Review #141

A Night at the Movies

Story by Jharl

Review by Ray

There's a reason writers avoid telling a story in second person, and that reason is this story.

I'm not sure what movie is playing. All I know is that it is dark and I'm next to you.


Sorry, I didn’t realize I was staring in this. How’s my hair?

The place is nearly empty and we are right up the back, no one near us. There's a couple about 3 rows down, already getting hot and heavy.

Suddenly I feel a hot breath near my ear and you say, "Could you rub my feet please?"

That seems like a perfectly reasonable thing for me to say in a movie theatre.

I see you already kicked off your shoes, your bare toes wriggling.

Because movie theatre floors are always kept in pristine cleanliness, and would never be sticky and gross to put bare feet on. Jharl is just blowing me away with this attention to detail and etiquette.

I say sure with a smile. You swing your legs over the chair and put your feet in my lap, wriggling your bum to get comfy. I notice your skirt


ride up and a brief flash of what I think are panties but... no, must have been panties.

Whatever you say Jharl. Let’s just focus on the movie.

I start rubbing the ball of your left foot, kneading the muscle. I spread my thumbs out and up, releasing the day’s tensions. You moan slightly as I get rid of a knot.


You sink lower into the chair. I suddenly start to feel the toes on your other foot wriggle in my groin. I'm pretty sure you know the affect its having on me as I start to harden


under their ministrations. I look over to you but your eyes are closed and lips slightly parted.


I put your foot down and pick up your other one after a while, having relaxed it nicely. I hear a little noise come from you

Jharl we need to talk.

and look over to see you frowning. I'm puzzled but soon realize that you can no longer tease me in this position with the other foot.

Jharl that is not what we needed to talk about. I think there’s been a misunderstanding.

But you shift again and manage to resume the toe wriggling, grinning mischievously. I continue massaging your foot, trying to concentrate on the task at hand but your toes are exciting me more and more.

Jharl we’ll talk after your amazing foot rub.

I finish the massage and go to move your feet but you resist. I look over and you say in a low sexy voice "Don't stop now. Please?

Think about it Jharl; my voice is low for a reason.

Well who am I to turn down a lady?

Jharl, listen! I am not a lady! I know how the purple text comes across, but I can assure you, I am the owner of a very male penis. I’m sorry if I mislead you, but—

I slowly massage your ankles,


Jharl, that’s enough!

trying without success to dislodge your feet from my groin.

Well maybe I wouldn’t have kicked you there if you hadn’t been so pushy.

Its becoming a little game, one that I enjoy.


I slowly work my way up your calves, rubbing and manipulating firmly. I hear an appreciative murmur from you as I move towards your knees.

Something happens on the screen, grabbing my attention for a second. I stop my massaging briefly but suddenly feel your hand on mine, pulling them onto your thighs.


I can explain senpai Jharl! B-baka!

I look across and see a huge grin on your face. I resume my rubbing, kneading and caressing your thighs, moving to the inside.

So are we just going to pretend that the other couple in the theatre has left?

Your legs part as I move higher and higher.


I notice that indeed you aren't wearing any underwear! When did you take them off I wonder?


Your lips are slight puffy and parted, moisture apparent and your sweet smell hits my nose, making me harder.

Well this takes dick lips to a whole new level.

I realize where we are again and take a quick look around. No one is paying us any attention to us up here at the back.

You wanna try again that sentence again?

I look to your face and raise an eyebrow in question;

The answer is no.

you look up and around quickly. You then take my hand and place it on your wet pussy, urging me on.


Also I seem to have a vagina, but meh, I can live with that.

I start to stroke the lips, feeling the wet silky texture. My thumb finds your clit

Ha, good one. Come on Jharl; I have a clit now, and even I don’t know where the fuck it is.

and starts to rub it in circular motions. You shudder and stifle a moan, careful not to make too much noise.

I slowly slip a finger into you,


feeling your wet warmth enveloping it. Your muscles rippling inside, inviting it further in. Your hips start to grind and writhe as you succumb to my ministrations.

Because nothing screams sexy like ministration.

I add a second finger, the slurping sounds adding to my own arousal. Your nipples


are hard and clearly visible against your blouse.

I’m starting to understand why Jharl mistook me for a lady. Which, again, apparently I am now. It’s been an interesting day.

I long to taste them, suck them, caress them.

The movie continues on in the background, neither of us showing any interest in it whatsoever,

“Which is why I felt it was super important to mention.”

our eyes intent on each other. Suddenly you pull away from me and sit up.

I’m sorry, but this is all too sudden.


Goodbye Jharl! I’ll always remember you as the stranger who gave me a foot rub that turned my dick inside out!