Review #160


Story by Tana Satou

Review by Ray

Prepare your body for something special.

So what makes this story special? Well, take a look at the description.

Dedicated to my friends on a furry chatroom. I actually took some of their ideas, hence the name "Friend-Fiction." It's my first smut, and I think it's good, even though it's a bit short. The names are [Boy], [Girl1], [Girl2] so you can put whatever name you desire, making it even better for your experience.

Fuck. Yes. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Sex toys.

A threesome.

One boy, two girls.

Combine them and you have in your hands;


Warnuts knocked on the door to his friends' apartment.


"Come in," said a feminine voice. Oddly, there was sexual moaning…

Hm, how odd indeed! Warnuts, get in there and investigate!

Warnuts opened the door, his eyes widened at the display standing before him.

"Hey Warnuts, we're just having a little fun," said Warnuts's friend - Waifu - who was French-kissing his other friend - Kate Upton.


Warnuts watched Kate Upton's middle finger slide up and down inside Waifu's tight opening.

Warnuts blushed and gawked, he couldn't believe his eyes. "Uh, I didn't mean to intrude. I'll leave right now!"

Well so far this sounds like a very realistic scenario. Warnuts has certainly never owned a poster of Kate Upton in her swimsuit, and if he walked in on her fingering a pillow, I’m sure he would leave as politely as possible. A+ work Tana Satou, well done.

"Wait, we must have you! Ahh~" Waifu begged while moaning.

From this moment forward, I firmly believe that Waifu should end all of her sentences with an ahh~

The two girls ceased their lewd actions,


rolled onto the floor and crawled toward their victim. Waifu clenched Warnuts's leg while Kate Upton slid down his pants. Warnuts's face rivaled a tomato as his two friends slid down his boxers together.


"Sister, go get some of our toys, while I prepare him..." said Kate Upton in a seductive voice.

Yup, Kate Upton is Hent’s Waifu’s sister, which means that Kate Upton is Hent’s sister-in-law. Betcha didn’t see that one coming.

Waifu walked into a seperate


room while Kate Upton continued.

Kate Upton grabbed Warnuts's erect manhood


Let’s try that again.


Warnuts grabbed Kate Upton's erect manhood

There we go.

and placed it in her mouth. She moved her tounge around the head while sliding her thin hands down Kate Upton's long shaft. "Ahn~ Your cock tastes so good. Like heaven..."

Wait a minute, are three of The Retributionists bisexual?

[Editor’s Note: For anyone who hasn’t read the FurRag review yet… get on that. See review #155!]

Waifu came back out and laid down vibrating dildos on the floor.


Waifu pulled her sister over and teased her. Tickling her thighs and sliding her tounge into Warnuts's mouth. "Mmph~ More! More!" Warnuts yelled. Waifu reached over and fondled Kate Upton's penis.


God I love my job.

Kate Upton felt himself succumb to his sexual desires. "Harder, Waifu!" he demanded.

Kate Upton has a penis and is demanding sexual satisfaction from a pillow. That’s my contribution to the internet, what’s yours?

Waifu stopped working on Warnuts and put her full attention on Kate Upton. Warnuts responded cruelly


and placed the dildo into her sister, turning the vibrations on slow and gradually intensifying, shoving it back and forth, hitting Waifu's g-spot multiple times.

Warnuts, how could you? It’s one thing to hit somebody’s g-spot with a vibrator that they asked you to go get in the first place, but to hit somebody’s g-spot cruelly? There is a line sir, and you have crossed it.

Waifu took Kate Upton's cock out of her mouth and moaned as the dildo hit her more sensitive zones. "YES! MORE! MORE!"


Kate Upton shoved Warnuts onto her back and spread her legs.


He entered her private area, slowly pushing and pulling. Waifu kept the vibrator going while she groped Waifu's tits


and squeezed her nipples, licking up her warm milk.

Waifu is drinking her own milk. Truly, Hentai Man found himself quite the lady.

She slid her hand down to Warnuts's clitoris


and rubbed up and down.

Waifu's rough tounge

Hey! Waifu has 540 thread count and you will not say otherwise!

and large hands pleasured Warnuts. Her fast, hard rubs on her most sensitive area felt amazing, there were not enough words to describe the feeling.

*Tana Satou did not know enough words to describe the feeling.

While Kate Upton's thick penis moving quickly within in her tight pussy walls sent her flying through the rooftops.


Masturbating does not excuse you from proof reading. For shame, Tana Satou. For shame.

The vibrator in Warnuts's vagina was intense and provided a large burst of pleasure.

Kate Upton felt close. Warnuts's walls squeezed his cock and finally sent him on his way.

"I'M COMING!" the small bunch yelled simultaneously.

*Que freeze frame and wacky sitcom outro music*

White liquid stained the carpet beneath them,


they all twitched. Kate Upton pulled out and Waifu pulled the dildo out.

"That was the best sex I ever had..." said Warnuts, the trio fell asleep in eachother's arms.