Review #140

Seduce By Mommy

Story by Brickhousebunny21

Review by Ray

From ComicsNix to The Other Story, we've been following in the footsteps of Fan Fiction Friday for as long as we've been reviewing. Well in 2009, Rob ran a story by Brickhousebunny21, with results that would go down in FFF history.

Some time has passed, and we decided to check back up on Brickhousebunny21, just to see if all of his work was as bad as Adopting a Cute Bear Cub. Spoiler alert; it was, and to showcase that, Fluff and I are taking a look at one of Brickhousebunny21's originals. Without further ado, this is Seduced By Mommy.

It was night time already, at least 9:00 and it was raining hard outside.

Well that’s certainly a clunky way of saying, “It was a dark and stormy night.”

A small human boy was in bed,

A small human boy… Damn it Ray, you lied to me, there’s no foxy porn stars in this!


Did someone say porn stars?


struggling to get some sleep but a clap of thunder made it difficult to do so, the boy appeared to be 10 years old, he had short brown hair and baby blue eyes, looking to be only 4 feet tall, wearing white pajamas.

Here’s a cow smoking a blunt I drew earlier today.


Notice how it does indeed look like what it’s supposed to, but it’s presented in the least imaginative way possible, and you’ll probably forget all about it before too long. Well guess what? That’s the exact way brickhousebunny21 just described the male lead of this story. Take note, writers; a laundry list of traits is the MS Paint of character development.

I can tell by the end of this review the three of us are going to be cows smoking a joint, don’t question it, I just know.

… I’ll get to work. Time to photoshop.

"Mommy?" said the boy fearfully.

He struggled to syat asleep


as another clap of thunder rumbled, no longer able to stay asleep, he woke up in fear, whimpering fearfully and on the verge of screaming in terror. A tear trickled down his cheek, he couldn't help it anymore and decided to call for his mother.

"MOMMY." screamed the child fearfully.

This is why you should always have a Waifu by your side.

Yet another loud clap of thunder rumbled the room,

Where’s Ted when you need him?


he could feel the thunder vibrate underneath his feet, he pulled the blanket over him, as if to hide from a monster. Rapid foot steps came from outside of his bedroom, he shut eyes tight in fear, not wanting to see if there was a monster coming to get him.

Oh golly gee, I certainly would be thrown for a loop if this monster turned out to be not a monster but actually his mom.

The door of his bedroom opened and closed shut, walking towards the bed and something climbed onto the bed.

  "Danny, what's the matter honey?" came a familiar soft female voice.

What a surprise!


Danny pulled the blanket off him, opened his eyes slowly and saw his kitsune mother sitting next to him,

The writer, of course, will not tell you why a human boy has a kitsune for a mother, that requires actual work.

looking at him with a sympathic


expression. His mother was 5 feet and 9 inches tall with dark brown fur and glowing blue eyes, she had a long tail

Brickhousebunny21 seems to not know what the fuck a kitsune with the absence of 8 other tails.

This is where I would make a Naruto joke but it ended.

You had to bring that up, now I’m depressed now…



that looked to be as tall as he would be and it was 10 inches big around, she had big sized breast, each breast was as big as a king sized basket ball and a foot long.


I heard that he was going to do this bit instead of the redneck one, but he didn’t want to be as funny as Ron White, so he decided against it.



Are you making a declaration of war?

Are you?



Sirs, let the war begin.


Just be warned, I’ve been fighting this battle since review…

[Editor’s note: Since review #1]

Yeah that sounds about right.

Game on! Can you handle this!

I bet you can’t handle this!

I have been slain! /s

[Editor’s Note: This is a reference joke! I don’t know what the fuck it’s referencing either!]

A victory is a victory.


You may have won the battle, but I shall win the war!

I look forward to the battles yet to come.



Congratulations, you three went five whole pages before starting some completely random tangent that lost literally everybody. It’s a new record!

Tell me about it.


Come on Martin, come on Yellow, party back at my secret lair! Editor, you’re invited too.

Ha! Secret lair. Not as good as my secret room that I’m trying to hide from Ray.

Yeah, you’re probably right, I don’t know how I would ever find a pillow fort labeled “Hents animation page that he is trying to hide from Ray”

I told you he would find it.


[Editor’s Note: Warnuts, Martin, Yellow, and I are leaving! If you three are still on this tangent when we get back, somebody’s getting kicked in the dick!]

Since Danny was younger and still looking innocent, he wasn't bothered by his mother being completely naked because he was naive.

"What's wrong Danny?" said the kitsune softly.

Oh hi Danny.

"The thunder is scaring me, mommy." said Danny looking terrified.

The kitsune moved closer to her human son,


getting in his bed with him, she wrapped her arms around Danny in a protective hug and wrapped her big, long tail, around him. Danny hugged her back, nuzzling his head into his mother's warm embrace, sitting in her lap.

So this is when they start to rape each other right?

At least one of them’s going to.

"Don't cry my little baby, mommy's right here." said the kitsune in a attempt to comfort her frightened son.

“Mommy? If I’m 100% human, why are you a fox?”

“In a few seconds I’m gonna show you sweetheart.”

“I need an adult!”

“I am an adult.”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

She rubbed his back, gently caressing his little body. Danny felt safe in his mother's arms, all he wanted was to remain in her arms until he was no longer afraid.

"Mommy, please don't leave me, I don't wanna be alone." said Danny as he buried his face into her belly.

"Shhhh shhhh, it's okay sugar, the thunder won't hurt you, your safe with mommy." said the kitsune in a soothing voice. "Danny, look at me."

Does Mom even have a name?

Let’s call the kitsune Kurama and the boy Naruto.

Fluff. Just let it go man. The show’s over. Wait a couple of years for the spinoff show.

Well can we at least shorten the writer’s name to just Brick?

Obeying his mother, he looked up at his mom, looking into her eyes with a innocent look. She leaned in and kissed his cheek, her lips felt soft to the touch.


The best time of the day...and afternoon...and night….and morning.

"You can't sleep, can you?" asked the kitsune still rubbing his back softly.

Danny nodded his head, fear still sinking in his heart, not taking his eyes off his mother's eyes.

"Come here baby, I'll lay next to you." said the kitsune saying what felt like the first sign of good news Danny has heard so far.

Only good news I saw was that it says “The End” later on in the story.

She crawled up to the pillow, still holding Danny in her arms as the kitsune reached the pillow. Laying her head on the pillow, she pulled her son up to lay next to him, both facing eachother.

  "Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes mommy." said Danny showing a small smile.

Well this is actually kind of nice—

Without another word, she curled up to him and lay on top of Danny, her massive boobs pressing


against his heart,


her chest could actually feel his heart beat. He looked a little embarrassed, his mother smiled at him, she gave him a big lick on the cheek, her tongue felt soft and warm, it was long too, she could stretch it to about 12 inches long, it was 4 inches wide and 5 inches thick.

Well Hent, I think she got your waifu beat.


"That tickles mommy." laughed Danny happily.

The kitsune gave him another kiss, this time on the lips.


Danny was caught off guard by the kiss but quickly didn't mind it, she continued to kiss him passionately, her soft lips brush against his lips.

"Mmmmhhhhhhhh, you know I love you, mmmmmmhhhhhhhhh, mommy's gonna keep you safe." she said between kisses.

What I’m wondering is - where is the, I assume, human dad? Is he just in the other room not knowing his kitsune wife is going first base on his 10 year old son?

Who’s on first? They’re waving her in.

The kitsune couldn't help herself, she felt a uncontrolable desire to kiss her own son, she couldn't fight it off. After she pressed her lips to his one last time, she broke the kiss and stared his son right in the eye.

...hold the phone. Let me get my highlighter. There we go.

Well now we have a kitsune with one tail that happens to be the mother to a human boy and the kitsune also happens to be a he. My hurts.

"I'm sorry baby, I couldn't help myself." said the kitsune trying to explain to her son what happened.

All he did was smile,

Don’t they always.

he wasn't feeling violated by his mother's sudden kiss of love. She smiled slyly, realizing Danny loved it.

"Did you love me kissing you that way?" asked the kitsune blushing deep pink.


Especially after that part that I highlighted!

"Yes, your a good kisser momma."


answered Danny in a relaxed tone. "Kiss me more, mommy."

She obeyed her son and kissed him, kissing Danny passionately as she let the love for her son flow through eachother as the kitsune mother wrapped her arms around him once again.

When the hippies told us about free love, I’m pretty damn sure they weren’t trying to give a hermaphrodite kitsune an excuse to molest her somehow human son.

He got lost in bliss from his mother's kiss, the next thing Danny's mother did was unexpected,


she slid her long tongue into his mouth, exploring every nook and cranny of his mouth.

They’re making out, this erotica is average as fuck, and Brick has a peculiar interest in people’s tongues. Frenching is literally the most expected thing that could possibly happen next.

Feeling aroused, Danny's mother started to grind her hips against his. Danny felt a hardening feeling in his pants, a really hard and long erection grew into his pajama bottums. The kitsune felt his hard-on poke her hips, she immediately broke the kiss and saw the bulge in his pants, grabbing Danny's pants and underwear, she pulled them off as she felt aroused, she even pulled his shirt off too, Danny was completely naked. What the kitsune mother saw made her really horny, she saw her son's 18 inched long and 3 inched wide human cock

So the human boy who has a kitsune for a mother has the penis of a horse…


What chimera hybrid bullshit is going on right now!


And I thought I read some fucked up shit.


“The Gay Adventure: The Curiously Homoerotic Tales of Five Internet Critics Who are All Totally Straight, written by Richard ‘British Dick Girl’ Bird”

, it was fully hard. The expression on her face looked completely aroused from before at the sight of Danny's hard shaft, she smiled playfully.

  "Oh my god, your a really big boy, Danny." said the kitsune playfully.

Danny looked at his fully hard and erect cock,


it has never got that big before, he was blushing when his mother smiled at him and his massive length.

"Momma, my wee wee got really huge, even when I goto the bathroom it's never this big." said Danny blushing.


Why do I get the feeling that we are all going to be arrested some day for child pornography?

Brickhousebunny21 hasn’t been arrested yet so I think we’re safe.

The kitsune knew immediately that at the sight of her son's cock, she wanted to ride him like a sex crazed whore.

The reason why was because she was, in fact, a sex crazed whore.

"Hey honey, you wanna do something fun?" asked the kitsune in a seductive voice.

“Do I have a choice?”

At Danny's age, he would do anything for the fun of it, he smiled excitedly at those words but the human kid had no idea what he's in for.


"Yes, what are we gonna do mommy?" said Danny smiling.

Your mommy is about to do 25 to life pretty soon.

"Just do what I tell you and you'll have the time of your life." said the kitsune with a sexy tone.

Well she got one thing right; I’ll be happy to say good riddance when this is over.

In a split second,

Well that was fast. So this was Seduced By Mommy. All in all it wasn’t that ba-

she grabbed his massive dick and slowly inserted it into her waiting entrance. Danny moaned slightly, he never felt anything like this feeling before.

"Just lay on your back, okay Danny?" said the kitsune playfully.

“Just lay on your back and make sure not to get crushed under my ass”

  "I will, mommy." said Danny in a small moan.

“I will get crushed under your ass, which knowing Brick, is probably the size of a double decker bus.”

Without another word, she began to hump up and down slowly, sending shockwaves of pleasure


through her son's little body. Danny moaned in pleasure, he had no idea what his mom was doing to him but he didn't care if he didn't know.

Welcome to the segment of the show I like to call

*banner pending*Teaching with Professor Man.

Are we ready to learn today?

We learned earlier that Danny had a “18 inched long” dick. 18 inches is 1.5 feet. Danny “appeared to be 10 years old --- looking to be only 4 feet tall”.

That means, Danny has a dick that is more that ¼ as the size as he is tall.

You have now been educated. And you man now start a verisimilitude rant.

SIR, I doubt the verisimilitude of your erotica. NOW WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW. Who did this on purpose, huh? I found this little secret and I'm so angry I wanna know who did this and why or I'll report everyone here to the site moderaters on this website and Yiffstar and have the one responsible BANNED FOR LIFE. NOW TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW?

"Oh mommy, this tickles my wee wee and it feels so good." moaned Danny pleasurably his cheeks blushing.

With every movement, his mom's massive boobs jiggled up and down with each thrust. Danny looked at his mother's big breast, they looked bouncy and fleshy with each jiggle.

Fleshy? Is her tail the only thing making this a furry story?

It’s the only thing keeping me in this review.

"Oh yeah, it's gonna do more than tickle your big cock, just you wait." moaned the kitsune as she began to increase her pace a little.

Danny was feeling pleasure tickle his lower body and soon it will spread through out his entire body in a while.

How is it that shifting into the future tense made me far more uncomfortable than the rape?

His mother just continued to fuck her own son,

You sound like you’re proud to write that.

she was feeling pleasured herself as her insides started to squeeze pressure on Danny's big hard-on.

"Oh Danny, your so big, ohhh yeah, let mommy know when you want me to go faster." moaned the kitsune as she applied more humping pressure and humped him harder.


Why is the escape key not working!

  The inside of her vaginal opening felt soft and hot,

This description brought to you by somebody who has never in his life felt “The inside of a vaginal opening.”

this was only the beginning of Danny being fucked by his mother kitsune.

My black sharpie says otherwise.


But!...But sharpie! Just a little


….You have no self control.

Danny giggled at the sensation of his body being pleasured, he was getting closer to his orgasm which won't befor a while, he moaned louder.

"Oh mommy, go faster, keep going, ahh ohhh." moaned Danny with a pleasured smile.


Every time! Every time Brick writes the name Danny, I picture Danny Sexbang as the ten year old fucking his mom, and it’s bothering the fuck out of me.

"Anything for my big boy." said the kitsune as she moaned pleasurably.



“Stop raping me?”

“Anything else.”

“Lets bring in the babysiter?”

The kitsune mother increased her speed and fucked Danny faster and harder, this sent him into a happy state of pleasure as he felt his mom's insides push on his shaft even harder, squeezing his hard-on harder too.

"Mommy, you feel so good, it feels like I'm being tickled from the inside, ahhh ohhh." said Danny in pleasured tone.

Hearing those words only excited his mother more, she started to rapidly go up and down Danny's hard shaft as her son's heart began to pump faster, sweat developing from his hairless body.

We get it, he’s 10, can you stop talking about his hairless body, you creepy….creep.

I’m actually with you there. Somehow, describing his body as hairless is much more unnerving than it would be if he were described as a fox child, like he’s fucking supposed to be. you guys not shave/manscape?

The sensation of his mother fucking him drove Danny crazy, his balls were boiling with human cum, begging to come out.

What is your obsession with you mentioning that he’s both hairless and human.

Is no one taking issue with the boiling part?

"Your starting to get closer to your orgasm, ohhhh yeah, your gonna feel more than just a tickling sensation in your human body, baby." said the kitsune moaning in loud pleasure like a whore.

Well at least they admitted it.

Pleasure started to tickle every inch of Danny's body from the inside, his mom began to bounce rapidly up and down his really hard shaft, he was entering his sex crazed state as his balls were aching for a release.

Mein gott, he’s on horny level three!

The kitsune's large boobs were rapidly jiggling with each movement she made, this made Danny go sex crazy as he felt his first ever orgasm of his young life building up and fast.

So if we go back to the math I did; If over ¼ of your body is a dick, There is no way you have not had an orgasm by now. That… thing would be in your neighbors’ lap on your school bus ride.

That is one awkward bus drive.


His unseen father is a tanuki, which explains the proportions here. Now we just have to figure out how the hell a tanuki and a kitsune produced a human…

"Momma, I'm feeling something tingling in me, ahhh ohhhh yeah, don't stop mommy." said Danny almost screaming in pleasure.

The amount of wrongness in this sentence



"Come on baby, give it to me good, fuck your mommy good." said the kitsune she too almost screaming in pleasure.

Moaning in pleasure and breathing getting hard, Danny's mom didn't bother to slow down

Moaning or screaming? Pick one and stick with it.

as she rapidly bounced up and down his human length, her sexual animalistic state kicking in fast. The kitsune's vaginal walls were squeezing Danny's shaft really hard, his kitsune mother giving really hard thrusts.

  "Mommy, something is coming out of me." screamed Danny lustfully.

Dear Brick,


Are you sure? Did you forget what’s on that bus?


"Here comes big mommy." screamed the kitsune in pure pleasure.

Oh god no!


Hide your kids hide your waifu.

Is that what Yellow looks like?

Yes. Yellow is a black fat ass old woman that could crush a skyscraper between her thighs. Why else do you think my Fenton Thermos can't get rid of him?

[Editors note: This is a joke from a TV show called Danny Phantom. Because we are from the age of good cartoons.]

Oh shit, they’re back!

You finished the review, right?

Pretty much, there’s only—


Nice one Mart!


Without warning, she came hard all over Danny's cock, splashing on his hairless balls.


Finally, Danny came hard along with his mom, the pleasure the two of them were under was heaven compared to anything,

… how about compared to Heaven?


Mind = Blown

it was almost to much for both of them. What felt like forever,

It better not be fucking forever.

both Danny and his kitsune mom finally reached a halt on their orgasms, she collapsed on top of Danny.

Which probably fucking killed the kid.

After about 5 minutes, the kitsune caught her breath, she saw her son Danny asleep already.

Ok we get it. The mom is a kitsune. We understood that in the first paragraph and Ray figured it out a page ago. Lets give mom a name or just call her mom.

"Poor little guy is out of it, his first time must of been to much." whispered the kitsune softly.


The kitsune pulled out of Danny, his cock shrinking as his mother pulled the blanket over her son, she too climbed into bed with Danny as she wrapped her arms around him in another protective hug,

Well this didn’t go well the first time.

this time she held him as close as she could to her body. She wrapped her big tail around him too, her head resting on the pillow along with Danny, his eyes slowly opened and stared at her.

  "That was incredible mommy." said Danny quietly with a smile.

"You were so good, making mommy happy." whispered the kitsune as she leaned into kiss him on the cheek.

Danny's cheeks blushed cutely, he felt as if he could just lay there forever, a loud clap of thunder rumbled again and Danny jumped in fear, his mom hugged him as she rubbed his back with her hand. Danny hugged his mom too, not wanting to leave his mother's safe arms.

Hey, did this story just go four paragraphs without sucking?

What are you talking about? There was no blowjobs in this.

No blowjobs, rapey as hell, zero sense of character, leads that aren’t even physically attractive, and no spell check award. 8/10

You forgot to mention that the two main character’s aren’t even physically related.

Well they are now.

"It's alright, my little kit, your safe with mommy."

Ah, there’s a typo, good. I was worried that this story might recover by the end.

said the kitsune in a soothing and comforting voice.

"As long as your with me, I'll be safe."

And there’s the same typo again, brilliant.

At least he’s consistent.

said Danny feeling brave. "I love you, mommy!"

She kissed Danny once again as he fell into a deep sleep,

A deep deep deep deep deep sleep.

nuzzling his cheek with hers.

"I love you too, my little man!" whispered the kitsune happily.

No matter how bad the thunder storm got,

So this is what it feels like to be Dun Dun… 🎶Thunder Struck!🎶 

the human child felt safe in his kitsune mother's embrace as they slipped into dream land, dreaming that they made sweet love to eachother non-stop, in the future, both Danny and his mom made love every night, each night filled with pleasurable moans and gasps.

The father’s corpse was never found. The end.

  The End

Who’s up for chapter two?