Review #149

A Lost Rose

Story by xxxsodomxxx

Review by Ray

Martin and I dive headfirst into the shallow end of romance.

As the request train keeps on a'rolling, it begs the question; will we ever review Sonichu? Either way, stay tuned as we maybe sort of do a few more requests if we eventually happen to feel like it someday.

This story is by xxxsodomxxx. I haven’t read the whole thing, but from what I’ve skimmed, I’m impressed by the lack of sodomy. This was a request though, so let’s see what there is to be disappointed about.

well people, here it is...MY FIRST FANFIC! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i got tired of reading em so i decided to try out my skills and try to type out a shadamy one-shot.

Shadamy… didn’t we review one of these before?

[Editor’s Note: You lazy shits did not review one of these before. See review #115!]

it's now 4:08 A.M and i'm all jacked up on mountain dew and captain crunch! . review plz!

Well, if you insist.

no hold backs :] i don't take critisicm up the ass x)

Do you prefer orally?

Oh, hey Martin. Making your mandatory cameo?

You want me here or not?

Yes please oh god these reviews are so lonely. Anyways, as my first criticism, you spelled criticism wrong.


hehe anyways enjoy my peeps!

i dedicate this story to my love who put sup wit my bullshit and never leaves my side no matter what333.

What indeed.

Those 3s were probably supposed to be <3, but as Fluff has explained to me,’s formatting is spawned from Satan’s rectum.

forever n ever n more evrs babe :]. enjoy! ^_^


Sitting alone on top of a grassy feild this rather lonesome sombre hedgehog does sit. Looking up at the dark heavens alight with gleaming diamonds, oh such a precious sight that doth bring feelings of nostalgia laced with crimson kisses.


Try reading this story aloud in your most dramatic voice. It’s not a joke, it’s just very entertaining.

For they gleamed like a roses eyes…

You forgot an apostrophe.

his rose's eyes.

You remembered the apostrophe.

a light breeze caressed his skin in vain attempt to shake his state of being but it was useless. He had been alone for quite some time and had grown accustom to the vacant feeling both inside and outside. Eversince his rose was stolen by a blue devil that spoke in tongues of promises drenched in the sweetest of honey, it's never been the same. The girls of his life passed him by like drops of rain dripping down the window glass, for they've never been able to fufill the hole that was left by the ripping throns of his rose.

We’re talking about fucking hedgehogs here.

Can we get manwithoutabody to read this? Pretty please?

Starring out into the vast empty heavens he let out a sigh and closed his eyes recalling a time when everything still seemed right…

"Shads stop it!"

Anyone else feel the irony here?

Amy said giggling as she was being tickle attacked by Shadow on his bed.

Oh, good, more of Shadow and Amy. It’s by far my favorite Sonic ship.

[Editor’s Note: This is sarcasm! To understand the context, see review #114!]

"why? you know you like it babe!", replied shadow with a smirk as he tickled her relentlessly.

“Oh hey, this is really important. Your comma should be inside the quotation mark there. That’s the only thing wrong with this story. Other than that start submitting it to magazines, ‘kay great.”


[Editor’s Note: Goddammit Ray, how deep are you going to make me dig to find these references? For the context, see the one comment that was talked over halfway through episode 58 of a show that isn’t even ours!]

"you know it starts annoying me!", she pushes his arms aside and pouts at him as he stares back emotionless.

How can you be emotionless? You were just tickling someone. Monster.

Well, dying and being recreated as a robot will do that to a person. And if Shadow knows Amy, then this must have happened after Sonic Adventure 2.

Is that canon?

To cite Egoraptor, the Sonic canon is headcanon. Editor, can you find—

[Editor’s Note:


Wayt, Editar! We nead you!

breaking the silence with a chuckle shadow reaches toward amy to hold her.

She lay on his chest smiling in surrender to him. His chest was her favorite place to relax on because she could hear the one thing that gave her reasurance that he wasn't all that bad as people say he was.

Hoo sayz hes bad? acording to my headcannon, and there4 everyone elses, shadow died as a goodguy and has mostly bean 1 sence.

"Ames?", said shadow.

Suht up aboot the pet naimes!

"yes babe?" she replied as she looked up at him with a tender smile and was met with one in return.

"did u mean it when you said those words to me a while back?

How doth u spin such flowery prose, yet still use u instead of you?



know the ones on our first day?" said shadow.

knowing exactly what words he meant she replied with an eager smile on her face, "forever and ever and more ever babe" as she leaned in for a…

4 a obvious projecton of the authors relatonship onto the story?

"huh?", shadow suddenly said

How tha fick do you gradually say, “huh?”

as he opened his eyes finding his lips puckered up but no one on front of him. relasing his lips he starred into the star lit horizon, "i hope your happy Ames... i hope he gives you everything you ever wanted and more". "things" like me don't deserve happiness,If it's deaths lips that i am meant to crash against then so be it, at least i got to know what "love" really was...or so i thought".

Calculon, did u right this?

"Chaos is all the company i will ever need in this wretched world. Pathetic beings that inhabit this forsaken fucking world, food for the maggots is all they are. These fuc"...

Dam right your not going 2 finish that word. Ur games r rated E, fuckr.

"i see you havent changed one bit shad", was heard from behind shadow as he became silent. He lay sitting in silence starring infront of him like a mindless idiot. the words carried a sweet soft tone to them that was recognizable anywhere he went. he sat pondering whether it was all a joke his tortured mind was playing on him, was he starting to lose it? was he starting to now finally…

"i don't like being ignored shads", the voice behind him said again with a serious yet sweet tone.

Ok, if you went too google translate and saw that shads was a slobovian word for shit, wouldnt you believe it?

he suddenly felt a presence sit next to him that emmited a sweet delicious aroma which enticed his body to take all in. he felt...a pulse kickstart inside but died the next instant.

"been a while hasn't it shads?"...

Question mark, quotation mark, elipses… those dont go together. evar.

"yeah", was all he could respond as he could not bear to turn and face her. to see the face of a traitor. the face of a liar. the face of once bright becon of hope that burned out infront of him so long ago and left him in darkness, despair, and ruin.

"how have you been?", She asked.

Who is this mystereus woman?1

how has he been? how has he been? out of all the things that could have come out of her trecherous mouth, did she really think she could just show up and start off with a simple conversation hoping things would turn out nice and fucking easy?

"you got a lot of guts Ames...i always did admire that" he said.

Soooo, you decided to spend nearly a page of exposition that: Holy Fuck! Amy and Shadow have a romantic past, you’ve already met a quota of useless dream exposition that led literally into the same sort of story that the fuckin dream was already doing! Everything above could be: Amy and Shadow, nervous about their previous relationship, meet again.

why am i complimenting her? she left me for that no good piece a blue shit and here i am complimenting her?

although shadow did not want to admit it, deep inside he still felt the burnin passion for the warmth of her body to comfort him. to evelop its tender wings around him and feel the ascension into a world long forgotten.

"yeah i know...i...i know i've hurt you shadow. i know i've done way more damage to you than i could ever possibly comprehend but..." she was suddenly cut off by him.

"but what? you think a simple sorry could ever even begin to heal the pain you caused me? all those desolate fucking months i had to endure with nothing but myself to keep me sane, the only hope seemed to gleam from a shapened edge." he said.

  1. Fuk u righter. You went 4 the easy conflikt 4 no reason.
  2. Fuckk u editar. I had to find that one by miself.

[Editor’s Note: I’ll come back and fix your spelling if you stop making so many goddamn references. Deal?]

I don’t—

Yes! For fuck’s sake, yes!

she looked at him with an upset tear filled face, "what about the damage you did to me? did you forget how used to treat me? all the yelling and fighting? using me as your emotional punching bag whenever you felt like shit shadow,

Don’t you mean shad Shadow?

i'm sorry but i was not just gonna sit there like a fucking idiot aned take that anymore!

Good for you. Why are you back?

...i took 3 years of your bullshit because i loved you shadow!".

he could only stare at her tear stained face in hiddened dismay and silence.

"nothing huh? typical of you", she replied in a dissapointed serious voice as she stared at the moon.

The moon that was half exploded at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 which you don’t seem to have played?

he sat looking at her. He found himself bombarded with memories long forgotten about any of the things she just said.

 slow clap animated GIF

That is by far, the best way to say, “Sorry, what?”

he had forgotten about all of the bad things that had happened to them. denying them tot he point where he had actually somehow erased them.

He’s putting points into his delusion skill.

"i...i..." he mumbled but found that he had lost his voice. he wanted to throw himself at the mercy of her feet and beg for forgiveness at all the pain he had once caused her but something wouldn't let him.

I thought he forgot all the bad things that had happened?

In defense of the writer, Shadow is notorious for amnesia. But in opposition to the writer, I’m not convinced he’s played any of the games.

"you know, i remember when we used to sit around here and just stare up into the sky talking about how many kids we would have, where we would live..." she was once again interupted.


“Bless you.”

Is that an Aztec deity?

[Editor’s Note: Yes.]

yeah i remember. you chose that name for our daughter we were going to have" he said as he stared at her.

I can tell from the name alone that it’s a great thing you never actually had her.

his body ached to feel her skin.

smiling a bit she looked at him and said "you know damn well i don't like to be interupted shad haha" she said with a smirk.

Forcing laughter into the scene will not change the mood, but nice try.

"he looked back at the moon and said "yeah i know" also growing a small smile. "so wherse that blue piec...i mean sonic".

Good save Shadow.

she looked at the ground and stared at the grass for a bit. "well, you see..." she stopped and stared at her shoes . "lets just say i really fucking hate bats".

What the fuck you talkin’ ‘bout ho?

he stared at her puzzled but it came into place after a couple seconds. "ah" he said. "for how long?". knowing this, he felt his anger rise even more for that son of a bitch.

Ah of course… Fuck you.

By bat, Amy means—

No. Fuck him. Let him explain it.

she continued starring at her shoes. "since we got together. Cream had see them around and warned me but i always disregarded it. blinded i was to him.

Who talks like that‽

you see when things began to fall apart with us, he came


and told me things...things i havent heard for the longest time shadow. even when we were together. he made me feel special, made em fee loved, made..." and once again…

"didn't i?", he said?

I don’t know, did he? Why the question mark?

"you know your really starting to annoy me shad. quit it" she said as she glared at him.

You’re calling him by his pet name, he’s already won, fuck already.

"make me" he said devilishly looking at her, feeling a bit more couragous after hearing things wen't total shitfuck between them.


Also, how did we go from, “Blinded I was to him,” to shitfuck?

she chuckled and looked at him with a smile and said "never know when to quit do you shads". she returned her gaze back to the stars and said, "you know even though i was with him shadow, i still felt...empty. something just didn't feel right". she stared at the moon with complete surrender and said, "after i left sonic, i just had to see you again. something inside me ached for you, and as much i hate to admit it...i still have something for you".


Shadow did you make this movie?

shadow stared at her with an expressionless face. did he just hear what he think he heard?

"what?" he said in disbelief.

“What? Did he hear what he thought he heard? Are Shadow and Amy going to get back together after the writer dedicated this story to his girlfriend?”

she looked back at him and inched closer to his body until she was right next to him.

shadow felt a sudden wave of a feeling so foriegn it shaked his core with a thousand unnatural sensations.

And then literally died to exposure.

he turned to her and stared inches away from her face. he had forgoten how radient her skin looked.

Doesn’t she have fur?

Shh, we stole this one from the Fluffy Reviews que.

the pink quills that travelled down her head and curved slightly towards her neck. the scent of roses filled the atmosphere around him.

" sorry i hurt you. i'm sorry for ever believing in that idiot and leaving you but i felt so useless to you, so" know the drill.

at that instant an overwhelming feeling swelled deep in him and he could no longer hold it back. regrets or not he could not control himself any longer.

he grabbed her by the shoulders and crahsed his lips against her passionatley. Almost as if a day had never passed that they had been apart, their mouths accepted each others sweet offering and opened to each other. Thier tongues danced together and battled for dominance. everything around them had all of a sudden disapeared. vanished. as if time had ceased to exist just for them two.

when they parted lips and opened thier eyes their gazes met. rubys and emeralds shined together under the moonlight together. he held her by her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

"i'm sorr...", he put his finger on her soft pink lips, "shhh...therse no need love."

she glared at him. "you never learn do you". smiling they both layed down on the grass. she lay on his chest.

"it's been so long that i heard u", she said to herself.

she sudenly jumped on face to face. they stared into each others eyes in silence and smiles.

thier hearts went according to each others rhythem, and turned into a single beat.

"forever and ever?" shadow said starring into her eyes.

"and more ever" she smiled back starring into his.

You’re right, we do know the drill. Thanks for the sharpie Hent.

No problem.

well hope you liked it and remember that this is my first fanfic so i aint no hotshot muther effin writer XD till next time if u guys actually enjoy it! =]

Until we meet again xxxsodomxxx. But first,