Review #46: Inkbunny Anthology

Detention with Soline

Story by Inkbunny

Review by Ray

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Copy of Detention with Soline, by soline

This story is called Detention with Soline, by user soline. It’s always such a great sign when the main character is eponymous to the writer, and this story doesn’t disappoint.

“Be quiet! You're in detention.


Because of you I'm stuck here as well, so no talking, don't even look at one another." The panther glowers down at her students. Soline was dressed up


Have I ever mentioned how few fucks I give about what a character is wearing? Say it passively or don’t say it at all, it’s shallow and it’s pointless.

in a particularly strict, intimidating uniform in front of the seven kids; a black, knee-length skirt and matching shirt.

That’s considered a strict uniform? Huh, must be the same place Hent teaches.

For once her enormous breasts are contained by a huge bra, though nothing can stop them jutting out and straining at her buttons.

Nothing can stop the power of her breasts!


No sooner does she turn around than one of the boys starts snickering again.

Can you blame him? She sounds frankly ridiculous.

"You!" She growls, a deep, predatory noise that sends shivers down their spines. Stalking across the classroom she grabs the offending boy and casually drags him to his feet. "Everyone, I want you all to cling to this fact. Mikey here is the cause of everything you've got coming..."


Leaving no time to consider her odd choice of words, the feline lunges down, her toothy jaws gaping wide, wrapping around the boy's head and dragging him inside, thick, squelching, ominous gulps pulling him down, swiftly and greedily ingesting the entire, screaming student, clothes, shoes and all, her gut swelling and distending with the clear, hard bulges of an entire person, popping the buttons on her shirt as she straightens up, letting loose a drool-laced belch.


Seriously, in one sentence we went from mildly annoying writing to the protagonist committing a felony against the laws of physics.

"Fuck...this is a good shirt..." she grumbles,


There are so many things she could have said, “Tada!” for example. Instead she comments on the shirt. Maybe I was wrong, maybe what they’re wearing really does matter.

licking her teeth and turning with an amused smirk as a panicked girl tugs uselessly on the locked door, " I'd let you just run off after that."

I don’t blame the girl for trying, I’d think running away is a very reasonable thing to do when you see somebody literally eaten alive.

Paying no more attention to the screams from her stomach than she would a burger,

What does that even mean? It’s like she started to switched trains of though mid sentence; she didn’t even get to the second thought, but she definitely left the first one to consider it.

she walks effortlessly across to the girl, her stomach glorping and gurgling wetly…though it'll still be a while before anything silences the doomed boy.

Of course, if movies have taught us anything it’s that being eaten doesn’t kill you, it just removes you from the story until somebody cuts you out during the climax.

Keeping the girl firmly pinned, squeezing hard enough to make her cry, Soline hitches up her skirt, revealing a pair of bright white satin panties underneath. "You always were a little shit..."


she snickers, bending over and...The student can hear the deep gurgles even before the fart.

I have to say, the grammar in this story is actually pretty good considering it was written by a twelve year old.

Her face inches away from the cotton clad backside as a thick, gurgling explosion of gas inflates her panties enough to brush against her nose...and without warning Soline shoves her face right into that pillow of fumes, shoving the girl's face right up her greasy, hot tailhole and at the same time shoving her panties up inside, wrapping the fabric over her head as she's swallowed to the shoulders into the sweltering rectum.

Did… did Soline just implode in on herself, or am I reading this wrong? I really hope I’m reading this wrong.

"G'ah...they should make condoms out of satin…

“Always practice somewhat safe sex,” a PSA from the panther who eats people and has the loosest asshole in existence.

this fabric is amazing..." she'd coo, ignoring the horrified gasps and screams from others as she wriggles, farting lightly around her victim's head and pushing down harder, groaning with delight as she crams the girl's shoulders inside, forcing her panties to stretch upwards and inwards, digging into her pussy and hips as the fabric is stretched taut, until, as the girl's navel is swallowed up, the stretched fabric gives with a loud SNAP and is slurped up inside, the sudden release in pressure letting Soline cram the entire girl in to her ankles in a matter of moments, shivering delightedly at the intense sensations of screams in her belly and ass.

I’ll admit I also get carried away sometimes, but these run on sentences are ridiculous. That was at least half a dozen sentences worth of information crammed into one.

Even at her impressive size, two full people in her guts is enough to swell and distend her well beyond the normal belly of a gravid pregnancy,


and she moves carefully over to her desk, a pair of bare feet twitching weakly between her buttocks, clearly visible to the entire class as she bends over and fishes a new pair of panties out of her drawer,

She does this so often that she has spare panties? At this point I think she could skip the panties all together anyways, there’s no way her vagina is a more shocking sight than two people being consumed.

these ones black cotton with a white skull on the seat…

A skull?


an apt icon as she slips them on and presses them into well as pushing the girl fully up her ass.

It didn't matter what the other kids did...she could hardly leave witnesses…

Because a bunch of missing students is totally inconspicuous, I doubt anyone will look into it. A few students claiming that two students went missing because Soline ate one and shoved the other all the way up her ass on the other hand, everyone will believe that.

and she fancied a challenge, so with a wet belch of displaced air she lunged forwards,

I fancied a challenge as well, yet with a sorry facepalm of unnecessary vocabulary I regret starting this mess.

and snatched


at another student, her jaws gaping wide as she caught the poor thing's legs and shoved her feet first down her gullet, gulping greedily, groaning atop her wriggling, squirming belly.

Maybe the writer meant for this to be a comedy, but just remember; this is somebody’s fetish. And hey, all the power to them, but just know that in the spirit of fairness I’ll mock you as much as anyone else.

The girl offered a desperate resistance, clinging defiantly to Soline's lips and teeth when only her hands remained, her arms keeping the panther's throat open enough for her to see a glimmer of daylight even with her breasts in the acidic, liquid-filled stomach.


Again, not me; but someone. I won’t say any names Soline ComicsNix BlowflyGirl YiffySpoodge but someone.

"oohh...god..." Soline moaned around those fingers "Three is the most I've ever got inside at once.."


So she has done this before, and not only that but she’s gotten away with it.


I don’t hate furries, I know a few and they’re great people; what I do hate is ridiculousness that isn’t purposeful. For example, Family Guy works because the random elements have been set up as comedy, and in addition to that there are normal or even meaningful scenes to balance it out. This on the other hand doesn’t work because the excess exists all by itself, and there’s no clear lense to view it from; is it comedy, erotica, horror? We have no idea, and while ambiguity can be useful, this is more likely a case of bad writing, plain and simple.

she panted, before her entire tone changed as her tail lashed out like a snake and dragged the biggest boy in the room over as he stepped closer. "Unfortunately for you…I really like anal."


The person in your anus wasn’t a big enough clue.

Tongue slurping away, drool dribbling down her chin as she teasingly unpicked each individual finger, she reached backwards and tugged her panties to one side, before shoving the poor guy head first inside.

Don’t be so hasty to call him poor, maybe he likes anal too.

By the time his shoelaces were slurping up out of sight, the ingested girl's fingers long since having joined her inside to thump and punch against the crushing, tightly stretched walls, Soline was sporting a gut as big as herself


and extremely bulgy. Rather than trying to stand, Soline simply lifted her tail and let a raunchy, foul scented fart escape, hinting at the less than first class accommodation in her colon.

Hinting at? No, if it were a hint the sentence would’ve ended after escape.

Twisting to look at the remaining three girls, she grinned at the biggest. " want to live don't you?"

“After that shit? Not very much.”

she nodded, "Promise not to tell?" Another nod, "Good...Help me...'eat' these other two and I'll let you go?"

"No!!" another girl, Cara, screamed, throwing her book bag at Soline

Good effort David, but this Goliath is beyond you.

and turning to punch Katie...only to trip and crack her head on the desk, knocking herself out.


"Well...that makes your job easier." Soline purred, cocking her tail high as Katie grinned, dragging the third girl closer, bringing her closer and closer and shoving her roughly head first up Soline's backside, her loosened, stretched pucker

Really more of a sucker than a pucker.

effortlessly claiming the smaller girl's body...and Katie's arms!


"W-wait! Miss!" was all that the tall student managed to gasp out, before her head was dragged in alongside the other girl's calves.

Soline, here’s a little lesson in anatomy. Humans, and panthers as well in case that’s what you were going on, don’t have a muscle that allows us to effectively suck things into our assholes. Mind blowing, I know. We have plenty to stop things from entering and plenty to push things out, but very little can be done to generate suction. So the only reason Cara would be pulled inside of Soline is if one of the other people already inside is pulling her, in which case that person sort of deserves to die in an asshole.

Soline groaned out, filled beyond belief,

It was beyond belief with one person inside of her, now it’s beyond reason.

feeling sick she was so full, and still she shoved and clenched and tugged, taking a good half hour to claim Katie entirely.

Good thing nobody else passed by the room in that half hour.

"Almost...urrgh...done." Soline panted, dragging herself over her enormous gut, clawing across the floor to within arm’s reach of the unconscious Cara. She paused, hands on the girl's ankles, and shifted slightly, before letting out a sickeningly wet fart,


The farting doesn’t get funnier/sexier/grosser every time you do it Soline.

her panties swelling and inflating with the force. "Oh...oh much better." With renewed vigour and a wicked grin, the feline swiftly devoured her final 'student'. Hampered only when the excessively tall girl woke up and lunged out, clinging to a large P.E-kit bag in desperation. Too full and eager to be done to fight her, Soline simply ingested the bag as well, wriggling her nose at the unpleasant taste of artificial leather.


The amount of movement inside her is feels incredible.

Oh look, it’s the present tense right out of fucking nowhere. So this started in medias res, only it wasn’t mentioned or hinted at until just now.

From outside, there's simply too much weight and pressure compacting everything.

Don’t you dare bring physics into this, it’s too little too late.

The crushing, oozing, kneading walls, scalding heat and agonising, caustic fluids keeping everyone crushed and tightly compacted together…or at least almost immobile, smeared from head to toe in shit for the ones up her ass...but internally she can feel them fighting...and after a few moments the first girl she ate, and Katie, manage to push free!

If any of you have too much faith in humanity, try diagramming that sentence. The ellipses don’t split it up by the way, the sentence is everything from “The crushing” to “push free!”

A filthy, slimy arm and head slop out of her greasy pucker...the girl somehow turned around, while a slightly burnt, tear stained head pushes up into her mouth.

Burnt? Just what’s going in her stomach?

"HEEELP!" one screams. "OH GOD...PLEASE! SOMEONE! SHE'S EATING-MHPPHH!" Soline curls her tongue around the girl's face, tasting her again and giving a greedy, drawn out glrrrrrrp.

"Oh're not going  anywhere" she teases, sucking Katie back inside and wriggling her hips, working the girl deeper, further from the exit before tugging her panties back firmly over her buttocks and releasing a long, gurgling fart right into them.

People are being consumed by assholes; I hardly give a shit about the farting.

Whimpering ever so slightly, in pain she's so stuffed;

Is she trying to make us feel pity for her?


but too stubborn to let even a single morsel leave her body alive, Soline struggles, managing somehow to drag herself to her feet and physically drag her enormous belly out of the school


Bullshit. You don’t just get to say she left the school. A little while ago she could barely move, and she’s clearly put on a few hundred pounds; you have to say how she left the school in a way that nobody else lingering there would take note of.

and wedging herself into her car, fleeing for the safety of her own home. Fortunately by then it's late and there's no one around to see, or hear her almost constant, bubbling farts.

There you go. It’s a half assed explanation, but at least it is an explanation.

Once home, she makes the monumental climb up the small flight of starts to her bedroom,

Monumental, really? Is it possible you’re exaggerating things a little bit Soline?

and hefts herself onto the bed, sprawling out delightedly on top of her belly, letting her body's weight compress down atop the seven fully conscious victims slowly digesting and melting away inside her; their desperate screams and begging lulling the kitty to sleep.


I know who wrote this. This is the work of AmandaByron, the writer of the awesome adventures of amynda in the fayz! and expert on all things illogical. I didn’t realize it until she called the murderous beast a kitty, but it’s all here; the poorly thought out plot, the occasionally decent grammar contrasted with the unfortunate use of vocabulary, and portrayal of the protagonist in a good light no matter what she does.

Next morning, almost nothing has changed…

So one could argue that from a storytelling perspective there was no point in making it the next morning. Also, I’m calling bullshit again; those people inside of her would have suffocated if nothing else.

the screams reduced to simple sobs and begging for mercy mostly, but her gut is barely any smaller. " guys are such pains in the ass.


I'm gonna have to take a few days off!" On Tuesday morning, the panther rolls over and contorts to grab her phone, 'spooning' her belly as she calls the principle.

Like there are any principals in this story.

"Hey, Jannet? Sorry, I've come down with... flu.


I won't be able to come in for a few days. Ok. Bye!" she hangs up with a wicked grin "Oh my...looks like I'm not going to be disturbed aaall week!"

You’re already plenty disturbed Soline, take it from a guy with experience.

The panther shifts again, rolling onto her back and groaning delightedly as she drags the enormous weight to settle atop her, letting out a thick, rancid fart that seems to be shit in gas form, and drifts back to sleep.

Alright, from now on if she mentions the word fart I’m blacking out the next hundred words after it; I won’t read them first, and therefore I won’t comment on anything related to them. Why? Because I wanted to stop reading this quite a while ago, but because the review must go on I’ll half ass it just like the story does.

For the next three days very little changes, a constant slew of farts and belches, all rancid enough to knock a human unconscious, are the only things to escape her body save for once or twice when a particularly powerful belch brings up a bra, a shoe...and once, a partially digested phone, broken in the process of calling 999. Those 'lucky' enough to experience a 'clean' digestion slowly melt against each other, and make frequent attempts to escape, but they never even reach her mouth, the panther instinctively gulping hands and fingers down as soon as she feels them in her throat...her colon-spelunkers are even less active, and none seem able to reach her gassy backside anymore.

Yeah, I get the impression that we didn’t miss much.

Her belly slowly softens and fills out and rounds...and on the second day, bored of not actually 'eating', Soline lugs her enormous gut downstairs and spends several hours casually eating and drinking absolutely everything in her fridge, topped off with a few pints of water.

“I’m bored, I think I’ll eat everything.” To be fair there are people these days who do think that way, but most of those people aren’t thinking it after they’ve already eaten several hundreds of thousands of calories.

Finally stripping out of her uniform, sprawling in nothing but a pair of occasionally inflating, now stained brown panties; she drifts in and out of sleep sprawled atop her belly, treating it like a waterbed. By the fourth night, most of the struggles have finally stopped, and her belly is smaller than herself again,

Her belly is part of herself; her belly could only be smaller than or equal to herself.

letting her move and eat…


and exercise,

Oh, she exercises, well now everything is perfectly rational.

freely again. As she sleeps though, something more solid escapes through one of her farts, the inflated panties settling down against an absolutely filthy, partially digested hand, and moments later Katie pushes her head out again, gasping, tearless sobs wracking her ruined, partially dissolved, shit coated body as she strains and wriggles, pushing against the panties, too disorientated to pull them aside...the in ability to move them gives Soline's body enough time to react to the pleasure and, with a frantic, tortured scream of despair Soline's ass swallows Katie whole again, letting out a particularly powerful, butt-jiggling fart...Soline never even woke through the entire incident.

Finally, a full week after devouring them whole, Soline stretches in the morning sunlight and pats her gravid, incredibly soft, squishy gut. Pressing a finger in and hearing a satisfyingly heavy glrrrrgle, she rolls onto her side and farts, buttocks jiggling softly. Padding into the bathroom she stretches, brushing her teeth and showering, before finally perching herself on the oversized toilet seat and relaxing. A long, gurgling, rippling fart makes her buttocks quiver for several long moments before something big and solid pushes against her hole "Hey! No coming out till you're done!" Soline clenches...before relaxing again with a smirk, having 'felt' the crunch. "Ohhh fine...I suppose you've been good." A skull, thin in places, with holes digested right through, and mercilessly crushed and shattered by the incredible forces within the feline, splatters out with a dull thunck,


followed immediately by a foot thick, clay like log of shit, pockets of gas spluttering and spattering filthily out around.


Clenching off the first log, another and another ooze slowly free, studded with bones and clothes and undigested detritus,

Also known as bones and clothes in this case.

rubbing pleasantly against her hole, accompanied constantly by butt-jiggling, gurgling farts


and occasionally the rancid surge of some less solid waste. Frowning, Soline actually has to clench and rise up half way through to flush, the toilet actually full of shit...smirking down at the ruined remnants of several people as the bottom of the toilet simply opens up, sucking away all the muck. Resuming her seat, the rest of the filth is accompanied by a gushing tidal wave of pent up yellow, steaming piss, forming a lake around the second mountain of shit. A whole book passes out in the middle of a log, amusing Soline; she didn't even remember eating one!


Almost an hour in, the shit loses consistency into mushier, gloopier filth, before finally splattering out three skulls at once,


the last of her intestines contents...and all that remains of three arrogant detention students.

Arrogant of fucking what?

Sighing with utter bliss Soline rises a final time and leeeans on the plunger, "Ahh...a new record for me by far, though, I don't think I'll be doing it again."


Hooray, no sequel!

she winces, her asshole hurting, and remembering the uncomfortable pain of being so completely overstuffed.


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