Review #183

A night to remember

Story by Pokemance

Review by Ray

Ray, website update!

Surprisingly enough, the new site is actually coming along great. Learning PHP was hella easier than I thought, and even though we don’t have access to our server’s main apache configuration file, we… Yellow?

Too specific, you lost me. Let’s just read some dumb shit.


The day is fading, the once blue sky becoming orange, "well, it's time to set down my tent"i said while looking for the perfect spot, my tent wasn't hard to setup so in a few minutes i managed to do soo, i got a few chairs outside of the tent one so i can rest my bag and another for me to sit in, i start a campfire to not only warm myself and cook but also soo i could see what i am doing since now the day had totally faded.

Oh thank god, a period! I was beginning to think that the writer didn’t know how to end a sentence.

As a seasoned camper, I’m just wondering why he brought a chair for his pack. That type of behavior seems super unnecessary and/or lonely.

As i prepared myself for a good meal, the bushes started to move, from them apeared a Jigglypuff,

Ah, that would be a perfect meal!

i had no pokemon to fight it with, nor a backup plan in case it tried to kill me other then run inside of my tent,


but this little cute pokemon didn't seem interested in hurting me, it started aproaching me," are you hungry little fell'a"i said as i put food on an extra plate

This guy has an extra chair and an extra plate? It’s so weird; all of these details seem to be hinting at a larger story that clearly doesn’t exist.

I think you’re reading into it too much.

Let’s just wait and see.

and put it in front of the cute pokemon, it ignored the plate with food and continued walking towards me and starting to sing.


I started to feel really tired, like i was about to fall a sleep,the pokemon was now on my lap then everything got black.

When i awoke the Jigglypuff had sometype of iogurt in her face,

Iogurt? Is that some kind of sci-fi chemical compound?

Pretty sure the writer just misspelled yogurt.

How can you tell?

Because when I Googled iogurt, it asked if I meant yogurt.

i was on the floor,

Sure, don’t bother typing out forest floor or anything.

i couldn't remember how i got to the floor, Jigglypuff got closer again and again untill she was only 1 meter from me,she blushed and licked herself clean of that iogurt that she had on her face and started running towards me, she then got me fully inside of her mouth, i didn't even know i was bare.


As she sucked me, i couldn't feel more good, then a thought came to my mind "has she been sucking me off since i got inconscient?

Wait… she’s only sucking his dick? Oh, that’s… actually not better. Bye Ray!

Is that iogurt my cum?"

thoughts that faded fast as Jigglypuff fastened her rythm, i was enjoying it soo much, then i came, shooting my seed inside it's mouth the pokemon stared at me, in short moments my cum started to show on the pokemon's lips.

This story is silly. At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself; if I read it as a comedy, then I don’t have to think about it.

The Jigglypuff started to gulp it in, once it gulped it all, it opened it's mouth showing it completly clean,

Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

i was still erect and as the pokemon started to suck me more, flip myself with it, i was now on top of the jigglypuff.

I positioned myself between it's legs, no genitals were showing,

Probably because it’s a cartoon animal from a kid’s show.

the pokemon did nothing more than just stare at me, as i started searching for any genial between its legs my fingers seemed to slip into a same hole, as i put my head closer i could see it was a small vaginal opening, hidden between a slit in her skin, i spreaded it out making the jigglypuff moan.

Because obviously, the writer cares about her needs.

As i align myself with her opening she rests her hands in the floor,

¡¡¡¿?OO?? ?H- -I ?NI???? ?H SI IHM

i prepare to penetrate her but she wasn't wet enough, her pussy was smaller then my dick and as soo we needed more lubrification,


i start to rub my tip on her clit making the pokemon start to moan more and more.

I had never had sex before

I wholeheartedly believe you.

but i did know how it worked

I wholeheartedly disagree.

and i didn't care if it was with this Jigglypuff

Well that makes sense. To a psychopath.

i would lose my virginity with as the pokemon seemed to want it more than i did.

As a small poddle of liquids started to build up between our crotch's the more i seemed closer to my orgasm, as she was completly wet i rested my dick on her clit,

Just a second ago you couldn’t find the vagina, and now you’re going to tell me that you found the clitoris? SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF YOUR AMORPHOUS PINK CHANTEUSE EROTICA.

the pokemon stoped moaning and stared at me, the pokemon was drolling from it's left side, she put her back legs on the side of my hips,

I’m disappointed in myself for how much effort I put into visualizing this.

spreading them apart and grabed my arms with her front paws,



pulling me down on her a few inches.

My tip had slippedto her entrance and started pressuring it, she started to squeeze me with her back legs, making me start to come inside of her slowly and steady, i could feel in great detail what her pussy felt like on my dick,

Oh, really now? Then please, Mr. Vagina-on-Dick Expert, describe it to us.

she was soft,


tight and warm, and in a few seconds i our crouch's were slamed into each other,


she had just taken my virginity…

And on that ellipsis we end our tale. I’m going back to writing the new website. If I accidentally use racial slurs as the variable names, this story is why.