Review #169

Eevee TF TG

Story by Xana-William

Review by Hent

One day, a boy named Phil walked to a park. Phil walked into the park and felt thirsty, and like he doesn’t need any clothes. Phil walked to the drink stand and bought a drink, which looked like root beer. he saw a pink Eevee walk up and say “you can’t stand while you drink that, come with me to the bathroom” the pink Eevee said and started walking towards the womans restroom.


  1. Why is every pokemon story we do sexual? Why can’t people just go on the ultimate quest to be the very best?
  2. Why must all fanfic pokemon talk? Can’t the interactions be between two humans?
  3. Eevee has like…

        Nine different iterations, one of which is pink and one of which is dark pink IE- purple.

Phil followed the pink Eevee and said “why are you pink? why is everyone pink?”. The pink Eevee said “you’ll find out soon” and walked into the bathroom, Phil walked in as a pink Eevee walked out bleeding from the pussy.

Figment of my imagination


Call my therapist. Tell him, he’s a rich man.

Phil flinched and sat on a chair which was covered in pink Eevee fur. Phil didn’t mind and took a sip of his drink, not noticing that the brown fluid was turning pink.

You’re in a bathroom. What could you possibly be drinki...

the Pink Eevee said “my name is Sam. I guess your Phil”. Phil nodded and felt something push out of his spine, he checked his spine to find a small bump at the base of it. Phil jumped up in suprise as Sam said “you don’t have to worry, your going to be cute”


and… I never really knew my dad. He just had a one night stand with my mom and...was gone.

And what about your Waifu? Do you think you are using her to hiding from your own insecurities?  

I...I don’t…

It’s ok. Take your time. I’m paid hourly.

and walked over to Phil’s cock with a pair of gender change sissors. Phil freaked out a bit and took another sip as Sam put his penis through the hole in the sissors.

It’s just...No matter what we do… the fics just get worse and worse.

And how does that make you feel?

Our goal was to get retribution… to punish those who created these stories but… what we are going enough?

Sam said “once I snip your penis off, you’ll become completely a girl like me. well, not like me till you finish your drink off” and pressed on the sissors, Phil’s penis falling to the floor. Phil flinched as his cock disappeared into a female clit, crying that he has a clit. Phil became completely a girl, tail growing a bit longer with pink fur growing on it.

But what more can you do? You are but one man.

I...I don’t know. But there's gotta be something I can do!

Phil gasped “I gotta get out of here” she said, finnishing her drink and running into a mirrored stall. Phil started shaking as her tail finished growing with pink fur and a light pink tail tip. “why did I have to walk into this park” she said, shaking as her legs reformed into the hind legs of an Eevee, her hips also reforming. Phil fell off the toilet and grabbed her Eevee hind legs. Phil screamed as she watched her hands and arms reform into the front legs and paws of an Eevee as pink fur engulfs her body, a light pink tuff of thick fur growing around her neck.

Hold on a sec… What the actual fuck is going on?

Pay it no mind. Lets finish our session.

Sam said “your almost done, if you need to pee. sit on the toilet made for Eevees” as Phil went over to the toilet and sat on it, letting her pee come out and down the toilet. Phil’s head started reforming, gaining Eevee ears covered in pink fur and a small muzzle with sharp fangs. Phil said “looks like my human form…….is gone”.

I just don’t understand… Why? Why would they write stuff like this?

Some questions, are not meant to be answer Hent.


But there will alway be more.

It’s ok Hent.



It’ll all be ok.