Review #46: Inkbunny Anthology

The Clone

Story by Inkbunny

Review by Ray

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The Clone, by wolfbane2174

The Clone

If you’re not the patient type, feel free to skip right to the line before the slow clap. I’d say it’s worth the setup, but the part that makes this story worth reviewing doesn’t show its head right away.

Something isn’t right.’ I thought to myself.

Having read this, I can say that our protagonist isn’t wrong; something has gone horribly not right.

I tried to move my arms, but they seemed paralyzed. Hopefully the effects wouldn’t last too long, or else my only hope would be for someone to come down to the lab and find me. I wasn’t about to start panicking just yet though.

I’d say that’s grounds to panic at least a little bit. Having dealt with sleep paralysis, I can say that being physically unable to move is alarming whether there’s an immediate danger or not.

All of the calculations had been in place.

Take note; I want everybody to reread that line once the twist is revealed. The protagonist becomes a bit of a prick, but it’s worth it.

Maybe it would have been better to test out the machine on someone else first but I was so certain that it was going to work. The device I was now sitting in was supposed to be a cloning device, I was expecting to flip the switch and walk out with a copy of myself.


Although walking now seemed to be impossible, for some reason I was having difficulty moving my legs.


I also appeared to have fallen down in the process as I was now staring straight up at the ceiling.

“It didn’t work.” I heard myself say dejectedly. Although it wasn’t me speaking.

Look, either it was or it wasn’t, grammar doesn’t change just because you have a clone.

Suddenly my mind was racing. If I hadn’t said it then the experiment must have worked. There was a clone of myself.


I just had to somehow get his attention, maybe he could figure out why I couldn’t move.

“I don’t understand.” I heard him say.

Believe me Doctor Science, you’re not the only one.

Then I saw my clone, he was a giant towering over me. I tried to yell up to him but couldn’t seem to get my mouth to work. He reached down and wrapped a single hand around my entire body. It was then that I realized my error, I was the clone and something had gone terribly wrong.


The hand gave me a squeeze and I felt my body expanding.

“It actually seems functional, this is amazing.” For a moment my mind had been completely distracted by how amazing it felt to be held in his paw.

Oh, did it not mention? The original is an anthropomorphic wolf. The clone, well…

My entire body seemed to be an erogenous zone. My perspective changed significantly as he picked me up, the sudden change in height was disorienting to my miniature body. Had I been cloned and shrunken?

You could say that.

That didn’t really seem to explain why I couldn’t move.

He brought me over to the lab table and set me down. In the mirror on the wall, I caught my first glimpse of what I looked like. He was right, something had gone terribly wrong. I wasn’t a duplicate of the wolf sitting on the lab stool next to me. I was a clone of his dick.


Bravo, bravo! Congratulations if you stuck around readers, because we’re in for quite the treat.

That’s why my entire body had been pleasured by simply being held.

So to recap, this story is told from the perspective of the sentient dick clone of an anthropomorphic wolf scientist. If nothing else I have to give wolfbane credit for originality.

Now was a good time to start panicking.


Indeed, this is quite the predickament.

Stupid Pun Counter: 3

Yes, there were already two.

I watched in horror as my body shrunk in the mirror, slowly retreating back into the warmth of the cloned sheath. As I reached my most flaccid state, the sheath popped over my head and blocked out my sight of the lab and surroundings.

This raises my biggest question about the entire story. I can accept that a clone has been produced, I can accept that without any other organs the penis is not only alive but also conscious, and I can accept that we’re headed for erotica faster than science or comedy. All I want to know is, how the hell can it see?

If I wanted to be able to see again I would have to get hard.

If I had a nickel…

“Oh well, guess I can always try again later. Nobody needs to know about this failure.”

Failure? It’s not exactly something to brag about, but you did instantaneously create life. Some people might think that’s a big deal.

I heard myself giggle

No, if dicks could giggle I probably would’ve heard it by this point, or at least heard of it; do you know how many fetishes that would create?

and felt a pair of paws carrying me once more. ‘Oh no.’ I thought. I knew myself all too well.


I just love porn logic sometimes. “Well he’s carrying me, so this can only lead to sex.” Though to be fair, I would expect the protagonist to be a little cocky.

Stupid Pun Counter: 4

Even just the thought of what was about to occur was causing my body to expand once more. My head popped free of the sheath

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and the next thing I saw was the inside of my bedroom, or what used to be my bedroom.

“Huh, looks like you’re ready to go aren’t you little guy. It’s almost as though you are sentient.”

“It’s almost as though I should be doing my job and performing experiments regarding this hypothesis rather than performing experiments regarding my ass.” Although something did occur to me; I just assumed this guy is a scientist, but for all we know he’s a millionaire with too much free time. And in that case, this all makes a whole lot more sense.

He smiled down at me and held me at eye level. For a moment I got my hopes up, if he realized that I was sentient then he could find a way for us to communicate.

I’m sure they could cum up with something.

Stupid Pun Counter: 5

I even thought that might have been what he was doing at first, but then he slowly lowered me toward his maw.

“I’ve always wondered what I taste like.”


If I had arms I probably would have tried to push away,


but I was completely at his mercy. His large tongue flopped out of his mouth and rose up to give me a lick, the hot saliva coating my head and making it difficult to see.

Not having any eyes probably didn’t help much either.

The feeling of his rough tongue sent shivers through my body as I grew to nearly twice my size. My brain switched off once more, the only thought running through it was that of wanting, no, needing to be pleasured.

Taken out of context, those last two lines are what Cub Training Institute would have sounded like in first person.


The protagonist has a name; this is clearly Jean who has clearly changed species and this is clearly a sequel. All plot holes can be explained away by what yiffyspoodge loosely calls science.

The world went dark around me once more as I plunged deep into the wolf’s maw.


The heat surrounding me warmed my body as his lips wrapped around me.


‘Yes, please. More!’


His tongue explored every inch of my body, licking furiously at my underside.


For a concept this abstract, I thought there would be some unique descriptions of what’s going on. But really, just replace a few key words and this reads like any other erotica.

I was in heaven.

Heaven is the inside of a wolf’s mouth? Alright, good to know I won’t be missing out on much.

Just a little more and it would be over. I was on the verge of release when light flooded around me once more. ‘What? No! Don’t stop!’ I wanted to scream,

Let’s all take a moment to be thankful that dicks can’t scream.

I could feel my body twitching in his paw. If I could, I would have rubbed myself on his pad, that’s all it probably would have taken to get me off at the moment.

“Oh my god this is amazing. I can feel it.

You can feel the wolf cock you shoved into your mouth?


I’m going to have to study that later,


but for now, I think you’ve got enough lube.” My head was still so far in the clouds that I almost didn’t process what he was saying. It wasn’t until he shifted me down on the bed that I realized what he was about to do next.


Without warning, I found myself staring at my own tail hole. The pucker was slowly opening and clenching, probably unsure if it wanted to accept me.

If the back door is closed, he could just twist the knob.

Stupid Pun Counter: 6

Whether or not I wanted to, there was no way for me to protest. The wolf pulled back my sheath and pushed my head towards the opening. I had always wanted to have the ability to fuck myself, but I’d always imagined doing it from the other perspective.

The other perspective, as though there’s really only one other perspective there could be. I’m just going to assume he still wanted to experience things from the perspective of a penis, just the one actually attached to a body.

Darkness enveloped me as I felt the constricting skin surround my body. The whole didn’t seem wide enough at first,

The whole what? How dare anyone make a typo, ever. It may seem like we here at the Retributionists make mistakes from time to time, but the matter of fact is that everything we do is perfect and if it seems like a mistake it’s because you didn’t understand the deeper truth.

but the wolf continued to push me, plunging me deeper into his body.

His hand clasped tight on my balls,

Because apparently he still has those.

the only part of me that he could hold onto as he pulled my body out once more,

Careful not to lose it in there, you wouldn’t want to balls this up.

Stupid Pun Counter: 7

leaving only my head inside of him. Then he pushed again and the friction cause my head to flare up in pleasure.


Another part of my body felt as though it were expanding and hardening once more. It took a moment for me to realize that it must have been the knot.


Not the knot!

Stupid Pun Counter: 8

‘Uh oh.’ Again, I knew myself all too well. As I neared orgasm, I realized that the original version of me was far too horny to know any better.

I think the same thing can be said about most of the people who wrote the erotica we review.

He gave one last hard thrust and I felt my knot slip past the constricting hole, but by now my mind was too far gone to worry about such issues.

Just because you’re dealing with an asshole doesn’t mean you have to be an inconsiderate dick.

Stupid Pun Counter: 9

A salty mixture pushed up from what felt like my stomach and through my mouth out into the tailhole.

Vomiting salty semen into a wolf’s asshole, how could anyone not be turned on by that?

For a moment it felt as though I was breathing heavily, but with every breath came another spurt of cum.

“Hmm, this will make a great buttplug.”

“Hmm, I’ve made a scientific breakthrough, but mostly I’m proud of the buttplug.”

It was difficult to hear him,

He can see and he can hear, but at least the protagonist can’t smell.

but the connotation came through loud and clear. He had forced me to knot him on purpose. It seemed as though I would be trapped in here for a while, at least until the knot went down.

Also known as a while.

I tried to will it away without any luck.

And oddly enough, that’s where we end. I guess I don’t know what I was expecting, but after something like this it just seems anticlimacdick.

Stupid Pun Counter: 9

Not Even Trying Pun Counter: 1

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