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I personally prefer Hell Butterflies but that's just me.        

Authors Notes: I have done it again.  I’m right back at it. This is my 3rd song fic, based on another one of Mariah Carey’s songs called “Butterfly” This one is focusing on Malon’s feelings for Link.



How the relationship they had just didn’t seem to work out. She’s going to explain how they met and fell in love, but then it seemed that his love for her slowly started to slip away over time. Now its been 10 years since they were together, (This is after Link defeated Gannon but he did not go back in time) but it seems that Malon now 28 years old, still feels something for him, she found it hard to let him go then, but does she have to let him go again, even though he has found and married another? Rated PG 13 for adult langue and themes.

So was the whole story, because that was long as fuck.

Disclaimer: Ok I know I do not own Malon, Link or any of the other Zelda peeps. They belong to Nintendo (Though I wish I owned Link hehehe)

Hahaha, it’s just as funny as the first time

But I however do own Jenna and any another chars in this story that are not found in Zelda, so don’t use them without my permission. I’m just using the Zelda peeps for my stories.

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A lesson learned in letting go.

Oh, that’s some thick irony.

The sky was setting off tones of deep pink, and lavender, the sun nearly fading from the horizon as Malon was ushering the last two horses into the stables for the night.

Wait I thought this takes place in the future so wouldn't Ingo be working with the horses?

It had been a long day and she was tired. After she secured the last two horses into their stalls, she walked out of the barn, latched the doors shut then went into the house.

Ingo was busy cooking dinner while her dad, Talon was upstairs getting cleaned up.

No, her dad was kicked ou… Fuck it, I’ll be here all day if I keep pointing out all the differences. BUT WHY IS INGO BEING NICE TO HER DAD, HE KICKED HIM THE FUCK OUT OF THE FARM BECAUSE, and i quote, “There are some people in Kakarico spreading rumors that I cheated Talon out of the ranch but… Don’t be ridiculous! That guy Talon was weak! I, the hard-working Ingo, poured so much energy into this place!” NOW DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A GUY WHO WOULD BE COOKING DINNER FOR THE TALON AND MALON!?!

She decided to go upstairs herself and clean up as well before dinnertime. She went into her room and stood in front of her vanity and begun to brush her long reddish blonde hair.

  Malon Artwork (Ocarina of Time)


Malon watched as the image in the mirror mimicked everything she did, right down to the twinkle that reflected from her crystal blue eyes. She ran the brush down the full length of her hair, stopping for a moment after every few strokes. When she finished, she sat the brush down and proceeded to walk to the bathroom, when something caught her eye.


There on the nightstand sat something that always gave her bad memories. She walked over to it and picked up a gold bracelet made with Triforce links lined with diamonds that Link had given to her when they were together.

That sounds like it costed more than 999 Rupies.

She gave the bracelet a scornful look as she walked over to the bed and sat down. Turning the bracelet over, she read the inscription that was engraved on the underside. “To my love Malon.” “I love you always.” Her face twisted into a scowl as she remembered the day Link gave it to her.

He gave it to her just days before he “broke it off” with her. His excuse was that he felt as if the flame between them had slowly flickered out and that his feelings for her were just not the same anymore. She remembered how long she cried that night, she practically cried herself to sleep. Then for the next few days, it seemed as if her heart had totally fallen out of her chest, the feelings she had for him still lingered strong inside her. Every time she saw him after that, she would breakdown and cry, it even happened more then once in the Market, causing her to feel like a total ass. But she held strong, held onto a hope that he would return to her, return to the love they once shared.

I’m sorry to say this Malon, but he found a Marry Sue. He won't be coming back

“When you love someone so deeply

They become your life

It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside

Blindly I imaged I could

Keep you under glass

Now I understand to hold you

I must open my hands

And watch you rise”

“Spread your wings and prepare to fly

For you have become a butterfly

Fly abundantly into the sun

If you should return to me

We truly were meant to be

So spread your wings and fly


She suddenly blinked, her head swarming with thoughts of “him”. Her gaze returned to the bracelet in her hands as she pulled it close to her heart. Small crystal white tears trickled slowly down her face as her body shuddered with uneasy feelings. “What is wrong with me?” “Why am I still upset about the breakup that happened between us ten years ago?”

Yeah you’re heading to stalker territory.

Malon asked herself softly. “Is it that I’m still in love with him?” “Have I really not gotten over him?” “Oh Goddesses this cannot be happening!” Malon cried as she came to the realization that she indeed was still in love with Link.

“Oh gods why do I still have these damn feelings?” “He has moved on…he has already found and married another.”

Was it Ruto? Because apparently they fucked as well.

“I didn’t feel this way when I sung for him at his wedding, but why the hell am L feeling them now?” “Why….just why can’t I seem to break free of these empty feelings still wrenching my saddened heart?” She questioned herself again as she closed her big blue eyes and let her thoughts move to the day he called it to an end.

She remembered that it was a clear blue day, the sun high up as a gentle breeze blew threw the trees of Hyrule Field. A messenger had come from the Kokiri Forest with word that Link wished to speak with her with the utmost urgency. At first she thought Link was in trouble, but she soon realized that it was more then that. When she arrived at Link’s house(who was eighteen at the time) inside Kokiri Village, her worst nightmare was about to come true.

Your worst nightmare is getting dump? Wow, that’s kind of shallow.

When she looked into his eyes, the eyes that usually shimmered a deep blue were now dull and like ice. At that point she could tell that she was going to hear something she was not going to like.

“Malon I’m glad you’re here.” “I have somhhething

I’m sorry did you have a seizure while you were typing that?

I really need to tell you.” She eyed him with a worried stare before he spat the words that were going to change her life forever. “Um….Malon…I don’t quite know how to explain this.” “I know that we have been together for quite some time now, but I feel that our love is not what it used to be.” It was with those words Malon knew that it was all going to end.

You don’t know that, maybe he’s about to propose to you.

“I feel that the flame between us has slowly flickered out and it’s just not the same.” “ I just don’t think I have the same feelings for you as I once did.” “I hate to say this……but feel we should end this, but even though that there will be not love interest between us, I still care for you as a friend.”

Ooh She got dumped and friendzoned.

“Maybe just maybe there could be something between us later in time…..but just not now.” Those were the words she dreaded to hear and it was those words that caused her world to shatter around her. She took off crying, leaving Link behind as he pleaded for her to come back, but she blocked them out and ran home.

Her eyes flung open as she came back to reality. She looked down at the bracelet again. “What the hell happened to us.” Malon questioned herself “Why did he leave me so…. so tattered and torn?” “What did I do so wrong that caused him to leave me so?” “Where did I go wrong?”

In reality you did nothing, some people don’t work. like he said “the flame between us has slowly flickered out and it’s just not the same.”

“I have learned that beauty

Has to flourish in the light

Wild horses run unbridled

Or their spirit dies

You have given me the courage

To be all that I can

And truly feel your heart will

Lead you back to me when you're

Ready to land”

Memories of when they met begun to race threw her mind now. She remembered it like it was yesterday. The memories of those days always tasted like heaven, tasted like the sweet honey a bee makes.

Now that’s just stupid, everyone knows memories taste like Peanut butter.

She never forgot the day when they met in Hyrule Market as ten year olds. He was so cute in his green clothes with that blue fairy floating around his head. She even remembered the name she used to call him…..Fairy Boy. She never thought too much of him then….but something inside her snapped when he showed up at Lon Lon Ranch seven years later as a fully grown handsome adult. When she first saw him mounted on Epona, the first thing that came into mind, was that he was the one she met as a child….the Fairy Boy from the forest, but when she looked into those eternal blue eyes…the eyes that always made her body swoon, she knew at that point it was love.

She remembered the long pause between them as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes

Oh sorry that was my fault, I set my controller down to go make a sandwich.

and the stuttered words that soon followed. And it was soon after that, they fell in love and got together. For a while all seemed well. The love between them was strong, so strong that they even experienced sharing a “special part”

Just say you fucked, it’s not that hard.

of each other. She remembered the first time they shared the most sacred thing two people can share. She remembered it like it was yesterday, the feeling left behind a certain glow around her. And it was the feel of his lean infatuated body naked against hers that left a strong feeling of a lingering desire behind in her own body, leaving her with the longing to taste his honey once more.

Then it all seemed to end in a blink of an eye.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Links’ premature!


One thing she knew she was the happiest person alive, then the next thing she knew her whole world was crashing down on her. She got up off the bed and walked over to the mirror once more and stared into the image that was looking back at her. “How could Link leave me so...alone.” She questioned the image in the mirror. “Why did he abandon me?” He face twisted into a scowl as she remembered the feeling after he told her it was over. “He did this on purpose, I can see it now. He had to!” “I mean, what else could he have done to leave me stricken and confused!” “It’s not even that, he even once said that there just might have been a chance for love again….. a chance to rekindle the flame between us, but did I ever get that chance……

Hey Link you might want to get a restraining order against Malon.

“Spread your wings and prepare to fly

For you have become a butterfly

Fly abundantly into the sun

If you should return to me

We truly were meant to be

So spread your wings and fly


She shook her head. “No I didn’t, I never got that chance!” “Now I’m left with nothing….nothing but a broken heart.”

And like a two to three thousand dollar bracelet, but that’s just how I’d look at it.

“To this day I have been asking myself what I did so wrong for him to have left me like this, but I have yet to get the answer I seek.” “But maybe it was more, maybe I have been blinded in some way.” “Was Link really that unhappy and I was so blinded by love that I didn’t notice he was slowly slipping away from me?” “Was I so caught up in myself I didn’t see that the flame between us was slowly dying?” “I guess I will never know, but one thing I do know, I was negligent to his happiness.”

“But even in light of all that has happened I’m still in love with him.” “I’ve tried to convince myself I was over him, but in reality I wasn’t.” “Even to his day I still long for him,

I’m starting to think you’re confusing love for lust. Because the only thing you’ve describe about your relationship was the three seconds of sex.

the feeling taking over my mind every waking day.” “I cannot help the way I feel, it’s not something I can just throw away that easily.”

While this can be true, ten years wasn’t enough time for you.

“Maybe I’m just clinging onto a useless hope, maybe I’m hoping for the impossible, but one thing I do know, I have been lost without him ever since that day…..the day he left me so…..alone.

“I can't pretend these tears

Aren't overflowing steadily

I can't prevent this hurt from

Almost overtaking me

But I will stand and say goodbye

For you'll never be mine

Until you know the way it feels to fly”

“So spread your wings and prepare to fly

For you have become a butterfly

Fly abundantly into the sun

If you should return to me

We truly were meant to be

So spread your wings and fly


“By the goddesses, I'm doing it again!” “I just don't understand it, not at all.” “After all, if I am so disappointed in Link, then why can't I forget

him?” “Why are these feelings still plaguing me?” “Sigh” “Maybe its just because I’m finding it so hard to let go.….to let go of the one person that I truly loved.”

“So flutter through the sky, Butterfly,”

“God how I'm going to miss those blue eyes, the ones that always twinkled when he stared with them into mine, the ones that always shimmered with loving glances.” “Maybe I’m just fantasizing, but I will never forget those eyes for as long as I live.” “Perhaps, I have come to the realization that Link indeed became a butterfly and needed to know what it felt like to fly,”

“Spread your wings and fly, Butterfly,”

Perhaps since he did not return to me…..then maybe we weren’t meant to be……


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Well pleases tell me what ya thought, I’m dying to know. I think I’m getting better at these song fics. I kinda find those to be the easier ones to write, but I need impute on just how good you think they are. Thanx.

Okay gents that leaves just one more story, and as far as I see it there’s only one way to end this shit hole. Ray get in here we have work to do.