Review #180

foxpaw and sandstorm mating lemon

Story by captain fox905

Review by Ray

foxpaw was walking around the forest on thunderclan's territory when sandstorm jumped on him. "what are you doing?" he hissed. "me and you are going to fuck." she said.

I don’t know who either of these characters are, but that’s okay; when the fucking starts in the first paragraph, odds are that the characters really don’t matter anyways.

foxpaw smiled.

sandstorm start to lick foxpaw's cheeks

Don’t make the joke Ray.

I really want to make the joke Yellow.

No, don’t, that joke isn’t even funny Ray.

Pretty sure I’m about to make the joke Yellow.

I implore you to reconsider telling the joke Ray.

Reconsidered, still definitely going to make the joke Yellow.

Fine. Tell the goddamn joke.


and then she moved to his cheast,

Chest… breasts?

I don’t want to know.

which made him moan. "mmm..sandstorm." moaned foxpaw. foxpaw started rubbing her pussy with his paw.

Fingering etiquette 101: trim your nails.

"ooooo...foxpaw." she loudly exhaled. "mmm...yes, baby keep doing that...oooo...yes you are so much better then firestar." moaned sandstorm.

Wow, so there was already a pairing that would have been canon here. But nope, the author decided that these two cats—and these two cats specifically—needed to pound each other. Good job for having standards?

To be fair, I bet that in the actual book, these characters probably had some sort of depth that would justify this new pairing. Too bad we don’t get to see what on earth that depth would be, because right now this is about as deep as two actual cats actually fucking.

Maybe that’s what they were going for.


Hm, good point.

he let her up and she got in a hunting crouce and he position his hard cock near her ass. he rubbed it up and down on it. "FUCK ME FOXPAW AND STOP TEASING ME!"

“I have needs too, woman!”

hissed sandstorm, as she thrust he his backwards and forcing his cock in her ass.

“as she thrust he his backwards and forcing his cock in her ass”? That’s the sentence you’re going with? How many times do we have to say it: masturbating while you write is no excuse to skip proofreading.

he started to pump in and out of her fast. "oooo...sand...storm you're so tight." he moaned.

"i know...mmm...OH FUCK FOXPAW YOU COCK IS SO HUGE!" screamed sandstorm as foxpaw suddenly started humbing her faster and harder. "OOO...FUCK YES..MMM...FUCK ME HARD...OH YES BABY...MMM... . ...NYAAA!" SCREAMED SANDSTORM.

Please tell me you real all of this to your roommate’s cat.

Word for fucking word.

"SANDSTORM I'M CUMMING!" screamed foxpaw. she felt her cum in her ass


Yeah biology doesn’t work that way.

and felt him pull out of her. she felt his cock explode cum on her ass, she turned around and licked his cock clean.

So I’m sure many of you know that cats’ tongues are barbed, which is why they feel so rough. If you’ve read enough of our reviews, then you might also know that their penises are barbed as well. What I’m getting at is that I imagine the sentence above was a very unpleasant ordeal.

You know too much about animal genitalia.

Yeah well I’m a furry with internet access and a lot of free time, so what else do you expect?


Good one.

Seriously though, stop watching cartoon animal-people fuck.

she started to suck his cock, fast. "OOO...SANDSTORM...MMMM...GAH...YES YOU MOUTH AND TONGUE FELL SO AMAZING!" screamed foxpaw as sandstorm swirled her tongue around his cock.

Ray why the fuck did you tell me about the barbs!

she felt his cum shoot in her mouth.

she swallowed it and saw his cock shoot cum on her face. he started to fuck her pussy


as fast and hard as he could. "OOO...NYA,NAY..NYA...NYAAAA..,

Thumbs up good dialogue 👍👍👍

FUCK ME, YES FOXPAW FUCK ME HARD...MMM...NYA...YES RIGHT THERE...YES!" screamed sandstorm as she felt him shoot cum in her, and she felt her cum shoot on him.

So this is IKEA erotica right?

Oh without a doubt.

Can we play that drinking game again?

Yellow, that killed you last time.


foxpaw saw sandstorm covered in his cum all over her body.

Writer, diagram that sentence. I dare you.

"SANDSTORM! i'm...i'm sorry...i should have not got..." sandstorm cut him off, by rubbing his cock with her tail, and then her paw. "mmm...sandstorm...yes, it feels amazing." moaned foxpaw. he felt his cum shoot all over her paw and body again.

Okay, calm down dude.

" are an amazing fucker." she said with a grin, which made him blush.

“I mean, I lost count of how many times you came. It seemed biologically impossible, frankly. But then again, I was cumming out of my ass, so what do I know.”

foxpaw started to fuck sandstorm's ass,

oh god this story never ends

she felt him cumming a lot, but was shocked as he kept fucking her. she felt his cum going in her and leaking out of her. "OOO...FOXPAW THAT'S ENOUGH!" she cryed. she gasped as he blew a huge load in her, and shivered as his cock shot cum all over her ass and back when he pulled out.

So this story just had to take it to that “too far” level, huh?

They are cats Ray. “Too far” was when they started fucking—as cats.

"what you think of that?" he asked with a smirk on his face. sandstorm just grinned. foxpaw started to pound her ass.

Is this like My Immortal, when Ebony and Draco went to the same concert like, twenty goddamn times?

Scroll down once. I want to see if this page ever actually ends.

she smiled. "is that your best little kit, i felt better fucks, from a kitten." teased sandstorm playfully.


foxpaw grinned and rammed his cock in and out of her ass as fast as he could and went as deep as he could. sandstorm started to scream very loud, and them cry and whimper

“Them” as a typo for “then”? COMICSNIX CONFIRMED.

as foxpaw fucked her, and kept it up while he was cumming.

At this point, him cumming is implied. They could be walking around and having a friendly conversation, and he would be jizzing in his pants the whole way.

"PLEASE FOXPAW...STOP!" she begged,

“Make up your mind woman!”

he thrusted again and shot cum all in her and on her ass. sandstorm started to lick foxpaw's stomach and then she took his whole cock and balls in her mouth and sucked him hard and fast. he started to moan very loudly,

And cum?

and cum.


she swallowed it and felt the rest explode on her face.

Well thank god that’s the only erotic Warriors fanfiction on the internet.

Um, Yellow—

Trust me Ray, they’re all the same. We’re done here.