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Battle Against Fate (Post 4)

Story by Awinnerwasyou

Review by Hent

Continuing our trip into madness; Here is part 4: A Stigmata Of Sorts.

(Man, I went through a major case of writer's block while doing this chapter.


Thats...Thats great...just...great.  

The fact that most of the time I couldn't be bothered to write anything didn't really help either. But still, it's done, and it's the most eventful chapter to date.

So something actually happens?

This chapter focuses on the battle in the library, as seen at the end of episode 1 of the anime, with the added addtition of Tara, of course. Shizuku and Kaede also make their first appearances in this chapter. As ever, please read through and tell me what you think!)

Where to start...

  1. Tara wasn’t present during the fight as it happened when she was heading home in the last chapter. Therefore she can’t be added to the scene.
  2. Addition is spelt wrong.
  3. Sakura Kaede made an appearance already. I made a joke about it in chapter 1.
  4. Stop fucking spoiling your own goddamn story. When is this ever ok? Let’s take a look at an actual book.


That’s weird… It’s just the chapter number, the title of the chapter...and then the story.... Interesting.

Let’s look at another example just to be safe.


Would you look at that? Same thing but with a nice little picture to set the mood. Look how nice that looks.

Disclaimer- I do not own Kampfer.

I know!!!

Chapter four- A Stigmata Of Sorts

Christians in the back, get your protest signs ready. Christians in the way back, get your pitchforks ready. Christians in the government, get the military ready.

Approaching the school gates the next morning, I yawned once again. I must have only slept an hour or two last night, maybe even less…. I was so afraid of any further battles that I just couldn't switch myself off and get some sleep.

That or it was your lousy music selection of Back.

And boy, was I paying the price right now. I felt so tired I kept thinking I'd drop down and fall asleep right on the school grounds. Plus, I really was a wreck- both physically and emotionally. Couldn't even concentrate on where I was going. I gave another yawn as I walked across the school grounds. Dammit, I wish my vision wasn't so blurry right now.

So either it’s an emotional story about this girls inner terminal or it’s Monday.  

Guess that's what staying awake for most of the night will do to you…. Suddenly, I felt a big bump right in front of me. I just walked into someone…..

"You really need to watch where you're going…."

"I-I'm sorry. I feel really out of it this morning."

I rubbed my eyes to try and correct my vision a little, and saw who I walked into. Great…. Out of all the people it could have been, it had to have been Shizuku Sango- the student council president….

Once again.


"Ah! M-Madam president! I'm really, REALLY sorry!" I said, bowing repeatedly. Shizuku just looked at me.

"If you say you feel out of it, then you should do something about that.


Great advice. I can clearly see how you became student council president.

You wouldn't want to fall behind in class due to fatigue, would you?" She said, somewhat coldly.

"N-no. I'll wake up shortly, I promise!" I was kind of lost for words, it had to be said….

"Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot to get done before class, so I can't really afford to waste any more time."

With that, Shizuku walked off in a rather graceful fashion. I couldn't help but look on. Remember when I said Kaede was one of the two "Beauties of the school"?

You know. Way back in chapter 1? I’m sure you remember. That asshole who thinks he’s funny made a joke about how I would become the third.

Shizuku is the other one. Not too hard to see why either- her tall, slender figure, along with her long black hair made for quite an arresting sight.

So she is a president and a cop?

Actually Hent arresting means-

[Editor’s Note: Let it go Yellow. Let him look like an idiot.]

She was definitely the sort of girl who'd easily get a job as a model.

Good one. She’s the smartest character in this show/story. She would not make it as a model.

Let me add Models to the list of people that hate you.

Now if only she'd do something about that attitude…. Realising that I was trailing off again, I shook my head and continued my way to class. I felt a bit more aware by now, but I still couldn't help but feel tired. I hoped that today would be a bit more uneventful than yesterday, but I'd soon realise that it simply wasn't going to happen….

Again! God damn. Hold on. Let me find one I haven’t used yet… Here we go.



"Tara Goodman! Are you listening?"

The teacher's voice snapped me back to reality. I hadn't fallen asleep, honest- I was still worrying about being attacked again after school. This must be how it feels for people who get bullied, only my situation was just a little bit different…

Depends on what neighborhood you're from.

 With the entire class looking at me, I spoke up.

"N-no- uh, I mean yes!" I stuttered, still readjusting myself.

Alright Mr. Dictionary. Readjusting.


verb: set or adjust (something) again.

Once just once, I would like to be correct.

Hay man, Awinnerwasyou did her homework.

"Good. Well, considering English is your first language, I'd say you're the best person to translate the following passage. Take it slowly, since the rest of us will need to follow."

...which she said in English….

Shortly after my rude, but necessary awakening, the bell rang, which could only mean one thing-


lunchtime! I went to the canteen with Akane to grab some lunch, then we both walked over to the library to study a little.

Your school has a canteen in it? Do you go to school with these guys?


It wasn't long before she asked the question I had been expecting to hear.

“Tara, will you go out with me?”

"Are you okay, Tara? You seemed really out of it in class today."


"I'm fine, honest. Just had a rough night's sleep, you know?" As with most other people, I knew I couldn't tell Akane about what happened yesterday.

She thought while the audience scoffed.

I hated having to keep silent like this, but what can I do? I was desperate to change the subject.

"Um…. Do you want to listen to my MP3 player? Everything's in English, so you'd have to work out the songs by yourself, but there's a lot of good stuff on there."

Music doesn't have to be translated to be good. Just look at Gangnam Style or Vocaloid.

"No, that's okay. It'll probably distract me while we're studying. I can't see how you're able to listen to that and concentrate at the same time…."

That’s because she isn’t concentrating. It’s called, procrastination.

"Well, I happen to find that it keeps me more focused. I suppose different people find it harder to concentrate when listening to music, though. Guess that's how some people are."

We continued to talk as we made our way to the library. It was mainly about my musical tastes, and Akane's disbelief that I happen to have heavy metal and classical music on the same MP3 player.

Wouldn’t Japanese classical music be very different from American classical?

We shortly arrived at our destination, so we sat down, took out our text books and started studying.


Textbooks is one word! I finally got you!


It was only a few minutes later, however, when we were interrupted by a voice.

"Mishima-San! Can I talk to you for a second?"

I looked around to see Natsuru. He was rubbing the back of his head with his right hand, looking a little confused.

"Um… Okay, I guess." said Akane, standing up. "I'll be back soon, okay, Tara?"

"Yeah, sure. Have fun…" I said. Akane's face went extremely red.

You see it’s funny because it’s a sex joke.

"H-have fun with what?

His dick obviously.

It's not going to be like THAT, if that's what you're thinking! It's not, is it?"

"I don't know what you mean." said Natsuru, looking like he really didn't know what was going through Akane's mind. He honestly didn't. "I just need some advice, that's all."

"Oh. Is that all it was?" said Akane. "Please stop scaring me like that…." No offence, Akane, but maybe you should get your mind out of the gutter every now and then…. Both she and Natsuru went a little deeper

Or grab onto the gutter and pull it off the fucking house.

into the library to have their little talk, so I decided to put all my energy into my studies before I became too curious about what they were talking about. I decided to put a little music on-

Is music going to be your My Immortal clothing description?

shouldn't be a problem here as long as I keep it turned right down.

We get it. You're British. But your character is American, so shape up.

No sooner had I reached for my backpack, however, I heard a really loud crash. All the other students looked in it's direction, some of them even getting out of their seats.

"Shit! What the hell was that?" said someone behind me. Then came another crash.

"Something's happening down there. We need to get out of here, fast!" said another voice. With that, everyone started to run out of the library. Unlike everyone else there, I knew exactly what was going on, and I didn't want to be a part of it.

Man. I sure love how the first word in the title of this fanfiction is Kampfer. I wonder what that translates too.

I had get out of here while I still could. Grabbing my backpack, I made a break for the exit, hoping that Akane and Natsuru would be okay.

My life has a very high probability of being in danger, better take my backpack with me. The world would just end if my notebook was stolen.

But as I ran, I felt that familiar sensation again. I looked at my wrist and squeaked slightly- yes, that was indeed my bracelet glowing again.

Once again, feeling something that is visual.

Guess that confirms my suspicions- there really were Kampfers battling down there. Fuck, this was the last thing I needed. If I left through the exit like everyone else, I'd end up transforming in front of all of them. Can't have that. Looks like I'd have to find another exit, away from everyone else. But that meant going to where the action is… Why me?

Or we think about it logically. If everyone is running out, you wait behind a bookshelf, transform, and leave once everyone else is out. Boom. Crisis averted.

Sword in hand, I looked around at the damage. Several bookcases had toppled over, badly damaged. It looked like some of them had even been cut in half. Another Schwert type, definitely.

Schwert = Sword type.

But what about the other Kampfer? Obviously, I wasn't the target here, otherwise I'd have been attacked where I was sitting earlier. There had to be someone else here…. In the meantime, I was also trying to remember where the nearest exit was. I've been here plenty of times already, so just think! Ah! Now I remember! There was one on the upper floor! Still pretty far from here, though- I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the fight's going on. But it was the only chance I had to get out in one piece.

The bitch just doesn't know how to strategize.

I sped through the battle torn library, hoping no one would notice me.

They did.

What really surprised me was how agile and quiet I was despite the heavy sword I was carrying. I suppose I should be thankful for the little things… A little further in, I heard a few gunshots in the distance, followed by another crash. Looks like I was bang on the money.

“Bang on the money.” So is that a British saying or is the author just being dumb again?

Whoever was fighting, was doing so near the exit I was desperately trying to reach. The noises got louder as I got closer to my goal- I was right on top of the fighting now. My eyes quickly moved towards a staircase- yes! That's my ticket out of here! Now to figure out how to get to it… I peeked around the corner of the bookcase I was hiding behind- just in time to see what looked like a pair of blades attached to a chain going through several more bookcases. Thankfully, I was nowhere near the ones that got speared, so I knew that wasn't aimed at me.

You have obviously never heard of Bad guy marksmanship.

But if I didn't move soon, it would surely only be a matter of time before I was discovered. And I didn't know whether or not the one throwing that weapon was friend or foe… Suddenly, the same blade struck again, cutting another bookcase in half. Now would be a good time to get going…. As I ran, I heard some voices in the near distance. It had to be the other Kampfer- no, there were two voices, so there had to be two of them.

Naaah. There’s obviously only one person fighting herself with multiple weapons.

Counting me as well, that would make four Kampfer in this whole mess… Getting nearer, I hid behind another bookcase to listen in.

2 V 2. Even mach. Except there’s a person on each team that can’t fight. (My guess based off of how the show goes and using basic knowledge.)

"B-bait? Me?" It was a voice I hadn't heard before, definitely female, but with something of a masculine tone to it.

"Don't worry. I'm counting on you, partner!" OK, now that was a voice I recognised, and it made my blood freeze. It was the same Kampfer I fought yesterday. Shit, I was hoping I wouldn't run into her so soon… Still, they were both preoccupied with that Schwert user, so if I move quickly…. I then heard footsteps.

"Here goes!" It came from the new girl, and no sooner had she run off, the assault from the mystery Schwert resumed, and the blade and chain combo smashed through more scenery, trying to get a hit in. I finally left my position and dashed towards the staircase. Thankfully, I made it before anyone could notice me.

I would like to take this moment and just bask in all the correct spelling and grammar.


I love this story. Even though it needs more Hentai. But it’s only the fourth chapter. There’s still time.

Now I just need to get up there and through the exit and I'm home free!

Figures; I praze it on grammar and it immediately uses the word “and” twice in a sentence.

I kept my head down as I went up the stairs, so I wouldn't be spotted as I made my escape. Once at the top, I stopped by the corner of the landing to see if the coast was clear. It wasn't. There was someone blocking the exit, and I knew who it was. It was Shizuku- that's right, the student council president herself!

And yet again-

*gif Dun dun dun

… Editor! Why is there no gif here?

[Editor’s Note: We have officially run out of dun dun dun gifs.]

In her hand, she was carrying the same blade and chain that had been attacking the two Kampfer down below. Looking closer, I noticed that part of her hair was a different colour to the rest of her usual black hair. Sort of a purpley silver sort of colour.


And once again, canon is upheld.

So Shizuku is also a Kampfer- and the one responsible for this carnage in the first place! I hid behind the corner landing again, and started shaking again. I was trapped. There was no way I could make it to the exit without Shizuku knowing… But before I could think anymore, I heard yet another crash, and after a brief pause, the unfamiliar voice spoke again.

"Sakura…San…." Wait- was Kaede here too?

Dude! The Japanese names are hard enough to keep track of. Stop referring to people by first or last name. Pick one and stick with it.

She must have gotten stuck here when the attacks began.

Or she is the main antagonist and the one responsible for turning people into Kampfers.

Just because you know the original story, doesn't mean you can spoil it for everyone else.

I then heard the click of a gun being pointed.

It makes a sound when you aim it?

"So you're the one behind this!" shouted the Kampfer from yesterday. Oh, no, she's going to shoot Kaede, isn't she?

"Stop!" The other voice rang out, and I then heard a brief struggle just as the gunshot was fired.

Aaaaaannnd cliffhanger. Well theres chapter 4. I got to say, it was action packed...sort of. I can’t believe they killed off a-

The bullet had thankfully hit the wall, missing Kaede, who I then heard drop to the floor.

Nevermind. Our protagonist has Daredevil level hearing.

At least she wasn't hurt…. At his point, Shizuku used this opportunity to attack again, leaving herself wide open. Without thinking, I rushed out from my cover, and the next thing I knew, my sword was right up against Shizuku's neck-

So much for that whole “I knew exactly what was going on, and I didn't want to be a part of it.

Let’s see...what is the best way for me to stay out of this fight...I know! I’ll run up and put my sword to her neck!

if it had been any closer, it would have gone straight through…. What the hell was I doing? I should have run straight for the exit, but instead, I was confronting someone who's much better at fighting than I am. Did I want her to stop this? As I was standing there, anyone who saw it would think I was completely still. On the outside, at least, I was. But inside, I was like jelly.

But jello is the most stable thing in the world!


If anything, I was even more scared now than I was yesterday evening… Shizuku turned her gaze to me.

"Th-th-th-th-that's enough!" I stammered. Great, I corner the one who's been wrecking this place, and all I can do is talk like Porky Pig…

It’s even more funny when you find out that they are actually on the same team because of their red bracelets.

For fucks sake Hent. Spoilers!

Just then, my attention turned towards the two Kampfer on the ground, who had just dodged Shizuku's last attack. It just occurred to me, it had only been a few seconds since Kaede had nearly been shot, and only a few seconds since I made my move on Shizuku…

"Look, it isn't her." said the voice belonging to the Kampfer I didn't recognise. She was obviously talking about Kaede.

"God dammit… It would have been better if that bitch was a Kampfer…"


Seriously Hent. Don’t make me get the censorship blir.

"Do you really hate her that much?"

Shizuku broke my concentration away from the conversation.

"So, the American is also a Kampfer. Interesting. But you have a lot of nerve to attack an ally,…"

An ally? Well, she could see my bracelet. Guess that mean she's a red one as well.

There, happy? That last part you blacked out has now been said.

Just don’t do it again.

You’re not the boss of me! Only Ray can boss me around and even then, I don’t listen to him.

"You have excellent control over your Schwert, but…. you're afraid, aren't you? You never had any intention of fighting- all you want to do is run away, am I right?"


H-how did she know? It's not like I was physically shaking. If I was, Shizuku would have been dead by now- that's how close my sword was to her throat. Before I could answer, the bell rang. I lowered my sword, letting Shizuku go. She then started to walk toward the exit. As she did, she began to speak again.

"You can't keep running away like this. As A Kampfer, you have no choice but to fight, and you can't escape that fact. If you keep running, you'll only get yourself killed. Now, shouldn't you be getting back to class?"

Running away and not fighting. It’s funny you mention that because -


I warned him.

As she left, I kept still for a moment, thinking about those words. Easy for her to say, but she isn't a coward like I am. God, I felt so worthless…..


Miraculously, I changed back to normal right after Shizuku left, so I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me in my Kampfer form on my way back to class. I hurried back as fast as I could, hoping that a), I wouldn't be late, and b), Akane made it out okay. She was pretty deep in the library during the attack, and I didn't think she'd be able to cope in such a situation… I also thought about Natsuru, really hoped he wasn't hurt either. I soon made it back to class, thankfully I wasn't too late- in fact, class hadn't even started yet, as all everyone could do was talk about the incident. I looked around and saw Akane sitting down at her desk.


Are you telling me, that there was a kid with a gun, in a school, shooting it off, and school continued as if nothing happened? Not even a call to the cops?


Mis. Awinnerwasyou. I doubt the verisimilitude of such a notion! Can thou even fathom the improbability of a constabulary to not be summoned at even the deliberation of an arbalest being shouldered in a seminary! Furthermore!


Thanks Ray. Man...How do you do it?

You didn’t review My Immortal. You will never understand.

That’s probably for the best.

"Akane! Thank god you're alright! I was really worried about you!" I said to her. She looked surprisingly calm.

"You too. I-I can't believe something so terrible happened in this school! Did you get out okay?"

"Yeah. Got out at the earliest opportunity." I lied. God knows what she'd think if I told her the truth… "What about Natsuru? Is he alright?"

"He got out okay too. Don't worry too much about him. But still… it was really scary. I honestly didn't we'd make it out of there alive…" I knew that very feeling…


I think you forgot a couple of words in there.

"Alright, class, I know what happened during lunchtime was horrible, but you need to keep your focus on your studies.


Mis. Awinnerwasyou. I doubt the verisimilitude of-


Have you calmed down now?

I’m alright. I’m alright. Lets just...lets just finish this alright.

Can you all sit down please and take out your math books?" The teacher butted in to everyone's conversations, understandably desperate to start class for the afternoon. I sat back down at my seat and got ready for the lesson. This should be easy, as maths is one of my best subjects.

Maths is best subject me too!

However, for the first hour, my concentration was at an all time low. All I could do was think back to Shizuku's words before she left.

"You can't keep running away like this. As A Kampfer, you have no choice but to fight, and you can't escape that fact. If you keep running, you'll only get yourself killed."

This kept coming back to haunt me, no matter how hard I tried to ignore it and focus on my class work.

Don’t worry; No one is paying attention to class right now. There was a gun/sword fight in the library. Peoples’ minds are preoccupied.

Deep down, I knew she was right. But I can't fight. I just don't have the courage to do so. But I don't want to die, either. Is this really how my life must be, now? Why did I have to be marked like this? In the end, it gave me so much grief, I was starting to get a headache. A really big one.


Same. I’m still recovering from the fact that we are still in school, after what happened.

If I was able to concentrate on my work before, there was no way I could do so now. My head was in too much pain. My teacher was quick to notice this, too…

"Are you alright, Goodman? You don't look too well…"

"Uh… No. I have a really bad headache at the moment. It's really throwing me off…"

"Hmmm. Maybe you should go to the infirmary, then. Take some Aspirin, then get some rest. Don't worry about coming back to class this afternoon, either. Just take it easy for now, okay?"

Wow. Japanese teachers are nice. Here in Merica, the teacher would have just played a movie or YouTube video and left the room.

"Okay." I said, picking myself up from my seat. I put all my stuff in my backpack and walked out of the classroom. She was right, I really needed to see the nurse…


Are six periods that much easier than hitting the return key? Hell there-

(pulls out a tape measurer) 1 and ⅜ inches apart from one another!

By the time I got to the infirmary, my headache had evolved into a full blown migraine.

Migraine is a chronic neurological disease characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms. The word derives from the Greek ἡμικρανία (hemikrania), "pain on one side of the head",[1] from ἡμι- (hemi-), "half", and κρανίον (kranion), "skull".[2]

Drama queen.

I honestly felt like someone was filming an action movie inside my head. One with endless crashes and explosions- loud ones, too.

This fanfic brought to to by Michael Bay.

I was in too much pain to really focus on my surroundings, I just needed the medicine cabinet, which was thankfully near the door. The nurse didn't seem to be around, but I really needed to find some aspirin. I opened the cabinet, and looked inside. Aha! There we go! One box full of the stuff!

I foresee only good things from this.

I knew I needed to get the nurse's permission, but this couldn't wait. I'll just say it was an emergency. Which, fair game, it sort of was.

Ummm. No it isn’t. That fight earlier could be called an emergency, but this is not.

I'll leave a note if necessary. I pushed out two tablets, swallowed them, and drank some water from the tap to wash them down. Now, I guess, I should lie down on one of the beds and let the tablets do their work. Just then, I heard something that sounded like… someone getting up? I'd been so distracted by my headache and getting some aspirin, I didn't notice that I wasn't alone in the room. Fail. Sure enough, someone had been lying down on one of the beds when I'd come in. I must have woken her up…

"Oh! Sorry, did I wake you up?" I asked. Wait a second- I knew this girl! Extremely beautiful, with pretty blues and long, hazel (I think. I was never any good with hair colours…) hair with a cute green ribbon at the back- it was Kaede!



 So this was where she ended up after the incident in the library. Okay, so I was now speaking to one of the most popular girls in school!

Like OMG!

"You're… Tara Goodman, right? That girl from America?" she asked. She actually knew who I was! (Why was I getting so excited about this?)

Because girl you know you want it.

"Um… yeah! I'm Tara! You must be must be Kaede Sakura, right?" I replied.

"That's right.

That’s right.

It's nice to finally meet you, Tara! I've heard so much about you! I've never spoken to anyone from another country before. Are you fitting in okay here? It must be tough." Wow, interested much?

"Well… Um… Yeah, I've had no problems, really. Everyone's pretty cool here, and I've already learned how to speak Japanese, so I have no problems with communicating."

She said in the Queens’ English.

"That's great! You speak Japanese so well, too. I'm sorry, you probably aren't feeling very well if you're in here, and here I am, bothering you…"

"N-no, that's okay. I've got a pretty bad migraine right now, and I came for some Aspirin.

I don’t think you know what Aspirin is used for.

Aspirin is a salicylate (sa-LIS-il-ate). It works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain, fever, and inflammation.

Aspirin is used to treat pain, and reduce fever or inflammation. It is sometimes used to treat or prevent heart attacks, strokes, and chest pain (angina). Aspirin should be used for cardiovascular conditions only under the supervision of a doctor. 

Don't worry, you're not bothering me at all!" Hold on, if Kaede is here, maybe I should try and get some info on that other Kampfer- the one that was with that gun toting bitch I met yesterday…


Toting- carry, wield, or convey

Fucking British words.

"So, uh… how did you end up in here, anyway?"

"I don't remember that much, myself. I remember being in the library, and I was stuck in there during the attack. Did you hear about that, by the way?"

"Kinda hard not to.


I was there too, though I got out before it got too intense." Yet another lie… Kaede continued.

"That's good. But anyway… I was trying to find a way out, and then a bookcase collapsed right in front of me. Once the dust settled, this girl with red hair pointed a gun at me! I was really scared! But just as she pulled the trigger, another girl jumped down and stopped her. I blacked out after that, and then I woke up here."

"Really? Sounds pretty scary. Could you tell me a little about the girl who saved you?" Right, let's see what Kaede knows…

Oh goody. Time for the fangirling.

"She was amazing! She had blue hair and blue eyes, and she was really pretty and cool. It wasn't even the first time she saved me, either. The same girl who tried to shoot me back there nearly did the same yesterday morning too, but the blue haired girl saved me then as well. She's so wonderful. I wonder who she is…" Whoa, easy tiger- the way you're sounding, people would think you're a lesbian or something…

You make it sound like that’s a bad thing. Well so much for the lesbian sex jokes. Looks like this author isn’t going to have any of it.

But at least I know a little bit more about that other girl now. Only a tiny bit, mind, but I'll take what I can get.

I know the hair color and eye color. Thats about it.

Actually, now that I think about it, there was something else I wanted to talk to her about…

"She sounds awesome. I'd love to meet her sometime. Oh, by the way, you're into those Entrails Animals, right?"

"Yes! I love them!" Why?

"Um… Why do you ask?"

"I'm asking because I was wondering if you lost a Pierced Sea Turtle recently. Only I found one in the park a few days ago. It had a tear in it's side, if that helps."

"Oh! Yes, I did! So that's where she ended up.

Told you. It all comes back around.

Hent you really need to stop. 

I found that tear a few days ago, so I'd intended to take her to someone who could fix her up after school. But when I got to school, I looked in my bag, and she was gone! I was so worried about her, especially since it was raining outside. How bad was she? I'd never forgive myself if anything bad happened to her!"

Wow. It’s almost like she considers it to be alive.

Obvious foreshadowing is obvious.

Geez, it's only a plushie. Okay, so it does have a mind of it's own, but does Kaede even know that?

Are they even trying to keep it a secret?

"Well, it was pretty wet and dirty when I found it,


but I gave it a good wash, and I repaired it too. It's perfectly fine now."

"What a relief! I'm so glad you found her, Tara. Thank you so much for repairing her!"

"Eh, no problem." I said. "How about I bring it in tomorrow, and you can have it back?"

The next day, I gave back it back. That night, my bracelet fell off and my life returned to normal. The end.

"Actually… That's okay. You can keep her. It's my way of saying thank you for being so kind to her!" Kaede smiled.

"Ummmm… Thanks… I guess…" Looks like I'm still stuck with that thing. Oh well, at least I found her owner.

"You're welcome! I need to go now. If I see the nurse, I'll let her know you're here, and you that took some Aspirin from the medicine cabinet. See you later!"

"Y-yeah, see you later. Thanks a lot." I said. Kaede smiled again as she walked out of the infirmary. Then I was instantly reminded of why I was here. That damn migraine was still pounding away, though thanks to the Aspirin, it wasn't as bad as it was earlier.. Still, I really should lie down for a little while. I lowered myself onto the bed Kaede got out of and lay there.

If only she was in the bed with me. Then our hentai quota would have been met.

The next thing I could feel was my eyelids drooping. I was feeling a little sleepy…

Alright! Chapter 4 done. 11 more to go! Do you think we can do it?

Here is your moment of clarity.