Review #33: The Wolf Blood Lineage

Part 2

Story by ComicsNix

Review by Ray

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Chapter 4, The Revelation

The Author – Hi people!



New chapter, faster than I predicted.

What a surprise.

I just needed to write this scene today. It was already more or less created, but not wrtiten in a readable form.

Well why didn't he post the readable form of the first three chapters?

I was reading a Stephen King novel I bought today (Carrie) and got inspired by the book. Hey, its very creep isn't it? So, here it is.

Neither of us have read Carrie, so yeah, don't expect us to get mad about that.

People have been complaining about my grammer and spell.

Complaining? What did they expect when they decided to read a ComicsNix story?

To try to correct that I opened Merriam Webster and used all the time I was writing. It was a real help.

Another think, I don't know why some people don't like Hermione being different.

Because we're close to this being a fanfiction completely unrelated to the canon, that's why.

She is a teenager after all. The hormones make fun stuff with people. And in this chapter I changed her appearance...her clothes.

Because the clothes were the main problem, clearly.

Oh God, I don’t wanna read about her clothes changing again. A, that’s too close to My Immortal, and B, none of it matches!

I like her being blonde.

Good for you ComicsNix, good for you.

The actress who do her on the films is a bit blonde isn't it?


I’ll give you this one ComicsNix.

So, now her clothes are going to be more close to her old ones, but with a detail. Enjoy!

After finding out that there’s going to be more detail in the clothing? Yeah, not likely.

The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter Four: The Revelation

I’ve got a revelation for ya; this story blows.

Foxylane made a deal with Voldemort. Voldemort promissed "Today I'll kill Snape" and demanded that Foxy kill Dumbledore until the end of the week, or else…

Or else Ray will be happy and content with the story.

So wait, kill him until the end of the week? Is he a vampire? A zombie? A vamzombie?

Foxy, before returning to Hogwarts, received some stuff from Lucius Malfoy, her new mentor:

"Foxy" said Lucius "as a new member of the 'Goat Gorguts Gangels' gang,

The what?

They mentioned it earlier, though they didn’t exactly say what it is.

It’s a dumbass name, that’s what it is.

you shall now recieve the sacred artifacts that will help you on the journey against Dumbledore's tyranix oppression."

I don’t remember Dumbledore being a dictator.

Well I don’t remember Hentai Man being in this review, but here he is anyways.

Hey guys, what’re you doing? How’d I get here? Did you drug me? Aw, you shouldn’t have.jakwjl;kanflkna;o

Sorry, we were having a manly moment together. And I may have broken the delete key.

That’s a lie and you know it.

Foxy was in a state of intensive darling for Lucius. Those silver tufts of orgasmic

Yesh! I walked in at the right time!

moonshine drove her in a spiral of rabid infatuative love cramps.

Love cramps? Nevermind, wrong time of the month.

It’s times like these that I doubt even ComicsNix knows what he’s talking about. Or if he did, he probably doesn’t remember.

The hair...oh the hair.

The description… oh the description.

Lucius proverbial frontispiece were in eternal joust against the profusion of smoldering savagery inside Draco's provincial bosom.

Hentai Man penis confused $

The eternal strugle between ruthful maturity...and unwary impetuous ardour.

"Foxy? Are you listening?"

Somebody should ask the narrator the same question.

Foxy woke from her appreciation of Lucius and Draco's titanic


features and said:

"Oh...sorry my sensei.


I love that movie.

I wonder why…


You said..."

"Recieve this items---"

All your base are belong to us, they are set us up a message.

and Lucious gave Foxy a sawed-off pink shotgun, a pink leather motorcycle jacket, a pair of leather pink gloves, a greased and sturdy leather pink boots, tight and sexy leather pink pants, a pink leather belt and a horned devil head pink skull helmet.

Bitch stole my outfit!

At least it matches this time.

"You shall use these items everywhere by now.

Patience, you just handed them to her.


Stop using your old clothes, because our fashion is a symbol of respect.

Because nothing screams respect like pink leather everything.

SWAG muthafucka, SWAG.

If you don't respect, you don't have respect."

"Okay mister---"

"Oh, and one more thing." and Lucius took Foxy to the palace garage.

"This is your new vehicle."

Foxy had no words to describe that amazing Harley Davidson Softail model she just recieve from her unknown paramour.

How about “That amazing Harley Davidson Softail model she just recieve from her unknown paramour”?

It was pink, shiny and powerfully romantic!!!!

Were’s the snu snu already?

"Oh mister Lucius, thank you very much!!" and Foxy hugged Lucius very strongly.

There’s your snu snu!


Lucius was speechless. He wanted to return her unaffected pure love, but at the same time, Voldemort is very greedy about her. His heart is painful and he almost cannot repress his manhodly urges to take that girl and run away with her to the most distant Greek islands of the far easter brainstem of the savage world.

Romanian. ComicsNix is Romanian and I’m sticking to that theory.

The tricks the heart pulls on us are the most treacherous thorns collapsing the floral appendix of passion.


Every dude wants to bone her, isn’t that passion?

"Okay Foxy you now are a Janissary of stem. It's time to go...don't look back, and steady as she goes in the quest after concelaed cacophonic expericences."

Big words, Hentai Man’s weakness. That and religous people who believe in abstinence. And condoms.

Ray, break it down.

Well… no, ComicsNix isn’t using the words quite right, so it doesn’t make much sense anyways.

Foxy shed a conspicuous tear.

Well yeah, how does one shed an inconspicuous tear?

The tear is wearing a disguise, duh.

She don't want to let go of Lucius, but she want.

This statement is a lie.

Does this guy just sleep through all of hs English classes?

She humps on the motorcycle, and Draco humps on the rump behind her.

It’s about damn time!

"Come on my Dog, let us finish our job!"

Bestiality? Hetai Man will take it!

"Arf Arf!"

Foxy put on her helmet, start the engines and accelerated her new coal hungry machine.


What age are we in? I know I was knocked out, what year did I wake up?

The motorcycle quickened through the mean congested highway back to Hogwarts. The highway have five lanes and the ground is very hot with the sun. It's already four PM and transit is unbearable. Foxy avoids the cars and zigzags thru the lanes finding the best path to reach her destiny amongst thee cars and trucks. However, a danger approaches:

Winter is coming…

"Arf Arf!!!!!"

"What is it Dog?"

“I was speaking English bitch, you crazy.”

Foxy look up and see...a flying Hippogriff!!!!!


This is what it looks like in the canon, so how will ComicsNix describe it?

A ogriff with a sideways cap? You know, a hip ogriff?

Griff? I love Red Vs. Blue.

The mean caleidonic half bird is nearing Foxy bike, but she goes faster to avoid the doom at the monster's wretched chaos claws. The Hippogriff's rider starts to throw molotov cocktail on Foxy's bike.

Could there be a more useless weapon for them to use? Molotovs are good as improvise weapons, but this was clearly planned.

Will she avoids them?

Tune in next week to find out!

Foxy's accelerates the bike and it goes beyond 500 mph,

On the highway. Bitch is gonna get a ticket.

and the cocktails explode behind her, fulminating ten cars in one hit with a big explosion of despair.

The word of the day is fulminating.

The passengers started to burn and their skins got a bloody roasted horse dung, children and babies too exploded with the killing molotov effect of disgrace and unruly manticore.

He used the right too? Shit, he’s learning!

Quick, somebody get ovewr to Romania and pour some Fukitol down his throat; if he starts writing well we lose our cause.

All I have are Molotovs!

Well then make him down the Fukitol with Molotovs!

How did you guess my dinner last night?

Panic started to spread all over the transit.

No shit.

Foxy have no way to escape the moltov bombing,

Um, bullshit. She was just doing five fucking hundred miles per hour.

because there are cars on the lanes by her right and by her left.

Thrust forward you fool!

GTA that shit.

She so decides to do a risk maneuver.

Listing lazily to the left?

She accelerates and climbs on a car's roof, in the middle lane of the highway and jumps from one car to another in the congested row.

Holy shit I fucking called it!

The car ceilings crashesa ans smashes as she humps on them

Why do you keep teasing me?

and lots of windows's glasses get shattered by the impact of the motorbyke powerful fire marble wheels.

Marble, huh? Seems efficient, now it completely makes sense that she could pull off five hundred. Which is probably like a million kilos, for all two of our european readers.

The rider on the Hippogriff screams to the racing Foxy's bike bellow:

"AHAHAHAAH!!!! Die bitch!!

Kill her, do it!

No you fool! We still haven’t gotten to the snu snu!

Die in the flames of bristone Satan!!!!"

"You, who are???" screams Foxy back to the flying rider.

“I is me!”

"I? OHHH, you don't want to know master of abditory faithful senses!!"

I thinks I do make sense of the senselessness of the sensibility of the the sensation of your sensory!

and the rider thorows a hail of cockroached molotvo cocktail over her.

They’re molotovs that can’t die!

Foxy deviates from all ove them but hundreds of trucks and cars explodes, collapsing the ground structures.

In what world does this make sense?

Welcome to our world mothufucka, gimme your wallet. Wait, no; gimme your underwear.

Why not his virginity?


The collapsing ground starts to spread and menaces to swallow Foxy's bike inside it. She accelerates to run away from the unatural lurid disaster and as she runs, the opening chasms chases her and she have difficulty dodge the molotov cockhails.

Cockhails? That’s about the worst kind of precipitation I can think of. Or the best.

She must get rid of the Hippogriff.

"Dog!!!" screams Foxy to painful Draco "drive the motorcycle!!!!!"

What could go wrong?

What could go right?

Draco get grip of the handlebars and Foxy get up and equilibrates herself on the racing motorcycle. The bike is still jumping over the roofs of cars.

He has some really good grip.

She has some really good balance.

Foxy pick up her shot gun and starts to shoot the molotov cocktails

Wouldn’t that just make them hit her faster?

Not faster, but not more gently either.

being throw by the bloviated Hippogriff rider.


This is my boomstick!

One of the shoots hit the molotov next to the Hiuppogriff wigs, and they start to catch fire:

Seems legit.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" screams the edacious Hippo rider.

First of all, since when was he riding a hippo. Second, if the shells can reach the hippogriff, why not shoot the hippogriff?

Foxy aims for the rider's covered head and say:

"Time to swallow roasted PEANUUUUUUUUUUTS!!!!!!!!!"




and she shoots the rider`s face, obliterating his head in a thousand of bloody messy pieces of scourged foul brain all over the highway.


The Hippogriff catches all fire, falls on the ground and explodes in carnageous ribs and cancerous feathers.

The hippogriff had cancer? Why?

Foxy get grip of the handlebars again and say to Draco:

"Damn, I guess we will never know who the rider was..."

Does it matter?

Couldn’t you have checked his wallet?

Was it Phil McKracken?

Joe Mama?

Mike Litoris?

Ivana Humpalot?

Yeah baby, yeah!

No, not yeah. Yellow, I warned you about this. For the last time, shut the fuck up.


He’ll be back.

Dibs on the body!

and Draco yealls a sad bark.

Where were we again?

Does it matter? Now excuse me while I put the body in my van. To the Hentai Mobile!


After that, they arrive at Hogwarts. The motorcycle rages it's mteallic fury

I thought it was coal. How dare you not follow through with your story?

all over the scholl and every student comes to see it's shining magnanimosity. Their's jaws drop on the ground with such a greatly display of femininity and awesomenees by Foxy and her motorbike.

Sentence of the day: that.

The heart's of the boys throbs and the girls spit on the ground with much affected jealously.

He is from Romania!

Haters gonna hate.

They simple don't understand Foxy's abbominable cruxxes to arrive where she is now today. The success comes with much pain and double effort to accomplish life golas.



Luna Lovegod,

I found a new god to praise.

Don’t tell Aphrodite.

who was abserving from far away come near Foxylene and greet her:



" are so great. One day I'll be like you!"

Raped by tentacles?

"Oh Luna, don't be so like this...I'm geeting abashed."

Luna was really fancying Foxy's new way of life, she wanted to participated:

Three way?


"Foxy, can I walk with you by now on?"

Foxy got pensive...well...she can help killing Dumbledore. Luna don't like that old diatribe either.

"Okay Luna, but you need to buy yourr own learth jacket."

"I'll do, right away!!!" and she went. Dog Draco was feeling a bit sad because Foxy didn't did a lot of attention to him.

Dude! She’s not going to fuck you! Give up on the dog thing.

In that case why am I here?

Because if I can’t leave, then you can’t.

"Arf Arf!!!" he barked, but Foxy hadmore important things to do. She must contract killers from scholl to help murder the humongous Dumbledore.

If you know what I mean.

 But who?...apart from Luna obviously. Hum...maybe one of the guys. Foxy went and found Neville Longbottom.

Who has been blessed by the Lovegod.

 She spoke:

"Neville, do you want to join the club?"

Do we get jackets?

Neville got very nervous and freightened. A woman, talking to him? That he can't believe. He passed out and feel on the ground.

Well kids you know what time it is!


Huh, to whoever tied that; not bad, it’s more than your average hog tie.

Thank you.

"Holy shit Neville, You are weaker that Dog Draco!!!

Draco has a broken spine and ribs! HE’S NOT A WEAKLING YOU CUNT!

But he is a bitch.

And not the good kind.

I guess I talk after with you." and Foxy got away still thinking. Who can help kill Dumbledore?

We won’t help.

Some time thinking...some time thinking...hey...Harry Potter!!!

Are those the lyrics to a song? Please tell me ComicsNix makes music.

Foxy raced against time and found Harry Potter,

Time! You suck! Run faster!...Run as if I were chasing you!

seatted on the ground of the courtyard playing poker texas hold-em with Ronald Wesley, Ginny Wesley and Rubeus Haagrid:

Why is Haagrid hanging out with them?

Because he is a pedo.

That’s my boy.

"Yo man!!!!" cried Hagrid to Ron, "you are cheatting your butt on this shitty fucking game!!!

Okay, who says butt followed immediately by shitty fucking? Just say ass dammit.

 I don't wanna be fooled more, you see!!!!""Shut up you retarded half dick!!!!

So is half of his dick not retarded?

I need one of those halves for… experiments. I’m making a Frankenstein out of Yellow, I need it to have two dicks.

So you’re gonna make it like your sister?

Come on guys, that’s completely ridiculous; it’s Frankenstein’s monster, not just Frankenstein.

Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster, sex doll, what’s the difference?

Cards are what you have in hands, if you get rid, stop with the cock suckerism!!!!"

It’s a fuckin’ word, don’t worry about it.

replied Ron with a frowned redful head. He gave a shot on the pot cigarrete he was holding with his black finger.

So many questions. Why redful? I know it’s not right grammatically, but is it even relevant from a storytelling standpoint?

Because he’s a ginger, that’s why.

Is any of this relevant?

No, it’s not.

Why are they taking shots from a joint?

Because just smokin’ a joint isn’t enough, you have to blend it into a delicious smoothie and drink it.

And why a pot cigarette? Is this the twenties?

Because this is My Immortal, too late to leave now.

I know you’re joking, but please, don’t. My Immortal written by ComicsNix would just about kill me. Twice.

Speaking of killing me, why is there no snu snu?

Because ComicsNix knows you’re reading this, and he’s killing you through sex deprivation.

Why is his finger black?

Because he hasn’t gotten his leg treated and the infection is spreading. Any more questions?

I have one. Why has there been no hentai for a few paragraphs?


And yes it’s going to be that big.

Them, he passed the pot to Harry, who gave a shot too:

"Oh Hagrid...this shit is gooooooood!!

Let this be a lesson kids; don’t smoke pot unless you want to be in a ComicsNix story. Have sex inst… Hent, I shouldn’t say--

You’ll say what I tell you to say.

Have sex instead, it’s super cool and totally safe to do with anyone, especially somebody in pink leather.

Now get on your knees.

Jokes on you, I’ve been getting fucked by every author since we started the Retributionists.


You need to bring more free sample from that friend of yours..."

The latent psychodelic smoke was encircling them and they didn't saw Foxy girl ariving.

Why didn’t I get a fox girl?

Fix this injustice!


Bitch please.


Challenge accepted.


Bitch. Please.


Enough! I said I wanted a fox girl but goddamn, call it a draw before we get arrested for bestiality.

I would’ve crushed you Ray, my hentai is endless.

You know damn well this is my domain.

Gentlemen, let’s focus on the real enemy here; ComicsNix.

Fine, but we’re settling this later.

And when we do I’m not holding back.

I wouldn’t expect any less.

She jumped in the middle of them and scared:


"WWWHHHOOOOAAAA!!!" shout everybody.

"Hey guys, what are you doing??" asked Foxy.

What do you think?

I think gangrape time.

"Hum" said Hagrid "nothing…

Perfect cover up, master of deception.

I'm just losing ma money to this silly retard Ginny's brother!"

"You don't know how to lend your ass in you giant piece of puking harlot!!!"

Can I have a piece of that too?

retrieved Ron.

"Stop boys" said Ginevra "let the Foxy o the talks!" and Ginny gave a shot to the pot.

So the pot’s getting drunk?

Her eyes were red and her nose was white with so much snowball she had been inhaling lately.



*Sex noise*

After some time in the holidays she discovered her real parents.

Who are we even talking about?

They were hippie that participated at the Woodstock three days of peace and love event. Ginny was made there, in the middle of puddles of mud and growing greenery hashish, but she wasn't born that period. Her parents were powerful witches and them blocked her grwoing inside her mom's womb.

Of course they did, way to keep the chronology consistent.

This isn’t the snu snu I had in mind, it needs to be more descriptive.

Just read it over and over again, you’ll get there.

Penis strength, dying \

I’ve got this! ( .Y. )

Penis strength, better _

This causes a bad effect because, if you use magic to block fetus growing in, the gods get displeased and search for new parents to procreate the unborn child.

ComicsNix, you’re over thinking things, like, a lot.

The gods found in Ginny's fake parents, Molly and Arthur Weasley, the perfect mortsafe to not permit her abortion. So she got transfere inside Molly's womb and now, she is here. But the real parents daily habits pass to the child, so she is hippie now.

"I need to talke tête-à-tête with Harry." said Foxy.

I think he just fell asleep for a second, hit his head on the keyboard, and kept on typing.

Actually, it means private talk in French.

How did you know that?

Yeah, we had an arrangement; I get the Romanic languages, Hent gets the ones with all the squiggles.

But French is the language of love.

But Japanese is the language of sex.

Oh, I have been slain!

Ron got very nervous and rude:

"And me...'Foxylady'...don't do the talk?"

Ginny looked with a question mark face to Ron:


"No Ron, only Harry" retorted Foxy.

Who’s harry and why don’t they shave?

Harry got up and they moved to a place more isolated:

"Harry" asekd Foxy "help me, you own me a favour."

YES! Time for the snu snu!

"Everythnig Foxy"

"I have to kill Dubledore."

DAMMIT! Cockblocked again!

and Harry fell on the ground. Dumbledore!!! His paternal figure, the most important man in his entiry earthly life!!! She can't be serious. How that supposed to happen?

Ask ComicsNix, I don’t know either.

She is death eater now?

That came out of left field.

I’d rather eat something else.


She got possesed by unhappy colossal dementors? Is is a monumental joke of unfortunate inconsequences?

No, she’s just a dick, accept it.



"Foxy!!!! You must not say that never in your life!!!"

She fuckin’ did, she’s gonna say it again.

" touched my vagina…


you almost defilled my immaculated purity of ages…

Well somebody thinks highly of themselves.

you smashed our puzzled young friendship with you pot smoking crack addict habit…

Wait wait wait, go back to the vagina…

how do you suppose to negate my only and faithful desire in this life?"

Stop making up bullshit? That might work.

Harry was optionless.

Fuck it, I’m just gonna start replacing words with sex words.

Foxy had him on the palm of her hands.

Not really.

It can't be helped, and he knows…

Knows what?

but he must know the reason.

"Why Foxy, why??"

Seriously, why? I have no fucking clue, so please tell me; why?

Foxy heart was throbbing with doubts, she can't lie to Harry,

Like the way she just fucking did.

the only boy who understood her entire life. Only he can help her unravel the palimpsest her mecha wolf lineage brought to her raciness.

Is that racist? Because I really don’t know.

The truth must be told, no matter what it takes:

"Harry...I'm a

“Bitchy Mary Sue.”

mecha wolf..."

“He then raped her in the ass and she died.”

Penis strength raising /

and Harry felt on the ground in disaster and uncompreehensibility.

Speaking of incomprehensibility.

Penis strength, lowering ^

Oww… the enemy!!!!!

Now rape her and kill her, end of story god dammit.

The wizards want to finish this pognotropic race of lycantroes. And she wants him to fight against the LAW!!



Wait, Hentai Man showing a picture that’s not sexual?

That’s his blowjob face.

Harry head dizzes

Dizzes? Jizzes.

and swirls with the pot fueled revelation.

Oh, revelations, like the title of this chapter. I see wat’cha did there.

He had no words:

"Harry, I opened my heart...will you let them rape and dissecrate me?"

Yes! YES!



Harry is fighting with both worlds, his desires matter no more. The absolute morals are the cockshots now.


He must not fail, the fate of the worlds residues in his hands:

"Okay Foxylane...I'll help you..."

Fourth Chapter End


Hent, calm your--


Chapter 5, The Deal

The Author – Hi people,



another chapter! I hope you like this, I improved more I think.

Neither of those are true.

A warning, there's some mildly disgusting sex scene here in this chapter.

He’s self aware?

Hent left too soon, he was so close.

The next chapter, only next week. Enjoy!

The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter Five: The Deal

Foxy conviced Harry to help her kill Dumbledore.

Why does she have so much control over boys? Any guy would take one look at her and go NO.

But now, she have a bigger problem. There's no way to kill Dumbledore!!!

Bitch, that was the problem in the first place.

And I’m gonna call bullshit, he died in the story.

Not with magic.

Yeah, he can, Snape just shot him with some spell and he died.

But there must be another way.

Try the spell Snape did, it might work.

Foxy are still with Harry. Ron, Hagrid and Ginny are playing poker and smoking a lot. On the courtyard Foxy talks to Harry:

"Hey Harry, do you know someone that know...'street smarts'?"

As Mitch, he probably knows what’s up.


Harry thinks a bit. He knows!!!! He says:

"Foxy, you must talk to Luna, she have a cousin that probably can help you. But I think it will cost some cash to bring him here."

Money is no issue in this world of insanity.

"Cash? But I don't have money...sigh...what should I do Harry?!!?

Fuck this story and do wizard shit?

Voldemort said if I didn't kill Snape till the end of the week,

Now she has to kill Snape?

he will free Snape from the 'Nega Wrold Prison'!!!

Okay. So she has to kill Snape, or Volxemort will free Snape from a prison that was never mentioned. Got it.

Because nobody speaks of the Nigga World Prison.

And Snape will fuck my life of!!!!

Of what, may I ask?

He will teach how to spot mecha wolves and everyone will skin me alive!!!!!!!!!!!"

Does ComicsNix not remember the last chapter? Or any of them?

and Foxy start to cry and the tears flood her pink collective clothes, contaminating a bad taste inside Harry's witch tongue.

What the fuck? ComicsNix, if you could start making sense,that would make my day. If just once you could go “You know what, today I’m done sodomizing my reader’s brains, it’s time to start making sense.”

Harry feel very sorry for her and embrace the mecha girl with his dangerous forearms.

He ain’t that strong, he’s a little bitch compared to Draco. And why does every fanfiction involve somebody fucking Draco?


His concentrated pure calico love applacates a bit of Foxy foul-up and gives the girl hopefulness to live one more day and continue her journey through the tribulations her tarnated lineage brought upon her flowering shoulder of amorous petard.

Bad Harry! Do not give her hope to live!

If it’s any consolation, about a dozen English teachers just killed themselves.

Harry think a bit more. Hey, Hagrid can help!! He finished his home reform and probably have some ways to help them. They go to talk to him:

Hagrid says, “Go fuck yourself.”

"Het Hagrid"

You misspelled heil.

say Harry to the playing and losing all his money to Ron, Hagrid.

That’s one hell of a nickname.

"Come over here, we must talk to you."


"What's up man?? I'm finishing the game, gimme a break!!!" says Hagrid stoned and capricious.

"Hagrid" sayd Potter "I have acid here…


it's pure and contagious...yumm...yummm...yumm!!!!" bluffs Harry.

That escalated quickly. “Hey, you’re smoking weed? Well come over here and destroy your brain!”

"Yo Harry comrade…

He is Romanian! Or Russian. Or something with an R.

share it with your heartful friend...ain't it?!"

"Come here and I'll give some to you."

“It’s not a trap.”

and Hagrid is fooled and goes with his massive relaxed body full of leaves and cigar's butts.

Yer doin’ it wrong!

He approaches skipping and awkardly walking,

At the same time?

Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

the smoke get off his noses and his eyes allmost bleed from the rambunctious passive relaxation he is feeling with that psychoactive fun party vapour of weed coming from his pores.

‘Cause I’m not having a good time until my fucking eyes bleed.

"Gimme here dude" say Hagrid "I'm not complacent today my man."

"Wait a bit man" says Harry "we need a favour"

"Favour? It need to be very good deal for me to get some quality smoking, man."

I don’t even… is he trying to negotiate against himself?

Foxy gets serious, she ask Harry in his ears whipering:

"Hey Harry, do you really have acid?"

Harry whispers back with a picaroon voice:

"Don't afraid girl, he will forget this by tomorrow."

That’s actually pretty likely. From what I’ve been told.

So Harry continues to talk:

"We need money Hagrid, a lot."

"Money? Friends and cash don't mix well my chimney-pot hat.

ComicsNix, idioms tend to only work in their original language, just sayin’.

What's your proposal?"

“Marry me?”

"My proposal...hum..." Harry tries to think fast, the pot in his lungs is not helping his reasoning

Exhale Harry, exhale!

"well, you see...we know you opened today a commerce point at your house..."

"Continue my man"

" know you are going to sell body works there from your girls...if you know what I mean…

If you-- no, too obvious.

prostitutes and oral jobs you know...."

Oral jobs, that sounds like a term from the sixties.

Hagrid smirks and gets very engaged on the talks:

" own do you there?

Dude, they’re like sixteen.

And gimp as hell by this point in the story.

I don’t see the problem.

We have vacant rooms for male harlots"

Because they’re so hard to find.

"'s not's...I mean"


and Harry loses himself in the salad words

There’s so much to say that I’m not going to say it.

and can't think no more because the marijuana is pulsing inside his guts.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say ComicsNix has never smoked weed.

Nope, he skipped straight to acid.

"Oh" say Hagrid very talented "yeah...okay...I'll give you cash...and it's agreed. Harry, you start working there tomorrow.

Wait, so they agreed?

I hope you don't be afraid of boys you know?

That depends, are we going based on the canon or every fanfiction ever?

My whorehouse is unisex, boys and girls can come in and enjoy the amenities and careful service we provide to our costumers. Yeah, very nice deal I made hum, Foxy?

So is Foxy working too, or is it just Harry? Meh, doesn’t matter, either way it’ll be different in the next chapter.

My first male see, there's a lot of lonely guys here at Hogwarts and know...don't have a place to share common interests.

Chat Roulette?

Harry, you will be our avant-garde bitch.

That’s very low on the list of things I’d like to be.

Prepare your butt dude,


the ride is going to be hard as hell…


HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!" and Hagrid goes away to his home,

So he just forgot about the game and the acid? Wow, they were right.

laughing and thanking the heavens they sent him a beauty male ass to work for nothing.

Except for money. Or did he forget that too?

Harry looks down very unbeliavable and consterned. A tear flow from his clouded eyes and he regrets his badly decisions made in life. Foxy hugs him and thanks:

"Oh Harry, you saved my life!!!! I own you a lot…

Way to add insult to ass destroying injury.

thanks again" and Foxy give Harry a tremenduos mouth kisses and his boots jump of his feet


Because magic.

and Harry falls on the ground, horny and jocund…

ComicsNix, where do you get these words? I mean, jocund, technically it’s English and technically it’s used correctly, albeit in a weird sort of contrast. But who uses jocund? Even Google barely knew what the hell I was talking about when I looked it up to figure out why autocorrect wasn’t having a panic attack.

but at the same time...sad. Tomorrow, his ass will be no more.

Actually Harry, tomorow your ass will be a lot more.

Foxy now must talk to Luna Lovegood. But where is she. She said she would buy leather clothes, so...let me see…

Let me see. This is in third person; not even ComicsNix knows where this is going.

where she is...ahhh!!! Probalby...the diagon alley!!!! There are a lot of fashion shops there. She is truly there. So Foxy decides to go there. She humps on her Harley mortorcycle

That can’t be good for the suspension.

and races to the diagon alley.

It's almost eight o' clack and the moon is already top rising in the stary nighty sky.

“Werewolves in shitty fanfiction everywhere in Hogwarts are awakening.”

As the motorcycle races to the streets of London, the fresh breezy air sweeps Foxy's diamond blonde hair.

Because diamonds are blonde.

Oh, is Diamond dancing today?

The city nights make the city all more glorious to that girl that has so manny tasks to fullfil. Life hadn't been easy on her…

No, but it’s been incredibly forgiving.

and more perils will come on the way.

Please tell me these perils will kill her.

But now, she advantage the wind on the hair.

What? Why?

It’s a long haired person thing, you wouldn’t understand.

After riding for a while, Foxy arrives at the diagon alley. The place is boiling with people buying stuff and beggars puking on the streets.

Because those just go hand in hand.

Foxy look to the place with wondrous striking magnificence. It's like she is seeing the place for the first time.

Is she?

After walking amonst the stinking witches and perveted wizards, she fuinds Luna Loveggod, inside a heavy metal shop,


Are we really resorting to shitty chemistry jokes?

K, Na MoRe.

buying the latest trend clothes:

"Luna, my bitch!!!

Bitch? She’s a god, she’ll smite your ass.

Hug me!!!" and the two sexy girls hug one another.


They feel somethnig funny inside


themselves after that amicability sweatheart moment.


Luna is embracing Foxy in the middle of the shop, but her hand slips and ends on Foxy's nice and round citron buttocks.

Yes! Hent, get back in here!

Fuck that story, it’s all one giant tease!

Your loss.

Foxy don't mind and do the same with her friend. They have a lot in comon, more than meets the orbs.

Is that a wizard pun?

"So Foxy, why are you here?" asks Luna very fondly of her friend.

No, no talking!

Told you!

Fuck off.

"Oh Luna" says Foxy "I need a favour from have a cousin don't you?"

"Yeah, I have, he live in America,



Guess where we’re from.

he have a nice house and a lot of brothers from 'da' hood !!!

Brothers or brothas?

I love him much!!!"

Uhn-tss uhn-tss uhn-tss

"Oh Yeah...I need you to call him..."

"For what..."

"Well...don't telll this anyone Luna,

“Like I’ve been telling everyone.”

but we must kill Dumbledore."

"Oh Yeah? I never liked that perverted hunker.

Well I never liked you too bitch, don’t fuck with Dumbledore.

You day, I got to talk to him and he fingered me in the ass!!!"


Don’t worry about it. And yes, I did steal your line.



“No, she’s a whore who loves attention.”

"Yeah, and he proceded to unclothe me…

Okay, it’s not that easy to unclothe a woman who doesn’t want to bang you. Unless you have a knife.

actually, that old fart got a very nice smell. I think it was French Fragrance Perfume, it smelled daisy with shrimps…

Oh ComcsNix, you and your opinions.

very nice..."

Foxy got excited:

"Tell me more girl!!"

Is Foxy turned on by the story of her friend being molested?

", he unclothed me, and figered me a bit more, and he collected a bit of shit from my anus with his long fingernails.

Ha! Eat it Hent!

Them he moved his lips to my lips..."

"And he kissed you!!!"

No, he ate her face.

Bath salts anyone?

"NOO!! He averted my mouth and tucked his tongue inside my left nostril!!!!"

Who’s into that?

Dumblydore. Dumblydore is into that.

Foxy frowned her face and made a disgust face:


"Yeah...I can't say it was bad...actually, it was very excitting!!!

Can’t argue with that I suppose.

He move in a out, in and out, and them he licked all my face with his snot covered tongue.

Is Dumblydore a dog in this scene?

My eyelashes got humid and sticky...and them...he kissed me...with that rheumatic mucus filled mouth. I cummed very hard that moment."


"You didn't vomit that day?"

Of course she did, she knows who the author is right?


Ha you were wrong.

Wait for it.

well...not that moment.


After Dumbledore finished kissing me, he put his shit filled fingernails inside my mouth and made me swallow my own poo!!!

Why do you ruin the name of Dumblydore?

Ruin? Enhance.

That made me vomit....I stained all of his carpet with my vegetarian brocolli puke. He didn't like, but he said nothnig.

Really, he didn’t like that? After everything else I’d think he’d be pretty happy.

After all...I'm only a girl...what would he do...kill me?"

Yes, you stained his carpet bitch.

"I guess after that?"

"Oh...I forgot what I wanted to talk to him and went away.

Yeah, it would be hard to remember anything clearly after something like that.

Them, I went to the bathroom and masturbated a bit, just to break the tension."

‘Cause that’s what I would do.

"Cool, no one tried to finger me before." said Foxy

Foxy: zero fucks.

"It' s good, but my butt got a sore because he didn't used lube."

If it was your fist time it probably would’ve happened either way.


"I'm sorry"

You should be, for making us read this bullshit.

"Don't need, it's almost good as new."

Wait, did this happen just today?

So they shit chatted a bit more and started to buy some clothes. After they finished, they went away from the shop. The diagon alley was hot in energy and people that evening. The girls were walking when they heard some guys shouting and swearing. They went to the source of the confusion. It was a cockfight happening,



Is that what you mean?

Close enough.

and a lot of witches and wizards where betting and glambling their money on the fight.

My money’s on the black dude, you can have the Asian.

Bitch please, I’m taking the horse.

There were two roosters fighting.

Roosters? Aw…

Jonas Abaddon Bray, the pink one, and Krokus Mazurkiewicz, the yellow one.

Are we really naming the chickens? Are they important characters in this journey?

Foxy said to Luna:

"Hey, lend me some change, I liked the pinky one!"

I hope the pink one dies. And then Hentai Man can have another cock for his Frankenstein Monster.

and Luna lend twnty buck to Foxy. Foxy said to the event organizer:

"Here man...put twenty on the pinky one!!" and the guy anoted her bet. The cocks started to fight, and it was a bloody fight for sure. Jonas jumped on Krokus and clawed his back with pure vicious. Blood started to spill on the andience. But Krokus was not useless. He pushed Jonas away, picked some sand with his claws and threw at Jonas's eyes!!!

Wait, what?

Apparently they teach these cocks how to be dicks.

What a cheater!!

Yeah, the chicken is a cheater, didn’t anyone read him the rules?

Jonas got confused and temporary blind.

Krokus uses sand slash! Jonas is confused!

Foxy tried to cheer him up:

"Come on you cock sucker!!!

Is that an insult or a compliment.

Yes. And yes, I’m taking everyone’s jokes today.

Kill the bastard or I'll pluck your ass off your head!!!!"

Jonas heard the observance and, even still blind, charged on Krokus direction.

He missed, and rammed into the wall. And died.

Jonas jumped in the air and plunged on Krokus with his beak, perforating the bastard in the left eye. The audience thrilled with the bllody carnage ensuing in the place!!!

Krokus is enraged...he opens his wings and races towards Jonas, scratching feathers and meat with his titaanium claws of doom.

I’m not a professional cock--


… Anyways, I’m not a professional cock fighter but I think that’s against the rules.

Jonas start to bleed because the hits were vicious and callous, but he don't give up. His eyes come back to normal

I take it back; I would love to hear more about these chickens. In fact, give them more names.

and now, he can see his opponent, going away from him.

What a pussy cock.

We are being so mature about this.

Jonas is just waiting another move by Krokus, he's ready to deal the final blow.


Krokus is racing towards Jonas again, and them...he jumps!! His claw are sharp and aiming for Jonas headd, he is going down fast, and them.....Jonas dodge Krokus plunge of doom and with a godly accuracy, he introduces his claws inside Krokus cloaca and with a fast tug, he removes the entire bowels of Krokus body.

Read that out loud. Everyone, I don’t care where you are or who’s around, read that shit out loud.

Blood and chickened guts spill over the audience, inducing vomiting rage on the unlucky Krokus betters.


Fights ensues and the turmoil wakes the police station nearby

All of the police were asleep. Stand up job guys.

and they send a riot squad to contain the massive violence and mayhem happening at diagon alley.

Foxy and Luna are in the middle of the confusion and can't run away because they are encircled by massive battles of magic of wizards. Limbs are cut,

Woah, those cops suck.

bowels explode

Well that happens when I eat Taco Bell too.

and brains get splattered on the walls. The Destructive rampage hapening wash the girls with a rain of blood, shit and dead carcasses of witches and wizards.

Ah ComicsNix, how I love thee.

Bones get shattered and buildings start to crumble in a madness confusion of hate and despair.

I’m starting to see why cock fights are illegal.

The Riot squad uses its batons

Because that’s going to do so fucking much.

to fracture witches bones and it's gas bombs to drown powerful wizards in lax causing gases. Every witch and wizard starts to convulse in a pool of diarrhea and vomit.

The vomit I understand; that gas is some powerful shit. But diarrhea? Also, ComicsNix knows how to spell diarrhea, be disturbed.

Foxy and Luna are lucky, because mecha wolves have a invisible shield that protects everyone in the vicinity of the mecha wolf from riot squad bombs.

Well, Deus ex Machina to the rescue.

However, the shield don't protect against human intervention, and thats what happens.

It protects everyone from riot squad bombs, but not human inventions. Huh.

Foxy and Luna gets arrested and sent to jail. My God!!!! What will happen to the girls???????

Rape time!

Fifth Chapter End

Chapter 6, The Hot Headed Prison

The Author – Hi people!! I was a bit sad some of you (note to readers: this thing I write here in the author notes is a response to adultfanfiction readers complaining, so, okay) didn't think I write well my stories.

No shit.

So, to correct my mistakes, I decided to do things a bit different. From now on, the chapters will be a bit shorter than usual.


This way I can concentrate my efforts into somethnig with high quality all over the chapter, even if I think the other chapters were very cool and nice.

We are reading Wolf Blood Lineage, none of it is high quality.

Again, great name, it really disappoints me that it’s now part of this story.

The descriptions are very well crafted


and I don't wasted words on useless stuff, only plot relevant pieces.

Like this author’s note for example.

This way, the story flows at a fast and thrilling pace. I hope you like, this chapter heere is my baby!!!

Bitch, you’re getting an abortion.


Warning: This chapter have some sex stuff. Don't read if you are minor.


The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter Six: The Hot Headed Prison

Foxy and Luna got send to a maximum security prison, near Hogwarts.

I get that cockfights are illegal, but you don’t go to a maximum security prison.

Hey, you saw what happened.

It's a muggle prison,

Quick, rape her in the ass!

and one of the most feared ones in all British Islands. It's called "The Butcher's Ktchen"

Ah, how pleasant. I think I vacationed there once.

and the wretched scumand villany of England gets sent there to reabilitate.

Just like shitty fanfictions get sent to us to be retributed.

Let’s be honest; they’re not sent, Fluff finds most of it. Although if you readers do have anything, feel free to let us know.

But no one does.

Oh, well sorry for asking.

The life expectancy inside those bloody walls are five years at best.

Bitch, I lasted ten and I had a cup of tea in one hand and my dick in the other.

There are no old guys there, because prisoners die in fights, from AIDS, from knife wounds, poison, dogs jaws, earthquakes, "The Grinding Machine", violent guards and all kinds of life threatening sittuations.

So Hent’s sister is the warden?

For the most part, it's a male prison. But in the case of Foxy and Luna, the government did an exception.

How progressive, way to go government.

As the two girls arrive inside the prisioner's room's halls, all of them start to shout and threatem the girls with rape and death.

For Foxy and Luna those are my two favorite things!

The girls are freightened:

"Luna" says Foxy while they walk to their cell "you must call your cousin so he save our butts!!!"

You’re mixing expressions there ComicsNix, at least I hope so.

"Oh my..." say Luna "I dont know how...where is a phone?"

"We can find one, so you call and he save us." and the two girls entered their cell. The guard closed it and went away. A prisioner that was in a cell in front of the girls cell threatened them:

"Yo, you butt belongs to my dick!!!!"


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

And don’t worry about why two totally straight dudes are on a couch together reviewing erotica in Valentine’s Day.

Well when you put it like that, our lives sound pretty awesome.

shouted the nazi affeminated prisoner.

Good, this storey needed a little more Hitler.

He have a bald and lots of tattos. The most old prisoner of the place, because he knows the ways to not die.

How unfortunate for him.

He is a mutant kind of nazi, with power augmenting nano implants.

So we’re in the future now?

His Nazi levels, they’re over 9000!

He was a experimental soldier from nazi government, but somehow, he escape the Berlin bombing and now he is here, locked inside these British walls. Luna spoke back to him:

"Fuck off you dick sucker, we will get outta here and spit on your face!"

Yeah, because that’s what you want to do with the psychopathic radioactive killer.

The nazi don't like the threat. He made a gesture with hand, like he was cutting his neck. Luna pissed on her pants.

Was she not wearing them?

"Oh Luna" said Foxy "now you are going to stink piss all the night!!!!!!"

Luna started to cry:

"Sorry Foxy...I'm a poo!"

No, you’re in piss.

Foxy hugged Luna with much caress. The two girls were very sad and lonely, so they jumped on the bed inside the cell, covered themselves with the blankets and started to make out.


Foxy alleviated glossy and powerful hands of purple love rubbed Luna's whitesh and softful portentuous back. The two girls creamy bodies touched one another in a spiral of incongruous fascinating passion. The turtle-like lips

“Moaned like a koala.”

of Luna aproached the mahogany splendent turquoise mouth of Foxy, kissing it in a loudly manner, sucking all of the sadness moistness inbued inside that so much suffered FoxyLady.

Luna's coloreous buttcks move in and out, throbiing with the loving filled calyx Foxy's mouth transmorphed itself in.

I don’t even know what to visualize anymore.

The two girls sexually engorged and turgid petals of baking zeal touched one another, moistening themselves in the fluid insense of carnal expenditure.

Well, ComicsNix did say he was going to use more description.

All the pain they were suffering was nothing more than a vague resembrance in that moment of overflowing intimacy and loveful fervency.

The legs were shaking, touching one another and holding deer, braiding like impetuous hard hair.

Does ComicsNix know how the female body works?

As the girls move on and off, rubbing the petals with a furor fraughted like liver diseases,

Dude, just go back to how you were writing before. Now I don’t even know what you’re trying to say.

the orgasmic hindrances were being blow away. Foxy and Luna were reaching the most enevated state of nirvana,

Speaking of Nirvana, this whole scene is like trying to interpret the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit.

colloidal pulsations inside their utteruses,

You hear that ladies? ComicsNix knows how to treat your uterus right.

hearts entrancing the creating of life beyond human's rational thoughts,

So they created this story.

the most perfect libel to the girls realaxating and purity love. Now...they are complete.

“ly retarded.”

The sweat inside the blankets over the laid girls are the testimony to the now strong bound Foxy made with Luna. They will never forget how in such a perillous disgracefull prison, they shared what was closed for so long inside their hearts. But still...

"Luna" said Foxy, with a weak and sad voice "is it right? I mean, my real love is Draco..."

It ain’t gonna happen, every guy in this story wants to fuck Foxy.

"Don't be afraid" said Luna, rubbing and caressing Foxy " is somethnig that can't be vested. The love you feel for the love you feel for Draco.

You don’t say?

For feel the love you feel for me."

No shit.

"Oh Luna!!!" and the two girls hugs themselves with the unanimous passion of desire.

Unanymous? So the Nazi prisoner in the other cell agrees too?

After a while, the cell doors open. Oh No!!! It's a riot!!!!

So is this an organized event?

And do the guards have Foxy’s gun?

The prisoners get control of the prison and are trying to get out a kill all the England population.

Well that’s an ambitious goal.

Foxy and Luna quicly get themselves dressed up and try to run away. As they go down the hall trying to run, the affeminated nazi is racing towards the girls, but they don't see it. As Foxy enter's a door that leads to the kitchen, she enters and waits for Luna, but Luna doesn't go in.

Probably because Luna actually want to escape, not get something to snack on.

"Luna!!!!! Enter here!!!"


but no response. What happene? As Foxy starts to move to get out the kitchen and see wat happened, but a hand holds her shoulder. Foxy looks backand's Severus Snape!!!!!

She then kills him. Or helps him. Or whatever she’s supposed to do.

"Stop right there little girl!!!" shouts Snape.y ñb hb yhv nh

He literally just punched his keyboard.

No, he didn’t; there’s a tilde on that n, it was very deliberate.

Well just remember it has been like two chapters since I last broke your computer.

Warnuts, no--


We’re back, and no, that text below isn’t a result of Warnuts’ computer smashery.

nyvnybbybhybbybnybnbjyvhbhubgubhybuvhy ny b nh ny ñvbj nu njn jnhbh

You’re not James Joyce ComicsNix, get over it.

"Snape!! I thought you were dead!!" says Foxy horrified.

Fuck you.

"Yeah...Voldemort didn't quite kill me…

Did we miss a chapter?

not materially actually. He killed me legally, planted some serious stuff into my drawers and called the drug department. They caught me, Dumbledore expelled me from the school and I'm here now...all because of you!!!!!"

I fail to see the connection. And no, it’s not magic.

Foxy couldn't stop tremble her legs. Now that Snape knows she is the responsible and she is mecha wolf, all is over.


"Don't kill me professor, I just did it to protect my mecha wolf heritage blood. You would tell everyone that I was enemy!!!"

Snape get angry:

"No!!! I was expecting you to go to my room and talk to me…

No! You could have just said “Yo bitch tits, I gots to talk to you!” You don’t need this bullshit!

I already knew you were mecha wolf.

Well then why didn’t you rape her in the ass?

Because she’s a Mary Sue and everybody wants to fuck her.



Got me there.

I just needed to talk with you alone so I said those things in the classroom."

Knowing that she would then talk to Volxemort, make a deal, return to Hogwarts, make another deal with Hagrid, participate in a cockfight, and go to the same prison as you? Damn, Snape’s foresight is 20-20.

Foxy covers her face trying to hide the tears from falling on the ground. Snape sees that and gets sorry for the girl.

But then he realized the bitch made him lose his fucking job, and he hates her.

Them, he immediattely embraces her trying to reconfort Foxy:

"Oh's all over.

If only.

Don't cry, I'm not dead and no one will know you are mecha wolf."

There have been six chapters and we’re approaching six people who know, it’s not the best kept secret.

"Oh Snape...sniff...I'm so sorry...sniff"

Snape reconfoirts more Foxy, rubbing her against his body.

It’s only been like a paragraph since I broke your computer Ray, don’t make me do it again.

Foxy feel the paternal love that dark man introduces inside her. But at the same time, the urges of the heart confuses her more, because she feels somethnig geowing for that man...something Draco would never forgive her.

You whore! The girl you just had lesbian sex with confessed she wants to be with Draco, and you’re like, “Fuck everybody, I’m Mary Sue.”

"Okay Foxy, I forgive you. But to get out of here, you must be turned into a boy." say Snape.



"Yes, or else all the inmates are going to rape you.

It’s prison; one way or another, Foxy’s being raped.

But I have no wand to transform you into a boy."

"What to do now Snape? Try to do magic without wand!!!"

You crazy bitch!

"I can't Foxy, it's beyond my powers"

" isn't"

Yes, it is.

So Foxy holds Snape hands with her own hands and chants the secret words of mecha wolf heritage,

That she just happens to know.

It’s ComicsNix, the fact that she didn’t just turn into a super saiyan is astounding.

giving temporary mecha wolf powers to Snape.

And then someone shot him in the dick and he died.

"Now can do magic"

Snape is in awe. That girl is so powerful...could her be...the chosen one the prophecy said?

You’re just bringing up this prophecy now, in chapter six?

But Snape have no time to think about it…

Then how did he think about it?

he waves his hand and tries to transform Foxy into a boy. But it didn't quite work as planned. Slowly, a penis grow inside Foxy's leather pants, but only it happens, her body is still of a gorgeously woman.

Alright Japan, do your thang.


"Oh didn't turn out really well...I guess my powers are not well developed yet."

"It will fit Snape,

So does this work? I mean, she still looks like a woman.

now...hey...I forgot about Luna!!!!"

"Luna? Is she here? Oh no!!!!" and Foxy and Snape runs from the kitchen and goes to the cells halls, only to find...Luna Lovegood being raped by the effeminated nazi!!! Foxy gets come that bastardful crook abuses her girlfriend?!?! Foxy race towards him and kicks his face with her titanium covered boots.

That she somehow has in maximum security prison.

The nazi flies on the air and crashes on a wall witj a big blunt.

More blunts? Is hagrid here?

"Snape!" cries Foxy "pick Luna and find a phone so she calls her cousin!!" and Snape does it.

The nazi get up, twist his neck and bones breaking noise can be heard. He is mad:

"Yo!!!" cries him "no one kicks Kruspe Lindemann Schneider in the face. You will die bitch!!!"

"Bitch is your fucking Fuher you bandoling piece of fuck!!!" shout Foxy to the giant puking grotesque nazi.


Them, they start to fight. Kruspe kicks Foxy, but she holds. She kicks him in the groin and he spills some teeth.


He spilled them, maybe he just happened to be drinking a nice glass of teeth.

He them pnches her belly, but she deflect.

Can she never be harmed?

Them, Foxy bits Kruspe left leg and disrrot a lot of meat from his bones. Blood spills all over the prison and bowels start to slip thru the hole Foxy did on the nazi.

"ARRRGHHH!!!! You fucked bitch!!!

The best conjugation of fuck? They are in Britain!

For Fuher!!!!!!!" and Kruspe races rowards Foxy, trying to deal his final blow before he dies. But Foxy is smartr, she jumps ten feet in the air and them...kicks the nazi in the neck, breaking all the bones from his body. The boyd of Kruspe collpses on the ground and explodes in a thousand ribs of bloody disaster. Guts and veins are splattered all over the walls and this pisses of all the inmates, who starts to run and try to catch Foxy and kill her, but she runs.


Foxy enter the kitchen

To make them a sandwhich.

and closes the door, so no pisoners enter.

Because prisoners are known for their courtesy.

Snape and Luna are there.

"Foxy!" says Luna "I already called my cousin, he will be here in minutes!!!"

Minutes? He lives in the United States, is your cousin Superman?

"Oh Luna, sorry if I let you be raped by that blooding nazi, but I killed him for you."

"Oh Foxy, hug me!!!" and Foxy and Luna hugs one another. Snape hugs the girls too,

Three way? Wait, no, that would mean more description.

to not feel alone and to gives his inner feelings to them as well.

Foxy,as she is hugging them, feels somethnig funny inside her pants. It's her PERNIS!!!!


Because of Snape magic, she now have it.

That might explain part of the picture ComicsNix drew.

"Snape, I dont want penis anymore…

Too bad, a little late in your life for a sex change.

I'm a girls and I must have a mouth for sex"

You do… right? Unless your dick is talking, in which case, you might want to get aht checked out.

"Sorry Foxy, I don't know how to turn penis into vagina.

Come on Snape, that’s like fanfiction 101.

You are on your own."

Foxy gets very sad. She now haves much more problems than she had before in her life. A man dick is nothing a thing a woman desires in her life! But there is a igger problem now...the inmates are blowing the door!!!

I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your door down! But mostly I’ll huff and puff.

They will kill Foxy, Luna and Snapw!!!!

But, against all odds, somethings happens.

In this story, something happening is pretty probably. What would defy the odds is something logical happening.

A helichopter aproaches. It's thnuderring sound of rottating shovels

What the hell kind of helicopter s that?

One great for shovelling the sky.

gets nearer and nearer. Them, a amplified voice shout from the chopter:

"Luna and friendds!!! Seek cover!!!' and they do. From the chopter, a black man shoots a bazooka on the prison kitchen ceilling, opening a hole with a big explosion.

Racist, why’s the black guy gotta do it?

He them throws a ladder a yells for the three people to go up. Foxy, Luna and Snape starts to go up the ladder and the chopter starts to go up to free the people on the ladder from the prison. the final blow, the black man shoots another bazzzoka and "BBRRRRROOOOOMM!!!"


the prison is exploded in a thousand of debris, killing all the inmates. Foxy is saved!!!


Foxy, Luna and Snape them goes up the chopter ladder and enter the chopter cockpit.

Heh, cock.

There, a black man welcomes them:

"You ma cousin, wassup??!!"

Well, that answers my question; it was definitely brothas.

Luna them claps hands with the man and tells to Foxy:

"Foxy, let me introduce you my cousin...Carl Johnson!!!"

You son of a bitch. You’re taking a character from Grand theft Auto and adding him to this piece of shit? I’m glad this chapter is over, fuck this story.

Sixth Chapter End

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