Review #157

My Little Piggy

Story by Yukon Tom

Review by Ray

Today at 2:04 AM, I set out to give the least amount of fucks ever given in a retribution. And, now at 2:09 AM, I'm proud to announce that the goal has been reached.

I was at a local bar not having much luck, when this beautiful redhead came up to me and introduced herself as Andrea.

We struck up a conversation and danced for about an hour before she invited me to her place. I was in heaven; not only because she was so gorgeous, but since I am somewhat over-weight I don't normally have the best of luck with women anyway.

When we got back to her house we started to make out pretty heavily. After a short while we were both naked. She looked at me and said, "My, you're a little piggy aren't you?"

I was offended and hurt and didn't know what to say.

"I meant in your sexual appetite, silly," she said.

I laughed and went back to kissing her neck.

"Would you like to be my little piggy?" she asked giggling.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean I want you to pretend you're a pig. I want you on all fours, eating whatever I put in front of you, and squealing with delight. Would you do that for me?" she said matter-of-factly.

"Sounds pretty kinky," I said. "But it does sound like fun."

I got down on my hands and knees and began to make pig noises for her. She laughed and went over to a chair and sat down. `Here, piggy-piggy,' she said and I crawled over to her.

She stuck her foot out and I began to kiss and lick it, getting the full salty taste of her sweat from when we were dancing. She then spread her toes so I could lick between them and then she told me to suck each of her toes, which I did gratefully. By this time I was rock hard and I could see that she was getting wet.

"Up here little piggy, I've got a treat for you." she said as she guided my head to her pussy.

I couldn't believe what was happening, but I wasn't going to waste the opportunity. As I began to eat her out, it only took a few minutes before we were both squealing with delight as she came.

"That was great, piggy," she said with a smile. Then she got up out of the chair and went over to an end table. I watched as she opened the drawer and pulled out a pack of clothesline. She began to unravel it as she walked back towards me. "Is my little piggy going to let me hog-tie him?" she asked, knowing that I was so horny at the time that I would let her do almost anything to me.

I nodded yes, and she said, "That's a good little piggy."

She first had me lay down on my stomach and pulled my hands behind my back where she tied them together. She then pulled my legs up and began tying my feet together. After this, she used the rest of the rope to pull my feet and hands together and tie them to each other. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't comfortable either.

She looked at me and said, `You make a cute little piggy, but something is still missing... I know.' She got up and ran into her kitchen. I heard her open the refrigerator door and rummage around in one of its compartments for a few minutes, before she came back into the room with her hands behind her back.

She slowly brought them around to her front and showed me an apple. "I had to find one that would fit snuggly. Now open up piggy."

I opened up my mouth and she slowly pushed it in. My jaw and lips began to ache as they stretched to accept the apple, as it was too big to fit completely in my mouth. She saw that my lips were fully stretched out and went and grabbed a small tube and somehow managing to get it between my lips and the apple began to run it all the way around them saying she didn't want my lips to split.

She looked at me and laughed. "My, you look delicious. You do know what happens to little piggies after they've been hog-tied and had an apple stuffed in their mouth, don't you?"

I tried to spit the apple out of my mouth but found I couldn't. The tube she had used had been super-glue.

"Now it's my turn to eat you," she said as she pulled me into her sauna. "You should be well done in about two days I think. It's only set at 225. Bye-bye piggy."

And with that she closed the door…