Review #143

Fan Request #1: The Death of Nick

Story by Nickspaz17

Review by Hent

Hent makes the fans happy by being miserable.

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The Death of Nick

Cage? Is this a fanfic about the Bees? Is Ghost Rider a true story? Is anyone inspired to write a fanfiction about this?

Trent murders Nick and kills him.


I dare you, I fucking dare you to pick up a dictionary.

Nick goes back to his life in the past to when he had lost his Virginity to a little baby. SUCKISH story. Don't read if you are a flamer of mine. rating is in the story.

As I am a flamer of all, not you personally, I am permitted.

WARNING: This is rated M for bloody violence, sexual content with the most hated fanon NxG, Language, and the song "100 Years" by Five for Fighting.

Is the song 100 Years deserving for a M rating? Also, M is for videogames not literature.

(After having done the entire review: This song is never mentioned...ever. Future Hent out.)

Nicks Point of View

Good. We get to experience the bees up close and personal.

I felt shearing pain as a knife was in my leg. Blood poured out like a fluid river. I knew my life was ending.

This man has never heard of suspense.

Trent grabbed the knife and stabbed me in the heart.

Oh my god! Trent Richardson! How many celebrities do I need to make fun of in one review?  

I felt my heart stop in sudden blood.

It doesn't need to make sense so long as you put blood at the end.

I fell down, blood pouring out of my mouth.

"Fucking pussy!" Trent yelled out, in a powerful voice. He grabbed his gutiar and crashed it against my body.

Trent + guitar = Trent Reznor. Starting to make sense.

I saw red in my vision. I slowly died, while Trent was killing me with the knife.

I had the balls to call the cops on Trent, and he got arrested for murder.


How does Ghost Rider Call the cops on someone for murdering Ghost Rider?

after that crap,


Gwen came to where I died. She gasped. She shook me. She started weeping. "Oh my.. god.." Gwen whispered. "No.. No... NO! Don't die Nick! You were so young... " Gwen kept on crying, while I watched from heaven. I felt so sad to leave Gwen.

I Don’t think Nick Cage is going to Heaven. He did sell his soul after all.

I have now hit my quota for Ghost Rider jokes and will now take this review seriously.

The Story is actually about Nick Jonas.

I felt bad.. as the funeral started after 3 days that I died, I saw Gwen kiss me in the casket, and put in a rose. How I felt so sad when I cryed.

Note to self: Never do requests.

John Lennon came,

Finally! We actually know the identity of a character!

and told me something about love being lost.

John Lennon is right. I miss the Jonas Brothers.

"It must be bad to leave her at 10 and a half like that." John said.

"It does.."

...who’s her?

After that, I went along into heaven, trying to cheer up, Dead actors helped me get comfy in heaven.

Ha! Actors getting into heaven. There’s only one actor in heaven and that’s because he runs the place.


Dennis Hopper told me his complaints of the Super Mario movie.

He Participated in it.

Michael Jackson hugged me

MJ in heaven?

and took me to bowling up in heaven. (Its a term for Thunderstorms)

I am now convinced that you are five and someone needs to get Michael Jackson away from the the five year old.

But, I felt something strange happen to me at the 8th day in heaven.

I felt my life rewinding, and changing before my very eyes.

...what life? You’re dead! It’s in the title! It’s the first line of the story!

I then got a scene. It was Camp Wawanakwa.


Total Drama Island?


I was going to make a joke about someone named Gwen earlier but that was the only Gwen that came up on google images. I didn’t make that joke because there was no context as to who the fuck these people are! They now all fit in this show… oh wait. No they don’t. Who the fuck is Nick?


Top: DJ, Duncan, Tyler, Harold, Geoff, and Heather

Middle: Lindsay, Leshawna, Eva, Justin, Owen, Noah, Trent, Gwen, and Cody
Sitting: Izzy, Bridgette, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, and Beth

I don’t see a Nick anywhere!


It felt weird to go back to my life. but then, I heard moaning and groaning. I went through the door, and I saw myself and Gwen. We were naked, and kissing.

I apologise for my previous statements.


Nick's POV in the cabin

We never left and we never really got there anyways.

I caressed Gwen's breasts and licked her tounge. She moaned so loud that I started straddling her. Then I came inside of her. She moaned loud, and I kept on getting in and out. She moans so loud that I have to quiet her. "N-nick.. I'm gonna c-cum.." Gwen said.

I kept on going faster and faster, feeling her vaginal walls close to my cock. We both explode with cum, and I moan. I panted, with sweat on my body. "Fuck.. That.. was... unbelieveable.." I said. "I love you, Nick." Gwen said. "Love ya too babe." I said, feeling great that I lost my virginity.



Where to start…

Deep breath… you can do this.

  1. Tongue is spelt wrong.
  2. You came, three sentences into the the sex scene.
  3. You have never heard of a thing called the Refractory period.
  4. Kept on getting in and out? In what way was that a good sentence other than the fact that it is made out of words?
  5. This one image alone is a better sex scene.


And before you say “Wow! Hent is really good at photoshop.” Click on the image. it’s a link to the entire story. It’s a million times better and it actually makes sense as a story. And you know what the best part is? It never even shows anything! Rated PG-13.

Nick's POV as a ghost

I thought What the fuck? I am such an asshole. Then, I went back to heaven.



Understatement of the (insert longest unit of measurement for time)!!!!!!!

Now, don't flame,


I will purge you from this earth!

don't tell me that I am too young, fuck you if you flame, Please do polite comments. Chappie 2 should be coming really quick. cause of school ending. (June 9th)


I’m not young! OMG last day of school tomorow!

Anonymous person that hates the number 17, why do you hate me? There I was, reading a story with not only proper spelling, but proper grammar as well. And what do you do? You throw me back in the trash!



But seriously; Thanks for the comments and the feedback. Keep it up.

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