characters or did a chicken walk all over the first panel?


        Page 84

Now this page rustles my jimmies. Socks and sandals, that’s just crazy.

Tis traditional bitch.

        Page 85

“That depends, does the flavor of tea rhyme with shmape?”

Is he about to have a 3-way

Hentai Man smells a 4-way!!! I just need one more...

        Page 86

Just feed her your dick already! Shut her up!

        Page 87

Wait princes

Four….Four people……


Gee it’s like you’ve read it.

I wrote it.


Page 88

Inner room, it’s funny because vagina.

Don’t you dare make group decisions!


Page 89

Hime means princess but it sounds like himen.

Page 90

It’s a lovely day when three men sit in a room and discuss porn in an orderly manner.

        Page 91

The gangbang is a nice idea and all, but I’d also appreciate it if they could stop gangbanging each panel with as much bullshit as possible.

Well you know manga. You need a reason to have sex. However stupid it may be.

        Page 92

Wouldn’t it be great if people in real life were this easy to impress?

They are not people. They are ghosts…...thats what chloroform is for.

        Page 93

Are the two lines really necessary? We can clearly tell way it is.

Are you sure? I can’t quite make it out, they just all seem really interested in whatever’s behind those bars.

Look down.

It’s jeans? What the fuck type of jeans is he wearing?

The Hentai brand!

Where does one get Hentai jeans.

        Page 94

Just a minute ago they were amaaazed [sic] that it was twitching, now they’re experts on when he’s about to reach his limit?

They have made their transition into full on whores.

        Page 95

Holy fuck, is his dick a lawn sprinkler?

        Page 96

I am discrases! Well it’s time to strip.

        Page 97


So is he their prisoner? Because there are worse people to be kidnapped by.

Challenge accepted.


You did.


Page 98

Stop being a dick as he gets you off.

Some people are into that man.

        Page 99

So they don’t have to censor the clit?

        Page 100

“Their waiting”? How DARE there be a grammatical error in this story! I can hardly believe it. They had three choices and they chose the only one that doesn’t work.

….I can’t complain.

Who did he choose the suspense is killing me?

        Page 101

Stop hogging it all! This is a 4-way, use team work!

        Page 102

Lets talk this one through.

Girl #1 is kissing the boy and has the dick up her vag.

Not to mention he’s behind her, which seems impractical for every reason.

Girl #2 is on the left sucking girl #1’s nips

Which Girl #1 seems to enjoy, but according to the very vague dialogue, she doesn’t like it at all when her boobs are squeezed.

Maybe she does enjoy it but it’s to much pleasure.

Girl #3 is giving a handjob to the boy as all of this goes down.

Which means it’s just the tip.

Let’s not forget the speedlines zipping around in the background, indicating that this is all happening very quickly.

Good work everyone!

        Page 103

“she is clearly getting turned on.” NO SHIT

        Page 104

Finder pistol?

        Page 105

You are fucking a twelve year old no shit she’s tight.

I have no problem with this.

        Page 106

“can’t fit it in” One of lifes biggest problems.

        Page 107

Her body looks physically impossible here, or at the very least deformed.

Thats just the motion of her boobs.

It’s not just that, it’s also the way her thighs are wider than her waist, her ass doesn’t fit with her legs, her asshole isn’t quite where it should be, and most improbable of all; her hair isn’t at all messed up.

        Page 108

How does that make her dangerous  

        Page 109

So what did any of this have to do with the plot? (not that I’m complaining)

There’s a plot?

Let me break it down for you…


I got this, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition of plot. We’re focusing more on definitions one, three, and four here.

1. The story of a work of fiction

2. A conspiracy/treason/etc.

3. When someone's asscrack shows through their pants

4. The ass of a 4th-gen (Friendship Is Magic (Awesome)) My Little Pony

I hate you.

Want a brohoof?

        Page 110

So how many pages of the  kama sutra are are we missing at this point?

        Page 111


        Page 112

My shit sex was actually the answere… Why the fuck did that work?

Sex is always the answer!

        Page 113

Partners in the afterlife. Sequel. I’m calling it.

        Page 114

I like it that he’s closely examining the books, none of which have any words, icons, characters, pictures, or anything else to indicate what they’re about.

...he did all of this so that he could go to the library? Is the ghost librarian next on the fuck list?

Oh, I get it now; he’s there to look at the third instalment of Only I Can Touch Her to see what happens next.

        Page 115

The last chapter?


        Page 116

Oh look, random neko ears. Anyways, who are these people, where are these people, what are these people, and why do I care?

Ray you spelt that wrong. It’s ねこ。

In that case I believe it’s actually spelled ^•ω•^.

Let me break it down for you.

Theses people are the dude from the last orgy. The chick on the top right is a ghost, the chick on the bottom right is the ghost chicks mom. They are at the ghost chicks house. Most of the people are human and no you should not care.

        Page 117

You keep a dead body in your house? This got really dark really fast.

        Page 118

Wait, is she in a coma or is she dead? Do people in comas get to be ghosts and fly around having orgies? Because if so then sign me the fuck up.

She is in a coma...and you didn’t bring her to the hospital?



        Page 119

Hold on just a second, a hoodie and a kilt? Bitch, what climate do you live in?

Thats a skirt.

If it’s plaid it’s a kilt.


But it’s Fashionable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kilts are very fashionable, and the plaid tops are also a nice touch because it indicates these lovely ladies are about to fuck each other.


        Page 120

Good to see that sex is one of the biggest concerns here. Not love, or the afterlife, or making sense of what they hell’s being worn, but sex.

Sex is life, deal with it.

        Page 121

Well that sounds like bullshit.

When was this promise and you do know that there is nothing you can do for a coma right?

Page 122


        Page 123

Que the montage music!

        Page 124

Ten years later and they don’t look any different, incredible.

Do I smell another round of sex?

        Page 125

Of course he has to check the lips.

        Page 126

I’m calling bull shit on her body doesn’t age. Also they don’t mess around, just out of a coma… Time to fuck.

I hate playing doctor. Takes to damn long to set up an appointment and then it takes even longer in the waiting room.

        Page 127

So who has been shaving her legs and pubs this entire time?

And what do you mean by confirm, what is there to confirm?

What can't you confirm by that?

        Page 128

Shit he’s talking doctor. Wheres Mart when we need him.

        Page 129

Note to self: Kill Mart and take his job… fuck coma patients.

        Page 130

        Page 131

Who gives a shit if her body is a virgin, her soul is a slut.

She has been revirginized! Shout out to Panty and Stocking...with garterbelt.

Nobody gives a fuck about garterbelt


Nobody gives a FUCK about Garterbelt

        Page 132

Did she even need to ask? No but it sure is sexy.

        Page 133

“Her insides are biting onto my fingers” The fuck?


        Page 134

So are they going to call her parents and tell the the good news?

And is he just missing one eye? I would understand it if both or neither were there, but how specific is the detail worthy distance?

What happened in one page?

        Page 135

In the X-ray shot why does his head look like a mushroom?

Displaying image.png

Displaying image.png

♫ And it went uhh, and the girl caress me down ♫ Oh god dammit, I swear a song gets in my head every review. At least it’s Sublime.

I’ll help get it out of your head



Oh sorry here



        Page 136

“You’re so erotic,” was that really the best they could come up with? Of course she is, we can see her being erotic, and when it’s said out loud it just sounds stupid.

        Page 137

Word of the day! Erogenous- is an area of the human body that has heightenedsensitivity, the stimulation of which may result in the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

        Page 138

        Page 139

Love Juice?

        Page 14θ

“ Special medicine”


        Page 141

OH MY ME HE BROKE HIS DICK...Oh false alarm X-Ray shot

That was a close one.

        Page 142

Sir, you appear to be missing your legs.

        Page 143

        Page 144

Is she reaching into a different panel and grabbing herself?

Hut’s Hat Bwecuase?

Did the author have an orgasum while typing?

        Page 145

        Page 146

So why does she suddenly get midget arms.

So what happens when the parents walk in?


        Page 147

So being a ghost didn’t make you crazy, being fucked as a ghost didn’t make you crazy, and being a human didn’t make you crazy, but being fucked as a human will make you crazy?

        Page 148

“I want to stay like this forever” To bad there is only three pages left.

        Page 149

Did he just set off an atomic cumshroom cloud?



They said the name of the manga in the story.

They James Bonded It!!

        Page 151

The end? I’m almost sad to see it go.