Review #186

Poetic Orgy

Story by Uoikih

Review by Ray

No, screamed the leopardess
Take not yet my freshness!
As it would seem
Ha, laughed the hyena, his eye holding a gleam
I'll take you and breed you
And sire your daughters, too!
Shimbei the she-leopard,
Kicked and growled
As the hyena mounted her
Shouting and proud

“What the fuck is this bullshit?” asked Ray with a pout,
“I didn’t know rape’s what this poem is about!”
Ray scowled and crossed his arms at the themes of this work
He would rather be forced to watch Miley C. twerk
“The rhymes are so forced, and the meter’s atrocious!

Let me have a go, the dragon snarled with a murr
And he shoved his foul cock into her
Shimbei the leopardess
Struggled and kicked and cried
But she could not escape the pain
Deep down inside

“Give me a break!” Ray said in a fit,
“Who the hell takes the time to write this bullshit?”

“You,” countered Yellow, entering the review,
“And you’ve written a lot more than just one or two”

“But my poems are a joke!” Ray defended with a smirk,
“I wrote them for r/WritingCircleJerk!”

“That true,” admitted Yellow, “you have got me there,”

“Now shut up Yellow,” Ray scolded, “unless you’re prepared,
To take on a poem worse than Blood Raining Night
Because compared to this? That fic is alright.”

Yellow buckled his butt cheeks. “Let’s get right down to it.
This looks pretty bad, but I know I’ll get through it.”

There was a knock at the door and then entered Hent.
He decided to take a break from his homework and he needed to vent.

Ahhhh, hissed the dragon
As gushing cum he withdrew
She's still a tight one
But she'll have to do

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU READING?!” asked Yellow of Ray,

“Well that didn’t take long,” Ray said with a sigh,
“But I can’t blame you Yellow; so long and goodbye.”

“Hey Ray, you sure have been hanging with him a lot.”
“What’s the matter, did you run out of pot?”

“I've never smoked weed! Not now and not ever!'
But I need someone to talk to in these crazy endeavors
What do you say Hent: should we finish this poem?”

“Why not, it’s been awhile since I've read a tome.”

Give me a turn, howled the wolf
Horny and strong
Shimbei the leopardess
Screamed loud and long
As his huge thick long dick
Tore skin and sank deep
Gaaaahhhh! moaned the wolf
As he sprayed spooge inside her
She's a real one for keeps

“What exactly just happened? Not the story—I don’t care.
But the did the rhyme scheme get worse for a little bit there?
This is deeply disturbing, and I won’t sleep for days,
But could they at least take the time to proofread and rephrase?”

“But if they did that, we'd be out of a job!
If that happens there’ll be a small mob.”

She's all yours, sir!
Ooooh, bellowed the bull
Give me a damn try
Shimbei the leopardess
Tried hard not to cry
As the fourth aroused male
Thrust into her soreness
Whoooo, yelled the bull
Giving a hard lunge
This is more fun than Lorness

“What the shitfuck is Lorness?” Ray demanded to know!
“You just made that shit up so the poem would still flow!
But it didn’t, and it doesn’t, and I doubt that it will!
Jesus Christ, reading this is a battle uphill.”

Haha, screeched the hyena
Lorness, that old fraud
Two years old even, my my my
Why, even though he's a pig
He can't stay hard enough to try!

Ray briefly considered Googling Suidae erections
Then changed his mind, and upon his life, made reflections

Feeling braver however was was our orange little pervert.
His bravery soon wavered and he became an introvert.

Shit! shouted the bull
As he cummed wildly
He pulled out of Shimbei
And grinned mildly

“Why mild?” Ray asked. He was sore in the butt.
“You just chose that for the rhyme. You kook. You nut.”

Let's go get Lorness
And the whole Prideland gang

“This won't go well” Hent scowled from afar.
“Should this get bloody, I’ll wait in the car.”

Simba, Mufasa, Scar, even Sarabi and Nala,
We'll have an orgy, the dragons all sang
As never before
And never again

“Well thank god.”

The wolf patted Shimbei
Upon her tender rump
Oh, don't worry
She'll be fucked by my pups

“Nevermind. Suck my rod.”

“I would like to retract my last statement.
Can’t wait to see this show without payment!
Although I don’t really care for this vagrant.
Oh! I hope that wasn’t too blatant.”

There's Fang and Slasher
And Calmideir, too
They've all got huge appetites
And lots of spooge for you

“Spoodge?” Ray questioned. He fell into a facepalm.
“Well at least this flows better now. Let’s hope that it lasts long.”

So, what are we waiting for?
Let's get the whole world!
C'mon, yelled the bull
Grab the lioness girls!
So that night they partied
With beer and with sex

“Where’d they get beer?” Ray asked—he was glaring
“And why in the name of the lord aren’t they sharing?”

“Hay Ray,” said Hent, “could you get me a glass?
I need something strong enough to put me on my ass.”

Ray then mixed a drink, in a glass that was tall
It was 200 proof, and spiked with Fukitol

Nala, Sarabi, Vitani, and Zira
Gave lapdances to the guests
While Mufasa showed Simba
How Scar and he fucked
In and out, in and out
Cum with a GRUNT!
Simba screwed Nala
Over an elephant tusk

Hent quivered in fear from the author's words.
“This orgy is too much for us little nerds.”

Ray solemnly nodded: Hent’s words were astute
“But can it really be worse than Cub Training Institute?”

Banzai made out
With the hyena named Musk
So everyone was happy
While Shimbei shrieked
When Lorness got grabby
The pig with huge balls
And an even bigger dick
Couldn't get hard enough
To fuck with his stick

“This part isn’t awful.” Ray sipped on his gin.
“It’s not good, but it’s not quite the worst part there’s been.”

“Say what you will.” Hent chugged his scotch.
“ It’ll get much worse, just you watch.”

The white sticky cum
Got higher and higher
As the dragon and his friends
Blew each other with fire

“Oh god, that sounds painful… but kind of exotic…
On second thought, dickburn does not sound erotic.”

Vitani got laid
By Scar's hyena named Ed
He might look real stupid
But he's mighty fine in bed

“His game is good.
He must be from the hood.
But I’m top dog out on these streets.
Waifu calls me sempai under our sheets.”

Zira cried out
As Mufasa humped her
Scar grabbed Nala
And shoved his cock in with a grrr

“Why is that funny? I feel bad for smiling
But this onomatopoeia is truly beguiling”

Timon and Pumbaa
Showed up on the scene
Hey, what's goin' on here?
Why, this is obscene!

“You don’t know the half of it,” said Ray. He was sad.
“There was dragon rape earlier. It was really quite bad.”

I dunno, grunted Pumbaa behind him
I've got a really hard thing
Up inside my rim
Goddamn, shouted Timon

“I’m getting quite sick of this bit.”
He then scanned the review and saw he was half through it.
“This thing is to long!” He started to plead.
“Any more of this and my eyes will bleed!”

That wolf's fuckin' your butt
You better stay still
He'll cum with a GRUNT!
Balto showed up
Jenna and Aleu, too

“Where the hell did they come from?
That’s a different cartoon!”

“I’m not surprised, this guy’s taking shrooms.
But my rhymes over now and the author resumes.”

Balto grabbed Sarabi
Jenna grabbed......who?

“I don’t know! You’re the narrator!
I shouldn’t have to tell you!”

Mufasa came up
With cum dripping from his hard cock
Would you like to come with me, Aleu?
Behind that big rock?
The young wolfdog moaned,
Oh, Mufasa, you're so good
The only thing missing
Is my wolfpack from the hood
The wolves rushed in howling
A kitten before them
Let's get this party started
Yelled a huge white somethin'
They fucked that kitty
All and every way
Up the ass
Up the puss
Up the mouth
Scar's gay!

“When did Scar get a vag?” Ray asked with delight—
No wait, ‘twas disgust. This story sucks shite.

He sucked Balto's dick
In front of Sarabi and Zira
White cum splashed his face
Haha, laughed Fira
That's a big disgrace!
Two stallions came
With huge cocks and balls
To shove them inside
Lorness and Amal
Nala screamed, Fuck!
And everyone did
Nala screamed again
As Scar fucked her in sin

“Sin is an understatement,” Ray said with a gun,
“And I’ll mercy kill myself by the time this is done.”

“Pass that over here, consider it my termination.
The next time you’ll see me will be in our next animation!”

C'mon, yelled Simba
There's something over here
Zazu and Shenzai
Were at it again
Sucking dick
Licking cunt
Oh, it's too much to say
A bird and a hyena....
Let's put it this way
The cum behind the rock
Was deep and thick white

“Like all the cum in this story.
We get it, alright?”

Pumbaa had his pigmeat
Stuck up inside a dragon
Vitani creamed
And Ed licked her up
His tail a-waggin'
Balto fucked Zira
Hey, c'mon, 'sup?
Jenna danced
And laughed with Scar
Hey, babe, let's go so far
He said
Let's take a trip out to my car

“Now they have cars?” Ray asked. He couldn’t think.
He decided to mix himself just one more drink.

Kovu and Kiara
Showed up as well
Kiara dressed in black leather
Holding a whip from hell
Kovu had a dildo
To stuff up Scar's butt
Hey, people, he yelled
Show some respect for my slut!

“That isn’t how sluts work! Nor was it ever!
Sluts were not made for respectful endeavors!
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but writer, I’m begging:
Show disrespect when your sluts you are pegging!
Or use another word! Or writer another story!
Maybe one not in the rape category!
This is bad, this is dumb, this is trash, this is garbage;
This is—and I’m speaking quite frankly—retarded”

Kiara whipped Mufasa
And Balto
And Musk
Kovu raped Scar
With the strap-on
He sucked
Scar laughed madly
As a stallion raped his son
Aleu licked Vitani
And finger-banged her too
Vitani cried out
Oh, Aleu, oh, screw you!
Aleu grabbed the strap-on
That Kovu had dropped
This'll feel good!
Oh, Aleu, Vitani shrieked, please don't stop!

“Oh please do stop!” contradicted Ray in dismay,
“I doubt I can go on reviewing this way.”

Zira snarled with happiness
As Mufasa's huge cock she sucked
Lorness squealed with rage
As Simba shoved his dick up his butt
So the Pridelanders fucked
And swallowed and licked and blew
The two stallions and the others
All did too
The cum grew so high
That they started to float
Everyone grabbed logs
And used them for boats

“Thank god!” shouted Ray, “For this logical detail!
Now hold on, while I send to this writer an email.”
Ray then wrote a letter that was laced in profanity,
Calling out Uokih, for his lack of humanity

Simba fucked Nala
Doggystyle all the way

“They’re cats,” countered Ray,
“It’s kitty style, m’kay?”

Mufasa rode the waves
With Jenna that.....say

“Jenna! Get the fuck back to My Inner Life!”

“Warnuts, take it easy, just set down that knife.”

Ed sucked Zazu's hard red birdie-cock
Zazu licked Zira's
Dripping lioness-lock
Balto screwed his own daughter
Upon a big log
Oh, fuck, he said. Whooohooo!
Aleu screamed, Oh daddy
You're a big one, too!
Scar licked the lioness Vitani
Then sank his cock inside
Vitani wrapped her legs around his waist
And came with a cry
The two stallions neighed and laughed
Jacking off and swallowing spooge
All the animals surfed and fucked
Upon the sea of white sticky cum
It swept through the Pridelands
And Rafiki jumped on
He shook his big bare purple ass
In everybody's face
Then turned around and stuffed his cock
In Sarabi's wet place

“Which place is that? Because I have to imagine,
That everything’s wet in this spoodge-covered prideland”

Shimbei got free and fucked ole Lorness
Then changed places with Aleu
Balto screwed her long and hard
Yelling, I've got a leopardess, too!

“At this point the positions aren’t even creative;
It’s IKEA erotica, and goddammit, I hate it”

Aleu cried out and sucked Scar's balls
As he licked Zira's dripping cunt
It's been a long long time my girl
Since we last undressed and fucked
Kiara and Kovu got it on
But Kiara was the one on top
When Kovu's cock was inside of her
She pushed the strap-on into his tight asslock

“What the fuck is an asslock?” Ray wondered, and Googled
He found Urban Dictionary, and there, he was schooled

The sea of sticky white grew deeper and deeper
It turned into a huge sea
And swept the whole world bare
So here's a word of advice to you
Don't ever go to the Pridelands
And if you want to have an orgy
Just have everyone jack off in their pants!

And down into madness, Ray did descend
Just seconds before making it to: