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Sonic's Ultimate Harem

Story by Lil' Soniq

Review by Ray

\o Hello everyone. I found a million-word Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic. It's 287 chapters, it's called Sonic's Ultimate Harem, and every single chapter is about another one of Sonic's sexual partners. Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, My Little Pony—the gang's all here. It's amazing. And, because I wouldn't be able to read all 1,115,129 words in one reasonably-sized review, I've worked out a system.

Here at Retributionists Headquarters, we've been playing D&D for the last few months. (That may-or-may-not be why there's been a steep decline in reviews lately: we've been writing campaigns instead of critiques. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.) But what that means is that sitting here on my desk, I now have a set of dice. So tonight, I'm gonna be rolling some d20s to figure out how many chapters of this Sonic fic I get to skip.

Roll for initiative.

> 12

Chapter 12: Viper on Deck

"Wow… I do not know what to say to all of that" Mario explained

"Ahahaha… Of course man and top of that, I could tell she liked me" Sonic responded

"So you play it along then right"


👌 Oh man, this dialogue.

I need to go get more fucking dice.

"Enough so who's the next girl that you slept with?"

"Crimson Viper"

Lt. Fluff has informed me that this is a character from Street Fighter. I personally have never gotten a boner to any character from Street Fighter, but I've also never read Sonic's Ultimate Harem before, so I'm sure my world is about to change.

"The CIA Agent with a suit that holds gadgets"


"How in mushrooms did you had sex with her anyway"

How in mushrooms, Sonic‽

"(Scratching the back of his heads) Well…"


Sooo, the entire flashback (aka the rest of the chapter) is in italics, because there is not a single person on who knows how text-formatting works. I'm gonna do everyone's eyes a favor and un-italicize the flashback. If you really want it in its original format, just turn your head sideways while you read.

Sonic is at a restaurant outside at the table eating some fries with ketchup.

"Mmm… These fries are sure good" Sonic complimented happily chewing down some fries

Sonic was not aware when someone who is spying on Sonic.

"Looks like I've found him, time to collect him back to HQ"

I imagine the talking blue hedgehog jumping around all over the place would be quite difficult to find, yes. Good sleuth work.

Sonic finishes up with his fries and took a sip of his can soda until someone approach to the blue hedgehog.

"Hello Sonic, how are you"

"Um… Do I know you ma'am?" Sonic asked

"No you do not but you can call me Crimson Viper perhaps"

"Um… Ok so what can I do you for?"


Crimson Viper unleash a shocking punch which shock Sonic unconscious.

"Now I've got him, Seth will be sure that this character will be used to his for his plans since I'm on undercover for the CIA to take down Seth" Crimson Viper said to herself

Worst. Covert-operative. E-ver. You'd really think they would cover the dos and don'ts of monologuing at spy school.

C. Viper picks up Sonic and drags him to her vehicle and ties him up.

No one gonna stop this? Just gonna watch a woman drag an unconscious, world-famous blue hedgehog to her vehicle after assaulting it? Cool. 10/10 verisimilitude.

She droves away to the destination. Within minutes, Sonic groan softly waking up to realize he's tied up and he's in a back of the car.

"What on emeralds…"

Okay that one seems much more believable than "How in mushrooms," but I think that's because the sonic canon just has shittier dialogue to begin with. Either way, I want both phrases embroidered and hung on my front door so my neighbors will stop talking to me.

Sonic look around and sees a Crimson red hair female driving, Sonic soon unties himself and exits out the car which caught C. Viper's attention.

That lacked tension to such an amazing extent that it took me a second to realize Sonic had even escaped. The perfect crime, I guess.

"Shit I've lost sight of Sonic. I need to get him back" C. Viper said

Sonic made his escape into the alleyways. Sonic walk through the alleyways until he was encountered by C. Viper herself.

"I finally found you Sonic" C. Viper said

"What do you want from me, who are you working for?" Sonic asked

I think she literally told you already?

"First of all, I'm in undercover for the CIA

Yeah, that.

to take down Seth and second it's my job to take you to Seth"

Do the readers know who Seth is? Does Sonic know who Seth is? Would I know who Seth is if I had read the eleven chapters leading up to this?

"Here's my answer… No not going to happen and second I'm not interested so I'll be on my…"

Sonic is interrupted by flames coming from C. Viper from her boots bursting flames.

"Great looks like they want to do things the hard way. You want to play fire… Think again"

Sonic suddenly transforms himself into a Incendiary form controlling flaming aura which caught C. Viper attention.

Oh, I guess he can do that? Okay??

"Whoa… He's amazing but not for long"

C. Viper unleashing some shock punches across to Sonic but Sonic blocked them and deliver a powerful punch against C. Viper. C. Viper grunted and rubbing her stomach.

This is dryer than the most mechanical fight we have ever had in D&D. We've had fights against inanimate doors that were more emotional than this.

"Damn… He's real good and I can't take him on either. Well he does look so handsome,

Heeere we go.

I might just let him go and tell them a fake lie" C. Viper thought

"Ok I won't capture you" C. Viper announced

"(Revert back to normal)


You're not" Sonic asked

"Of course but under one condition of course"

"And what is that?"

I wanna see the author try to explain when they think a question mark should or shouldn't go at the end of a sentence. Is it like, you only need one if the dialogue tag doesn't say 'asked'? Or is it just completely random because this fic is one million words long, and there sure as fuck wasn't time to edit anything.

Crimson Viper smiled seductively as she walk over to Sonic and lean towards him and whispers to his ear.

"Make love to me, I'll let you go if you happen to have sex with me at a quiet place" C. Viper explained

...Could she explain it again? Because I feel like she added the 'quiet' subclause halfway through making up her mind on what she wanted here.

"Sex to get you off my back, well… Ok it's a deal then" Sonic responded

Yeah no I'm sure Sonic has totally high standards in this fic where he sleeps with three hundred characters and counting.

"Good now let's get out of here to find a quiet spot. I know just the place"

Minutes later…

We see Sonic in a motel room sitting on the bed moaning and C. Viper giving Sonic a tittyfuck as her breasts were out since she unbuttoned them.

Hehe. Tittyfuck.

She move her breasts up and down, back and forth. C. Viper begin to smile moving her breasts pleasuring Sonic manhood into the sexual manner.

Brb changing my wifi network's name to that sentence.

"You're enjoying this so far handsome" C. Viper asked

"Yes I do your breasts feels so good" Sonic responded

C. Viper turns up the heat when she start moving them faster to increase more pressure.

Is this sex scene a fucking physics problem now?

Top of that, she even start to suck on Sonic's manhood while moving her breasts which got Sonic to moan even more.

"Ah yeah that's it… Keep on going it feels so damn good" Sonic moaned

:o Sonic, you're in kids' games, watch your language.

C. Viper kept her speed in check moving her breasts some more and sucking on Sonic's manhood as this went on for 12 minutes.

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. Okay, pro-tip: If your sex scene says that something happened for 'x minutes', you're probably doing it wrong.

Too much pressure has already occur to Sonic to this sexual manner and moments after, Sonic finally releases his cum and C. Viper let Sonic cum inside her mouth and on her breasts when she pull herself out of Sonic's manhood and cum bursting onto her breasts. C. Viper smiled and lick the cum off her breasts.

"Too much pressure has already occur to Sonic to this sexual manner and moments after" —Someone who probably wrote that while jacking off, reread it while jacking off again, and then didn't fucking jack off a third time to edit it.

"So delicious Sonic, now why don't we skip the teasement and get into some real action there shall we" C. Viper seductively suggested

TEASEMENT? Okay, that is honestly a new one for me. Awesome job Author. You made a new word that I wasn't expecting.

"I agree" Sonic responded with a smile

C. Viper smiled and starts to unzip her pants then pull them down and also had her high heel boots on.

I don't... um... how did she take off her pants with her shoes still... maybe the pants have two zippers and each one goes all the way down to the ankles? Sure, that. Continue.

Sonic examined C. Viper's body and pulls her close to him and inserts his manhood inside of C. Viper's pussy and let her bounce onto it which got C. Viper moan of pleasure.

HMMMMMMM, I don't quite believe you yet Author. I'm gonna need to see some solid proof of this.

"Uh…" C. Viper moaned

Oh shit yeah nvm don't listen to me, you 100% got this man.

C. Viper resume bouncing on Sonic as the pleasure was getting the best of her since it's arousing her.

If anyone is playing the tense-shift drinking game to this story, please don't drink anything harder than grape juice. Trust me, you'll still get fucking smashed by the end.

Her breasts start to jiggle a little from the movement.

"Mmm it's been long since I had sex" C. Viper said

"What really" Sonic responded curiosity

"Yeah… *Moan* Since I already have a *Moan* daughter waiting for me"

"What the emeralds! You have a daughter?"

"Yes I do"

"(Starts to shake his head) Oh no"

Sonic got C. Viper off

Yeah he did.

of him and prompt himself up from the bed which made C. Viper suspicious.

"Hey you just said 'Oh no,' shook your head, and stopped having sex with me. Is something wrong? I can pick up on these things you know, being a secret agent and all."

"What's the matter?" C. Viper asked

"Look I'm going to be very honest, I can't do this. You have a daughter so I can't take that chance to sleep with you. I'm sorry I must go" Sonic responded zipping his pants back up


…Oh wait no, says in the author's profile that this is 'his version' of sonic. "Lil' Soniq" is dressed thusly:

Appearance/Attire: Sonic wears a black hooded sleeveless shirt that has two holes on the back for two of his spikes come out freely, baggy blue cargo pants with a dark blue designing onto his right leg and his right thigh and has multiple pockets on each leg even has a hole on his pants behind him for his short tail come out freely without having it inside and wears a black extreme gear sneakers with a blue highlights including grey on the bottom of his shoes. Instead wearing white handcuff gloves, Sonic wears black fingerless gloves with some blue highlight and even has a blue logo onto his gloves. Sonic even wears a pair of his extreme gear goggles atop of his forehead throughout his adventures. Sonic also wears a black knee pad onto his right knee and has a black leg pouch bag on his right thigh. Sonic also has a tribal flame tattoo around on his right forearm which it is the color blue and even has another tribal design tattoo on his upper left arm as it is the color black.

Also his theme song is Number One from the anime Bleach, which seems pretty legit.

"Wait don't go I was really enjoying the sexual moment we were having together"

End of Flashback…

"What she has a daughter?" Mario asked

"Yes I was shock to hear that and I know I could not have sex with Crimson Viper and take that chance since she's a milf" Sonic responded

Yeah, fanfiction where Sonic doesn't fuck a milf, because we have standards for god's sake.

"Yeah a second milf that you have encountered and how old are you anyway Sonic"

"I'm 19 years old and yeah that's the second milf that I have sex with man"

"Jeez man it's almost like the author is into that kind of thing."


"So what happened next?"

Yeah, what did happen next? How did we get from Point A to Point Serial-Pony-Fucker?

"I'm getting there so let me continue to finish my story…"

All ears, buddy.

Back to the Flashback…

Sonic paused himself as C. Viper stopped Sonic.

"Please don't go, I don't want you to go" C. Viper begged

"What…" Sonic stuttered

"Sonic listen to me. I've never have any sex for a long while since my job, taking care of my daughter and everything. I've never had any chance to have fun and enjoy myself. Please Sonic, please have sex with me it's all I wanted. I know you're shock about my daughter but please make love to me"

"Wow… I understand what you're feeling right but to be honest with you I'm 19 years old and I can imagine how stressed you are ma'am"

"What you do and you're nineteen"


"Yep but I can't turn down to a beautiful female so alright I'll stay and get back making love to you if it makes you happy"

"Very now what are you waiting for, come here and take me"

Ain't no punctuation gonna get between this author and his boner for Sonic the Hedgehog banging a secret-agent milf from Street Fighter.

Sonic smiled then shrug his shoulders. He back over to the bed and C. Viper pulled Sonic to the bed and got him on his back. C. Viper unzips Sonic's pants and pull out his manhood once again. She position herself up top of Sonic then inserting his manhood inside of her wet pussy and then begins to move herself back and forth up and down onto Sonic moaning into excitement.

"Uh yeah…" C. Viper moaned

Sonic watch how C. Viper's breasts start jiggling and so Sonic then places his hands onto her hips and got C. Viper to bounce fast and hard which she did to the sexual manner. Sonic smiled naughtily as C. Viper moans begin to increase and her breasts bouncing fast into movement.

"Yes yes yes yes YES! Deeper… Harder" C. Viper

Sonic took the chance when he begin sucking on C. Viper's breasts hard which made C. Viper moans some more. She even breathe heavily and wrap her hand around Sonic's neck moan more.

"Yes that's it handsome. That's it baby keep sucking them, they're all yours to play with" C. Viper moaned

Hey if she had a kid shouldn't her breasts be lactatiNEVERMIND. AUTHOR, PLEASE DISREGARD THAT LAST REMARK.

Sonic spend 3 and half minutes sucking on C. Viper's breasts

Fuck you I'm only envisioning one and a half minutes of it.

and laid back down but massaging and fondle C. Viper's breasts while she resume bouncing onto Sonic. As they went on like this for about an hour, they switch positions as Sonic thrusts himself into C. Viper in a missionary position thrusting her hard and deep into her while breasts and her body move back and forth from Sonic's thrusts.

"Yes… Fuck me harder Sonic, keep going just like that baby" C. Viper moaned

"Man she's tight anyway I got to keep my head focus can't let her have a bad time" Sonic thought

Sonic resume on thrusting into C. Viper hard and deep making her moan instead C. Viper start to moan hard and loud. Sonic groan while thrusting hard and deep into C. Viper as C. Viper continue on moaning from the sexual desire.

"Yes give it to me Sonic, fuck me harder like a porn star" C. Viper moaned

"Damn you're a major freak aren't you" Sonic groaned


"Yes yes I am now keep thrusting that hard cock inside of me just like that"

Sonic resume on thrusting into C. Viper for a few minutes nonstop and all of sudden, he turned C. Viper around and she bend down and gasped moaning hard as Sonic thrusts into her hard, fast and deep inside of her. Sonic smiled naughtily as he hold onto C. Viper's hips thrusting rapidly into C. Viper's pussy hard and deep.

To C. Viper she couldn't take much more of it and tries to hold it in but the excitement took the best of her and controls her body as her body move back and forth from Sonic's thrusts and got her moan more and breathing heavily.

"Lauren… MOMMA'S GONNA CUM!"C. Viper moaned loudly

Sonic spend most of the time thrusting rapidly into C. Viper 4 hours everlasting and nonstop. C. Viper grab the bed sheets moaning hard and breathing heavily into the sexual desire. Sonic knew he could not hold it much longer while thrusting into C. Viper a few more minutes.

As minutes passing by,

Que Monty Python 'get on with it' clip.

Sonic knew he's about to climax so he pulls out his manhood from C. Viper's pussy and then strokes it bursting his cum on C. Viper's ass groaning. C. Viper had her tongue out and moaned softly feeling Sonic's cum on her ass.

"Mmm… That was amazing, I've never knew you can last long" C. Viper cooed

"Well I have my ways and everything. Glad that you enjoyed it" Sonic responded

"Hehe yeah I really enjoyed it Sonic, thank you so much. Oh here's my number if you want to have a piece of my ass again"

"Bitch I got the entire female half of animated popular culture left to fuck, what makes you think I'm coming back to you?"

"Um… Sure why not, I'll give you a call when I get the chance when I'm feeling for some fun"

"And I'll be waiting and next time I'll tittyfuck you and make you cum three times"

"Wow… Just wow"

There you all have it everybody. A nice big chapter with Sonic having sex with C. Viper from Street Fighter. I hope all of you enjoy that hot and steamy chapter.

…Half-chub. What can I say, I like me some titties.

So Read and Review everyone.

With pleasure.

Also if you all got a request or a suggestion to see what the next lady to see with Sonic feel free to send it to me.

Sir, I have no desire whatsoever to sully your masterpiece with my pithy suggestions. You do anything at all that your heart desires, and I will follow.

This is Lil Knucklez signing off!

Okay. So it has occurred to me that even if I skipped twenty chapters at a time, this story would still take me like two weeks to review. Time to break out the d100. Looks like we're going to chapter…

> 74

Chapter 74: Digilust

Oh. Joy. Actually have we ever done a digimon review? I don't think we have. This could be fun new territory after all.

"My goodness Sonic I still cannot believe you a slept with a Tifa Lockhart" Mario restated

Mario ya silly goose, Sonic has just told you about 73 other women he's slept with. I think pretty much anyone is on the table at this point.

"Yeah but I had her screaming when I gave it to her man" Sonic responded

"I'll say but still you slept with Tifa"

Was that before or after ComicsNix got to her?

"Yeah word to the wise huh"

"Of course so who's the next girl did you slept with"

Well… it's a Digimon"

"A Digimon you say?"

"Yeah take a guess man"


"Is it… Lilithmon"




"Who is it?"


Does the author only know two digimon? Is that what's happening here?

"You slept WHO!"

Sonic I'm starting to think you're making all of this up to impress Mario.

"Renamon there I said it I slept with Renamon the yellow fox digimon"

"Sonic how on earth did you and Renamon did you had sex with each other"



It was a beautiful sunset at Shinjuku. Everyone is enjoying their silent and calming lives. The Digimon Tamers and their Digimons were also enjoying their day since there hasn't been any evil digimon involve to make threats or cause anarchy… yet exactly.

There we have Sonic the Hedgehog standing onto a tall building of Shinjku looking at the perfect view watching the sun setting so beautiful. He had his arms crossed to the moment keeping himself silent at the moment.

Of course he did.

"The sun is sure is beautiful when it is setting so beautiful" Sonic commented

"Yes it is isn't it?"

Sonic turns around and sees a yellow vixen digimon standing behind Sonic.

"Renamon, what're you doing here?" Sonic questioned

"Looking for you exactly. I thought you would be here so I come to see you" Renamon responded standing next to Sonic looking at the sunset

"Oh. You wanted a sparring match with me once again? If you are then I'll obliged to accept it"

"No. I come to see the sunset with you knowing how beautiful it is to this perfect view"


"Yes. It sure is beautiful, aren't you with Rika hunting down Digimon?"

"No we decided to take a break and she is now with Takato at his residence hanging out"

"Oh. So it made you want to come and visit me here at the rooftop watching a perfect view of the sunset"

"Yes. You can say that at least. Besides, you seemed so calm"

"Thanks, you seemed so calm too without being very rude and very selfish no offence"

Let me guess: the next line after that incredibly offensive comment is "None taken."

"None taken.

Ooof course.

Sonic mind if I ask you a simple request"

"Sure anything, what's on your mind Renamon?"

Sex. It's sex, Sonic. It's been sex for the last 73 chapters.

"Sonic, you know Digimons can mate right?"

"Yes I know that. What's this about?"


"Well you see I want to mate this person who I know some time ago"

"I don't understand, have you have some type of feelings to this digimon"

"He's not a digimon and no I do not"

"Do I know this person?"

"Yes and I'm looking at him right now"

"Wait… Me, wait just a minute here. You can't be referring to me"

"MA'AM, I will sleep with ponies and Death itself, but an anthropomorphic fox lady? I don't know about that."

"Sonic, I understand what you're going to say and I know. Please spend the night with me. That is my request"

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course"

"Very well then, I guess I'll accept it then but not here. Somewhere where it's more private"

"I agree"

Minutes later…

So I think this is literally the dialogue from that other chapter but with the names and a few keywords switched?

Sonic and Renamon head to a private location where it is quiet and private.

As most good private locations are.

They head and snuck into a room without being noticed and lock the door tight. Renamon then pushes Sonic onto the bed and pounce on top of him. Renamon then went on unzipping and unbuttoned Sonic's pants pulling out Sonic's shaft. Afterwards, she then begins to stroke it causing it to get erected into its full size.

So this is just literally taking place in 'a room'? Not like, a bedroom, hotel room, office cubicle, anything remotely more specific? Is this Sonic's room? Renamon's? Where did they find this room?

Renamon decided to give Sonic a handjob which also made Sonic to moan into excitement a little.

"Ah… Ah ah ah…" Sonic moaned

"Do you like it" Renamon questioned

"Yes. It feels so good"

Renamon look on staring down stroking to Sonic's shaft and had begun to increase her speed and pace to make things more interesting.

I wonder if the author ever gets confused rereading his own smut, or if that sentence really does make sense to him.

Sonic then went on laying his head onto the pillow moaning into the pleasure driving inside him. Sonic even close his eyes moaning very softly as Renamon continue on pleasuring Sonic's shaft for the next several minutes with her right hand also increasing her speed and pace.

Renamon stared at Sonic watching him moan and enjoying the sensual handjob Renamon is giving to Sonic.

"Ah… Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Rena… Rena… Renamon" Sonic moaned

Well boys, I think we've reached maximum dialogue. Good work everyone. Take ten.

"Yes Sonic" Renamon responded

"I'm going to climax anytime soon. It feels so… *Moan* Good"

"Cum whenever you want Sonic, cum as much as you like"

Sigh. What's the farthest you think this author has gotten in bed? Like, that's something I get curious about when reading these stories. Because you'd think that once you've had sex once or twice, you would recognize this dialogue as a little silly. But on the other hand, if you're also watching porn and getting influenced by that too, then maybe there's an excuse for the very porn-like dialogue. I dunno. But I do think that the author has spent a lot more time thinking about anime women that real ones. By like... a looooooot.

During Renamon's handjob for a few more minutes, Sonic then start to let himself loose and burst his cum onto Renamon's hand reaching his limit. Sonic took a moment to gain his strength back.

"Did you enjoy that Sonic?" Renamon questioned

Aw. I was kind of hoping Renamon would stab him while he was weak and end this.

"Y-Yes I did Renamon, you have some handjobbing skills.

Yeah no the author is 100% a virgin. Surely no one who's had sex before would say 'handjobbing'. Surely.

Hope you can do that for me sometime" Sonic inquired

"Of course I would love to, but now that is done. How about we get to the real action"


Renamon nodded in response as she then get up on her knees above Sonic showing her pussy in front of Sonic.

Author, I'm not sure if I want to tell you this or not, but you kind of have to show it to us as the readers too. Just saying 'showing her pussy' gives me no good mental picture when it's an anthropomorphic digital anime yellow fox woman. As the internet has shown me: there are a lot of ways that could look.

Renamon herself is readied to insert Sonic's shaft inside her to please her.

"Mind if we get things started here?" Renamon suggested

"Yes. Let's continue" Sonic accepted

"Yes. Let's continue," said nobody in bed who wasn't actually feeling super turned off.

Renamon nodded and went on to insert Sonic's shaft inside her bulking her hips. Once it is fully inserted inside her pussy, Renamon then begun to move her hips back and forth showing out and pulling out her breasts from her large white fur


resting her hands onto Sonic so Sonic can have a good glanced at Renamon's breasts. Sonic then notices and glances to Renamon's breasts so he then went on to fondle them sensual and gently rubbing them to increase some pleasure for Renamon. Renamon tilt her head up looking straight up to the ceiling and softly moan in excitement.

"Yes… Deeper" Renamon moaned

Renamon tightened her legs around Sonic's waist and begin to bounce and move her hips a little faster onto Sonic's lap liking the sexual feel. After Sonic playfully and fondling and rubbing Renamon's breasts, Sonic then wrap his hands around Renamon's hips caressing it gently and softly smoothly with the sex urges on.

"Gently and softly smoothly with the sex urges on" sounds like a line of erotic poetry taken out of context. So, good job? I guess?

While moving her hips onto Sonic's lap, Renamon's eyes begin to roll backwards during her hip movements and moaning to the sex plus Renamon then begin to sweat a little notifying that the sexual heat then starts to kick in and with Sonic his sexual instincts begin to take over him and so Sonic then made Renamon to bounce onto him more faster as Renamon did obeying Sonic's sexual requests which the lust and the sexual intercourses begin to take over her body to obey Sonic's sexual commands.

Renamon's place her hands behind her head moaning hard as her moans starts to get too out of control and erotic with the sex she is having with our blue blur hero.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Sonic… Deeper… it feels so good" Renamon moaned


The six foot vixen digimon gave herself into the sexual moment loving every moment of excitement it is giving inside her. The bed then went on to shake and rattle in motion and rhythm coming from Renamon's hip movements onto Sonic's lap.

When several minutes pass by, Sonic then went on to switch positions by turning Renamon over to her back with her legs spread wide open and Sonic now on top of Renamon in a missionary position. Sonic deeply went and thrusts himself inside of Renamon hard, rough and fast which causing him to groan with his thrusts hearing Renamon gasped and moan in excitement. Sonic increases his speed and begin rapidly thrusts himself in and out of Renamon hitting the right spots for Renamon to enjoy though that causes her to moan some more and getting more erotic than ever.

Okay now I'm just starting to think that this story was written by a robot.

"Yes… Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

Aaand apparently that robot is now caught in a loop.

uh uh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh! Oh Sonic… Oh Sonic yes give it to me" Renamon moaned

Sonic's eyes were half-closed while thrusting himself into Renamon rough, hard and fast rapidly giving everything y=he got for Renamon to enjoy. Renamon try to went on to wrap her arms around Sonic's neck but could not bring herself to do it from the amount of Sonic's thrusts which draws and spread her arms out moaning erotic and deeply.

Renamon rolled her eyes breathing heavily drawn upon to the amount of excitement, satisfaction and ecstasy drawn into her the same time from Sonic's thrusts. The bed also then went on continuously to shake, rattle and move in motion and rhythm and in ever movement. Sonic continues to groan with his eyes half-closed which the both of them were sweating of the sexual heat.

Their sex continues on for three and a half hours.

Y'know, I'm just gonna say it: three and a half hours is too long. You'd really just be sore and gross at that point.

Right now Renamon away to the wall at the edge of the bed with Sonic behind her thrusting rapidly rough and hard in rapid speed thrusting as fast he can inside of Renamon.

Hey do you think the author was masturbating while he wrote that sentence?

Renamon went on to grab the bed sheets while moaning into the excitement and rolling her eyes backwards. Sonic start to go balls deep inside of Renamon which is moan very crazily gasping with her eyes went wide of shock feeling Sonic's shaft thrusting deep in every inch.

Sonic then pulls Renamon's arms thrusting hard and rough inside Renamon groaning as their sex continues on. Renamon closed her eyes lowering her head moaning deeply in excitement. Her body went on moving back and forth in rhythm from Sonic's pumps and thrusts going in and out of her incredibly. Sonic then place Renamon's arm around his neck and then start to sensually and playfully rubbing and massaging Renamon's large breasts. He then begin squeezing while thrusting in Renamon rapidly in rapidly speed causing her body to move in motion from each and every thrusts.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh yes… Oh yes yes yes yes yes yes Sonic, harder… Deeper… I'm cumming…. *Moan* I'm cumming…" Renamon moaned

I'm really glad I don't remember Renamon's voice from the show that well. I feel like it would make this worse.

After stop and playing with Renamon's breasts, sonic then start deliver some normal smacks onto Renamon's butt, squeezing her butt cheeks as Sonic rapidly thrusting inside her increasing his speed during their everlasting sex.

As the sex rages on for several more minutes nonstop, Renamon is laying on her back with Sonic on top of her stroking his shaft in front of her face. Sonic groan stroking his shaft fast fow the brief moment and then finally Sonic let loose and begins to burst his cum onto Renamon's face, lips and onto her breasts. Renamon then start stroking Sonic's shaft a little more as more cum begin to ejaculating and Sonic had finally reach his limit.

"Aw man, that was incredible" Sonic commented

"Yes it sure was Sonic. I like to thank you for having sex with me" Renamon thanked


"You're welcome, I actually really enjoyed having sex with you"

"Normally I'm secretly disgusted by all the beautiful women I sleep with but hey, you weren't half bad, vixen. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go examine my repressed gay thoughts about my fox friend Tails."

"And so did I. Sonic, I had a great time with you"

"Me too and speaking of which, are you supposed to meet back with Rika at her residence"

"Yes. I forgot about it all along while having sex with you. Sonic you came mate with me anytime you like"

"Yeah… Sure cool and I'm going to rest here for a woman"

haremCount += 1;

Renamon nodded and got up and left out through the window and took off. Sonic smiled and just laid on the bed resting his body for the entire night.

"Man… What a night" Sonic commented

There goes the seventy fourth chapter to this of course. You all know I did happen to add Renamon from the Digimon series to have a chance to sleep with Sonic here as we speak. Seems like she was fully into it during their sexual moment, huh? Anyway more to come so please stay tuned. Also Read and Review everyone.

This is Lil Knucklez signing off!

Godspeed, sir. Now let's see which chapter in the 100s we're reading.

> 75 (+100)

Chapter 175: Bath Love of Pleasure

Well with a title like that, I can't remotely guess who it's going to be this time. But hey, it's probably more fun that way.

"After the sex I had with Daisy, we did not told this to Luigi otherwise we would be devastated." Sonic finished explaining his story.

"Wow… I didn't knew you would never want to hurt my brother." Mario said in shock.

"But fuck it, I won't tell him. Pasta Mushroom Goomba Koopa!" said Mario.

"Yeah and I know it was wrong of me but all Daisy wanted was comfort and attention and I gave it to her. I hope she and Luigi can spend more time together."

"Oh they are exactly, they've been going on dates and all that kind of stuff."

"Oh that's good to know man. I'm happy."

"So you and Daisy had it going on?"

"Yeah in the locker room and Daisy wanted more of it so I gave her what she wanted."

At this rate, how could Sonic possibly have time on his hands for that?

"Just wow… you had sex with these a lot of woman who are so fond of you."

"Yeah I know. Tell me about it Mario."

"In any case, so who did you end up encountering and sleep with on your list?"

Sonic take a moment to think of who did he slept with on his harem list. Sonic shot his eyes widen thought of who he had did it with and tells Mario about it.

"Oh if I tell you this. You're going to flip." Sonic said grinning.

"Lay it on me." Mario ordered.

"Ok then. I had sex with four girls together and their names are: Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Saya Takagi and Shizuka Marikiwa."

THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE AT ONCE????????!!??!?! Holy shit. That easily puts this hedgehog's harem tally at over 300 then, surely. He's probably been laid more times than Hentai Man.

Do Dakimak—

Your pillows only count if you've given them a name and voice.


Pretty even then?

Yeah probably.


"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you kidding me right now?"


"Tell me are you joking with me?"

"I'm not Mario. I actually did, in the bath tub man."

How big. Is Sonic's. Fucking. Bathtub.

"WHAT?! Are you serious?"

"Yep I'm serious alright."

"How in the name of mushrooms did you get the chance to sleep with them?"

"I remember I stumbled into the town called Tokonosu City where it is overrun by zombies I mean like real zombies.

Shouldn't, uh... Shouldn't that be a bigger deal that Sonic's fivesum?

I found survivors when I was roaming around on the rooftops of the city…"

As one does.


Sonic roam around Tokosonu City. The city is overrun by zombies so the blue hedgehog kept his distance from the zombies. He even carries his sword on his back which the color of his sword is black and blue.

Yeah why not.

Sonic roam to search for survivors and to help them from the zombie apocalypse. The hedgehog jump rooftop after rooftop making a stop and look around the place.

"Damn… There aren't any survivors around. I wonder if I'm the only here. Maybe I should just get out of town while I still can." Sonic said rubbing the back of his head.

Suddenly, his ears perk up sensing that he hears some zombie noises catching his attention. Sonic dash on to check out the noise. When he arrives to the destination, he sees six survivors fighting off the hoard of zombies. Sonic can tell that they're outnumbered and losing. Sonic then lay a helping hand as he then uses Sonic Wind against the zombies to give the survivors some space. Afterward, Sonic takes out his sword and quickly dispose them in second using his speed and techniques wiping the zombies out in seconds.

Oh god that was so boring that I don't even remember what happened. I think Sonic killed some zombies or something? Clearly the author's heart is in the erotica here.

After fending off the undead, Sonic his attention to the survivors so he walks over to them.

"You guys ok?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah thanks to you. You took down those undead bastards quick. I'm Takashi by the way." Takashi introduced.

"A pleasure to meet you."

"This is Kohta, Saeko, Rei, Saya and Shizuka."

I refuse to remember any of those names, but I did google them, and it looks like this is the High School of the Dead crossover. I might need to get Hentai Man back on the line here, but really, what are the odds that anything about these characters is going to be relevant to the sex scene?

"Nice to you meet so who are you?" Rei asked.

"Names Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog but just call me Sonic." Sonic answered.

"Thank you for saving us Sonic. When did you learn those moves like that?" Kohta asked.

"That'll be a secret.

A Viper-is-a-secret-agent level secret, or a real secret?

Now why don't we all get out of here before more of those zombies show up."

"Agreed. Follow us, we know a shortcut back to our safehouse."

Sonic nodded and follow the survivors back to their safehouse.

Minutes later…

Sonic enter the safehouse following the survivors back and look around.

"You guys should have a nice safehouse here." Sonic commented.

Wow, is Sonic implying their safehouse is shit? How rude.

"Yeah we like to keep it clean from and get ourselves clean to get the blood off from killing the zombies." Saya informed.

"I see."

"Kohta, we forgot something so we'll be right back. Sonic make yourselves at home." Takashi said smiling.

aka, "Sonic go ahead and fuck whatever, as long as it's female and you pretend that you're not super into it."

"Right let's go then. You have your weapons?" Kohta asked.

"Yeah what about you?"

"Yeah so let's get going."

Takashi and Kohta left the safehouse to take some urgent matters. The girls then went to go take themselves a nice bubble bath and Sonic then decided to relax and take himself a nice little nap on the couch quietly so he lay himself down on the couch and drifts asleep. The blue blur hero did not know that the girls were watching him so they form an idea how to spend some time with Sonic.

Oooh, is this the part of the fic where random characters talk about how much they like the author's MC? I am so ready.

"He's cute when he's asleep." Rei commented.

"He did safe our asses and we owe him big time for saving our lives." Saeko stated.

"Should we award him for saving us and the guys?" Saya asked.

There were guys? Alright, if you say so.

"I believe we should and I have a great idea to award Sonic and spending time with him. Although, he's very good looking." Shizuka cooed.

"Care to tell us?" Saeko asked.

Shizuka smirk to Saeko and the girls and begin to explain her plan.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimm," Shizuka whispered, deviously.

Minutes later, Sonic wakes himself up from his little nap so he stretch his arms out yawning and sit himself up.

"That's just what I need a nice little nap." Sonic yawned.

Hs ears start to perk up when he suddenly hear some giggling coming from the girls. Sonic turn his attention to the door of the bathroom, gets up on his feet off the couch and walks over to the bathroom door knocking the door.

"If everything ok in there ladies?" Sonic asked.

"Sonic. Why don't you come inside?" Rei offered.

"I don't think that is such a good idea. I cannot do that?"

"Naked ladies?" said Sonic. "I don't know about that."

"Come on Sonic, pretty please. Just only to check up on us." Saeko pleaded.

"Alright then, just to check on your ladies and then I'm out."

Sonic turning the door knob figuring it is open so he opens the door entering inside the bathroom. His eyes shot wide when he discovers the girls naked in the bath tub showing off their bare breasts smiling seductively at Sonic.

"omg no way," Ray said while making a jerk-off motion and rolling his eyes out of his skull.

"Hey big boy." Saya cooed.

"Come join us?" Rei gestured.

"I only came to check up on you ladies and that's it." Sonic reminded.

"Come on Sonic, join us and keep us company. We can use some company." Shizuka pleaded smirking seductively.

"I told you no."

"Sonic please…" Saeko begged trailing off.

"Out of the question. Not going to happen so I'll take my departure now."

Is Sonic a tease, or is he just like, suuuper gay and doesn't want to come to terms with it? Because it's really starting to look like one of the two. Nobody could be this oblivious.

Sonic turn around facing the door and leaves the bathroom but unfortunately for him, he is being it on the back of the head collapsing to the ground falling into unconsciousness as he black out and did not know what hit him.

Pleeease be one of their dongs. That would be a plot twist.

Thirty Seconds later…

Sonic stir and groggily open his eyes letting a soft groan coming out from his lips. He felt something warmth onto him, he realizes that he's in a bath tub naked and not all of that, his face is being smothered by two large breasts.

Oh no?

Sonic look to his right seeing Saeko smiling at Sonic and Sonic look to his left and sees Shizuka smothering him with her large breasts sharing a smile and caressing his face.

"What the… what did you girls do to me?" Sonic asked.

"I knocked you out unconscious and we strip off your clothes and drag you in the bathtub with us." Saya answered honestly.

"I can't do this. I am out of here."

Sonic. Why in the everliving hedgehog Christ would you not be able to do this? This is chapter 175. I know they might not be strictly chronological, but unless this is his first, I'm not buying it. (And even then I'm like, barely buying it. Losing your virginity to multiple attractive people? Dude.)

Sonic try to raise himself and get out of the bath tub but Shizuka and Saeko pushes Sonic back having him to relax.

"Now hold on Sonic, you're not going anywhere. You're going to have sex with all four of us." Shizuka notified.

"What?! Me sleeping with four of you girls in the bath tub?" Sonic repeated earning a nod from all four girls.

"That's right and we need some loving." Rei responded.

"Hell no. I am not going to do it!"


"Sonic please just hear us out and why we all want this?" Saeko pleaded.

"*Sigh* Alright, shoot."


"It's been so long since all four of us having got any action and when we met you fighting off those zombies, you have wonderful stamina and you could make love with all four us. So please Sonic, have sex with all four of us. It's all we're asking from you." Shizuka said sadly.

The more we read, the less confident I am in calling this a million-word fanfic. I'm pretty sure it's like, a 5,000 word fanfic on repeat.

Sonic sighed to himself and got the looking around.

"So you all really want this I presume." Sonic presumed.


The girls nod their heads in response.

"Well… I don't leave anyone behind when helping anyone. So its sex is what you all of you girls want then I'll accept it." Sonic accepted.

Hey wouldn't there be other survivors they should be saving?

"You mean it? You'll have sex with us?" Saya asked.

"Yes I am.

"I am will have sex with you."

So what are you ladies waiting for, are you ladies going to satisfy me with your breasts or do you want me to change my mind?"

The girls giggled and they approach to Sonic and start to smother him with some kisses on the hedgehog and caressing him with their hands giggling. Sonic decide to relax and just go on with it with the girls to have a fifthsome. Saeko is the first to share a kiss with Sonic on the lips and Shizuka kisses Sonic on the neck caressing his chest with her bare hand moaning lightly. Rei bring her hand down to Sonic's crotch and strokes his shaft to create some stimulation for Sonic to feel some pleasure as he did. Saya start to finger her womb by inserting her fingers in her vagina and moving them back and forth and squeeze her right breast with her right hand getting horny.

Her womb? How deep is she fingering?

While the girls kept pleasing Sonic, Rei is the first will have Sonic first s climbs on top of Sonic sitting on his lap. She inserts Sonic's erection inside her vagina and moving her hips downward to him rotating her hips back and forth in motion creating some pleasure for herself feeling the vibrations rising inside her. Shizuka and Saeko continue smothering Sonic with a few lipstick kisses on his face while Rei riding on Sonic. While riding on Sonic, she start to make the water splash a little during their sexual encounter. Shizuka pull Sonic by his head and smothered him with her large breasts and shaking them on his face making herself giggle.

Say what you want about the author, but he knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn't like, and what he likes is big ol' breasts in Sonic the Hedgehog's face.

Sonic went on with it so he then start sucking on Shizuka's breasts making the blonde moan by this so she wrap her hand around Sonic wanting the hedgehog to suck on them moan so Sonic oblige and suck on them even massaging them with his hand. Saeko smother Sonic by kissing his neck and caress his chest with her hand rubbing on him.

Rei moan her hips faster and build up some speed since she can feel more pleasure and the waves of ecstasy coming to her so she squeeze her breasts moaning in excitement closing her eyelids feeling the sexual waves inside her.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh yes… it feels so good. Oh." Rei moaned.

"Oh Sonic, keep sucking on my tits, they need more loving." Shizuka wanted.

I think the most amazing part about the word count here is that all one million words were typed with one hand. Just imagine how long this would be if the author hadn't been jerking off.

Actually probably shorter.

Sonic accept and oblige to pleasure Shizuka's breasts a little more like she requested. Shizuka and Rei are being pleasured by the hero feeling more vibrations and ecstasy flowing their entire bodies and they were getting close to their limit and Saya watching on getting very horny and Saeko wanting Sonic very bad wanting Sonic to pound her ass as he can inside her after dealing with Rei. Rei move her hips faster letting out her high pitch screams and so did Shizuka bring pleasure a little harder and both of them moan together and Shizuka and Rei start to scream reaching their climax.

"I'M CUMMING!" Rei and Shizuka screamed.

Rei reach her orgasm squirting her love juice and Shizuka burst her breast milk after being fondled so much by Sonic from sucking on her large breasts.

So the author does know about lactation. Fuck.

Sonic lick her breasts and drinks the breast milk and Rei climbs off of Sonic. Sonic took his attention to Saeko so he grabs her and bending her over to the edge of the tub in all fours setting her on the position. Sonic ogled Saeko's firm butt so he gave it a light squeeze making Saeko moan lightly and look over her shoulder.

"Make me cum Sonic. Fuck me as much as you like." Saeko wanted.

Does he even want to fuck you though? Because he seems pretty on-the-fence about it.

Sonic grin and so he readied himself groping Saeko's butt and rams himself inside Saeko's vagina and start thrusting back and forth building some stimulation and pleasure for Saeko. Seako form a form a lustful smile on her face with her eyelids closed feeling Sonic's erection rubbing inside her as he pounds her in and out.

"Yes... that's it Sonic, that's the spot." Saeko moaned.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot: my vagina. How did you know?"

Rei took her moment to relax after having her orgasm and Shizuka watching Sonic thrusting and humping against Saeko making the water to splash a little by his thrusts. Saya approaches to Sonic and press her lips against his sharing a seductive and passionate kiss with him. Sonic returns the kiss groping Saeko's butt as he continues thrusting in and out of her making the purple hair female moan.

"Uh uh uh oh Sonic just like that, fuck me." Seako moaned.

Sonic decide to increase the pace of his speed when he humps against Saeko faster and rubbing his erection inside her faster having Saeko feel it inside her getting pound, his pelvic smacking against her firm butt in every thrusts making her go crazy. Sonic stop the kiss as Saya decide rubbing on against Sonic and Sonic's hands groping Seako's butt as he start to pound and ravage Seako with his shaft.

That was word fucking salad and I parsed about 0% of it. gg.

"Yes… YES! *Moan* Fuck me Sonic, ram that cock inside of me. DRILL ME!" Seako moaned.

"Sonic then spun around in really fast circles, which he probably can do based on the games."

Seako's body moves back and forth faster from Sonic thrusting and pounding her with his erection rubbing in and out of her thus making her go insane of the ecstasy. Sonic pull back Seako's arms and rapidly thrusts inside her making the purple hair female screaming, chants his name demolishing her vagina with his powerful thrusts.

"YES YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS! Give it to me! Harder… HARDER!" Seako moaned.

Sonic spend a few more minutes thrusting faster and hard for Seako. Seako roll her eyes backward to the back of her skull with her tongue sticking out. Shizuka rub her breasts and getting more wet of seeing Sonic pounding her friend. Sonic grin deliver a few more thrust and suddenly, Seako reach her limit having an orgasm so she squirt her love juices climaxing sending out a high pitch scream while she climaxes.

Are all of these love juices just getting mixed into the pool water, or has the author forgotten where this is taking place? Neither one would surprise me.

Afterward, Sonic let go of Seako so she can rest. He glances to Saya and kisses her on the lips and smiled.

"You're next." Sonic stated.

"Here, have all of these STDs I just got."

Saya smile and lay herself on her back having Sonic to be on top of her.

"She then drowned."

Sonic waste no time so he inserts his shaft right inside of Saya'a vagina and pumps it inside Saya and begin thrusting back and forth. Her body moving back and forth from Sonic's thrusts and Saya body rocking back and forth moaning in delight and passion. She roll her eyes licking her lips so she wra her arms around Sonic pulling him close to him wanting more from the hedgehog so Sonic oblige and humps faster thrusting and pumping his shaft hard inside Saya. Saya bite her bottom lip getting pounded as Sonic ravages her vagina just like he did with Seako wanting him to go faster.

Bitch he's the fastest thing alive, settle down.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh yes… pound me, give me more." Saya moaned.

"You want that badly?" Sonic teased.

"Yeah I want more."

"As you wish."

Yeah this was probably the original draft of The Princess Bride.

Sonic oblige to give Saya some more of excitement so he then start thrusting himself faster and pumping his shaft faster inside Saya. Saya roll her eyes backwards to the back of her skull moaning crazily going insane with the unbelievable pleasure and Saya is loving it so far. Shizuka watching on moaning as she fingers her vagina waiting for her turn and Sonic is sure is taking his time to pound Saya and ravage er with his hard erection. Saya unwraps her arms from Sonic letting him pound and ramming her vagina hard and fast building up some more pleasure and speed.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes oh Sonic you're going to make me cum!" Saya squealed.

"Go ahead and let yourself loose Saya, let it out." Sonic offered.

Sonic deliver some powerful thrusts inside her and her walls tightening up Sonic's erection thrusting inside her.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh Sonic… you're going to… to make me… CUUUUUUUUUUM! I'm Cumming!" Saya cried.

So, logistical question. This author must get off on writing this. But does he also get off on reading it? Because if so, he could stop writing today and still have almost a year's worth of jackoff material covered. Or is this like a doomsday bunker situation, where he's building up a stock of millions of word of erotica in case he loses his creative spark someday? What is your MO, Lil Soniq?

Saya couldn't hold it no longer and so she then let herself loose and squirt her love juice reaching her orgasm and reach her limit also like the other girls. Sonic wasn't done yet, he had one more girl to go and he did not climax yet. He look over to the horny blonde Shizuka bringing him to have a smirk on his face.

Maybe Sonic just really dislikes sex, and that's why he's so reluctant and it takes him forever to cum. Aw. Now I kind of feel bad for... no wait he's bragging about all of this to Mario afterwards, so nevermind I guess.

"I believe you're the last one and I saved you for last." Sonic exclaimed.

"Please give it to me Sonic. I can't take it any longer and I must have you inside me right now." Shizuka pleaded.

"Ok cool."

"Sonic then got slapped to death and fed to the zombies outside, dick first. The end."

Sonic grin and takes a seat relaxing himself and gestures Shizuka to approach him.

"Why don't you bring your beautiful and fine ass over here if you want it so badly?" Sonic gestured.

Shizuka smile so she approaches to Sonic climbing on top of him.

Have they left the pool? It is possible that I missed the part where they left the pool.

She inserts his erection inside her vagina and rams herself down and moves her hips, rotating them back and forth bouncing on top of Sonic with her hip movements and Shizuka moaned, wrapping her arms around Sonic's neck.

"Give it to me Sonic." Shizuka moaned.

Sonic wrap his hands around Shizuka's curvy hips and begin moving her faster making some smacking noises causing the water to splash and Shizuka moaned with delight and passion forming a smile on her face. Her tongue sticking out with her eyes rolling back to the back of her skull as their sex continues on. Shizuka increases her speed bouncing and moves her hips faster on Sonic's lap moaning. Her moans start pitching up while being ravaged by the hero and make her very horny than ever.

"Oh Sonic… OH SONIC!" Shizuka moaned.

Sonic got himself hypnotize by Shizuka's perky bare breasts watching how they move, jiggle and bounce in motion and with rhythm. Sonic grope them with his hands squeezing them with his hands hard hearing Shizuka moan pitch up a bit being noticed by Shizuka so the blonde look on watching Sonic grope her breasts while moving her hips on his lap.

"Squeeze them harder Sonic, give them some more loving. *Moan* Uh…" Shizuka moaned.

Sonic shrug his shoulders thinking why not and reach on to Shizuka's breasts and suck on them with his mouth on one of her breasts while groping them with his hands. Shizuka let out a scream as she start bouncing Sonic faster and moving her hips harder on his lap creating some splash on the water after moving so much. Shizuka tilt her head back looking up at the ceiling rolling her eyes backwards to her skull as she moves her hips, bouncing on Sonic faster and harder building up some more speed and more pleasure between them. Shizuka's mind was blank and her body was being control by lust and their sex continue on continuing their sexual moment for several minutes.

Shizuka was almost at her limit and she try her best to hold it much longer and also her breasts being pleasured by Sonic continuing to suck on them and fondle them with his hands. Shizuka move herself faster on the hedgehog's lap. Sonic deliver a smack on Shizuka's butt hearing her squeal chanting his name.

"AH! Oh Sonic… you're going… going to make me… CUM! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Shizuka moaned.

"Ew gross!" Sonic said, because I guess he doesn't like sleeping with ladies.

A few moments later, Shizuka moans pitch up screaming as she reach her let and have an orgasm so she squirt her love juice climaxing and holding on to Sonic. Plus her breasts squirt and burst breast milk once again and Sonic enjoys it and drinks the breast milk after the blonde climax.

I see the author has picked up a new fetish somewhere in the last 100 chapters. Yay.

Afterward, Shizuka climbs off of Sonic to get her rest. Sonic wasn't even done with them yet so he strokes his shaft.

"Ladies. I want you all to get down on your knees on the ground so I can reward you all." Sonic offered.

Rei, Shizuka, Seako and Saya obeyed Sonic so they exit the bath tub and got down on their knees to the ground. Sonic stood before them, stroke his shaft as the girls waited for Sonic to climax. Once Sonic stroke his shaft some more, he let out a moan and start to squirt out his seed,

*while thinking of men.

shooting ropes of his semen on each of the girl's face and their breasts. Rei, Shizuka, Seako and Saya licked their lips and lick Sonic's shaft after he climax.

"Much better." Sonic said smiling.

"That was amazing." Rei said.

"It sure was, he handled all four of us." Saya agreed.

"And he didn't even break a sweat." Seako added.

"Now now girls, we did enjoy Sonic's company and it was so amazing." Shizuka reminded.

"Yeah I had a good time two. So if you all can excuse me, I'll take my departure of the room." Sonic said.

Sonic dry himself off, putting his boxers back on and grab his clothes and shoes and just about to leave the bathroom, Shizuka stopped Sonic.

"Hold on right there handsome. I would like to say thank you for entertaining us." Shizuka thanked.

"No problem." Sonic responded.

"We got to do this again." Rei said smiling.

"Yeah we should, I enjoyed it." Saya agreed.

"I sure would love to have some more fun." Seako jumped in.

"We should ladies. One day." Sonic responded sharing a smile.

Sonic finally exits the bathroom and change put his clothes and shoes back on and takes himself a little nap again.

Chapter One Hundred Seventy Five is complete everyone. As you all may know, I had Sonic to slept with four girls which they had a fifthsome. That's right, I've added Shizuka Marikiwa, Seako Busujima, Saya Takagi and Rei Miyamoto from the Highschool of the Dead series. Thought I would like to spice things up in this chapter and make it steamy no scratch that, very steamy.

Please god tell me that when the last chapter of this fic is written, it's just a massive orgy of every woman Sonic has ever added to his harem.

I hope you all like the chapter and enjoy it so far. More to come so tune in next time. Read and Review everybody. Send in requests or suggestions if you all have one.

This is Lil Knucklez signing off!

Okay. The d100 seemed to work well last time, so let's see which story in the 200s we're reading.

> 1 (+200)

Fuck critical failure. That puts us at...

Chapter 201: Pony Love Pt. 2

Well ffuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. Goodnight everyone! Thanks for reading! o/