Review #33: The Wolf Blood Lineage

Part 1

Story by ComicsNix

Review by Ray

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Chapter 1, And the Girl Receives the Heritage

The Author – Hi people!

Hey ComicsNix, it’s always a pleasure.

what’s up!

I do'nt own Harry Potter and make no money with it!

You don’t say?

I always loved the Harry Potter


novels, but writting a long story is a dauting task.

“So I gave up, the end.”

After a month I've been wrtting one shots to get a grasp,

On reality? So far you have failed.

 and now, I thnik I have what it takes.

No no you don’t.

 This is going to be epic,



I have a lot of things planned, and I hope you enjoy!!!

As much as I hate to admit it, I probably will.

The pair I think is obvious to you, but there are some trouble along them way.

Along them way?

This is a good time to point out one of the main reasons ComicsNix is an anomaly among fanfiction writers. His writing is bad, but his author’s notes are, at least compared to the rest of his work, alright. Normally it’s the other way around, the author’s note is the time to be more casual. But not for ComicsNix, if there’s one thing he hates it’s logic.

Yeah, love is never easy.

That’s not what your mom said!

Expect a lot of twists and revellations about the motivations between the characters. Adventures, mystery and love, all along the way. The first chapter have no snuff,

And like that you lost me

but the other one will be rated M.

M for mobody should read this?


Oh, we will.

Update 02/12/2010 - People are complaining that this chapter was badly wrote.

Who would do such a thing? I hope you all feel very bad about yourselves.

Yeah people these days.

I'm planning doing some review at it next week to improve it. I think at chapter three and four my spelling got better. I described more what is happening,

Aw, you shouldn’t have. You really, really shouldn’t have.

so, don't be fooled by the weak first chapter, it's only getting better from here. Enjoy!!

So do we get to the story now?

Update 03/13/2010 - Hi again!


And hello to you too… again.

I made a cover for my's on devian art. The link is: .com/art/The-Wolf-Blood-Lineage-Cover-157174016 .

For anyone who’s curious, here it is.



While there, I also found this image, entitled The Wolf Blood Cast 01.


And looking at some of his other artwork, I think we’ll be retributing more than just words in the near future.

I the future, more cool fanart will be updated!!! Enjoy!!!

Well how could I not when you’ve told me to enjoy it so many times?

The Wolf Blood Lineage

That’s the real shame about this; that’s actually a pretty good title, but it’s now been associated with ComicsNix.

Chapter One: And the Girl Recieves the Heritage

Hey, spoilers!

Hermione recieved a letter from an unknown person.

Ladies rule NO. 1 don’t open stuff from people you don’t know.

Unless it say free cupcakes.

 It reads:

"Hermione, you are not child of your parents.


But what a great way to start a letter.

You are my daughter.

Please send $200 and your virginity to the return address.

Come see me and recieve you magical artifacts,

“I promise it’s not a trap.”

 bacause your parents don't want you near me.

Gee I wonder why.

Your dear mother, Jonesi Ceux Angel du Dehors."

Cuex du Dehors? Like the album? The album that I’ve never heard of until Googling it five seconds ago?

"No, my parents lied all my life to me!

Because just like the internet, you should believe everything you read in a letter.

I must find the truth." and Hermione grabbed a bundle of clothes and parted from her house. She didn't talk to her fake parents, because they would lie to her

Yeah because there is no way she could be adopted.

. She went to the place where her real mother said she would be.

I don’t recall that part of the letter…

A strange pink house in America,

Why are they at my house?!?

Relax, he’s probably talking about John Mellencamp's house.

in the Bronx.


Hermione knocked the door,

Yeah you show that door who’s boss.

and a person welcomed:

"Oh, Hermione, my daughter!! Hug me!!!"

That’s not a rap set up.

and the strange woman hugged Hermione.

Insert chloroform joke here.

 The woman was very strange, clothed like an unwashed gipsy, but she was not a gipsy, only unwashed.

Thanks for the vaguely racist clarification.

"Why all this now?" asked Hermione to the gypsy clothed woman.

"Oh dear, come, I tell you everything."

She wrote you a letter and gave you a hug, what else does a person have to do to be trustworthy?

Give her cupcake?

They entered the house, the mother did a tea and told everything.

"You, Hermione, is the descendant of an ancient especies of mecha wolves.


Your father impregnated me with his spermathozoa, and he died in a battle of a thousand days agains wizards."

So much greatness in that one sentence, where do we start?

Is spermathozoa different than sperm?

So did all of that happen on the same day?

Was there any reason for the mom to clarify where babies come from?

Why was this war never mentioned in the movies?

And who won the battle?

"So, you are a mecha wolf too?"

"No Hermione, only mecha wolves pass their own genetic code. You have the DNA of your father. I was only a surrogate. I carried you in my womb and lactated you with my milk."

Lactated you with my milk, did a tea, these are the things that make ComicsNix ComicsNix.

"So you are not my mother."

She just said she carried you in her womb, what more do you want?

"Yes, I am, but not of a genetical kind.

What? What?! What!

It’s possible, but I’d say it’s pretty convoluted for this story’s purposes.

Now Hermione, recieve the power your father wanted you to have..." and Hermione's mother opened a magnificent chest, called "The Chest of Wolf", full of metallic parts, gears and fur. As the powerful chest opened, a light crossed the room and entered the body of Hermione's.



"AAHHHH, it's hurting!!!"

Wrong hole, wrong hole!

"Don't be afraid,

Huh, maybe he did know what we mean.

you are recieving the power of Mecha Wolf!!!!" and BRROOOOMMMM, all went white and fumes. Hermione fell on the ground, breathing fast and confused.

That’s what happens when you get raped.

"Now my child,

“Round two.”

you have a new name. You are called by the name your father wanted to you. You now shall be called: Foxylene Siouxsie Angel du Dehors."

"Oh mom, I'm feeling weak."

That’s the roofie, it’ll wear off in a few hours.

"Yes Foxylene, you will take a time to accept the new mecha wolf powers. But, to not be unprotected, recieve this weapon your father used to defend himself in the battles of wars." and Jonesi gave a Colt 45 Revolver to Foxylene.

I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting something more old timey.

"It's a magical revolver. It shoots balls of fiery acid projectiles.

So do my pants, and you don’t see me braggin’ about it.

You need to recharge everyweek, or it will get useless for the rest of your life."

Who designed that shit?

And how fucked will she be when they update the charger?

and the mother gave a battery so Foxy can recharge the gun.

"Oh mom, I'm so grateful.

“That you gave me a useless fucking gun.”

But this is a great burden for me to hold."

"No Foxylene, you are prepared. Just be aware of 'false' friends you enconter in your journey.

“Me, for example.”

Remember, the wizards killed your father."

“Even though technically, you are a wizard.”

Hermione got with eyes covered with deeply tears. She looked down, close her eyes, clench her hand and uttered:

"I will revenge him mother! I promisse!!" and the two hugged one another. Hermione went away and picked a plane to return to England.

You can just pick a plane? Huh, I’ve flown quite a bit and I still had no idea.

She was taking with her the strange chest, because her mother said she will need the contents inside. But she must no open before the right time.

I’m sure the NSA will be alright with that.

“What’s in the box?”

“I don’t know, I got a letter from someone who said they were my mom, that my dad was killed by wizards, that I’m actually a mecha wolf, and that I’m not supposed to open this chest yet, but it’s super important.”

“Oh, alright, just curious.”

After some hours, Foxylene arrives at Hogwarts and her friends are waiting.

Oh, until now I just assumed this was a prequel.

Harry and Ron hugs her and say:

"Oh Hermione, we are so happy you are here!!!! Come on, lets come in and you tell us the news!"

They walked in the Hogwarts direction talking:

One does not simply walk to Hogwarts.

"Oh boys, I changed my name, now I'm called Foxylane!!"

"Foxylane!!" said Ron "that's a wonderful name. Where you got that?"

"My mother gave me."

"That makes sense" said Harry Potter.

Harry Potter, zero fucks given.

As they entered the castle of Hogwarts, boards were annoucing some changes at the school.

“From now on, there shall be no mention of a certain story, a certain story featuring the Sueist of Mary Sues, some of the biggest plot holes imaginable, and typos that would give an English teacher a stroke. ComicsNix, you can keep doing what you do.”

"What's this" said Potter reading the advice poster "Hogwarts is under martial law. Dangers are around the place and no student can get out of the premisses of the school anymore.

But apparently going in is no problem.

Visits to Hagrid's place are forbidden."

"Hagrid?" asked Foxylene "is he troubled?"

"Not that I know" says Potter. "Let's find out."

Hey, read the fucking sign! No visits.

and they went.

There are no guards? Because the students here are so trustworthy, like when they weren’t supposed to go into the forbidden forest, so they only went like three times.

Hagrid was reforming his house and some very well endowed girls were helping him with the construction.

Woah, I thought you said there would be no snuff.

"Hi Hagrid!!" said the trio.

"Oh boys, hug me!!"

Everyone is so… friendly…

and they hugged him with a lot of friendship.

As opposed to hugging him with a lot of contempt.

"Why there's martial law under Hogwarts Hegrid?" asked Hermione.

Isn’t her name something else now?

"Well, don't tell anyone this boys,

“Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

but there's some rumor that those wicked mecha wolves are lurking around our school. They are vicious bastards, that will rip apart a wizard with no second chances."

Maybe it’s because you’re an ass.

Maybe it’s because they’re called mecha wolves.

Hermione got very freightened. Mecha Wolves? What if they attack me not knowing my real blood lineage? She only listened the rest of Hagrid's talk:

Only? What else was she going to listen to, her iPod?

Something something something exposition, booooring. Ooh ee, ooh ah ah, ting, tang…

"So, I must say, don't get out of the castle boys. If I need a help from you, I call. Here, take this cell phones, we stay in contact." and Hagrid lend them to the friends.

How can everyone in this story afford t give things away in this story?

After this, Hagrid picked a homemade cigarette from his pocket, lighted it and started to smoke:

"Hagrid?" asked Ron very confused "do you smoke now?"

No, he only grabbed a home made cigarette for shits and giggles.

"Oh, this? No, it's only to relax, do you want to smoke a bit?"

So YES, you smoke. My head is full of fuck.

the half-giant offered the cigar to Ron.

"Hum, why not?" and the red haired boy picked it and inhale a big deal of fumes inside his lungs.


Who says cough?

whoa, this is insane, I'm feeling dizzy dude!" and Ron started to look the sky and he saw mushrooms and pine threes flying and dancing together like copulating hyenas.

This is Hogwarts, it might not have been because of the cigarette.

Foxylene and Harry smoke some too, and all of them started to look the sky together and feel the rain of marshmallows covering them with rivers of orange juice and ostrich eggs:

What is this weed and where can I get some? Also an omelet, I want an omelet.

"Whoa Hagrid...this one is awesome. Can you give us some to use after the dinner?" asked Harry softie and lazy like a dying sea sponge.

"Ho, fucking no man!!! This shit is expensive, go buy some yourself dude!"

So you could sell it to them for more than you bought it for. Also, he just gave them all cell phones; how expensive is this shit?

and Hagrid went back to the reform in his house with the poorly clothed women.

Did he just get caught having one of Stewie’s sexy parties?


As the trio went to Hogwarts, Harry decided to get rid of his "delay" and put his hand on Hermione's panties covered vagina.


"What are you doing you prick?!!?!" asked Hermione nervous slapping Harry's fool hand.

"Oh, don't be so selfish girl, I just want what a man deserves..."

Does everyone in this story have to sound like a rapist?


said Potter very horny and rubbing a bulge on his crotch.

Is Ron still around?

"Fuck you, you snotting piece of shit! If you want to fuck me you'll have to ask my permission!!" and she slapped Harry's face with her powerful hand. Harry fell on the ground.

"You bitch! You gonna pay!!"

"You are so stupid Potter. Insteat of insulting me, ask for my pussy, come on, I'll give you now!!!" said Hermione slapping her vagina with her both hands.

"Oh come on you too!" said Ronny with a lazy and calm voice "gimme a break. I'm having a breeze here and you, fighting over some shitty unshaved pussy…

How does he know that?

you two are so immature."

Hermione got angry:

"Unshaved pussy? What do you know about women Ron? You never masturbated in your entire life!!!"

Well Hermiefoxduwhatsherface, you clearly don’t know about men.

"How do you know you little whore? Do you watch me going to the bathroom?"

"Yes, I watch, what's the problem? I want to see nude boys, but it seens there's no real man in this school.


I'm done with you two guys. I'm here, waiting to be fucked, but you just keep discussing about your 'manly' egos. Fuck you!!"

was hermione always a slut?

Well, in fanfiction, yeah. Though honestly, if that’s the standard we’re going by then Harry is even worse.

and Hermione goes away. Ron and Harry give looks to one another:

"It's all your fault Harry!!! I wanted to fuck her first!!!"

Hey you both could do it at the same time.


"You are a slow poke guy!!! Suck my dick!!!" and the two friend went separated ways.

That’s one thing that baffles me about ComicsNix; he has odd ways of phrasing things, that still kind of make sense.

Foxylene was very upset, and as she entered Hogwarts Castle, Draco was there:

Is this the demonic Draco that ComicsNix drew, or does that version show up later?

Or is it Darco, with a really big you-know-what?

"So, who I'm seeing now...Hermione, angry and ready to make a mistake." said Draco, provoking her. But he was not expecting wath she was ready to do. Foxylane grabbed Draco's cheeks and gave him a big kiss on the mouth,

Who grabs the other person’s cheeks to kiss them?

ComicsNix. ComicsNix and ComicsNix alone.

moisting his lips with her most revengeful desires. Draco was too appaled and did not know what to do, he just stayed there, getting kissed by that beautiful lady.

Such a dilemma, I have that problem all the time.


Yeah, you’re right; I’ve never considered stopping.

After some minutes kissing Draco,


Foxylane, whom shall be called Foxy by now on,

I doubt it.

felt a hot and humid liquid on her pants. She looked and...oh my God!!!! Draco pissed in his pants.

Watch yourself ComicsNix, you promised no snuff and I know this must be tempting for you.

"Draco, you are a joke!!!"

"Oh...sorry...I coundn''s are so hot and all...." and Draco got ashamed. He cried a small tear from his eyes. His tummy got all cold and nothnig in the world could spare him from this worseful moment.

Well you did piss on her, most women don’t take kindly to that.

Foxy got very sad for him, and trying to lighten him up, she said:

"Oh are more manly than those bastards that were my friends. Only real man cry when they kiss their woman."

Warnuts, did you hear that? Looks like we finally found you a girlfriend.


and Draco cleaned the cry and hugged Hermione.

I’m impressed that ComicsNix knows English at all, I really am.

"Oh Foxy, don't never leave me alone....promisse me..."

Hold on… how does he know to call her Foxy?

He’s a wizard.


"I promisse you Draco."

From a distance, Ron saw the scene happening between Draco and Foxy. He clenched his hands and said:

"That Foxy...she will see...she will pay for all she did to me!!!!"

What did she even do to him?

and Ron was furious.

First Chapter End

Chapter 2, How to kill a Beautiful Lady

Been there done that. Warnuts, you take this one.


The author – Hi people!

I feel so greeted!

Bonjour, hola, guten tag, or whatever ComicsNix’s first language is.

I know this chapter got published only one day after the first one, but I was so excitted to put it online I couldn't wait till next week. The next update will be next week, every weekend.

Well we are reading all his in the future so it’s okay.

 So, I hope you enjoy, there are some surprises surrounding Foxylane Hermione and Draco's relashionship.

Wait, so they were the obvious couple?


The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter Two: How to kill a Beautiful Lady

Foxylane, after she woke up next day, decide to do a make over.


If I wanted to read My Immortal Three I’d read My Immortal Three.

Thanks for reminding me that exists.

No more that pityful and stupid girl everyone sneer upon.

She was one of the smartest people in the goddamn movie, what movie did ComicsNix watch? Harry Twatter and the Chamber of Sex?

It might explain some things. Some things.

No, now she decided to make a diference, she wants to be a new woman. A travelling hair stylist passed thru Hogwarts that day

The same Hogwarts that’s under total lockdown?

and Foxy grabbed the chance.

Because this is the only time she could possibly change her hair.

She went there and did a complete new style.


Now, Foxy have a blonde pompadour hair,

Blonde is right, and maybe hair is, but definitely not pompadour.

like Ammy Whinehose, but more beautiful and hot. Her nails got painted green like the sea of India and she now uses cool new clothes of the ultimate fashion.

I just figured it out. ComicsNix translates all of his stories from English to Japanese and then back into English. As Google Translate improves, so does his writing.

Her pants are jeans trousers, but they are yellow like the sun in the morning of countryside Romania and are very tight, highlighting her curvy and sexy hips and legs of godess.

Over the jeans she uses a latex pink mini skirt

Congratulations, absolutely none of that matches.

and over her exposed tummy she wears a belly chain, going around her waist, very beautiful and shining under the Sun where Zeus made his first babies.

He also believes in Roman mythology?

Her sandals are red, like those greek sandals they used in the past to fight the persians and spartans, with interlacing cords that go around the calf up to the knees, but not reaching there.

She uses a flannel shirt, and the color is coral, like the snake, like Krut Cobainn.

Coming from a straight male, this is a fashion disaster.

The shirt is unbottoned as far as the begininnings of her belly, not reaching the navel, so, she shows a bit of her tube top, as it cover only her breasts and are very nice and charming like cats singing in a night of full moon to their unforgettable and undisguised feline mates.

<.^ Processing…

It values the volume on her chest.

Apart from that, the earrings are shaped like stars and are silver moons.

Hentai Man is off “fighting” crime and unfabulousness, but in his honor:



She uses a necklace too, and it is golden and very cool. And the last touch, a black tie, tied very loosely on her neck.

It doesn’t match, absolutely none of it matches!


Foxy make over is over. She now parades at the courtyard at Hogwarts and all the boys look at her with lust,

Or disgust.

Or confusion.

and the girls with jealously. Draco sees her and immediately starts to slobber a lot of saliva from his doggysh needy mouth. He immediately goes

“To a cliff to kill himself.”

there and talks to Foxy:


Please tell me that was sarcasm.

and he go down on his knees asking a kiss from her redful lips of pleasure.

At this point why even ask? Her clothing alone should broadcast that she wants every dick in Hogwarts at the same time.

" want a kiss Draco?

Of course not, he only asked on his knees.

So, you must be my dog if you want to stay with me..."

Is she into dominance or bestiality?

She is a mecha wolf.

said her, cherishing his blonde hardened hair. Draco was so horny and in love he would do everything she asked.

"Okay...I be...your dog...."

I’m sure Foxy will be very reasonable with what she does with him.

"Hum, alright. Now, put this dog-collar,

“That I just happen to have,”

you are going to use it from now on, and only talk when I permit." and Foxy threw her fabulous hair in the air, spreading an essence of oily lemon and tamarind in the breeze. All the boys in the courtyard felt on the ground with bursts of love.


"Oh...arf arf!!!!" barked Draco.


He is now tied and on the ground, like a dog, supporting his body with his knees and the palm of his hands.

"Let's go my blonde hound, we will see some friends." and she went, with Draco follwing her like a mad pitbull ready to hump over a whoresome bastard poodle.

Hey now, just because you act like a dog doesn’t mean you are one. If you want to do that then I’m powerless to stop ComicsNix, but let’s be honest about why.

He was shaking his butt like a rut dog and his tongue was out of mouth, salivating and swinging in the air, waiting for a kiss from that stupenduous girl dragging him at the halls of the wizardry school.

He’s taking this a little too seriously.

Foxy exhibbited her new pet to all of Hogwarts and every student laughed at Dracos new role as Foxy's slave dog, but in secrecy, all they wanted was to be in tthat leash, barking and foaming to her.

Thank Roleplay Jesus we’re not that desperate, right Warnuts? Warnuts?


After some walk, Ron appears in front of Foxy, scaring her:

"Ahhh! What do you want Weasley?" she said sneering and spitting on his face.

What if he came to apologize?

"What? How do you dare you---" said Ron, ready to punch Foxy in the middle of the nose, but Dog Draco intervened, barking and growling.

"Grrr!! What's this?

Oh, I seriously though that was Draco growling at first, turns out everyone in this story is a dog.

Draco is your new dog or somethnig? I will kick his ass!!!" and Ron kicks Draco in the middle of his belly, causing Draco to spit a gob of fermented muccus on the ground.

Why was the mucus fermented?

Dude, see a doctor.

"Draco!" shouted Foxy Hermione "ATTACK!!!!!!" and them Draco charges in Ron direction and bites his nemesis right shin. Ron's blood enter Draco's mouth and he swallows while he tries to disrrot Ron's leg from his frail and unmanly body.

"AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Let go off me!!!" and Ron shakes his leg trying to free

Dude you’re a fucking wizard use magic.

himself from that furious and raging man animal. Draco uses his fingernails and shreds Ron's pants, and cuts his leg's skin with those sharp claw his nails are now.

So I’m lost, did he actually turn into a dog or is he just extremely dedicated to the role?

Ron puchs Draco's back with so much fury that Draco start to loose his teeth from Ron.

That’s a lot of fury.

After some punches, Draco falls on the ground, unconcious and with some ribs broken.

Ron is holding his aching and bloody leg. He is looking to Foxy with the most abominable face a human being can possibly make,


his eyebrows are retorted, his jaw is strained and his eyes are shooting a cold and hateful look to his unrequited addiction loved one. At the same time he loves, he wants to gouge her eyes out of her skull with his member,


We hates Hermione! No! We loves Hermione!

but now, this is impossible. Minerva McGonagall arrived to see the confusion they created at the central hall:

"What are you doing boys!!!

And girl.

You don’t know that.

You are all bloody Ronald Wesley, go now to the bathroom and clean up this mess you leg is now!!"

Yeah, don’t go to the nurse or anything…

shouted Minerva with a grave and seriously putrid voice.

"And, what is this...Draco in a leash and unconscious on the ground. Can you explain that Ms. Granger?"


"'s nothing Ms. McGonagall.

Seems legit.

We are just playing mom and dog.

Mom and dog?

He plays a raging dog, so I, the owner of him, must put him to sleep so he can't hump many bitches."

Minerva looked ver angry to Foxy, frowned her decaying and hairy forehead and said:

"Don't you think you two are a bit older to play somethnig so puerille inside this schools walls?

Yeah, because it’s the game itself that she should be worried about.

Why don't you go back to your bedroom and finish your homework?"

"Okay Mrs. Minerva, we will!" said Foxy doing military continence to the old semi zombie.

"Humph, that's better..." and McGonagall went away to finish her unimportant business.

Well, the narrator is a dick.

Foxy Hermione looked to Draco's body with a sneer and said:

"Well, looks like you are going to sleep a lot this morning. So long Draco." and she went away.

Cold hard bitch just a kiss on the lips

Then I was on my knees, I'm waitin', give me

Cold hard bitch she was shakin' her hips

So that was all that I needed, I'm waitin', give me

Cold hard bitch just a kiss on the lips

And I was on my knees

Yeah I'm waitin', yeah I'm waitin'

Thank you Jet, for summing up this chapter perfectly.

Foxy have Defence Against the Dark Arts class now, so she goes to the classroom and find a chair to seat. All the students arrive too, including Harry Potter and bleeding Weasley.

Gotta admire his dedication.

Ron seats away from her and Harry seats behind Foxy, and she don't like:

"What do you want Potter?

Maybe he’s hear to learn. He did stop the dark lord once, maybe he want to be ready to do it again.

Youre going to rub my ass now?"

Who said anything about that?

"Hermione...I mean...Foxylene...I'm sorry. I think I smoke too much pot at Hagrid's house yesterday and wasn't thinking with my brains..."

Nobody in ComicsNix’s story thinks with their brains.

Foxy looked behind inside those deeply dark bue eyes of Harry. She knew he was telling the truth, but the error has been made:

"Harry, do you think I'm going to forgive you about that? You almost raped my panties!!"

It helps if you don’t think about it.

"Foxy, I'm so sorry. I'll do anything to repair my mistake."

Don’t do that Harry, you should’ve seen what happened last time.

Foxy grew a smile that covered all of her impressive and gorgeously beautiful face of gingerbread. She thought a bit and said:

"Anything hum? Well, let me see, I tell you what I want tonight."

Harry got very happy to hear Hermione was going to forgive him. He cannot imagine erasing his frindship with that gril he spent so many good time toghter. And something more is growing inside him,

I have a theory…

somethnig he cannot share with anyone, mainly with Ginny. She would kill him if she knew.

Professor Severus Snape entered the class after some minutes with some books and stuff.

Okay, like half of these characters should be dead.

After he arranged his desk, he looked the students and saw Foxy, with her different clothes:

If he starts going after her I’m breaking your laptop. Again.

Just once, I’d like to make it through a review with one of you and have my computer remain completely intact. Once.

"Hermione, do you have an excuse for not using your uniform?"

“Bitch I’m fabulous, I do what I want.”

Foxy Hermione looked slowly to Snape and stammered some vague words:

"I don't feel like it...'professor'..."


Sanpe got furious, but then, he saw Foxy's cleavage.


Okay, one trip to Best Buy later and we’re back.

For now.

Her top was hiding a delicious and round pair of lactating breasts, and when Snape saw that, he got a boner. It was his luck that his robe was hiding his unflacid and moldy penis.

What’s wrong with everyone in this?

I’m at a loss for words, and this is only chapter two.

So, after some glaring, he said:

"Alright Mrs. Granger, you can use this clothes in the class. But you need to unbutton your flannel shirt a bit."

I’m about to break it again.

I’m about to let you.

Foxy did it, and now, her cleavage reaches a little below her pieced navel.

Goddamn you slut, that’s… that’s everything!

The boys in the class are all mad, because Foxy seatted in the front row and no one can see her sexy body, only Snape.

Sanpe starts to check if all students were there, but he noticed Draco was absent.

"Someone can tell me where Mr. Malfoy iS?"

Knowing this story’s logic, probably playing ring around the fucking rosey.

No one answered. Ron knew this is the chance he have to screw Foxy, so he spill the beans:

Screw? That’s not how you get in her pants man.

"Why don't you ask Foxy, professor...she probably knows it..."

Snape looked Ron with disdain and spit:

Why does everyone spit on Ron?

"Have I talked to you mister Wesley? I don't think so. Why don't you shut the fuck up and clean this pool of blood bellow your table?

Is the mess seriously the only concern regarding his injury?

That would be a very gentle act."

Ron was spitting fire from his eyes.



It's all Foxy's fault!!! he thought. His revenge is going to be bloody.

Snape explaines some magic stuff and how to kill mecha wolves.

How descriptive.

What? Focylene didn't like it, it's her species that are endangered here. She cannot let anyone know about her bloodline:

"So" said Snape "to kill a mecha wolf you need three things. A gun, a bullet and big balls."

I’ve been a mecha wolf hunter this whole time and didn’t even know it.

"I'm fucked!" thought Foxy.

Relax Foxy, nobody in that school has balls.

Now they discovered her weak point. And she doesn't even have the mecha wolves powers to defend herself yet. But the Colt 45 is inside a holster, strapped and hidden on her back. She need to practice her aim, or only heads and chests would be hit, and everyone knows that to kill a wizard, you need to hit to the crotch. Hit real hard.


Neville Longbottom


raised his hand and asked:

"But how do we kill mecha wolves? Guns don't work inside Hogwarts!"

Snape punch Neville's face with his diabolic look:

Is anyone in this story mortal?

"That's why these enemies are vicious, stupid crap!!! Otherwise we would already have killed them all!!"

Neville lowered his head and cried. Luna Lovegod, that was seatting behind him, consoled the poor boy:

"Oh Neville, don't be so don't have guilt in being so retarded."

Comforting as fuck.

Neville covered his face with both hands and cursed himself about his entire pityful and wasted existence. He had more problems than the hated professors nagging his nuts all the time. Actually, his problems were of a kind he cursed himself every day. Involving a certain girl, but, we must not talk about this now, professor Snape is finishing the lecture of today:

ComicsNix knows that in writing, things don’t have to take place in real time right? Of course he doesn’t, what was I thinking.

"So students, the only way to kill a mecha wolf is to drag him to the muggle world, shoot him in the balls and hope for the best.

Muggles are half human half wizard, they don’t have their own world.


That’s what makes them so hard to kill!

If the mecha wolf is a girl, the process is easier. You drag her to the muggle world and rape her ass.

So, anal rape or rape in general? It’s important to know this kind of thing.

The female mecha wolf will vanish out of existence, you will not be acused by muggle court of sexual assault and will not suffer under wizard world laws, because you didn't use magic to finish the bitch off.

Boom, plothole averted.

That's all, you are dismissed."

Foxy was freightned. She always feared rapists and clowns.

Those are very reasonable fears.

She’s getting raped by a clown later, isn’t she?

She must stay alert not to fall on the claws of sexual predators.

Snape was already getting out of the class when he remembered:

"Oh, and students, tomorrow, you will learn how to spot a mecha wolf. Maybe you discover some friends of you are the enemy. I'm soooooo sorry for you...look at my sad face."


and he went away.

Now, Foxy is really really terrified. There's no hope for her. Snape will tell everything, the wizards are going to cage her, rape her, kill her and smudge her makeup.

“You can rape me and you can kill me, but don’t you dare touch my makeup.”

Something must be done. But who can help her get rid of Snape? He is too powerful to be killed by a simple and gracefull mecha wolf like her.

"Hum", thought Foxy "I know!!! I know who can help me!! And he will not refuse the offer I'll propose to him..." and Foxy Hermione smirked with much joy.

It’s gonna be Harry.

I’m holding out hope for Dumblydore.

Second Chapter End

Chapter 3, The Palace of Lust

Go on…

The Author – Hi people! In this chapter, things start to get harder.

If you know--

Yes, everyone knows what he means.

I'll not spoil anything, but this one was a hard one to write.

If you know--


I was so excited I decided to post today, but the next one will be next week.

I’m noticing a theme.

Some people said that I wrote bad and my writting is raw.

Who would say such things?

He’s bad and he should feel bad.

Well, I think this chapter is a lot better.



There are some descriptions and I try to flow better the narrative. See if you like, I enjoyed!!

Other people said that Hermione must not be named Foxylane. I don't see a problem with that, everyone have nicknames and all and no one complain.

It’s not the names specifically, it’s the entire story.


With the name change I wanted to show Hermione's accepting her new role in life and at the school as their saviour.

How is she their savior, she’s probably going to kill them!

Also, a name change is fine, but if Hermione Foxy Foxylane Granger could stick to one name, that would be great.

If you discover a great power, wouldn't you change at all?

Well I probably wouldn’t change my name.

Hell, we already have three names Sir Blue/Warnuts/Anonymous.

She changed, so her name.

Another one said Hagrid is jamaican. No, he isn't. I don't know why you said that.

I have a hunch.

So, enjoy!

The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter Three: The Palace of Lust

Did someone say lust?

Umm… no.

Alright, bye. Oh, and real quick…


Foxylane went to talk with Draco about her gargantuan predicament. She arrived at the hall where Draco passed out and kicked him so he can wake up:

I’m sure he’ll be eager to help.


Draco wakes in a shock:


"Come my dog!!! You need to help me solve a problem."

"Arf Arf!!!"

Oh my shit fuck, he’s still dedicated to her.

"Stop that! Talk like a man you shiT!" and Foxy slaps his head.

“Stop that! Think like a human you shit!” and Ray slaps ComicsNix’s… hm, there’s really nowhere he wouldn’t enjoy that.

"Oh...sorry...what can"

I need to talk to your father. It's urgent and by urgent I mean now!!!!"

Yeah, that’s what urgent means.

"Okay...okay...I'll invoke...him" so Draco took Foxy with him to his bedroom.

Is this the palace of lust?


No, I said… not lust.


There, he activated the "Malfoy's Stone", a magical device that permits contact between father and son.

You mean like a cell phone?

Draco called his father, and now, Foxy and Draco are waiting Lucius Malfoy at the forbideen forest.

Does nobody give a damn that it’s called the forbidden forest? I don’t think I’ve read a single story where they care, at this point I doubt they even give a shit in the cannon.

After an hour, an engine roar echoed in the middle of the woods. It got nearer and near to the Foxy and Draco, scaring the brutal animals and minotaurs residing in the place. The strong howling is coming from the well oiled engine of Lucius Malfoy's motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Sportster Hugger,

Is that supposed to be product placement?

black as his evil and maliciously rottened heart.

Lucius bike came at 500 mph


and skid at the boys direction, disrotting trees from the ground and smashing squirrels and rabbits with it's wondrous marble wheel, stopping mere two inches from their location with a fast and furious brake. Draco almost had a heart attack.


Lucius was covered in leather clothes and had a skull helmet made of centaur's bones. His leather jacket was made of half-giant skin and his boots were forged in the bowels of Hades.

I don’t want to smell his boots, ever.

The knig of heel himself owned those pair of boots,

So he commissioned to have the boots forged in his own ass? Fantastic.

and he gave it as a present to Lucius.

Lucius picked his skull helmet and pulled it from his head, revealling his pale and menacing face to the kids.

"So, my son, you called me, what's so important?"

“I just called to say hi, chill the fuck out.”

"Oh" said Foxy "I asked him, Mr. Malfoy."

"Yeah...hum...and why he is chained to a leash?"

“Don’t worry about it.”

"I'm her owner now."

Her? Damn Foxy, give him some slack.

Lucius looked his pityful dogish son and nooded in disagreement:

"How own offspring, slave to a spoiled delicious brat like Foxy. You are a joke Draco."

I think that was the point, he’s supposed to be a joke.

Draco yelped and Foxy immediatelly went to his defence:

"And who do you think you are, 'mister' Death Eater!!!"

Lucius got caught!!

He got caught? Doing what?

Just take some Fukitol and relax.


How does she know? She must be exterminated now...Lucius moved his hand to pick up a shotgun under the gas tank, but she intervened:

"So, you want to shoot me? Go ahead...finish me off...but I think your master will be very displeased that you didn't told him about my kill Dumbledore!!!!"

Don’t you fucking dare. If this me dies that’s pretty much it, the other shades of purple aren’t quite right.


Slightly Darker Purple? I just assumed you died with the first Ray.

Nope, I’ve just been hiding. And I’m going to get back to that, this story looks pretty bad.

and Foxy started to laugh manically. Lucius stopeed and said:

"Oh yeah? Tell me them."

"No, I only talk to your boss."

Lucius got pensive. Is it a trap?


Why she would help Voldemort to kill her own professor? After all, she spent a god part of her life helping Harry Potter to kill the evil minions of hell. But she was so beautiful and incredible looking, he hand waved the treason possibility

Rage building, laptop in danger…


Problem solved, open wide.

and said:

"Okay, I'll take you to him. Come on, get on the hump." and Foxy seatted behind Lucius and Draco behind Foxy.

Foxy enlaced Lucius's tummy with her delicate hands and pressed his back against her chest, to seek protection and comfort. A fillet of honey milk flowed from her blossoming breasts and moisted her belly, chilling her sincere organism.

ComicsNix, do you the words you’re using? I’ll admit it’s very accurate for guesswork, but come on.

That middle aged man was not old at all, he had a powerful libido that Foxy could feel with her hiper-sensitive mecha nose. He was horny, being embraced by a crunchy buttery biscuit Foxy girl.


She had the same feelings, because that hardened man complemented her immaculacy and sensibility. But Foxy felt a bit of discomfort, because she loved Draco.

That is a filthy lie.

"Is it wrong to love son and dad?".

At this point, why not?

Her thoughts were confusing and massacring her tender heart beat. No girl should make such a impossible choice.

It’s not that impossible, give it some thought.

That’s precisely what makes it impossible.

Lucius get started the motorcycle and raced towards Voldemort secret lair. The Harley was fast, and Lucius ovoid easily the thousands of forests among the way. The rough terrain is not a match to his driving skill, and after a while deflecting the tress,

Deflecting? Did he bitch slap every tree between Hogwarts and the lair? That would sort of defeat the point of the secret lair.


the three people on the bike are already on the speed highway.

It's already noon, the Sun is in the middle of the sky and the traffic at the highway is hellish as hell.

They were just in the forest! Why are they sitting in traffic?

Lucius aceelerates the bike and cross in the middle of the cars and trucks, not caring about traffic norms. A mother with a babe in a stroller are crossing the street,

On the highway. She deserves to get hit.

and Lucius is racing at their direction. There's no way to avert them, there are cars on both sides of the speeding bike. So Lucius pick up his shootgun and hits bullseye in the middle of the forehead of that woman, exploding her brains all over the the breezery air. The stroller in thrown away and a car run over it, killing the underaged infant.

How is that better than being run over? And dare I ask, what’s the baby underaged for?

Foxy got stuned:

"You killed that baby!!!"

"There was no other option."


and so they continued the journey.

After a while, the bike arrived at a enormous palace, made of concrete, steel and blood.

That doesn’t scream evil lair.

It doesn’t scream structural integrity either.

The slaves that worked at that place gave their lives to fullfil the dream Voldermort had in a slumber. A palace so Magnificent and Portentous, even the dinossaurs would tremble above in the sky seeing the power emmanating from those bloody unsavory walls.

Foxy, Lucius and Draco got out of the bike and started to enter the incredible and giant contruction. Leather clad guard bikers were at the front gate, so no one shall enter that place of evil and ostentation.

Except for, I don’t know, three wizards who can probably teleport past them.

"Guards, free the way so I conduct this beauty to our Monarch." and the bikers did it. Foxy giggled a bit. "Beautiful" she thought "Oooohhhhh".


As Foxy entered the palace, she saw the enormous walls inside, filled with skulls of cows and goats.

Why cows and goats?

Why not?

From every one of the millions of skulls were flowing rivers of blood that falls over a pool of lust and sinful phantasy,


No, I said… fuck it. Waruts, close your eyes.


were Voldemort odalisques bath and enjoy the pleasures of carnal devotion.

Foxy got freightened by that vision, but at the same time, felt a rush of adrenalin filling her veins

If she’s feeling it in her veins she has a serious medical problem. I think. Martin is the doctor around here.

and pumping a wretched sensation inside her, a sensation to give oneself to fleshly unholy desires, to corrupt the soul and live the eternal damnation inside a world of impure luxuriance.

That must be quite the pool.

The odalisques were rubbing and touching one another, feeling the fear, the lust, the rage, the power, and giving it too to their bath womanly companions.

How did they find Hentai Man’s lair?

No one was sad, but no one was happy.


Because they were all horny.


As Foxy and Draco followed Lucius to the Throne chamber, more grotesque sights passed over Foxy's eyes. The sexual satisfaction is a norm inside that decried Gommorah of Satan.

Oh God, there’s gonna be an orgy.

Every pervertion, every foulness inside the human spirit got unleashed inside that salacious edifice of sickness.

Wait, for real? Can I… can I see the room inspired by me?

No one was safe. And everyone indulged in a catharsis of decay and destruction. Foxy close her eyes, she must not take part in that feast of rancour and sodomic bestiality.

Finally, the throne room. Voldemort is there, with his red turban made of serpents.

I think he watch the Sorcerer's Stone and that’s it.

He uses a leather biker jacket,

Because what goes better with a red turban than a black jacket?

like Lucious, but more threatening. Pieces of human's guts are hanging all over it. A lot of disemskulled eyes are sewn on his leather pants too and the maggots and worms

Here we go again with the maggots, what is your fascination ComicsNix?

participate in a banquet of humans remains that are part of Voldemorts vests, and they like it a lot.

From Every one of Voldemort's victims, he uses their bodly remains as his royality clothing.

What an honor?

Pieces of freshly collected human skin are tailored on the jacket sleeves with blood dripping from all over his man meat suit.

That can’t smell pleasant.


Voldemort look to Foxy, and says:

"Hum...Hermione, so, finally, we met for the first time."

"I'm not Hermione anymore, now, my name is Foxylane Siouxsie Angel du Dehors!!!!!"

Just call her Ebony.

"Hum, a very beautiful name"

No it’s not, it’s a very annoying name.

said Voldemort with a grave and grim voice. He starts to rub his chin and measure up and down Foxy, looking at her angelic untouched atributes. He falls in passion immediately.

"So, what do you want frrom me, my lady? Said Voldemort, leaving his throne and moving to where Foxy was.

He has the power to command her, a power he’s clearly exercised with others? Why is she so damn special?

"Oh...hi hi hi" giggled Foxy. Voldemort was really a gentleman.

Can you afford another laptop?

Not really.



A few weeks and a few modifications to Warnuts’ cage, and we’re back yet again.

He walked with the finesse of a Lord of the Heavens, and his manners were very kingshly. Voldemort held Foxys hand and kissed it, gently, and slowly. His tongue walked all over her hand

He’s the dark lord, for all we know his tongue actually sprouted legs.

and dampened it with his sticky and smelly satanic rheum.

"Voldie...I can't...please don't" but he continued.

You know locks can’t hold me, I’m breaking that torture box eventually.

He started to kisses her arms and lick them. Foxy started to moan and chills went up her spine. He was a very hot guy.


Such a hottie.

Foxy started to cogitate living there with him...but no...Draco needs her.

Nobody needs her.

He cannot live alone, without someone to protect him, to show him how to do things, how to clean his butt.

He’s not two, I’m sure he’s figured it out by now.


You’re damn right no.

"Voldie, please, I'm here on business."

Voldemort stopped a bit annoyed. He returned to his throne and listened:

"I need a favor Voldie. A very big favour."

Did ComicsNix switch nationalities between sentences? In one it’s the American flavor, next it’s the British flavour.

"Favour. You know, we, the 'Goat Gorguts Gangels' don't usually make favours. Actually, we take what we want without asking permission."

"Yes, I know Voldie" said Foxy with a soft and incontinent voice "but, you see, I'm here, in front of you, trusting you, appreciating you. Will you take what you want from me?"

“Yes,” replied the dark lord because he’s the embodiment of evil.

and she looked down, with a sad face and a tear trying to drip on the skully ground.

Voldemort's heart got moved. Hecannot hurt that lady, she doesn't deserve what life already did to her bosom. Voldemort is really caring about her, but he can't let her go like this.

This hurts my eyes. Hold on a second.


You’re on your own fucker.

I’ll read it to you if it really means that much, I certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out.

If he does what she wants, she will never return, and he will be alone, forever. He must do something to guarantee she will stay with him.

"Alright Foxy. I'll do you a favour. But I want somethnig in return."

"Somethnig? I'm a very pure girl Voldie.


Do you want to deflower me?"

“Dear God no, I just wanted you to spot me twenty! Goddamn bitch, you crazy.”

Voldemort got very confused. This is not time, not yet. He must accomplish his plan before he engages into a serious engagement.

" first what you want."

Get to the damn point already.

Foxy know she must not talk about the mecha wolf lineage. Voldemort is a wizard after all. He is a threat, even if he is so good and gentle with her. The lineage is a secret, she must find another excuse about her request:

"Voldie, I want Severus Snape dead!"

Voldemort googled his eyes.

If you Google “his eyes” nothing all that interesting comes up.

What? His most faithful servant?

"No!! He is very valuable for me!!!"

"But Voldie...pleaaaaaaase???"


said Foxy, with her hands on her back, turning her left foot on the ground.

Is she playing Twister?

"Oh..." Voldemort was surrounded. What to do? "But why you want him dead?"

"It's that" she thought a bit "he nealy raped me!!!" and she runned to Voldemort and started to cry on his lap with much commotion and melancholy taking away her dreams, consuming the last desires she had as a girl in search for a peaceful and quiet life along her one true price.

Well that came out of nowhere, and I’m sure it’ll disappear just as quickly.

Voldemort put his hand on her softful and lickrish hair, rubbing and cherishing her. That bastard!!! Trying to rape my woman!!!

What do you mean your woman? Just because you want to bone a chick doesn’t make her yours.

Voldemort would not permit this.

"Okay Foxy, I'll kill him---"


“Fine, impatient much?”


She cried a bit more on him, and them, he started to talk:

"Foxy, I just need one thing from you."

"What?" she said cleaning the tears.

"You must kill DUMBLEDOR!!!!!""

Don’t you do it, don’t you end him.

He did die in the books.

Fuck your books, he’s alive and well in the world of fanfiction.

Foxy got shocked! She put her hands on her lips and could not belive what he asked. Dumblerdo was a fatherly figure to her, helping and never letting her down. However, he is a wizerd, enemy of the mecha wolves. He would probably kill her if he knows. With much anguish, she says:

".......okay.......I kill.....Dumbledore......."

Voldemort smirked. Now, he will have everuthing he wants, Foxy, and HOGWARTS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!


Third Chapter End

Third computer end, gimme that!

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