Review #39

the wolf the creeper and the humans

Story by minecraftwolf1928

Review by Ray

Chapter 1

Hay guys this is my first fanfiction so ya there may be a lemon hope you like it

Here’s a point of interest With this Author; I don’t have anything against him. I don’t Know him, and hE hasn’t committed nearly as many writing sins as most other aUthors we’ve reviewed. Plus, if his username minecraftwolf1928 is accurate and he was born in 1928, he’s about halfway through his eighties right now. Swell as fuck. It may seem like this was written by a child but don’t let that fool you; it was written from the perspective of a child.

Italics are character thoughts

Yeah, that’s pretty standard.

Sounds are * *

*Face hitting wall repeatedly*

Copyright: I don t own anything but my characters and the hands I used to write it

This is the first time I’ve ever seen that disclaimer, and you know what that means; first to cut off ComicsNix’s hands gets to keep them!

Chapter One

Ah home sweet home. Now to play that new game Jayden keeps bugging me to get said Zackoria

Well, looks like minecrAftwolf forgot to mention one. Italics may be thoughts and asterisKs may bE soUnds, but it’s been generally agreed uPon that quotes are for speech.

a 15 teen year old boy with dirty blond hair but mostly brown with gray amber eyes he wore skinny jeans, blue skater shoes and a minecraft wolf sweet shirt.

So he’s never played Minecraft before in his life, but he already has clothing that features it? Now that’s dedication.

And done finally. Now to Skype Jayden


Remember, asterisks are for sounds. I just thought I’d remind everybody in case that last part went completely over anyone’s head.

"hay finally did you get the game"said Jayden the 18 year old orange haired boy with blue eyes.

Oh, so quotes do make an appearance in this story. Did he just forget about them earlier?

He wore a green shirt with a miecraft creeper on it, black jeans and army boots.

Because the first thing you notice about somebody you’re Skyping is what’s on their feet. Their feet that you probably can’t see. And that wouldn’t be relevant anyways.

"ya ya i got the game don't worry"said zackoria slitly anoud

"ok type in this in the mutiplayer survers"


"wow zack you sure are good at mineing"

"yep i sure am"

Wow ZAcK, you surE are good and the more boring half of the title.”

“YUP, it’s because it matches my personality.”

Zackoria was happy with what he had got 64 iron ore and 128 pieces of coal.


"DAMIT"Jayden yelled

It’s okay Jayden, someday you’ll be able to get mathematically apt quantities of resources too.


Hmm… yeah, that’s one of the nerdier things I’ve said in a review.

"um Jayden did you get a black screen to"

"Yes i did"jayden said kind of pisted


AHHHHHHHH they screemed simutaneusly as a herobrine face came out of the static filled screen



"YOU SHALL COME TO MINECRAFTA AND BE THE HERO" herobrine had a look of distress well his voice boomed through out there rooms.

I have to be honest; that wasn’t really Herobrine telling everyone to wake up, that was me. I know, I know, everybody was totally believing it, but I can’t lie to you people.


they became light headed a soon pasted out onto there ky bords.

uy,bggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg is what should have been the next part of the story. The author really missed out on a great opportunity.


cliff hangers there hope you like it so far.


Sorry for spelling arrears I didn t do spell check

Why wouldn’t you? I can’t speak for, I’ve never used it, but almost every text editor has it on by default.

So now to the story

Chapter 2

"Ah were am I" ZacK said with a ting of pain in his voice

"ZacK is that you said Jayden think I have a concussion"

I think so too, he seems to be speaking for the narrator.

"Um jay where are we" Zack said kind of scared.

"YOU ARE IN MINECRAFTIA" said the voice that the two could never forget

"Stop it who are you were you Jayden growled in a most angry tone.

Don’t get angry with Herobrine, he only want to help and you don’t stand a chance anyways.

"I am here" said the voice as a about 16 year old boy appeared in a portal of static. He looked like herobrine but more boy-like without the stubble.

Umm… why?

"And I am HeroBrian the nicer son of herobrine". The figure said

Okay, where’s the fanfiction where Herobrine fucked somebody? C’mon, hand it over, I’ll retribute the fuck out of it. Don’t bother hiding, I know it’s there, that son didn’t come from nowhere and holy shit there are a bunch of them. Several pages in fact, one of which is over twenty chapters long.

"OK hero-Brian i have some questions for you. 1. WHY are we here? 2. WHY are you nice? 3. WHAT happened to your voice?"

“4. WHEN did we have the time to come up with this list? 6. WHERE did we get the nerve to think we’re calling the shots? 6. DAFUQ is this? 7. DAFUQ is that? 8. DAFUQ are you? 9. DAFUQ are we?”

Jayden said in a pissed of tone

"Ok I shall answer your questions. You are here to help save mincraftia from my dad because I can't I have been stripped of my powers because they are powered by the evil in my soul but I have no evil in my soul.

Give it a try HeroBrian, evil is fun.

Second i hate seeing people get hurt.

So close your eyes and start swinging, you’ve gotta get those powers somehow.

Third I can change my voice.


There are all your questions answered."

"Yes" Jayden said still pissed off

Really? All of them? You’ve been sucked into a videogame and that’s all you’re curious about?

"Then goodbye I will come when I feel you need help.


So HeroBrian just took them into the game for safekeeping, in case he needed them later? Which brings up another point, it seems like HeroBrian is more of a villain that Herobrine. Herobrine is mysterious and gives off a menacing air, but from what I understand his goal is to take you from the illusion you’ve been living and return you to reality. HeroBrian is doing the exact opposite.


Ok next chapter I will need you to send in character forms in the reviews ok


and sorry for the short chapters.

Hey, less work for me.

make you character

Bitch please, I made five.


OK dudes and dudets if you what a character in the story plz fill out the form it can be a mob or a person boy or girl anything but a wolf

Well, there goes my character. Fine minecraft1928, I’ll fill out your form.

and a creeper. they are in there anime mob talker forms


Hentai Man would be proud.

I’d be proud if they were in the hats and nothing else. And maybe not the hats.

Oh, you’re just in time for the survey.

Is this about my search history?

Fuck, somebody saw my search history?

No and no.

What’s going on here?

We’re filling out a form for a thing.

How specific.

Perfect, everyone’s here. Come on, this will only take a minute if we don’t get distracted.

You know who you’re talking to, right?


Ray Thompson.

Martin Daniels.

Hentai Man.




Saint Purple.

Doctor Green.

Hent and Professor Orange, two nicknames FTW.

Sir Blue I guess.

Lieutenant Red.


A suit and a purple tie.

A suit and a green tie.

A suit and an orange tie, or pink leather biker gear, or none.

A suit and a blue tie!

A suit and a red tie, aren’t we so diverse?

Eye color:

Less purple than I’d like to admit.

I gouged mine out several reviews ago, I just didn’t want to admit it.


Doesn’t matter, I’m wearing sunglasses.

Then what’s behind the sunglasses?

Another pair of sunglasses.

And behind those?

None of your business, that’s what color.

Yours or his?



Hair color


The opposite of stupid.

Between Ray and Martin.


Do you people just speak in riddles?

(Female)Chest size:

Double D.

You’re a man.

And you haven’t read enough hentai to know that anything can happen when I take off my shirt.

I will not do female/female or male/male

Remember when I said I didn’t have anything against this author? I found something.


Love partner/Love interest:

none apparently.


Do exes count?

I hope not, I’m going with none.

Don’t lie, you and Ray make a great couple.

Shut. The fuck. Up.

I’ll be quiet. For now.

Friend zoned.

Love partner/Love interest personality:

Go on Warnuts, tell us all about him.


Warnuts, can we go one review without you destroying something?

Where’s the fun in that?

Told you we’d get distracted.

Love partner/Love interest description or what they look like:

No comment.

Five fingers.

Yours too?

Yours three?

This picture sums it up for me.


Oh my God. Hent, your hand is cheating on you!

I wouldn’t call it cheating.


Not my best subject, but it can be interesting.

Dammit, Minecraft Wolf! I’m a doctor not a historian!

It all started back in 199--

We probably don’t have time for that.

Fine. Something something something Ray locked me in a cage and I’m stuck reviewing shitty stories.

You are not yet ready to know Hentai Man’s origins.

You don’t want to know Lieutenant Fluff’s origins.

Preferred element type (stone, gold, iron ECT.):

Surprise, chaos, deception, dementia; I’m a fan of too many elements to chose.


Why xenon?

You’ll see, you’ll all see. The whole world will-- I mean, it’s just interesting, that’s all.


I wonder why.

For its stable qualities which allow it to serve in components of automotive brakes as well as a coating to stabilize electronics.


Also boobs.


Primary weapon type:




If that makes you feel better.



Uh, deez what Sir?

Deez Warnuts!

Hold on. your name is Warnuts and you’re Sir Blue. Does than mean you have blue balls?

Dammit he knows!

Dammit I know!

Dammit we’re stealing more jokes!

Dammit these references are getting obscure!

Dammit following this must be confusing to the readers!

Secondary weapon type:




I’m out of puns.

I seem to have two swords, so I’ll go with my other sword. No, you know what, a gun. A sword and a gun.

Did I hear you taking one of these questions seriously?


Favorite mob(s):




I’m not quite sure what a mob is.

Apparently Ray and Martin don’t know either.

Least favorite mob(s)




Creepers, that is the only answer.

Creepers and Friendermen.

Favorite things to do:

This, sadly.

Gaming, what else?

The writer’s mom.

The duties of Hentai Man are never done.

Ha, duties.

I know what I said.

Riiight. Anyways, I write and I internet.

If you want your characters in a lemon:

Absolutely, that sounds hilarious. In fact, count all of us in. Preferably not at the same time.

Do you really think he’ll write that after all you said about his writing?

No, but I’d like to give him the option.

plz put it in the reviews.

One link to the retributionists, coming right up.