Review #46: Inkbunny Anthology

Beneath the Blood Red Moon

Story by Inkbunny

Review by Ray

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Copy of Beneath the Blood Red Moon, by MaxYiffster

I was having a bit of trouble finding a third story, one that was both worthy of retribution and relatively short. After sifting through several pages and not coming up with much, I took it upon myself to solve this problem. This is Beneath the Blood Red Moon, by MaxYiffster. Well, not exactly; this is Beneath the Blood Red Moon, by MaxYiffster, after it’s been translated from English to Spanish to Arabic to Latin to Japanese to Zulu and back to English. To give you a general idea, here’s the original first line.

Warning:Mild violence and gay cub sexy time ensue!

And here’s what Google Translate turned it into.

If there is a gentle dog , where the traditional labor force : Reminder !

This isn’t a retribution upon MaxYiffster, this is a retribution upon Google. Also, I know it’s a bold statement but I’m just going to say it; I don’t think Yiffster is his real surname.

Instead , as the color of the soul , is the coast of the dent on the top , not to the national game raccoon 's published , it will bring this kind , is , it sort of is . history :

Wow. I knew it would be bad, but I thought it would at least be somewhat legible.

He is born of the Holy Spirit , is a huge act of mind , either .

Indeed, I couldn’t agree more; Holy of the Spirit sky mind acts IS either born.

I am the executive and by the priests before the birth of their gods . In the high tide of the full moon , three days and nights are carried in the blood of the red and into the village .

I’m not even being sarcastic here, that last sentence looks almost like Shakespeare. And the idea that Google accidentally wrote Shakespeare makes me distrust computers even more.

Night of the Lord Jesus , and ban them all .

If a candidate to complete the '12 , chose that I am a student of the soul of the Lord . To me , almost all the shaman and the students of our brave people , and I am in the world , we need to prepare ourselves .


I figured it out; Google has schizophrenia. The incoherent ideas, the loosely associated string of words, the desperation that seems to be present in the tone even though nothing should be the matter, it all makes sense. To me. But schizophrenic or not, Google is still incredible. If I had used Bing for this, by the time it was done translating I would be reviewing a photograph of a log of shit. And not even a good photo either, a blurry one with too many filters.

Today , I will kick his Tabitamashi .

Yeah, you do that! Whatever that is!

Power of serious heart of the city , said there was a village behind it to him . We drive through the trees

Well that can’t be safe.

flashes on the fire .

Is placed at the feet of the request " Sika deer , help , and fix it in this area , "


the pad , beg the soul , world , I took it to him .

Alright, if this story doesn’t make sense then I’m not going to either.

Budding flowers and rose when he appeared on the trees once grew .


" Yes , it is more important than the wood or " legs , the mental and the specific flow to him , and found the following points , he felt that he recovered.


The world is a teacher .


now you can see only a matter touch , they are in the same area .


preparation and will enter the desperate situation of his foot to the top of the soul .


Believe it or not, I’m not even the one who made that last one, but its composition sums up this story nicely.

" No , no , no , if you want to change ... After all , one of the things that will not work well , and the story of the death of the old gods , against . " And to hear words of wisdom , when he leaves , the tree is twisted mess .

Then I think this story is sprouting leaves.

Do you think that " the Lord , and , in order to be able to understand the meaning of this town ? "


There you go , you will see a clear approval of the soul that the problem is one of them . Lowering his head , and if what you're listening to .

It’s incredible that languages across the world are diverse enough to turn a decently written story into this jumbled mess. Just a little grey area and boom, all your base are belong to us.

" You can not be the Input us . Unfortunately , they are. Knows how to attack the Shaman 's journey in the village more powerful than the rival " We came to us , but not necessary .

So yeah, in hindsight this wasn’t the best idea. I got what I asked for, this version is bad; there’s just not much to say about it.

" Lord , . Need " , and then a bustling crowd on that , but it should not be subject to the third party .

" It is true , but I had a visit ? " Wolf Great from you . Where TOTEM . " The moon , whether in the context of the " one , believe that even you can go to that , the anus and the desire .


I think we found the gay cub sexy time.

Spear laughing Read ' writing , and cried Wolf

Have Aesop’s fables taught the speaker nothing?

contend that : " since .

To go . Now, ' but I could not be happier harmng ,

Did a computer program make a typo?

bass bow face of another shade of the " we . Labour Key .

" Come on . " Fighting for my sake . I do not know what I am , " Wolf Hollow , hit the teacher .


Did the teacher look like this? If so, you might as well get a second hit in.

I saw him with a spear to stab him : " What ? " Temachi has flowed out of the mouth .

Is this the violence or the sex? Or both?

They all face the twist Tame smile .

" Yes , " it - because I was able to go to the wolf gods of fire , came before the arrow . We have grown to her fingernail , you will be in fear of drowning in the rain , and here , raised my eyes , the teacher , and the life that I took the cry of the people .

Checkmate atheists.

Ray reminded of the nail .

I’ve never actually thought about it, but now that the story mentions it I don’t think I’m like a nail at all; nails are to the point, good at keeping things held together, and easy to bang. I’m… not.

"It's an old woman . " LOG me at the gate of thunder , shook the hearts of the young soul is a fire in his hands .


This is going nowhere, I realize that now. But I learned something; stories like Cub Training Institute and My Immortal are bad, but even the worst of human effort is better than a confused robot. So thank you yiffyspoodge, for being at least slightly better than the bare minimum of coherency.

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