Review #13: Cub Training Institute

Chapter 1

Story by yiffyspoodge

Review by Ray

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Warning indeed. Alright everybody, time to learn some words.

This story includes cub

Cub is the general furry term for child, and in this context, it’s sexual.

and is very fetish heavy, including: transformation, experimentation, vomit,

Those three are basically what they sound like.

brain insertion,

Sadly, so is that one.

cum from all orifices,

And that one. Yes, all, even an extra one in fact.


This one is comically ridiculous, best left to surprise.

all the way through,

Yes; all the way. All the way.

etc. Don’t like, don’t read.

But what if we read because we don’t like?

You’ve been warned.

Warnings can’t stop us; Warnuts, get in here!

Just unlock these chains and--

Nope, it’s story time bitch. Besides, this is a monumental day for the Retributionists; this is our first story that could get us arrested.

Cub Training

There is a state of the art research academy called the Cub Training Institute, where every month, some lucky cubs get to go.


Its official purpose is training cubs to be more successful in adulthood, but its true purpose is research.

I’ve done things in the name of science before, and these people are full of shit.

Every day, the technology of pleasure grows more advanced, and there are no better test subjects than the ones at the Cub Training Institute.

Yeah, this sort of research wouldn’t work on adults, that would be too normal.

This month’s batch included twenty cubs of a variety of ages, the oldest being about ten, the youngest just a few months.


The species were varied as well, including foxes, mice, ferrets, cats and a few others.

Oh, “Others.” Racists.

One group was sent to the most cutting edge research area, Area 5.


A mutt named Kyle, just five, two twin ferrets called Stitch and Titch,

I hate them already; fuck rhyming and fuck onomatopoeia when it comes to names.

and a baby fox called Nuni, were taken into the farthest lab and put in a room together.

This can only end well.

They were a bit too nervous to chat much,

If they’re so lucky to be here, why are they nervous?

though the twins were giggling now and then, poking one another.

Speaking of poking.

Gradually, they all started to notice a pleasant smell that seemed to be permeating the room.

“Does anyone else smell rape?”

It made their heads feel fuzzy, their eyes start to flutter, and their bodies to feel hot. One of the twins let his tongue hang out his mouth. Nuni, the fox, churred happily, already getting wet inside her diaper.

I just felt myself die a little.

At that moment, some scientists in masks came in. A horse, who didn’t wear a mask, smiled at the cubs.

If he’s not wearing a mask, shouldn’t he be breathing the chemical too?

“My name is Jean, and I’ll be your first teacher here. Do everything I say and you’ll get a great reward, okay?”

Your reward can go fuck itself, because it’s not fucking us.

Titch, the ferret, raised his paw, blushing.

That seems a little too realistic.

Welcome to the fandom.

“What kind of reward, Mr. Jean?”

Oh, Mister Jean. I had no idea Jean was a man until just now.

The horse smiled. “Something even better than you can imagine. First of all, I’m going to do some one-on-one with each of you.


While I do that, the rest of you will be getting physical examinations. Okay?”

No, no it is not okay.

The cubs murmured their assent, and the horse knelt before Kyle, the dog. Jean smiled at him. “It’s Kyle, isn’t it? How are you feeling so far, Kyle?”

“Like I could be literally fucked across the room.”

Dude, really?

Did I mention I’ve read part of this already?

Kyle blinked, feeling woozy. The horse’s proximity was making him even hotter than he had been before, and he knew his little erection was pressing up against his trousers.


He didn’t seem to be able to focus his eyes, and without thinking, started to touch himself.

“I…um…I feel…hot…”

Jean got out a notepad, dropping his smile briefly as if it had been painted on, and wrote something down.

Oh yeah, the “Science.”

“Yes, what else?”

Kyle shifted his legs as tingling sensations like he’d never felt before ran all through his little body. “My peepee…feels good, but…it itches…”

I can feel myself dying with each line.

You’re right, we need help. Hentai Man!

Hentai Man to the rescue!!!


I have now made everything better.

“Interesting,” said Jean, still writing. “How about your tail hole?”

Oh, one of these stories, got it.

Kyle murred softly, squirming in his chair. “Hot…can I touch it?”

Well, at least he’s a polite hornball.

Jean smiled, closing his notebook.

But how will he science without a notebook?


“Don’t worry. That’s today’s lesson.

Lesson, rape, what’s the difference really?


Are you ready to start?”

He might be ready, but I’m fucking not.

Oh we didn’t start yet? My bad.

Kyle nodded numbly.

I’m feeling pretty numb as well.

Without another word, Jean drew out his massive horse cock.

Apparently, massive is an understatement. you guys are into that kind of stuff….no wonder you called me.

Kyle’s eyes widened. Because of the difference in their sizes,

…..Warnuts…..Ray…...are you not telling me something?

What, no!

Don’t worry about it.

when they were both sitting down, that cock was almost as tall as he was. And though it was terrifying to look at, drool started dripping from Kyle’s mouth. He was unable to look away.

“Already interested, huh? That’s good. Here we go, then.”

Cyanide pill to the rescue!

Wait, try some Fukitol.

There’s not enough Fukitol in the world.

Without a word, Jean grabbed Kyle on either side of his face and slid his huge cock into Kyle’s muzzle.

“Mphhm!” Kyle gagged, eyes wide.

“Good, very good. You want to be a good boy, don’t you?”


Yeah, yiffyspoodge didn’t mention that in his disclaimers, did he?

Disclaimers….You mean that question on websites that asks if you’re 18? I always get that one right!

Kyle looked up with pleading eyes. Yes, he did.

You’re the narrator, I believed you the first time.

Somehow he’d never wanted to be liked by an adult more than that moment.

I’m more of an adult than Kyle, and I still don’t want to suck a dick.

Speak for yourself.

So you are hiding something from me!


Jean chuckled. “Then try and take as much of this as you can, okay?”

This being his first time and all, I have to think he’s doing pretty fucking well.

It’s not fucking…..this is only oral.

ever heard of throat fucking?

Since I am the only one with a girlfriend I would say that I do.

Speak for yourself.

Kyle tried to nod, but the cock was now so far down his throat that he couldn’t really move his head.

I feel like this really isn’t up to Kyle anymore, I think the mutt’s already done as much as he possibly can.

What’s the point of sex if you can’t move?

What about somnophilia? Or bondage?

Oh I have been slane!

It was scary and uncomfortable at first,

Uncomfortable isn’t the word I would use.

Horses are very scary man!

but slowly his eyes grew heavy. The scent of the stallion was so strong, his little body was starting to ache with desire. He swallowed as much as he could of the sweet precum that dripped from the horse cock now raping his throat.

What alternatives to swallowing were there at that point?

Didn’t he do this willingly?

Jean slid his cock in and out a few times, each time managing to go a little deeper. Kyle’s head and throat were now something obscene, stretched beyond what should physically be possible.

Should? Is.

In fact it was only the specially developed aphrodisiac in the air that made it so.


It canceled out most of the pain receptors in the brain, as well as loosening all the muscles and skin to such an extent that little cubs had been stretched all the way across rooms before.

I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, but what happens when it wears off?

Gum Gum Cum?

Nothing would hurt in this room.

Except for feelings.

Kyle’s mind was slowly filling up with nothing but pleasure. His eyes widened as he felt his ribs groaning against the force that was too large for them at the moment.

You’re doin’ it wrong!

Says you.

A few more thrusts, and Jean’s huge cock forced them apart.

But they make such a good couple!

“Grhph!” Kyle choked and gurgled, though somehow even this was pleasurable. Kyle wanted Jean to stretch him some more.

More? More? More? Write your rapey cub porn, but keep some degree of logic.

Now Kyle’s upper body was stretched around Jean’s cock, and it wasn’t even halfway down. Jean chuckled again and thrust a few more times, snorting with pleasure.

“Ah. I think it’ll be easier to see from this direction.”


With that, he lifted Kyle by his middle, and easily turned him over so now he was belly-up, spitted on Jean’s cock as the horse pumped him up and down.

Let’s all take a moment and be thankful Jean doesn’t have an echidna penis.

Kyle gurgled, some spit and precum bubbling from his nose and around his mouth.

“Hang on a sec, this might be uncomfortable…” Jean said, though smiling.

If things haven’t been uncomfortable yet, I don’t want to know what is.

He thrust hard once, and Kyle felt as if he’d suddenly become pregnant.


….My health teacher is a lesbian and even I know that it takes at least a day for the sperm to get to the egg.


In fact, Jean had thrust so far that he’d distended the flesh of Kyle’s stomach well beyond his body, almost the length of his torso again.

Did Jean’s dick double in size?

“Rghh…mrhgh…” Kyle burbled, and stomach acid squirted from his nose.

Well said.

*ajustes glasses* Medically speaking this would kill him.

His eyes rolled back, his little body twitching with pleasure. Then, suddenly his little cock started to squirt cum into the air.


That’s a lot of cum.

“Ah. Excellent,” said Jean.


He removed his hands to reach for his notebook again, and as he did, Kyle was fully spitroasted, his muzzle now buried in Jean’s horse balls.



His arms and legs twitched a little, his lower half still dangling while the horse cock vaulted his stomach straight toward the ceiling.


Fuck indeed.

Jean continued writing for a moment, then said, “An ejaculation within the first five minutes with no stimulation. This week’s batch should be a winner.

That begs the question, how many times has Jean done this?

There is never enough Hentai.

Now then.” He put away his notebook again. “Let’s finish up part one.”

Breaking the fourth wall are we?

He grasped Kyle around his widened ribs again, and started thrusting hard inside him.

Yes, because earlier he was fucking Kyle so gently.

Fluids spurted from Kyle’s nose while the pup gurgled and murred with pleasure, his mind completely blank. A few more hard thrusts and Jean sighed as horse cum rocketed through the cub’s little body.

Kyle’s eyes widened as a pressure he’d never felt in his life

No, shit.

Speak for yourself.

Warnuts admit it….you and Ray.

Hey, just because we’re on the same bed reading the same gay porn doesn’t make us a couple.

Sorry…I misjudged you.

I hate both of you.

You’re the one that summoned me.

distended his belly so far that his stomach was almost bigger than he was.

I spent a moment thinking about whether or not that was possible, then I remembered the rest of the story.

This only lasted for a moment before it started to spray out of his nose, bubble up from where his lips were stretched around the horse cock, and even dribble out his little tail hole and belly button.

Belly button? SIR, I doubt the verisimilitude of your cub yiff with an implausible aphrodisiac of physics dismantling proportions and no foreseen consequences, and furthermore must disagree with the premise that an anthropomorphic equestrian charlatan ejaculating into a nearly disembodied stomach could result in semen permeating from the belly button of any party involved.

He wagged his tail limply as the mindless pleasure dragged on and on.

Finally, Jean lifted the cub off him, and held him upside-down as cum dribbled steadily from his mouth. The cub’s eyes were blank,

As blank as my soul at the moment.

and though he still made noise it did not seem to be conscious. Jean grinned and wrapped his hands around the mutt’s belly.

He must have some really big hands…..and you know what they say about dudes with big hands.

Horse penis.

He squeezed.

“BGMBRH!” Kyle gagged as several liters of horse cum

Liters, because science.

Thats a lot of cum.

exited the way they had come, spraying down onto the smooth floor.

When the cub had been emptied again, Jean let him dangle there by one leg for a while, letting cum drip down his face. “Did you like that?”

…...I've read better.

And I’ve read worse.

You people read?

Kyle was barely conscious, but he managed a small nod.

“Good. Would you like some more?”

Kyle nodded. “Bguh…” he murmured, as if this was supposed to mean something.

Wait!!! There’s a meaning to this story!

Jean laughed. “Great.

Cheater, it didn’t mean a damn thing and you know it.

Too bad for you though, from now on you’ll probably be too far gone to enjoy most of it.


Still, your body will.

I just lost my last shred of hope that Jean is really a scientist.

…...Jean is a scientist?

Just try to stay conscious.”

“Try to stay conscious, I’m just gonna rape you a little bit.”

One does not simply rape a little.

Jean turned the cub over and placed his tail hole against the tip of his horse cock, which was already plenty ready to go again on account of the aphrodisiac.

Kyle, have you met Mr. Hands?

Jean smirked, then shafted the cub in one motion.

So I remembered something just now; there are still other people in the room. It doesn’t sound like they’ve left. There are a few other adults and a few other cubs, none of whom have expressed any problems with this.

We are in the room and you two are the only ones complaining.

Well yeah, it’s fucked up.

Damn right, the logic is atrocious.

Just the logic?

I know what I said.

Just sit back, undo your pants, and enjoy.

Don’t forget the Fukitol.

Kyle gurgled up some left over cum as his eyes rolled back.

Make sure you put the leftovers away in the the fridge.

 The horse cock was now stretching out his stomach from the other direction, forcing his ribs to whine and groan against the repeated onslaughts.


Kyle may have tried to move his limbs a little, but soon all his muscles had gone slack. Jean pumped the mutt up and down his cock while with each thrust, more cum bubbled up from the cub’s mouth. Over and over the horse proudly wracked the cub’s little body, filling it with precum.

Proudly. Fuck you Jean, and not in the way you’d enjoy.

Also, I’m no fuck doctor, but I don’t think you can fill someone’s body with precum.

But science.

Shut up Yellow.

….If he has cum multiple times already then wouldn’t this make it aftercum?

No, it would still be--


Don’t you ever bring logic into this again!

By now, the combination of the substance in the air and the semen inside him was actually causing Kyle’s body to change.

I would think your stomach emerging from your ass warrants a change, but wherever you want to draw the line yiffyspoodge.

There is no line in Hentai.

Every hole was now becoming moist and stretchy.

I don’t like where this is going.

Every inch of him craved more and more semen to come inside and stretch him further. All his bones started to act like jelly, moving where his partner wanted them.


What is this??? We can do much better!


Well… Hentai Man wins again. Now let’s stop with this tentacle rape and get back to the furry child porn please.

And his mind would soon be full of only need and pleasure.

The foreshadowing, it burns!

Friction burns are the worst.

Gradually, Jean glanced up to realize that a lustful smirk had now taken over the pup’s face.

And I glanced down to realize there’s no way the rest of this cast is getting fucked in this instalment, meaning there are more chapters to come. Hooray.

The more the merrier!

His eyes were still wide, and he still choked up cum, but he was moaning and smiling a little. Jean smirked. He thrust hard and the pup’s smirk briefly vanished as cum and stomach acid poured from his mouth, but then it returned with even more pleasure in it.

Pleasure, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

No, you would not get pleasure from that, even with the magic science chemical.

Maybe the chemical is gaseous PCP.

“Abrgh…grmhuh…brgh…” Kyle burbled, though it was unclear if he was trying to speak or not.

Well then why even mention it?

Sound effects in this are just great.

“I see. You want more huh?” Jean asked, grinning.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that was a legitimate question at all.

“Not a problem. Wonder if you’ll be smiling after this one.”

The horse rammed his cock over and over in the cub, stretching his stomach well past his head, though Kyle continued to smile and burble. He pounded him so hard that Kyle tensed and started cumming again, spraying the space between their stomachs.

Because clearly there wasn’t enough cum already.


Whose side are you on?

Jean chuckled and finally shafted the cub several more times before bloating his tiny body with even more cum than before.

Kyle’s smile vanished. His stomach dwarfed the rest of his body. He choked. He briefly snapped his mouth shut as his cheeks filled up more and more. Finally, he couldn’t hold it back and cum gushed out of him as if he were a fire hose.

Hentai Man, no!


“Oh yeah…” Jean muttered, and quickly pulled the cub off him.

Before Kyle’s body had time to empty out again, Jean started fingering the area on his belly that was squirting cum now and then. His belly button, which Jean had been close to fucking from the inside, was twitching as if waiting for him.

Has yiffyspoodge ever seen a belly button? Even his own?

Jean took no notice of the fact that Kyle’s brain was now completely empty, and it might as well have been a doll he was fucking now.

Rest in peace you poor bastard, your brain is literally full of fuck.

Instead, he pressed his cock against the cub’s little belly button. Kyle’s head flopped forward without Jean to hold it up.

So is this necrophilia too now?

Doesn't matter had sex.

The horse concentrated on stretching out that tiny hole over his huge cock. The size difference really was too great, it was looking impossible. So Jean grinned and held the cub up in front of him. He inserted his big horse tongue into the hole easily.

“It was impossible, so he did it anyways.”

Kyle gurgled a bit and his toes flexed a little.


Wow, he’s not dead yet. I feel bad for him.


Why wouldn’t I feel bad for him? his ass is destroyed, his jaw is dislocated, his ribs are broken probably puncturing a lung, and his intestines are confuckulated.


Jean glanced up at him. “A response to navel stimulation. Very interesting.” Then he smirked again and started fucking that belly button with his tongue.

He was able to go so deep that he could taste his own cum inside the pup’s stomach.

I fully agree with Rob Bricken’s policy that anyone wanting to write erotica must first take a basic human anatomy class.

But he is a horse…

Hmm… touche.

Kyle had started to murr again, possibly regaining consciousness. At that moment, Jean wrapped his hands around the cub’s middle, inserted both thumbs into the little hole, and pulled them apart.

Um, quick question; why?

Why not?

“Grhfm!” Kyle grunted, gritting his teeth.


More sound effects!

Jean grinned at seeing some light come into the cub’s eyes before he threaded his cock inside the little pup’s middle. Kyle’s eyes went wide with confusion and panic.

How wide can this guy’s eyes get? I understand that Anime eyes are big but you sir are breaking the record!

Well furry isn’t always anim--

Shh, we need his help, and I don’t think he’s in if it isn’t hentai. So is he literally trying to fuck a hole into Kyle’s stomach?

As if it would be that tame.

For now, the cock could only go the short distance from his tummy to his spine,

Yeah, only.

so Jean was merely swirling the cub’s stomach fluid around, though enjoying himself. Then he noticed something.

He had wanted to try stretching around the cub’s spine, since he was sure his skin could take it.

I am 69% sure that the entire reason for a dick getting erect is so you can’t do this.


But as his tip pressed against the bones, he realized they were parting for him.


 Kyle was still too stunned to understand, but it didn’t feel as if Jean were breaking or tearing anything.


He thought for a moment

Holy Buttsex Jesus, thought went into this?

and then took out his notebook, causing Kyle to slump forward over his cock. The cub was still burbling up cum, twitching now and then though his eyes were still wide with shock.


Burbling is now the word of the day.

“Well. Suppose it’s worth a try,” Jean said, shrugging as he replaced his notebook in his pocket.

The horse man never took off his pants?

He pushed forward again, and this time it was definite.

Was this really so uncertain before? I feel like it was fairly concrete, not a lot of speculation at all.

Though the mutt was grunting and obviously very disoriented, Jean’s cock was now separating his spinal column to run straight through his little body. The horse was very pleased with this and simply moved slowly for a time.


Then he pulled back a bit.

“Kyle? Can you hear me? If you can, try wiggling your feet for me.”

The dog still seemed confused,

I wonder why?

but after a few moments, his feet started to wiggle.

Dogs don’t have feet….they have paws.

Jean grinned. “No problems then, huh?”

Oh there’s a problem!

Why? It’s just your normal love between a horse….man….and a dog….boy.

If a dog and a dolphin can learn to get along, why can’t a horse scientist and his underage subject?

…...there was story before I came in?

With that, he pulled back further and slammed himself as deep as he could into the cub’s body.

Because his spine wasn’t deep enough.

Kyle spluttered, limbs waving around in confusion, though soon his eyes began to grow lidded again. It was starting to feel good.

Sexual Emo.

That would be the euphoric sensation we call death.

Jean pounded him this way for some time, until the cub’s face had become lustful again.

Alright Sergeant Sprinkles, admit you wrote this!

Probably a collaboration with ComicsNix.

At this point, he pulled out completely, pleased that the navel dripped with his precum for a few moments, then reformed itself with excellent elasticity.

Almost like there was no hole to begin with.

He held the pup dangling by one arm, his head flopped to the side, grinning stupidly.

Vary VARY Stupidly!

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Want to show me if you have any other special holes?”

Special holes? Dammit, I need a new name for my book, thanks a lot title thief.

Kyle giggled, his eyes rolling back. His abruptly coughed, and more semen dribbled out, then he went right back to grinning.

Suddenly, Jean shoved his fingers up the pup’s nose.

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose…

Kyle struggled to breathe out his mouth, since his throat was mostly full of cum, his eyes fluttering while wondering what Jean was doing.

Lady Gaga would say he’s messed up at this point.

But soon, Kyle’s tiny cock started to drip precum again as Jean started to fuck his little muzzle.

Jean was pleased to see that, like the pup’s belly button, his nose had become stretchy and moist, easily taking his fingers. Obviously feeling pleasure too, judging from the state of the cub’s tiny cock. He raped his nose for a while, until the cub murred and came, his cock lightly spraying the floor to join with Jean’s cum.

We get it, fucking and cum, please end the story.

“Hm,” Jean wondered. “If he likes it there, I wonder…”

That is the opposite of what I said, you asshole.

He set the cub on the ground, and had to steady him several times because he really wasn’t conscious enough to be standing, and knelt to look inside his ear.


He raised an eyebrow doubtfully.


Even he had never tried this before.

Stop it right now you sadistic son of a bitch!

But worst case scenario, they’d just have another brain-dead sex doll, and there was always a market for those.


I don’t recall that day in economics.

He fingered the hole experimentally for a moment. To his surprise, the flesh and bone around it were very flexible.

Everybody try this at home, see how far you get. If you do manage to finger your brain, send us a half coherent letter written in crayon.

He pried it open a bit. He grinned. There, he could see the cub’s brain.

Bullshit…….BULLSHIT!!!! THERE IS NO BRAIN PRESENT IN THIS STORY WHAT SO EVER! Also his eardrum would be in the way.

“Well, this may ruin you forever, kid, but I’m afraid this is an opportunity I can’t pass up,” said the horse.

Yo, Hannibal, stop with the science, we’re good.

Licking his lips, he positioned himself beside the pup’s ear, and slowly inserted his massive cock.

Let’s see… yup, this follows approximately none of the guidelines for ethical research, congrats yiffyspoodge.

He is researching….To boldly go where no horse penis has gone before!

Kyle began to twitch, his mouth frothing up. But he was still grinning and gurgling, if Jean cared to look down. Though he didn’t. The horse was much too busy with the pleasure of sliding himself inside this cub’s head.

By the time he realized it, he had the kid’s head halfway down his cock, spit completely through. He glanced down out of curiosity. Amazingly, Kyle was still grinning and giggling, though consistently frothing at the mouth.


Oh, well would you look at that.

Jean grinned, sliding the head up and down his cock. Kyle’s ears were fluffy and tantalizing against his skin. His brain was producing its own kind of precum

Introducing What the Fuck: the Musical! Starring everyone who ever read this, which clearly doesn’t include the author.

which helped lubricate it as well. At one point he noticed that moving his cock in either direction moved Kyle’s eyes in the opposite one.

“This is too good. But I need more of you. Hang on, kid.”

He plopped the boy’s head off his cock, pleased to see that it reformed itself almost immediately, and with no warning shafted the boy’s tail hole again.

This is no longer research, it’s just a horny horse.



Kyle murred, though seeming to short circuit now at then, his whole body jerking as he sputtered cum and stomach acid.

No, unfortunately Kyle is dead, the random spasms are delusions of Jean’s own mind.

But his pleasure was obviously fully back. His head and limbs flopped pleasantly as Jean fucked him over and over.

“Now for the finale.




From past experience, it’s sort of fifty-fifty whether this will hurt you or not. But either way, the pleasure will be out of this world. Here you go.”

Suddenly, Jean shifted himself from outside Kyle’s ribs to inside them.


The pup’s eyes widened.

What? No, the story is over, there is nothing you can do to top that, the story wins. The end.

He seemed about to make a noise when Jean grasped his muzzle and held it closed. Slowly, Jean’s cock invaded farther and farther inside the cub’s chest, pushing aside all his organs until he had penetrated his esophagus from below.

He still held Kyle’s mouth closed as his cock spread out his throat until it was almost wider than his head. Kyle’s eyes had now gone blank again, though now and then he would still short circuit, twitching and spewing cum out his nose.

This story could have had the exact same effect in half the words, if not for all of this damn repetition.

Jean chuckled at this reaction, then started to fuck the cub like a flesh toy,

No, that’s what he was doing a few positions ago. Now he’s fucking a corpse.

holding his mouth closed to keep in the warmth. Kyle’s body was now just a sleeve for Jean’s cock, his arms and legs flopping uselessly beside him. At some point his little cock had started to cum again, and kept doing so for minutes on end. Pleasure was starting to fill those dead eyes again, and then Jean made his final move.


He thrust one last time, and cum rocketed through Kyle’s tiny body. Though some spewed out from between Jean’s fingers around his mouth, most now filled up his body. More and more poured out as Jean’s final orgasm reached its peak, and then poured in more. Kyle’s ribs groaned and popped, his stomach felt fit to burst, his bones creaked with the pressure. Then one stream started to pour from his belly button. More splurted from his tail hole, still stretched around Jean’s cock. His nose was constantly spewing, cum pouring from there even more since Jean’s fingers had opened him up there. But then to Jean’s delight, two steams of cum then burst from the cub’s fluffy ears.

Really? He thought this was mundane until the cum spewed out of his ears?

“Oh, you deserve another for that,” Jean said, grinning.


He removed his hand from Kyle’s mouth and unabashedly came once again. This time, with nothing restricting it, the cum spraying directly from Kyle’s mouth, though also from every other hole on his body. The horse refused to stop his orgasm, still thrusting as Kyle’s tiny body became nothing more than a spigot for cum.

Sadly, the same can probably be said for this story.

Is it over? I need to go and review actual porn…….while fapping… know...2 birds one cock?

It rocketed from his mouth, poured from his ears and nose, spluttered from his belly button. Jean smirked and suddenly shoved his whole arm inside Kyle’s belly button hole.

At this point, it’s really difficult to even pretend to give a fuck.

The guy fucking doesn't even give a fuck!

Kyle twitched desperately, but there was no way for him to vocalize with all the cum pouring out of him.

Or with his brain in fucking tatters.

How much cum does this guy have?

All of it. He has all of it.

While still fucking him in the middle of his hugely long orgasm,

All 17 pages of it.

Jean groaned and slammed his arm into the cub’s tiny navel over and over. Cum sloshed all around the cub’s body and all over the floor.

I’m surprised they can even stand, the floor must be slippery as fuck.

He realized he could wrap his arm around his own cock from inside and still continued to fuck the cub to destruction. Then Jean had an evil idea and pulled the comatose pup up a bit. He thrust his finger in his ear and started tickling the cub’s brain.

Whow….I actually read that last part…...I think the author actually ran out of stuff to write about.

Kyle twitched all over, his pupils flashing alternately and making him look insane,

Yes, Kyle is the insane one.

cum still burbling out of his mouth. But his little cock was still going, spraying his own stomach over and over as pleasure drove him completely out of his mind.

Jean grunted a few more times, still taking care to get as much as he could of fucking the kid’s belly button and brain before he was done. Finally, there was no cum left in him. He sighed and sat down, letting the cub slide further onto his cock. Kyle choked as he was completely spit roasted, Jean’s cock now protruding from his open mouth. Without caring to remove the bloated, comatose cub from his cock, he took out his notebook again.

“This week’s serum has excellent potential. Must move subject on to zebra lab assistants, to test how many cocks can fit inside him at once.”

And suddenly I want to read more.

I think they’ll need more scientists.

Dr. Hentai Man ready for action!

The horse sighed again. He looked around his cock at the spit roasted cub. “Still alive, kid?”

Kyle twitched for a moment, and then burbled, “Brhg…” As he did, semen spurted out of him, then continued to dribble as Jean spoke.

“Perfect. You did great, Kyle. Did you like having a cock inside you?”

Did he really do anything? It literally said that he couldn't move at all.

“Abgrugh…” Kyle babbled, a stupid smile coming over his face, much though half of it was still wrapped around Jean’s cock.

“How’d you like to have a lot more of them in you?”

It was great! But the Japanese do it much better.

Kyle’s eyes widened. Suddenly, his little cock came back to life and started to cum, while his whole body twitched and cum squirted out of every orifice once again. Kyle had to sleep for a while then, but went to sleep a very happy cub.

Wow, the first piece of subtlety in this story killed the cub. There are more parts out there, and honestly, it’s just more of the same. You want to read them, be my guest, but we’ve made our point.

I’m so glad that you had me cum in and help you guys.

And I’m so glad I was dragged into this.

I need a Hentai symbol to shine in the sky...for when I’m needed.

We’ll get on that Hentai Man, thanks for the help.

Any time.

So you’re just giving up?\


And have you gone on without me Warnuts? Challenge accepted you contradictory motherfucker you.

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