Review #42

Shitting off a Boat

Story by Uncredited

Review by Warnuts

You'll never guess what happens.

Shitting off a boat

What a great way to start a story.

My best friend and I were going on a fishing trip in the gulf. It was my boyfriends dads fishing boat that we borrowed for the weekend to take with us to the beach. It all open and had one steering wheel right in the center of the boat

Ha your boat only has one wheel.

, the weather was very hot so we were all in bathing suites.

Weird I thought you would be in your finest tux.

Before leaving the state park she said she had to find a bathroom to me. I knew she had to shit

Is this a sequel to The Time I Took A Shit?

 by the way she said it. We went and both used the toilet before leaving out for the day. She was complaining that her stomach was messed up from something we ate earlier.

Was it McDonalds?

After we were several miles out to a reef where they fish she started getting these weird looks on her face. I could tell something was wrong but didnt think it was as bad as it was. She said hey can we go back? The guys were like hell no we just got here. She said she had to go to the bathroom and her boyfriend told her to just jump in the water and pee. I knew what was wrong so I sat by her and held her hand. she kept rocking back and forth and whispering no no no no….

Yes yes yes yes

The guys were so busy doing their thing they didnt even notice her and I was trying to hide the fact for her. After a while she jumped up and said oh god! oh god! grabed the crotch of her suit

I like where this is going.

and pulled it so hard to one side I thought it would break.


She put her ass out over the edge of the boat and used her one free hand to hold the small railing while I held her as best I could.

Go on.

By this time the guys had noticed what was going on because she just about fell in the water trying to hold her suit out of the way. As soon as she had yanked her suit off to the side her ass exploded! She let out a loud OHHHHHHH GOD!!!! and started to cry. she shit for about 2 minutes and her boyfriend came over to comfort her which I really thought was awsome. After she was done she used a water bottle to clean up with and just sat in the floor crying she was so humiliated. she had stretched her suit so bad that it would not even fit her or hold tight enough to cover her crotch anymore.

I see no problem with that last statement.

Thats the worst thing I have ever seen but none of us talked about it ever after that.

“Instead I decided to put it on the internet for everyone to see forever.”