Review #13: Cub Training Institute

Chapter 2

Story by yiffyspoodge

Review by Ray

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This story includes cub and is very fetish heavy, including: transformation, experimentation, vomit, cum from all orifices, inflation, mind break, etc. Don’t like, don’t read. You’ve been warned.

We remember, still don’t give a fuck.


Cub Training

Now entering hell, abandon hope all ye who enter here.

There is a state of the art research academy called the Cub Training Institute, where every month, some lucky cubs get to go. Its official purpose is training cubs to be more successful in adulthood, but its true purpose is research. Every day, the technology of pleasure grows more advanced, and there are no better test subjects than the ones at the Cub Training Institute.

This looks familiar…

This month’s batch included twenty cubs of a variety of ages, the oldest being about ten, the youngest just a few months. The species were varied as well, including foxes, mice, ferrets, cats and a few others. One group was sent to the most cutting edge research area, Area 5.

Ray, you sure this is the right chapter?

A mutt named Kyle, just five, two twin ferrets called Stitch and Titch, and a baby fox called Nuni, were taken into the farthest lab and put in a room together. They were a bit too nervous to chat much, though the twins were giggling now and then, poking one another.

We remember. Are that many people really skipping straight to part two?`

Gradually, they all started to notice a pleasant smell that seemed to be permeating the room. It made their heads feel fuzzy, their eyes start to flutter, and their bodies to feel hot. One of the twins let his tongue hang out his mouth. Nuni, the fox, churred happily, already getting wet inside her diaper.

Yeah, this is definitely chapter one. I see what you meant by more of the same.

At that moment, some scientists in masks came in. A horse, who didn’t wear a mask, smiled at the cubs.

I don’t want to remember the horse, I don’t want to remember!

“My name is Jean, and I’ll be your first teacher here.


Do everything I say and you’ll get a great reward, okay?”

Titch, the ferret, raised his paw, blushing. “What kind of reward, Mr. Jean?”

“A dick in your everything, now hold still.”

The horse smiled. “Something even better than you can imagine. First of all, I’m going to do some one-on-one with each of you. While I do that, the rest of you will be getting physical examinations. Okay?”

The cubs all nodded obediently. Jean then walked over to the dog, Kyle, and started with him. Stitch and Titch watched with fascination as the horse pulled out his massive cock and suddenly started fucking the little dog’s mouth. Both ferrets began to feel hot and started touching themselves. But this did not last for long.

Thank Space Jesus, new material. Now we can finally hear in great detail about how the other cubs are getting fucked.

While they were both in a stupor as a result of the aphrodisiac in the air and of watching the little pup get shafted so hard, neither put up much of a fight when two dogs in lab coats came up behind them and fixed special visors over their heads.


Both ferrets watched in wonder as strange images began to pass over their eyes, and directly into their brains.

Well, yeah, that is how vision works.

Soon, both began to twitch and chuckle stupidly as their little cocks started to cum.

Well, not wasting any time in this chapter. Once he gets to the point, they gets to the point.4

The lab dogs then strapped the two ferrets into special machines,

My ass already hurts.

hands and feet bound with their tails resting over massive artificial cocks.

Called it.

Indeed, the cocks were long enough to stretch from their tail holes to their ribs with no trouble.

Destroying their intestines in the process, but still.

A point which was soon proved.


One at a time, the lab dogs reached for the tail holes of the little ferrets. Since they were both completely lost in the hypnotic images currently assaulting their brains,

But what about our assaulted brains?

neither much cared as the dogs proceeded to insert long fingers into their tail holes,

Their ribs are being fucked, are the fingers even important at this point?

then stretch them wide. In fact, at the tail play,

Play? But I thought this was for science.

Titch began to moan and thrust his hips pointlessly.

that’s not the only pointless thing in this story.

But then the dogs fixed their tail holes onto the tips of the fake cocks.

Oh, so they weren’t being fucked yet? Well I’m still pissed.

The dogs exchanged a grin. Then at the same moment, they grabbed onto the ferrets’ shoulders and shoved them onto the cocks.

Great you made ray leave… Come back!

Alright, I’m back and I got the lube, back to the story.

Why do--

Don’t worry about it.

Both ferrets faces went blank.

Well yeah, what do you expect?

Stitch gurgled a bit, and his tongue lolled out as if drunk.

Oh, that reminds me.


Titch choked, and a bit of vomit burbled out of him, the cock having penetrated all the way to his stomach in one go. One of the dogs then smirked and walked over to another part of the machine, where there was a massive tank.

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a container or a war machine, nor do I know which is better.

The tank was filled with cum samples that had been gathered by the lab assistants over a period of about three weeks.


He flicked a switch on the tank.

Then, through a hose which connected the tank to the two artificial cocks now buried inside the flexible ferrets, cum started to slowly fill them up.

How is this for science?

Their work done, the two dogs settled down with some cigarettes and a deck of cards to casually enjoy the show.

Yeah, cards, because there’s not much interesting going on.

In a matter of moments, the ferrets had started moaning and thrusting the cocks into their own bodies. Titch was giggling madly as he thrust so hard that he made himself vomit again, then kept going anyway. Stitch was numbly twitching, his body seemingly unsure what to do as pleasure assaulted all his senses and cum slowly filled him up.

I want to find yiffyspoodge and do all of this shit to him.

For minutes on end, the show continued. Soon, each cub’s belly was so full of cum that they reached the floor.

Because that seems anatomically correct.

Now their bellies were almost bigger than they were.


Titch was laughing, bouncing up and down on the cock, each time causing cum to spurt out of his mouth and nose.

So he’s the world’s sluttiest soap dispenser?

Stitch had been holding his breath for some time,

Yeah, I’d be trying to kill myself at this point too.

so he was much fuller up than his brother. He kept his mouth closed even as cum started to snort and dribble from his nose. His cheeks were full of cum, but he didn’t seem to understand what to do.

Because this is a situation anybody would be ready for.

One of the dogs noticed this, and got up to go back to the tank. He smirked while watching the two, then slammed one hand against the side of the tank. Suddenly, the speed at which the cum entered the little ferrets bodies shot up unbelievably.

Ah, I see they’re taking the teaching approach of, “Sink or swim you bastard!”

They were both filled to three times their size in an instant.


There was a brief pause as their minds completely snapped with pleasure and madness.

That sounds oddly literal.

Then Stitch’s will broke, and cum poured out like a fountain from every single hole in his body.

Will is made of cum? Interesting.

Titch was still gurgling with stupid laughter as he burbled and choked and cum rocketed out of him. Not just his mouth, either.

No, of course not, what was I thinking?

Cum was filling up their whole system now.

Their entire system. All of it. And they’re still alive.

It flowed through all their organs,

Which are apperently made of cum.

flooded through their brains. And moments later, started spewing out their ears. Their mouths and noses poured out cum, and though their eyes were hidden behind their visors, white tears of cum

White tears of cum? Sounds like a love song.

were flowing helplessly down their faces. White sweat broke out over their bodies. Their tummies were now so full, their belly buttons were producing almost as much cum as their ears and noses but together. Stitch’s mind went blank. His head tilted oddly, and all his muscles went slack.

One of the dogs raised an eyebrow and got up again. He removed Stitch’s visor and examined his face. “Oops. This one’s gone.”

They killed him. With cum.

“Too much aphrodisiac?”

Gee, ya think?

“Yep. Well, that’s another sex doll we can put up for sale.


The other seems to be doing fine, though. Let’s pump him up some more before we call it a day.”

“Yeah, let’s do what killed the other one to the one that’s still alive.”

“Sounds good.”

No, no it doesn’t.

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