Review #187

Blood Raining Night (Post 2)

Story by Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni

Review by Ray

[Editor’s Note: On February 28th through February 29th, Ray revamped our website. It’s been over two weeks since then, and no new reviews have been posted. This was because we promised that Blood Raining Night would be the first story we dug into after the update, and we really, really, really didn’t want to review Blood Raining Night. So here’s Part 1, and now, we bring you Part 2.]

Reicheru got home, it took a while for the impact of her father comming back to soke in. She was hot red with anger and sadness. She decided to train in the garden with her teacher

Let the sessions commence.

Inuyasha. He wasn't full cat demon like Reicheru, he was also part dog demon.

As a member of Team Fluffwrights: This is relevant to my interests.

As a member of Team Sex Doctors: Fuck Team Fluffwrights.

As a member of Team Fuck You: Cameo.

They both had fangs and sharp animal-like eyes. And in those eyes were a hint of love for Rei.

Of course there was. I forgot what the Mary Sue Counter was up to, but that’s okay, because I was about to break it anyways.

"Rei-Chan," he said, "I've been waiting a long time for you. How did the battle go?"

"My dead father...he is back!" Her face collapsed in her hands and she nearly cried.

"How can he be back? He's dead!"

“Hay! No talking! You are here to learn! Open your kama sutra books to page 57. We’re going to talk about double anal today.”

"NO! He's BACK! I don't know what to do. Maybe I can get our master of the Yakuza to kill him."

How the fuck does she think the Yakuza works?

She had a tear roll down the side of her sad cheeks. Her and Inuyasha both work for the Yazuka and she thought he might be able to frame her dad.

"I don't know if that'd be allowed..." His ears twitched.

"Then I will have to kill him myself..." Her eyes turned red with madness, like blood on fire.

Why must all super power transformations change the user's eye color?

Just once, I was the superpower change something completely arbitrary, like the length of their nose hair. It’d be like going super saiyan, but, with more nose hair.

Inuyasha didn't want her to get hurt, he was worried. He couldn't tell her, though. Because he didn't want her to know his feelings for him.

"Please," he said, "dont' go! He'll KILL you!"

She looked at him bravely, "I'll be fine."

If you say so.

Have fun with what will most likely end up being a gang rape!

That night she went home. Denmark was sitting on the couch next to the fire. He was reading a book very intensely.

"I see you're home, Rei-kun."

"Yeah, I'm home, Denny-kun." She sighed.

Time to be educated. The Japanese honorific Kun is used for males. This is the only time I get to correct grammar. This is made more pathetic in that this is english, so the honorific shouldn’t be there in the first place. But if the author wants to wright in Weeaboo, then by all means.

"I saw you talking to Inuyasha. I think you should get a different tutor, like Kagome or Germany. They're both so good with wars and fighting!"

I don’t know if Germany is the best at winning wars, but I have to admit, they do have the coolest uniforms.


"Why, are you jealous? You don't have to be, I swear. I'd never cheat on you, I love you."

Did this story come with a flow chart? I have no clue who is loving who and in what capacity / position.

Their eyes told each other that something was wrong, but they both ignored it.

Fun fact: Aside from the added text bubbles, that is literally a screenshot from the Blood Raining Night animated series, which was created by the author herself.

...Does she have more subscribers than us? (This joke was made in 2016 when we had 14 subs)

Yeah, she does. But I like our subscribers better. (This was said in 2016, before our rampant horde of twenty million subscribers became a bunch of fucking dickheads.)

Looks like I have work to do. (This was told in 2016 as our jobs were yet to be outsourced to china / robots.)

Don’t worry, Martin and I can take care of it. (This was said in 2016 as Ray and Martin were working on building a horde of twenty million robots.)

Great. I’ll get Warnuts to help me out. (This was said in 2016 before Warnuts overdose.)

They decided to just go to bed instead of saying anything. The cuddled together- and did some other stuff-

Proof read this story for plot holes and unrealistic character traits?

then they fell asleep. And as they slept, her dad was watching.

Inuyasha is owned and created by Rumiki Takahashi.

Just once I would like to see the owner of an anime take legal action on someone's fanfiction.

With all the copyright claims going on on YouTube, I’m genuinely surprised that is even allowed to operate. Like, seriously, how the fuck?