Review #193

Dead in love

Story by crazywolf69

Review by Fluff

This story does not affect any other of my other stories, this is just a story I made for Halloween / part of my holiday series stories.

This story contains sexual content between two males, if you don't like that stuff then dont read any further.

Oh who doesn’t like a good gay fic.

Right? I would also like to point out that this entire story is one big paragraph, but we’ll have enough to say about this one that it won’t really matter.

What do you wanna do for Halloween Sif asked? I heard of this place where you can stay the night at a cabin, plus they have a swimming pool and there's a cemetery not to far from the cabins, so we also have a place to walk around and talk. Where is it located? 665 river street, Nik replied.

I feel like the writer is taunting us by purposely not using a Halloween-ish cliche, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Hmm, yeah, I see what you’re getting at. 664 wouldn’t the right number here, and 665 doesn’t seem quite high enough either… 667?

No I think 668 is the number I was thinking of.

Literally fuck both of you.

Where is it located? 666 river street, Nik replied.

We got in Nik's car

We did? But this was in third person. Perspective shift, everybody takes a drink!

and drove the the location, when we got there we were greeted by the owner. Welcome would you guys be interested in renting a cabin. Yes we would nik said, we would like a cabin for the weekend. he handed us a key with the cabin number 69 on it.

He knows.

I’m sure a lot of frightening stuff has happened in that room.

by the way I'm Bob your cabin instructor, if you ever need anything let me know. Thank you we will keep that in mind.

This really is a Halloween story, just look at those invisible quotation marks! SPOOKY!

We got in our cabin we unpacked our stuff sat down and cuddled. Did you remember to pack the gun just incase someone attacks us.

Yes I remembered to pack it Nik said. I love you so much. I love you too Nik. You are the best boyfriend ever Sif. So are you Nik. I wanna be with you forver.we will be together forever Til death do us part.

Its getting late we better get to bed. We got to the bedroom and we got undressed till we were in our boxers then we got into bed and cuddled. We shouldn't waste our time on this planet , we could die tomorrow we need to live life and do what we love, we could die at anytime.

Nothing says “fuck me” like the impending fate of death.

Nicley said Sif. I love you so much, Sif started to rub Nik's cock through his boxers, that feels so good Sif, Nik's cock started to poke out the side of his boxers.

Poke out the side of… how the fuck is he wearing his boxers?


I started to lick Niks dick, please don't stop! Nik started leaking pre. I quickly licked the pre off Nik's dick, I'm Cummings!!!

You are not, no matter how much you wish to be, E. E. Cummings. This is E. E. Cummings.

Nik shot his load all over my face and into my mouth. I swallowed eagerly. Nik started to lick his cum off his boyfriends face. That was good Nik said licking his chops.

Get on all fours! I did as Nik told me. Nik pulled down my boxers, then started to lick my ass. Oh god!!! Nik slowly pushed his tounge into my ass, fuck me!!!!! He pulled out his tounge from Sifs ass. Ohhh yess.!! Nik positioned his cock to my hole then shoved it in. *Sif howled* Nik started thrusting faster, I'm cumming I yelled. I shot my load deeply into Him. Sif then started to leak out of his ass and it formed a small puddle. Nik and I went over to the cum puddle and licked it up, Tasty nik said, Yeah cum is good. well we better get to bed, let's have a BBQ tomorrow Nik suggested, and we can invite Bob.

Bob ain’t eating anything y’all nasty motherfuckers cooked if there isn’t an explicit hand-washing scene between now and then.

Thats a good idea, we can go shopping tomorrow and get the supplies for the BBQ. Now let's get to bed. Sif I don't ever wanna break up. We won't nik, we will be together til death do us part. Goodnight nik, goodnight sif

Even though this is the end of the story, can we please have a counter to how many times they said til death?

On it.

Til Death Counter: More times than real people would say it. But it is Halloween, so…