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The Life After

Story by BlossomsOfLove

Review by Warnuts

Chapter 1: Prologue


What happened to everyone after the end of Angel Beats? Well, what if they got to live again?

I guess I don't know why I didn't think everyone from Angel Beats would be like, dead. (I have not seen Angel Beats this fic is v confusing and also boring without having seen the show aaaaaaaaaaaa)

Imagine if everyone from the Afterlife were all reincarnated in the same place, going to the same school.

So is there a school in the afterlife in the original?

Yeah they live in a school and they fight a chick named Angel and fight to not be reincarnated because they don't know if they'll be a person or, as they put it, a barnacle.

I'd want to be reincarnated as an octopus to find out what they're up to. They're all underwater and sneaky and we can't see them all the time, it just feels like they're hiding something.

This is the love story between Yui and Hideki Hinata, though they don't remember the lives they had before the current ones they have. Though, it could be certain that they could gain their memories as time passes by.

So how many lives back to they remember their memories from? Reincarnation is a thing. Oh also Yui is like 12 and Hinata is like 16. So, that's a thing.

Oh fun I can't wait to edit read about how in this AU they're both adults.

I'm starting to regret picking my favorite show to review. Mistakes may have been made.

Will they be able to remember their past life? Will they become friends again? What could be the possibility that they would all find each other again and become great friends, and the chance of Hideki and Yui becoming close - and the chance that he might be able to fulfill his forgetful wish that he had made to her in the past?

Incrrrrredibly unlikely. There's like, how many people in Japan alone? I guess about the odds of them having the exact same appearance as they did in their past life, because you know that's exactly how it's going to be.

How dare you assume I know anything.

(A/N: I know everyone has different age gaps, but here for the sake of this story, the age gaps would be 1-2 years apart, but still be really close friends, but because this MY fanfic, I want to say that if they are younger and in the same classes, it because that person is really smart and excelled in the subject to be able to be in that class.)

Okay, I mean, you can have that. That's not even a crazy premise. Like, that happens irl.

Ooh they're only three paragraphs in and they're defensive? This is going to turn out to be a good story.


Everyone who was at the Shinda Sekai Sensen were either Humans that still had a purpose to live.

How did you make it one sentence into the actual story before making a sentence that doesn't make grammatical sense.

I don't know where they got that name either, because at no point in the show did they call it the "Shinda Sekai Sensen." They just called it the afterlife.

Like there was something that they still had to achieve, there was a purpose why they were still there. At Shinda Sekai Sensen, there was more than just humans, there were - NPCs living there too.

Is that a thing in the show?



There was one human who wanted to let everyone go on and live their life. The SSS Afterlife squad called her Angel, but her real name is Kanade Tachibana.

Unless I'm misunderstanding what they're saying, no, she just wanted them to accept death to move on. Where are you getting your information from sir?

Everyone just called her Angel for short. No one knew what really happened if they ever achieved their dream - they would be at peace is what they found out near the end,

Thanks I guess I don't have to watch the show now, sounds like you covered it.

and everyone was happy. That was Kanade wanted the whole time, for everyone to be able to live their life, to be able to come to understand everything in the end.

The only ones who were left near the end were:

1) Hideki Hinata

2) Ayato Naoi

Oh fuck yeah enumerated lists, this guy knows how to write a sentence in a book. Also this whole prologue being in italics, toooootally what you would see if you opened a book.

*flips hair* it's just too artsy, you don't understand.

secretly I do think postmodernist literature and shitty webfiction do have a lot in common but I'm saving that essay for another time

3) Yuri Nakamura

4) Yuzuru Otonashi

5) Kanade Tachibana.

Everyone else had made peace. Rather it had been before the battle had started or during the battle. Yuzuru was the one to help everyone pass on, to be made at peace, to have accomplished everything that they needed to do.

I mean the first chick to get reincarnated just sang a song because that's what she never got to do in life, and then the rest of her band gave them a high five and fucked off. And hell, it was really Hinata that helped Yuri pass on.

Though there is one person that Hideki Hinata couldn't stop thinking about as he fought on that battlefield. Yui.

(A/N: During this flashback, this is what is said during the ENGLISH DUB of the anime, I took everything said and put here.

Oh my favorite way of writing: copy and paste from other people's work.

This guy is almost as impressive as the last guy who just did pictures.

Of course, the punctuation isn't the same, but the words and actions are similar.)

*of course, I don't know how to use punctuation, but the words and actions are similar.


The entire rest of this flashback was formatted with bold and italics but I'm removing that for readability. Because you know, that was definitely what was blocking my comprehension of this story.

"Well, I'll marry you!" Hideki said coming out from the shadows.

Hey there should be a comma after said. At least I think that's true. Eh, not knowing punctuation has never stopped me from nitpicking punctuation before.

This surprised both Yui and Yuzuru as they turned around to face the noise they heard. In the process of Yui being in shocked, she dropped the bat that she was holding on to.

"Hinata..." Yuzuru said as he watched his friend walk closer.

"I'll marry you," Hinata said again, as he walked closer to Yui. "I'm serious, I mean it Yui."

That sounds more like a threat than anything.

Yui stared at him in shock, but then her face dropped as she muttered the words. "You wouldn't. I mean..You don't know the real me, do you?"

"No matter what you were like or what you did in your previous life. I'd still marry you today; no matter what terrible physical handicap you had"

Okay so, when you copy/paste the story starting from after why this is impactful, it surprisingly isn't impactful.

Yeah as someone who hasn't watched Angel Beats, this isn't even word salad, it's like a word spaghetti noodle that won't end.

Explanation time! Okay so Yuri is a small child and the reason she's unhappy is because she had a disease where she was bedridden and saw all kinds of stuff she'd never get to experience, because in life she physically couldn't do anything. So in the afterlife, she has a new body and could do all this shit. So Atonoshi helped her accomplish all this stuff she couldn't do. So the final thing she wants to do is get married, so Atinoshi steps out, and we're here.

Wow that sounds interesting I bet it works better as a show than as a no-context transcript in a fanfic.

"You know, I couldn't walk, I still couldn't stand."

"I said, No matter the Handicap," Hideki started off with, as Yui looked at him she was shocked. "Even if you couldn't stand or walk, even if you couldn't have kids, even so...I'd still marry you."

Yuzuru just stayed quiet, watching what was happening between the two. He was shocked to see what going on. He's never seen Hinata look at someone with so much passion.

"I would!" Hideki said. Yui started to smile. "I wanna be with you forever and ever.

For the next like, thirty seconds.

The Yui I met here wasn't a fake." He started to walk closer until he was standing right in front of her. "You're Yui. No matter where we met, I would've fallen in love with you. Even though it's a 1 in 6 billion chance we meet, even if you were already paralyzed when we met."

The sweet moment between - made Yui happy and tears started to fall down her face because this was something she never thought she would hear her Senior say to her. Though He kept on talking, even Yui was silent.

"I'd marry you and I'd make you happiest woman alive." Hideki looked down at her. "If only you would say yes to me."

Yui looked up at him, with tears in the corner of her eyes. "You'd never meet me." She said in her quiet voice. "I was bedridden at home you know."

That was when Hideki stared off into space, looking at the sky thinking of a way on how the two of them would end up meeting; that way they would end up falling in love and getting married. "I'd be- I'd be playing my baseball.

That makes it sound like he's playing the baseball bat as an air guitar.

One day I would send a baseball flying right through your window. When I go to retrieve it, you'd be there." He started off with his love story. "That's how we'd meet."

At this point, Yui was starting to believe every word, picturing it on how it would all go down in her head. Of course, Hideki kept on talking to her as the sun was setting.

Goddamn he can talk a while.

He makes it sound like it's a burden, like he's just trying to daydream and he's interrupting her.

"We'd start talking and have so much fun,

"Get up and pass me the ball back, c'monnnn! It's at your feet!"
"I caaaan't!"
"I caaaaaaaan't!"

that I would start visiting you every day.

"Give me my fucking ball back >:(!!"

I'd start taking care of you, how's that sound?" He asked her wondering what she would think about it.

"Good," Yui answered. She sighed, "Say, when that happens my mom would be there for me, taking care of me, all on her own with no help, could you lighten her load?"

He literally just said he would. Like, that's what "I would take care of you" means.

Yui looked at the ground as she didn't know what he would say.

Hideki looked at her, smiling, "Count on it."

Yui closed her eyes, as tears came flowing down her face, "I'm glad that - " And with those last words, Yui vanished. Knowing that one day she and Hideki would meet and that he would be there, ready to marry her in her next life, no matter if she was handicapped, no matter was going to happen.

[image of two barnacles together]

They would meet. On the ground, there wasn't a Yui anymore, just a baseball helmet and the baseball bat.

That's what he was thinking about - his promise to Yui.

That he never said. And physically can't keep.

Something he thought that would never happen, something that couldn't happen so fast. How old were they? No one knew anymore, not that it matters since no one aged since they died.

Oh so that's how it's legal.

There are times that people would wonder. Was he going to make a good husband? There were many things that he could think about - how he was the who fucked up his life near the peak of life. Becoming part of a baseball team, not being able to catch that one ball - A Fly Ball to Second. As he was about to leave, someone stopped him handing him drugs, which led to him dying, getting hit by a truck.


Is that not what happened?

I just thought he OD'd, I don't recall no truck.

Though the question is - where did they go, once they were gone from the Afterlife?

I would assume a womb is where they started, but I don't know that's just what ye olde education taught me.

Every time they say the word Afterlife I have to refrain myself from typing a very long Prince quote.

Well, here's where they went, and we'll start with Yui...

Yui opened her eyes and saw that she was in some type of waiting room, there was a door, but what was on the other side?

Can I pretend that this is a The Good Place crossover from here forward?

Yes. This way I won't understand your jokes and you won't understand mine.

Just then the door opened and revealed a woman, holding a clipboard.

"Yui," The woman stated, "Please follow me."

Yui looked at her and then followed, wondering what this place. "What is this place?" Yui asked.

"The Good Place!"

"This place is the in-between."

I thought where I was before was the In-Between."

"Yeah I mean you were but there's a coke fiend living there, so."

I'm starting to think she's actually in Hell and is just going to keep getting dragged around into different lines and waiting rooms for eternity.

"Well, people who had a happy life, come here, those who still had yet to complete everything they wanted are diverted to Afterlife."

"Okay, so what happens in this 'in-between'?"

"Well, you step on a scale, and it tells us if you are to go up to heaven, or be reincarnated to live life all over again."

"So, a scale tells me if I'm to stay dead, or if I'm to go and live a new life?"

"That is true."

I'm confused on which one you're supposed to want?

I'm confused on everything, catch up.

Yui looked around the place, and once they came to stop to a giant scale, that had two markings, Heaven or Life.

I mean as far as afterlifes go that's really not bad. So many are about punishment or whatever, but this is pretty chill. o no unless life is the punishment oof owie ouch

Yui was a bit scared - what was going to happen once she got on that scale?

I feel like we just covered this.

Maybe this is a normal clinic and this is their way to trick people to step onto the scale. "Yes, this will take you to heaven. Alright fatass you're 240."

Would there be anything in Heaven for her?

I mean probably otherwise it's a pretty shitty heaven.

She didn't know if her mother was still alive, or how long she's been in the Afterlife. This was going to be taking a big risk. This was going to be something new for her. Having a scale debate rather or not she would be able to live again. This was going to be hard for her, she wanted to be given another chance to live, to be able to get married if she was going to be reborn.

"Alright Yui, step on the scale." The woman said as she smiled.

This was her chance.

I feel like she thinks she has agency in this even though it seems like a thing that has already been basically determined by this point?

The scale that would be able to say all. She took her steps forward and got on a scale. It took a while before it would say that one word that would either make Yui happy or make her a bit sad.

Oh wow the stakes, the drama.


That was what the scale had pointed to.

Was that the one she wanted? I don't even remember.

Also I feel like if all you want to do is get married that's very easy to do in heaven? Just take a rib, make a guy. What if in life god is a dick and gives you another broken body?

Yui's face lit up, and then a door opened, where the woman had Yui follow her. Inside the next room, there were two doors.

Fuck I was right, it is just a bunch of waiting rooms.

God dammit.

Heaven. Life. Those were the words on each of the doors. Since the scale for Yui had stated life, the door was unlocked

Because obviously you have to go through the door that leads to the two doors, you can't just have the two doors in the room with the scale, that would be stupid.

and inside, she saw Masami Iwasawa - it looked Yui was about to say something, but the nurse stopped her.

"I wouldn't say anything to her, she wouldn't know who you are. Once you step through this door, you lose all memories of the Afterlife and the life you had before going to Afterlife. Though, there is a chance, that you may regain these memories." The woman explained.

But why?

"So, I step through this door


About to just toss you through. I feel like this story is going to end in a psychiatric clinic where they remember they went to the afterlife and fought a girl with hand blades but no one believes them.

- and I won't remember that I was a singer with the band Girls Dead Monster..." Yui stated. "How long will I be this room?"

This feels like when you try to teach a machine a language and have to tell it things that are common sense to us, like, humans can't be rooms.

"That's up to the person in charge, they will choose when you get to live again, but beyond this room, is another one you go into,


They are doubling down on the double down of rooms.

Is that what all seven chapters of this are?

once more people show up, in that room, there are pods where you will stay until they are ready to send you." She smiled.

See like, I would be more okay with all this setup if I had any confidence that anything was going to come of it.

Yui took a deep breath and turned to the woman,

"Do I at least get a puzzle to do while I wait?"

"I hope all my friends get reincarnated with me," Those were the last words Yui said as she walked into the room, losing all her memories.

"The nurse laughed. 'Dumb bitch.'"

Yui made her way to sit next to Masami.

16 years later (Yui)

Today I was going to be starting a new school. Hi there!

I'm Yui and I'm sixteen years old. My parents and I moved to this new area this summer, and I had to leave my old school behind, where all my friend were.

Boy I'm sure glad we skipped sixteen years learning NOTHING about the person she is now.

Yeah all that pods and rooms setup sure paid off too huh.

At this new school, I wish I could make some new friends. I wondered what was going to be happening to me today,

*gets hit in the head with a baseball*

which was the start of school. I was going to be running late if I didn't hurry! I threw on the school uniform and headed out the door, running to get to the school - okay so maybe I wasn't running, I lived ten minutes away from the school by walking. Though my parents didn't like it if I was going to be late, so if I was to stay after school, my dad wanted to pick me up.

This sure is fascinating /s

Something about it being a new area. They are really protected! Which I like, I won't lie it's awesome to have parents like this!

Well, how about I tell you what I look like?

Yes pls grounding details would be an improvement in the story.

Actually this is a long time in a fanfic before getting to any description.

Okay, so I have long pink hair, which I like to keep pulled up in a ponytail, and my eyes? Well, those are hot magenta! I wondered what was going to be happening at the new school. Will I make new friends? Will I finally get a boyfriend?! The possbilities were endless!

Character Name and Ages (Plus Grade in High School)

What oh fuck, we're back to this now are we?

Ayato Naoi - Age Sixteen. (Grade: 10th)

Fujimaki - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th)

Why would you not open with this for me to skip if you were going to include it at all

Hideki Hinata - Age: Seventeen (Grade: 11th)

Hisako - Age: Fifteen (Grade: 10, taking some 11th grade classes)

Hitomi - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th)

Kanade Tachibana - Age: Fifteen (Grade: 9, taking some 10th grade classes)

Masami Iwasawa - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th)

Matsushita - Age Seventeen (Grade: 11th)

Honestly this is my biggest gripe with this story. If you're going to pull all these strings to make them all be in the same school, why not just make them all be in the same class? It didn't need this weird specific premise.

Miyuki Irie - Age: Fifteen (Grade: 10th)

Noda - Age Seventeen (Grade: 11th, taking some 10th grade classes)

Ooyama - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th, taking some 11th grade classes)

Shiina - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th)

Shiori Sekine - Age: Fifteen (Grade: 9th)

Takamatsu - Age: Sixteen (Grade 10th)

Like most of them are already in grade 10 anyways!

Takeyama: - Age: Seventeen (Grade 11th)

TK - Age: Seventeen (Grade 11th)

Yui - Age: Sixteen (Grade 10th, taking 11th Grade classes)

Yuri Nakamura - Age: Sixteen (Grade 10th)

Yusa - Age: Seventeen (Grade 11th)

Yuzuru Otonashi - Age: Sixteen (Grade: 10th, taking some 11th grade classes)

Welp, that's the end of the prologue. On to chapter 1?


Chapter one: Meeting Them - Again (Part One)

Yui was just walking up to her new high school, her pink hair flowing in the wind, she took a deep a breath and made her way towards the school Though there was something inside her that told her that life was going to be different. Behind her, was the baseball team, with their captain – a blue-haired fellow by the name of Hideki Hinata. Hideki passed by Yui, there was something that felt familiar about him to Yui. She shook her head and started to walk behind them as she gripped the map and schedule as she made her way in.

Like I know the story was trying to hook me there, but let me say, I am unhooked.

"Something about this seems weird," Yui thought. "It's like I've never experienced something like this ever, I mean believing in reincarnation – what happened in my past life?"

Wow alright so they really just threw that new life thing out the window.

As Yui made her way through the school, she looked at the map to see where she had to go, and of course, she wasn't paying attention – running right into someone.

"I am so sorry!" Yui said bowing down. "I'm new here, so it's my fault for not paying attention."

Of course, the person she bumped into was – some chick, with purple/reddish hair.

Of course!

She looked at the new girl and raised an eyebrow. The girl she bumped into was Yuri Nakamura, she was the most tom-boyish girl there was.

[long rant on character development]

Though Yuri smiled at the new girl.

"It's alright, I'm sure you'll get use to everything. What class do you have?" The girl asked, "Oh! I'm Yuri. Yuri Nakamura."

"You can call me Yui! And I have History with a Jackstone." Yui smiled at the girl. "It's nice to meet you, Yuri."

"Why does that name sound familiar?"

Because it's one letter away from your name, stupid.

Also I don't know a bunch about Japanese names, but I'm sure it's like what we have in the states where there are thirty thousand Johns. Also Yuri is lesbian porn, so I guess we know more about her.

Yui thought as she looked at her schedule and then back at Yuri.

"This feels like a sense of Deja-vu." Yuri looked at the girl.

"I have him too!" Yuri smiled, "We can go together."

This author understands how humans talk.

The two new friends had walked away,

I mean "friends" is awfully presumptuous. That went from "oh this person is new, let me show them to their room" to besties with matching necklaces.

going off to the classroom, where there were seats filled, and some of them waved to Yuri, as she walked over, as she did she grabbed Yui's hand.

"Hey everyone! This is Yui! She's new here!" Yuri said to her friends. "These are my friends,

This is shitty and confusing.

we have Kanade and her boyfriend Yuzuru, the one with the glasses is Takamatsu, Noda, and Miyuki," Yuri said pointing to everyone.

"The one with the glasses is these three people," Yuri said pointing to everyone?

"Nice to meet all of you," Yui smiled. "I hope we can become good friends."

I mean clearly it doesn't take much.

As the teacher walked in, they quickly took their seats, and he told Yui to introduce herself, which she did, but it was a bit embarrassing as this was her first time in a public school. Her mother was always near her, she was always careful, like Yui was fragile, something that could never express what was going on with her life.

Wait so do her parents know about the afterlife? Why are they still treating her like she's a paralyzed child?

During the day, she had classes with a few of Yuri and her friends and met more of them. By the end of the day she was had a few friends and it was only her first day. Today was a great day.

Though today she saw the baseball team out in the field, she always had this feeling of wanting to play. She walked closer, she saw them practicing and saw Yuri and a few of her friends.

"Hey, Yui!" Ooyama said smiling, as he patted a seat for her to sit down.

"Hi," She smiled as she sat next to Ooyama, "So is there going to be game that's going to be happening soon?" She wondered what was going on.

No, they're practicing for shits and giggles, at a school, in uniforms, with a coach.

"Yeah, a game is going to happen next week, our team always makes sure that they practice," Kanade said in a sweet tone.

"Wow," Yui said as she watched the blue hair boy from earlier throw ball after ball. "Who is that?"

"That's Yuzuru's best friend, Hideki Hinata," Yusa told her. "He's the captain of the baseball team, has been since tenth grade,

I refuse to go back and consult the list to find out how long ago that was.

when they found out how good he was, everyone wondered if he played the sport in another life."

Everyone wondered that? I mean I guess if everyone has a chance to remember that they were reincarnated, it might be just accepted as fact in this world?

I still don't know about everyone. There's like, Christians, they might just leap to "prodigy," not reincarnation.

"Did he?" Yui asked looking at Yusa.

"Who knows. Do you actually believe in that stuff?" Another girl – Masami asked.

"Why not? I mean, maybe that can actually happen, right?" Yui asked as she looked at Masami. "I mean, if like someone was good at something in this life, does that mean that they practiced it in another life?"

"She does have a point, I mean, has anyone ever gotten that feeling like they did something – but they never actually did it before?" Yuzuru asked as he looked at everyone, holding onto Kanade's hand.

No? I'm gonna say no.

Also there's so many more plausible explanations. Why is everyone so gung ho on this resurrection theory?

"They look like a cute couple," Yui thought

Ah yes, quotation marks instead of italics for quoted thoughts, because you already spent your italics on italicizing entire arbitrary sections of the story.

as she looked at them, wondering if she would ever find someone like that.

"LET'S GO HIDEKI!" A few of the friends cheered – even though there was no game that was happening.

Yuri looked at the time as her father was going to be picking her in front of the school, "I better get going, my ride is going to be showing up!" She waved to everyone. "It was nice to meet everyone!" Yuri waved and grabbed her bag as she ran off towards the front of the school.

Everyone said their goodbyes, just as Yui was leaving, Hideki walked over, with his bags.

"Hey, who was that?" He asked them

"She's the new girl, Yui," Kanade responded.

"She's a total bitch." Like it would be great if this is when they all tear into her like the petty high schoolers they are.

"What a nice friend she is."

"You guys still up to head to my parents' place?" Matsushita asked. "Free food."

Matsushita's parents own a restaurant, and ever since they all became friends, his parents allowed them to have free food as they were the best restaurant around. They all agreed and headed over to the place. Of course, the two stomachs that growled the loudest was – Hideki and Yuzuru. It was like they had an endless stomach.

Ah yes, they have a common condition in Japan called Anime Protagonist where for whatever reason they have to eat everything in sight.

The next day came, Yui woke up in her bed, she was aching - and she didn't understand the reason why. Her dream was even weird, it was the first weird dream, could she even call it a dream? She was just laying in bed, not being able to move and a woman had to take care of her. Who was that? Why was this happening?

Wait, does she have the same parents, does she not have the same parents? Make sense! It's not hard to do!

All of a sudden Yui started to have tears down her face, she wiped her tears. The dream didn't make any sense to her. Why would there be so many things that were happening? She shook her head and wondered why she had such a strange dream. As Yui got ready, she wondered what was going to be happening today at school. Maybe she would be able to remember her dream.

I wonder if at any point this story is going to introduce anything I care about.

Yui pulled her hair back into a ponytail as, getting ready for the day. She couldn't -

(A/N: For anyone's dream, the names that are underlined and bolded are there because for the characters they aren't able to see the characters faces, and don't know who they are. They are there for you - the reader. So for Yui's dream, when she sees Iwasawa up there performing, she doesn't really know its Iwasawa.)

Hey I could actually see that being a good premise/mechanic. If I am going to give out any good idea awards to this story, it will be for that.

Yui's Dream

Oh god is this going to be another transcript from the show?

That title is not promising.

There was just a concert at the school, and then all of a sudden tickets started flying and everyone started to grab at them.

Oh no this is literally a thing they do like twice in the show.

Yui was smiling as she was in the crowd watching Girls Dead Monster. Just then the adults started running on stage, tackling the band to the ground. The main singer, Masami Iwasawa started to run for her guitar and started to strum at it. And then all of a sudden after her song, she was gone.

'What just happened?' Yui thought as she watched Iwasawa disappear from the stage, she was gone. Why? What happened to her? Where did she go?

Can we skip this if it's literally just the anime again? Like I know to me it's the same difference because I haven't seen the original anyways, but this is somehow shittier knowing that this is just a worse retelling of an actually good story.

[Editor's Note: Some paragraphs later....]

Back to the Real world

"Who were those people in my dream, who was that guy that promised to marry me?" Yui muttered to herself as she walked to school.

If I saw someone with blue hair and I knew one person in the world who had blue hair, I think I could piece it together.

"Hey! Yui!" Someone said as they ran up to her.

Yui turned around and saw Ooyama running towards her. "Hey, Ooyama!" She smiles at him. "How are you on this morning?" She asked.

"I'm doing good, I was wondering if you wanted to come to our hideout after school." He asked her,

What are you like eight? I'm surprised you don't have a no girls aloud sign out front.

I believe this author could tell you exactly how old this person is down to the day.

"Everyone will be there and you get to finally meet Hideki, you disappeared after he was done with practice."

Yeah it's almost like she said her dad was gonna pick her up.

"Sure, I would just have to check with my dad, but I'm sure that I would be able to come and join you guys for a few hours or so." She smiled. Today was Friday - so the day was in her favor. What do they do at this hideout?

Hookers and blow.

It's a brothel! Actually though could you imagine if it was like Breaking Bad up in there.

The two of them walked over to the school. Yui looked at the sky, it was beautiful. She closed her eyes just to feel that breeze that was blowing through.

"She got hit by a bus, paralyzing her from the waist down."

There was just something about this day that was making her feel like she's been here there - been somewhere - this weather was nice.

Is this another story written with speech to text? !!!! This person just held their phone up to the TV to transcribe the flashback scenes!

"Oof!" Yui said as she bumped into something - someone.

Was it a bus?

Yui opened her eyes "I'm sorry." She said as she looked and saw the blue hair guy.

"Hey, Hideki!" Ooyama said.

"Hey Ooyama, and hi to you," Hideki said as he looked at her.

"H-Hi, I'm Y-Yui!" Yui said as she looked at him.

"Hi, Yui. I'm Hideki Hinata." He stuck out his hand, and Yui grabbed, feeling some kind of electricity, touching his hand.

"I invited Yui to join us after school today," Ooyama said looking at Hideki, "She has to check with her father if she can come hang out with us."

What a fucking square.

"Well, I hope you can come hang out with us." Hideki smiled at her.

"I'll get back to you on my answer as soon as I find out."

All the action-packed excitement of trying to schedule a meeting.

She smiles as she walked into the school and went to her class.

She walked over and sat down looking out the window, as Kanade walked over and took the seat next to her. Yui looked over and smiled.

"Hello, Yui." She smiles.

"Hey, Kanade." Yui smiles back.

"So, what are you going to be doing during lunch?" She asked.

"Oh, I don't have anything to do," Yui thought out loud.


"Well, there's going to be a small concert in the gym. You should come watch it with us, our friends formed a band, and they are going to be playing thier first song today." Yuri said walking over and sitting infront of Yui.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'll come check it out." Yui smiled brightly.