Review #13: Cub Training Institute

Chapter 3

Story by yiffyspoodge

Review by Ray

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Warnuts is either playing dead or actually dead, but whichever it is, he’s not going to be around for chapter three.


Alright, I’m blacking out the introduction so that none of us have to see it. It’s still there if you want to uncover it, but rest assured it’s the same bullshit as before verbatim.

This story includes cub and is very fetish heavy, including: group, baby fur, transformation, experimentation, vomit, brain insertion, cum from all orifices, inflation, all the way through, etc. Don’t like, don’t read. You’ve been warned.

Cub Training 3

There is a state of the art research academy called the Cub Training Institute, where every month, some lucky cubs get to go. Its official purpose is training cubs to be more successful in adulthood, but its true purpose is research. Every day, the technology of pleasure grows more advanced, and there are no better test subjects than the ones at the Cub Training Institute.

This month’s batch included twenty cubs of a variety of ages, the oldest being about ten, the youngest just a few months. The species were varied as well, including foxes, mice, ferrets, cats and a few others. One group was sent to the most cutting edge research area, Area 5.

A mutt named Kyle, just five, two twin ferrets called Stitch and Titch, and a baby fox called Nuni, were taken into the farthest lab and put in a room together. They were a bit too nervous to chat much, though the twins were giggling now and then, poking one another.

Gradually, they all started to notice a pleasant smell that seemed to be permeating the room. It made their heads feel fuzzy, their eyes start to flutter, and their bodies to feel hot. One of the twins let his tongue hang out his mouth. Nuni, the fox, churred happily, already getting wet inside her diaper.

At that moment, some scientists in masks came in. A horse, who didn’t wear a mask, smiled at the cubs.

“My name is Jean, and I’ll be your first teacher here. Do everything I say and you’ll get a great reward, okay?”

Titch, the ferret, raised his paw, blushing. “What kind of reward, Mr. Jean?”

The horse smiled. “Something even better than you can imagine. First of all, I’m going to do some one-on-one with each of you. While I do that, the rest of you will be getting physical examinations. Okay?”

The cubs murmured their assent, and the horse knelt before Kyle, the dog. While two dog lab assistants dealt with the ferrets, four zebras now approached the little fox.

Now I’m not claiming to be an expert on this type of experimentation, but I feel like the baby should require fewer scientists than the twins. Just a thought.

“So, this is the first direct brain injection case?”

I don’t know, Kyle got quite the brain injection.

“Yep, that’s why we’re using one so young. More neural elasticity.”

I wanted to point of that that’s not a real thing, but then I realized the author could very well mean that the brains of infants are literally more stretchy. And if that’s the case, then for all I know he’s right; I can’t say it’s something I’ve looked into.

“And if something goes wrong?”

Is there even a difference between a failed experiment and a successful one here?

“No worries, Jean said we can have her in that case.”


“Awesome. Well, here goes.”

One zebra produced an injection gun which was full of a pleasant, pink substance.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that the scientists are divided by species? Maybe it was a coincidence.

He carefully placed it inside the happy fox pup’s ear. He pressed.

The baby’s eyes went blank. Though she had been smiling and getting excited just like the rest of them, now she looked brain dead. However, her little hips were twitching, and some drool started running from her mouth.

Yeah, that’s what babies typically do. Congratulations, they’ve found a cure to whatever horrible neurotoxin is they’re pumping through the vents.

One of the zebras removed her diaper to find that she was consistently cumming, making the table on which she lay wet and sticky with fox cum.

I was about to Google whether or not that was possible, but then I remembered the NSA is watching, so it looks like this question will go unanswered.

One zebra took out a notebook. “Injection successful. Beginning the experiment.”

First, one zebra abruptly inserted his whole fist inside the fox’s little cunt.

Baby fisting, right then.


Nuni burbled, but continued cumming heavily, now starting to grin. The fist was large enough to see moving in and out inside her tummy, but it was nothing compared to the size of the zebra dicks now waiting to be inside her. Sure enough, the fist was only a warm-up.

Looks like it’s that time again.



In fact, you know what?



Let’s do this shit.

The same zebra now picked up the infant with one hand, and with the other produced his cock.

He hasn’t stopped fisting the baby and his other hand is busy, so he is now lifting the baby, by the vagina, with his fist. Don’t mind these entirely unrelated images.


He rested Nuni’s cunt against it, rubbed her there for a moment and then shoved her tiny body onto him. Stomach acid burbled up from the cub’s mouth as she was forced to stare back at him, her spine forced to bend away from the cock that had skewered her stomach.

Fuck it, maybe they did develop some reality bending aphrodisiac. I’m willing to go with the flow. Hell, on this much Fukitol it’s hard not to.

She giggled stupidly.

Even the zebra was surprised at how far he had shafted her with so little effort, but this was their first direct brain injection.

There are so many reasons that wouldn’t matter, but fuck it, maybe it’s an understanding of medicine beyond our time.

Obviously it was effective.

True, it’s hard to argue with results like that. Also, I’m not complaining, but I can’t help but notice there’s no control group.


He smirked and began to move her little body up and down his cock. Each movement caused more fluids to spurt out of her. Cum from her crotch, stomach acid and strangely – although this shouldn’t have been possible – precum from her mouth.

That’s what shouldn’t be possible in this story?


On second thought…


I agree, that does seem rather implausible.

One of the zebras used a pipet to gather the substance and examine it. “What’s this? Did you break her already?”

The one fucking her shrugged. “Doesn’t feel like it. Anyway, there would be blood, wouldn’t there?”

“Oh, Jean mentioned this. If their bodies are responsive, sometimes they can change shape immediately.”


“So if  cum it will come out her mouth?”

Yiffyspoodge, I think you a word.

“Only one way to find out.”

“Oh yeah.”


The zebra grabbed her by the head and fucked her harder and harder until the little fox was spewing stomach acid and precum nonstop, then he grunted and exploded with cum. Zebras were prodigious ejaculators, so they were often used as lab assistants here.

Huh, so it is explained. But “were”? The way that’s worded makes them sound extinct. That’s too bad.

In one moment, Nuni went to the size of a normal infant to having her tummy almost touch the ground from where the zebra held her.

Was where he held her close to the ground?

There was a moment of silence, then cum spewed from every orifice in her body. Gallons dumped out her ears, her nostrils were like sprinklers, and her mouth was a waterfall of cum. It even squirted from her tear ducts, and her eyes seemed hazy as if cum had already invaded her brain.

That zebra thing was no exaggeration, damn.

The zebras considered for a while. “Well, it did come out her mouth, but it’s sort of hard to tell how.”


“Give her here.”

She was passed off to another zebra who squeezed her out until she was back to a normal size.

Have these people considered fucking giant sponges? Maybe it’s the Fukitol talking, but I swear you could replace the cubs in this story with warm, wet, cub sized sponges and not notice a difference. Granted, the sponges wouldn’t make little noises, but I’m pretty sure Jean could get over it. I’m also pretty sure I just invented a fetish, assuming that’s not already a thing.

He examined her face briefly. “Not sure if the lights are on upstairs, but she’s still conscious. Still cumming, too, actually. Good girl.”

With that, he placed her tail hole over his giant cock, even larger than the one before, and plopped her onto it. She choked up cum, but then began to giggle and move her arms and legs a bit.

“How about that? Too bad, though, if she takes it all in stride we’ll have to give her up.”

“Not a problem. Has anybody ever been able to take us all and stay sane before?”


I Googled badass zebra to find a fitting picture, just thought I’d share this.


That is indeed, a bad ass zebra.

The big zebra yanked her hard down onto his cock, expecting to bulge out her stomach. Instead, though he felt a little resistance at first, he found he had shafted her all the way through and out her mouth again. He whistled, then began to fuck the spit-roasted infant.

“This is great. Hey, look.”


He had started fingering her cunt while he fucked her tail hole, and as he did so, more cum – both hers and the other zebra’s – was squirting out of her. She was half giggling and half choking from the cock which kept grinding its way in and out of her mouth.

I don’t think there’s any way she could be giggling, but I’m no scientist.

Her body was so small that she almost looked like a single fox pelt being dragged along by the big zebra, everywhere stretching far too much.

The zebra chuckled. “Well, I’m going to cum, too. But no cheating.” Though he had been using her as a flesh hole, now he popped her back a bit so his cock was bulging out her tummy.

Good call, keep that little punk from taking the survivable way out.

Then he wrapped his big hands around her face. Having done so, he smirking and fucked her like a madman. With nowhere to go, his cock would come up against his own hands as he held her mouth closed. Her blank eyes were wide with shock,

I suppose it is a bit startling, if you think about it.

but then the zebra finally lost it.

Well hey, as long as someone’s happy.

“NGH!” he grunted, his cum rocketing through the infant fox.

The fox’s body went completely stiff as it was filled up again, even more than before. And now it couldn’t get out her nose or mouth. Her eyes rolled back. Fountains of cum poured out her ears. As if it had sprung a leak, her belly button suddenly became another spigot of cum, pouring out all over the floor.

The zebra grinned. “Hey, you two. I’ve got an idea.”

Oh, is anyone surprised? They have four zebras, why wouldn’t they use them?

Since the cum was exiting the little fox so slowly, they had time to do something they’d never done before. While the one zebra still held her in the same position, shafted on his cock and stuffed full of cum, the other two started teasing her belly button. No one noticed, but she started cumming again as they did,

You say nobody noticed, but don’t count yourself out Mr. Narrator, you’re someone too. At least, I assume you are.

much though her eyes were totally gone.

Finally, one of the zebras pulled her belly button wide open,


then both of them shoved their cocks inside.


Little Nuni stiffened and burbled,

Oh that’s right, she had a name.

cum spurting through the fingers covering her mouth. She came over and over as they slowly started thrusting in her. Then she lost consciousness, and they kept fucking her anyway.

It’s not like consent was a big concern to begin with.

The two zebras fucked her middle with abandon, and each time, made cum pour out of her.


Mostly from her ears, but more and more was getting between the gaps of the zebra’s fingers over her mouth. The two zebras couldn’t take it for long, so one by one they exploded inside her.

Instantly, her body grew to massive size, now easily the size of one of the adult zebras here. Cum was pouring out of her, her ears, eyes and nose, it had even popped several holes in her skin, and she was leaking like a balloon.

Worst. Balloon. Ever.

The zebra behind her chuckled, and finally released his hand over her mouth. Then the other two popped their cocks out from inside her.

“BLRAGHGH!” Cum rocketed from her mouth. It poured just as fast from her belly button, and all her other orifices were just as desperate to free her from the pressure.


Now that I think about it, I could see where what’s going on with the pumpkins is similar to what’s going on in the story.

Finally, she was back to being a very tiny and very floppy fox baby again.

The zebra holding her examined her for a moment and sighed, when he saw her starting to grin again. “Damn. She hasn’t broken yet.”

“Dammit, it’s almost like we succeeded in what we were attempting to make!”

“Well, only one way to fix that.”

Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

They all looked up because Jean had now walked over, carrying a comatose dog that was spit-roasted on his massive horse cock. The horse smirked at them, then briefly went up to the door of the room. “Hey you guys, come give us a hand.”

The horse had invited in yet another group of zebras, so now they totaled ten.


Don’t count, there aren’t ten. Plot twist: they’re not zebras either.

Jean handed the puppy on his cock to another zebra, and then examined Nuni.

I’m sure the zebra will treat the puppy with care.

“Very good. These are already excellent results. I don’t care if you break her now. Having said that…” He grinned and at once shafted her on his huge cock. “I hope you don’t mind if I have a taste.”

You taste with your dick?


The zebras laughed, but didn’t need being told what to do now. They gathered around and all found a perfect place to be. One got under her and bowed her stomach in the other direction to Jean’s cock by taking her cunt instead of her tail hole. Two more found their place inside her naval again, their cocked both pushing her tiny stomach around Jean’s cock in the middle. One crossed Jean’s path in the other direction, shafting her so deep that he was coming out her tail hole just as Jean was coming out her mouth.


Left foot red.

Two stood on either side of this one, adolescents, and managed to stick their cocks one up each of the fox baby’s nostrils.


When they thrust inside her, they went so deep they could feel the squishy flesh of her brain.

From the baby’s nose to its brain? I’d call that a lot of things, but I wouldn’t call it deep.

Finally, two zebras faced each other as they thrust their cocks right through the little fox’s brain, one in each ear.

The aristocrats!

Amazingly, the baby would still moan and start cumming now and then, despite the fact that her body was just a very stretchy sheath for cocks now.

I’m trying to visualize this, but three dimensions simply aren’t enough. For this scene to work we’d need at least seven.

The horse and zebras kept thrusting inside her,

Oh yeah, what ever happened to those dogs? I guess they’re busy, but it must take a lot of dedication to ignore something like this.

lubing her up with precum

No, lube is clearly not a concern in this reality, it’s a little late for that.

and stretching her more and more as her body started to lose more and more of its functionality in the real world, until that fox pup’s brain completely snapped, and nothing would satisfy now but to be stretched with dozens of cocks.

Well what a coincidence, she’s already almost halfway there.

At one point, the fox stiffened as she began to cum with an orgasm so intense that it started to drive her insane.

Started to? So a completely snapped brain and insanity are two completely different things then?

The tightening in her made some of her captors start to lose control. The two fucking her nose came, spewing cum all through her little head. Then came the one in her mouth, the first to start bloating her belly again. Next came the one in her cunt, and almost at the same time, the two in her belly button. Suddenly, she was bigger than any of them here,

That fact that he says here instead of there disturbs me.

and she was still being fucked. Jean grinned as he fucked her over and over, then finally he came at the same time the last two fucking her brain did. Cum poured from every hole on the little fox, but she kept getting bigger anyway.

Finally, all were satisfied.

I won’t speak for every reader, but Hentai Man left, Warnuts either died or was desperate enough to fake it, and I’m on so much Fukitol that I’m surprised I can make words. So even if I’m satisfied, that still leaves two people very disappointed.

The infant was still the side of a house,


still spit-roasted on Jean’s cock, and still with two cocks in her ears.

In some places that’s just a rite of passage.

There was no going back now. After all, her body had yet to stop cumming, and probably never would.

Zebras will go extinct and yiffyspoodge will look back on this with disgust before she stops cumming.

Much though she little understood what was happening, all she knew was that what had just happened was a benchmark. Her life would be spent trying to surpass it.

Although I have no idea what exactly is happening, all I know is that this story is a benchmark for the Retributionists. Our month may be spent trying to surpass it.

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