Review #122

Thanksgiving Surprise

Story by Bob R

Review by Ray

It's January, so naturally, it's about time for a Thanksgiving special.

Thanksgiving Surprise

This was written by Bob R. Now I fully understand that it probably isn't Bob Ross, but that won't stop me from referring to the writer as Ross for the rest of the story.

It was the Monday before Thanksgiving my divorce was final and my ex wife got to keep the house and my 3 year disaster of a marriage was over. Also this was the year when Thanksgiving was on my birthday and I was turning 42 on Thursday.

Have you ever considered suicide? It sounds like the perfect time. Or a prostitute. Whichever one is more convenient.

Having no place else to live, I was reluctantly going back to live with my parents Bob and Sharon and my dad's sister my Aunt Doris who had been living with them for the last 3-years since she left her 3rd husband. My parents are 71 and 68 my aunt is 66.

That settles it. Your entire family is nothing but a giant failure.

So I arrived at my parents on Tuesday very depressed and mom had my old room set up for me got my old bed out of the attic and at least in my mind at the time, I was hoping to be there for no more than a month.

Okay, Ross; your information to sentence ratio is painfully imbalanced. In that one sentence, we learned:

When I got settled in that Tuesday the 4 of us sat in the living room and mom asked if they should celebrate my birthday on Thursday along with it being the holiday and all.

Alright, time to take bets. What kind of story is this going to be?

  1. A love story.
  2. A love story that is really more of a rape story.
  3. A attempt at converting people to a religion.
  4. Something about Harry Potter.
  5. An anime that probably only I have ever heard of.
  6. Shit.

I'm betting +15 internets on number one, but only if I can bitch about how Ross doesn't know what love actually is.

Done. 15 on #1 it is.

Oh, and +100 on number six, since that's basically a given. We've reviewed well over a hundred stories, and less than ten have turned out to be passable.

A wise choice sir. The odds are forever in your favor.

I said a simple turkey dinner would be more than enough. Mom added that dad's cousins Frank and Sue, who they had been close with for years, would be coming over also which was fine with me. They are both in the mid sixties also.

We are about a page into this story now and there are already more characters then there are Pokemon.

Seriously Ross, this is getting a little out of hand. The book I'm writing has roughly fifty named characters, and they're introduced over the course of hundreds of pages. I'm not claiming that there's only one way to do things, but just consider that of the seven characters introduced in this story, the only one that we might care about is the protagonist.

So when are we retributing your book?

Good question. We're retributing my book years later when I look back on it and realize it's shit. But in the meantime, let's just work on Ross' story.

So its Thursday mid-morning and I'm sitting on the couch watching television and mom comes up to me in her robe

For everyone that put money on #2, it’s pay day.


seeing how depressed I still am gives me a hug and kissed me on the cheek with a tear in her eye and tells me how sorry she was that I had to go through a horrible marriage.

Honestly, it’s all her fault. She could have objected but she decided to forever hold her peace.

Also, divorce isn't completely bad.

As she was hugging me I noticed her nipples perk through her robe and actually felt them as she pressed against me in her hug.

Man, I had a psychology class in high school. I thought Sigmund Freud was a lunatic. I know see that he was 100% correct.

Then she says as she went into the kitchen to start dinner, that today will be the end of your depression.

And the beginning of your repression.

Way ahead of you.


Did not know quite what she meant by that but feeling her hard nipples through her robe did make my cock react in my sweatpants I had on at the time.

As opposed to getting a boner in some other pair of sweatpants. That's it Ross, as of right now I'm revoking your exposition card. You can have it back when you prove that you can work with what you've already established.
Allow me to explain what she meant by that.


I grew up and only child and like most kids I did peak on mom and even dad at times.

As the biggest pervert in the room, I can firmly state that this is not a normal thing even by my standards.

And like I wanna say most sons did use to go though my mom's panties as a teen and sniff them and jerk-off in them when I could.


I might believe something more innocent like King For A Day, but what Ross has presented is a bit too deviant to be using the word most.

I wonder why his marriage failed.

So my hard on went down and moms morning hug and later about 2 my cousins arrive and dinner is served.

Mom also makes her homemade sangria

For everyone that is reading this diring lunch time or dinner, a sangria is a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices.

which everyone seems to be enjoying also. So we finish dinner and the 6 of us are all in the living room and I'm sitting on the one couch next to my cousin Sue.

Oh my god the Mary Sue is canon.

 Sue is tiny about 5ft dark hair around 150 id say

*Groans in an exasperated fashion

kinda chucky with huge torpedo like tits that I've always noticed throughout the years.

Well then. Everyone that bet on #2, you get an extra payout.


Now the 6 of us are a little tipsy from the sangria and I would say Sue was feeling the effects a little more. Mom and dad are sitting together on the love seat and my Aunt Doris was sitting with Frank on the other couch.

Hey, Ross, the fuck did I say about exposition? Stappit.

Hentai Man wants no part in this orgy. All participants are over 30. And a heard that some girl had torpedoes. How sex and explodes fit together I have yet to figure out. But I will continue my tests.

For some reason we are watching a "Leave it to Beaver" marathon in the background.


Frank makes a comment that it's a sexual television show and we all ask in shock why.

Because if you haven't noticed, I am trying very hard to direct this story into an orgy.

He then says how many times you here June say "Ward don't be too hard on the Beaver". We all burst out in laughter.

Wow. The setup, the pacing, the execution, the punchline… Honestly, I don't know if there's any part of that joke that actually worked.


Then my dad adds that how much he would have wanted he be hard on June Cleavers beaver.

I’m sorry, I was born in the 90’s. What the hell is going on?

I'm not completely sure, but I know one thing. Good luck with the rest of the story Hent.

You’re balling on me! Fine. Hay Fluff! Get in here!


What’s up?

A dude is about to have anorgy with his intire family on thanksgiving.

I came in at the perfect time then.

My mom then says that he always had the hots for her.

Meanwhile Sue had gotten close to me on the couch and I feel her hand on my upper thigh.

Sex scene about to commence in 3...2...

Then in front of the others she turns my head and says that she was so sorry that I got divorced and kissed me on the lips for about 5 seconds.

Divorce is a way to get laid? No wonder Charlie Sheen keeps getting it on.

Winning? Not in this situation.

As she pulls away her hand remained on my upper thigh. I look over to see that My aunt and cousin Frank are next to each other feeling one another and glance over to my parents where mom had her hand on dads crotch area.

For those of you that are new to Fanfiction sex, this means his dick.


In a sort of a daze I ask, what's going on here. Sue then reaches for my cock and tells me that the 5 of them all swing.


My cock then grows in her hand and she then proceeds to unzip my pants. The others all start to undress and I pull off Sues top and start feeling her tits through her bra. Frank comes from behind and unhooks her bra.

I look over to my cock and my aunt has joined Sue pulling off my pants and taking off my briefs.

Come on people, he’s a grown man, he can do it himself.

My mom and dad are standing there naked just watching all this

Perfect Parenting 101 - Watch your son become a true man by watching him fuck someone in front of you. Oh, and do it while being naked as well, it adds to the family bonding experience.

with mom gently stroking his cock.

This is a sentence I never wanted to hear/read.

 I pull Sue up to me and start deep french-kisses with her feeling and squeezing her tits. Meanwhile my aunt and to my surprise Frank and both licking my cock up and down together.


Dad then starts licking Sue's pussy from behind, mom comes over and feels Sue's tits as I'm feeling for them too.

This truly gives off the Thanksgiving feel. Everybody in this fic is like a fucking  dinner table full of food, take some and pass it around, get it while it’s hot!

Sue then starts to suck on my nipples and I look over and my mom's bush-clad pussy is about a foot away from me as he looks down at me. Our eyes meet for a moment and after the glance I reach in and feel the pussy I came out of 42 years ago.

There’s just some things you just don’t write in a fanfic...this is one of those things…

Yet this is not the first time we have encountered it. Nor will it be the last.

Sue's pussy is drenched from my dad's licking and I'm close to cumming myself at this point. Sue tells her husband and Aunt Doris to move away from my cock and she mounts my cock and starts to buck up and down with her tits flopping up and down in front of me.

It’s a sad day when the sex scenes are better in this, then they are here.

You can’t make that comparison. I know for a fact that you cried like a little bitch while you played that.

...the story really got to me man!

Mom tries to lick her tits while I fuck her,

Well it’s good to know she’s a multi tasker.

dad has his hand reaching in feeling Sues pussy and my cock between thrusts.

You wait your turn Mr.

My Aunt Doris comes next to me on the couch and Franks starts fucking her. Unable to hold back anymore and with Sue moaning and screaming, I shoot a huge load into her. As I'm in a daze I notice mom and dad licking Sues pussy and my cock totally clean together.

So at no point in this did any of the family members think that insest was something that shouldn’t be done? Don’t get me wrong, a good insest hentai every once and a while is fine with me but getting the entire family in it? And while everyone is at least over 40!? I think this family has been doing this long before just this night.

I glance over and see dads cock in reachable distance and start to stroke it

Wait, do you start to stroke it or does he?

Sir. You do not understand orgy etiquette.

True, I also don’t understand incest etiquette either.

If you are in a hentai and or manga and your sister is hot and you accidently slip and fall on top of her when your parents are out. Go for it. Thats all there is to it. But here in the Matrix, you shouldn’t do it because science says it will mess up the gene pool.

as the both of them are still licking us clean. After they were done licking me and Sue clean, dad pulls his cock away from my hand

Good. The dad knows the rules of No Homo.

and offers it to me to suck.


Mom comes over to help and the two of us licking and jerking it so that within a couple of minutes dad shoots a nice load onto me and my mom's faces.


I turn to Aunt Doris who is still getting fucked by Frank to let her lick her brothers cum off my face. Frank then pulls his cock from Aunt Doris' pussy and shoots his load all over her tits.

And after all that time cleaning each other.

Mom and Sue come over to lick her clean. We all then sit there to catch our breath some. I then ask how long have you guys been doing this?

Thank god it’s over. I don’t know how much longer I could have lasted.

My mom tells me that her and dad had been swinging with Frank and Sue for over 30-years.


Wait, so if the guy is 42, that means they’ve been doing it since he was 12. Wow, I know kids usually become independent and go to hang out with friends at this time, but you must have had way too much time on your hand to pull this off.

There marriage sucks so much that they needed to cheat on each other constantly for 30 years. These parents are the best role models of all time.

Then Aunt Doris joined them when she moved in 3-years ago. I them remembered as a kid how many times mom and dad went on vacation with Frank and Sue, now it all adds up.

Does it really?

So after getting our energy up I fucked mom for the first time, then later my aunt.


The next day I fucked my mom's ass, which for me was my first time having anal sex.

You’re 42 and this is the first time you’ve done anal? What have you been doing with your life?

More importantly, what the fuck was he doing with his wife for 3 years? That seems like a honeymoon time of thing. Or at least college.

It was incredible. The rest of the weekend we did daisy chains, had blow job contests and fucking contests. It was all so very loving and very, very erotic.


I’m just glad he glossed over it, instead of making this story any longer.

Now that you just said that I can hear Ray coming back with extra chapters.

HA! Like there would ever be another chapter to a shitstorm like this.

Well its 2-months later and needless to say I am living at my parents and not looking to move.

This guy is going to be really good a World of Warcraft.

Sue and Frank come over about 2-times a month and once in a while we go to their place. Frank is online a lot and always looks for couples to join in and before I joined the fun they did have several couples and some singles join them. I also started seeing an older lady in her 50's from work. I'm hoping she may be into joining us too. The more the merrier!

Yes. The more old people in this orgy, the better.


If only. But unfortunately, I also stumbled upon a sequel.

Awesome, you’re back, the three of us can review this one quickly then.

One day I’m going to burn down our office building and I don’t give a shit about the orphanage on the floor below us.

Well in the meantime, pay up; I saw the word love, and I want my +15 internets.

The More The Merrier Christmas


Sailor Moon makes everything better.

You do realise that it’s January right? What's with all the holiday stuff?

We don’t really plan ahead all that well.

It's true. I actually wanted Thanksgiving Surprise to be our Christmas special before I even knew about the Christmas themed sequel, and that was at least a month ago.

After my incredible discovery; finding out at Thanksgiving that my parents were having sex with my aunt and dad's cousin and his wife and them including me - after my horrible divorce - in their fun times,

Let me guess, you had to go to therapy?

life couldn't be any better.

Or that.

My parents Bob and Sharon 71 and 68 my aunt Doris 66, my cousin Frank 67 and his wife Sue 64 have been getting naked

You know, having to be told again that I’m reviewing a lemon starring people who are older than my own parents doesn’t really make me wanna read this. In fact, I don’t know why I haven’t done this yet.


I can feel my tentacles shriveling up from just imagining how many wrinkles are in play here.


Yeah, I actually find it easier to push through the lemons between slightly underaged characters than the lemons between vastly overaged characters. Something about it is just… it's just…


and having all kinds of wonderful sex about 3 nights a week in all different combos and since our first encounter on Thanksgiving. We were all at Frank and Sue's house about a week before Christmas naked as usual.

So is there even a story at this point? I can safely assume that this entire sequal is going to be just one long attempt at sex.

I just got finish fucking my Aunt Doris in her ass and was relaxing on the couch as my mom licked her ass clean of my cum.

Has it even been explained why they do this? Do they just like having sex and then lick themselves afterwards.

Nope. All we know is that it has been going on for at least 30 years.

My Immortal had less sex than this shit!

Honestly I think I would prefer to read My Immortal than this...don’t let Ray know I said that.

You know I'm in the review again, right?

He can't hear you Ray. You're as invisible to him as I was to you—


Again‽ For fuck's sake, I've been trying to kill you extra colors since review two!

What the hell are you yelling about?

...what. Hent, can you hear me too?

Of course, I've just been trying to ignore you so I don't have to pay you those 115 internets.


Well if you took your proscribed amount of Fukitol you should be.

Dad was fucking Sue's ass on the couch next to me and I was playfully reaching and pulling on Sue's nipples and dad pumped her ass with his cock.

Father son bonding to the extreme.

Frank was on his laptop computer and he came over to me with his cam on and on the other end was a lady named Pattie he was chatting with totally nude. Pattie was in her 50ties very chubby and cute

Two words that are almost never seen in the same sentence.

had huge tits and from what I could see an ass very similar to my moms, big juicy, kissable and fuckable.

Reviewing this and trying to not picture any of them has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my history of being a Retributionist.

Need I remind you of the initiation process?


Dear Aesus Jesus, please no! I still have flashbacks to that shit and I'm the one who initiated myself.

Frank had been chatting with her for a while and had been trying to get her to join our group.


You’re fucking crazy if you think I will read a third sequel out of this.

...there’s more?


If there are I’m sure as hell not reading em.



You could hear Pattie's voice from the computer. She tells me that Frank told her that I just fucked my aunts ass

Frank has a big fucking mouth.

and I told her yes. Meanwhile Frank's cock is hard as a rock next to me and I couldn't help but notice it. Frank then asked Pattie if she wanted to see me suck his cock.

Well at least they don’t care about gender. They’re all about free love in this house...



Pattie said that she would love to. So I leaned over and started sucking Frank's nice 6 1/2 inch cut cock on the cam for Pattie.

This protagonist is disturbingly agreeable. So far, he hasn't thought twice about a single thing that's happened. Does he have limits? Like, any at all?

I...I can’t believe it… a character in a fanfic with a reasonable sized dick… I thought they went extinct a hundred years ago.  

Everything can be brought back...with science!

My mom hears what's going on and comes over and joins me on Franks cock. Pattie is cheering us on from the cam as she was fingering her pussy.


no no no no no no

Frank's cock is now throbbing and mom asks him to fuck her ass. Pattie yells from the cam that she loves ass fucking

I must say that so far, this sentence is classy as fuck.

so Frank's mounts my mom's ass from behind in clear view for Pattie to see and starts to fuck her ass slowly. On the other side of the room my dad has unloaded in Sue's ass and my Aunt is licking her brothers cum from her ass and the cum dripping down her leg also.

I know we’re having fun and games with the gifs and shit, but this is actually really grossing the fuck out of me, I don’t know about either of you two but this is giving me some serious CTI flashbacks a bit.

Interesting you would say that, because I'm actually have the exact opposite reaction. This story is suffering from a severe case of IKEA erotica, and because of that, I'm having a hard time giving a damn about any of it.

I’m just amazed that all these old people aren't homophobic. As for your concerns, I think I just have a higher tolerance with this stuff. Comes with years of Hentai-ism.

I duck under the front of mom and start to lick her pussy and Franks balls and he fucks her ass. Within about 3 minutes Frank explodes his cum into moms ass with some of it falling onto my face from underneath, with Pattie cheering and cumming herself on the cam watching all of this. As we cuddled on the couch Frank tells us that Pattie will be joining us for Christmas.

We all are happy she will be joining us.





Also joining us for the first time will be a couple that Aunt Doris met from her bowling league,


She has had several 3somes with them and they are both in their early 60ties.

If this story is trying to get me into Gerontophilia, it’s fucking failing at it.

And lastly a guy from work, a retired widower who works part time, Paul who is 69,


 will be coming to. Paul and I have been working about 4 years together and about a year after we met while I was still married, we would meet occasionally and jerk and suck each other cock while watching porn.

I wonder what got you got divorced, the absence of anal sex or you giving a guy from work a blow job? Could’ve been both, could’ve been neither.

Ray I now understand why you had that line highlighted in our workers manual. I am sorry for ever questioning you.

When I told him about what me and my family have been doing he was more than willing to join us.

 facepalm animated GIF

Ross, are you from Earth? I only ask because there is no fucking way that any of these people would act the way they have been, and you being from another planet just seems like the most reasonable explanation at this point.

So the Christmas weekend was all set, there would be 10 of us total at our house.

Ten characters in 2,077 words…

 music video animated GIF


Let me put this in perspective. If The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe introduced characters at this rate, then that book would have 180 characters by the end. Instead there are fourteen, and it's no coincidence that every single one of them is more impactful than Ross' protagonist, who I don't even think has a name.

5 cocks and 5 pussies ready and raring to go when we meet on Christmas Eve.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I hope my plane is hijacked this Christmas.

It has been, by Ross.

The night before Christmas Eve Frank and Sue slept over at our house. Mom declared that there would be no playing before tomorrow. W e all laughed at her.


Haha! My time to...shine….


I….I can’t even…put in a hentai gif...I….it’s so...cold.

You know, I can’t even put up a wall punch gif either...this’s drained us.

That night I slept with mom and Frank with mom in the middle and dad slept in the middle on the other bed with Sue and Aunt Doris on the sides of him. Our guests should be arriving about 10 am the next morning. The 6 of us get up the next morning and shower and get all clean for our guest.

The grammar get bad very quick.

Mom comes out of the room with a big chart with all 10 names on it.

Well this is promising.

Don’t encourage him!

On the top of the chart it say "CUM SCORES".

In almost any other situation I would be all for this chart.

and there are boxes next to our names. I see that the couple Aunt Doris has invited are named George and Nancy. I asked mom what are the boxes next to our names for. She tells me it's to write where you came and who made you cum. She's so creative.


The first to arrive is Paul, he lives the closest to. Everyone welcomes him and makes him feel at home.

If that's the case, then I can only imagine what Paul's home is like.

I tell everyone about Paul's uncut cock as we chat


This story just keeps getting better and better and…


which I could see how everyone was excited over that.

For such a ridiculous bunch of people, they get excited over some pretty trivial things.

Then the doorbell rings and its Pattie with George and Nancy.

Now we all saw Pattie on the cam, but in person she was incredible. A body similar to my mom's with bigger tits and a smaller ass.

"She had no discernable personality, but she did have big tits and an enjoyment of buttfucking, which was enough for her to fit right in."

You could see she had no bra on as her nipples perked through her shirt.

There’s no public decency laws in your world is there Ross?

George was tall like Frank about 6ft 2 salt and pepper hair and his wife Nancy reminded me off a younger version of my cousin Sue with wider hips and smaller tits.


I don't care. Okay? Call the Care Bears on my ass, because I do not care one little bit. And why should I? The characters don't have interesting personalities, so there's no reason for me to care about them personally. And while it's true that they've done interesting things, those interesting things were described in the most boring way humanly possible, so I don't care about those things either. The descriptions of the characters are just as boring as their actions, and so I don't care about the descriptions in and of themselves either. Please, for the love of Aesus to Jesus to Zesus, just kill me.

I can help with that.

Me first! Me first!

So my mom gets in the middle of the room and welcomes our new guest and then proceeds to explain how the cum chart works.

Oh, good, more exposition.


ohhh no. someone stop him. oh the humanity.

Aunt Doris is between her couple George and Nancy, I'm standing with Paul and Sue, Pattie is next to my dad and Frank. So after mom has explained the cum chart, Aunt Doris asks out loud, "Who wants to be the first to cum?"


An outburst of laughter fills the room. Sue, being so anxious to see and uncut cock, breaks the ice by pulling Paul's pant down in front of everyone and starts sucking on it.

Does she not have the internet? Because if she wants to see an uncut cock, I guarantee that it's just a Google search away.

I take my cock out as Paul sits on the couch to let Sue blow him and feed my cock to Paul.

  1. Remove tab A from packaging
  2. Place part B on a flat surface
  3. Insert tab B into slot C
  4. Insert tab A into slot B

I look over and see Aunt Doris sucking on George's cock, which was about 7 inches, and Nancy starts eating Aunt Doris' pussy. Dad comes over and helps Sue out on Paul's uncut cock, and on the other side of the room Frank is fucking his "cam pal" Pattie in the ass as my mom is feeding her her hairy pussy.


I’ve got this.


 Hentai Man is REBORN!  

So who will be the first to cum?

You keep asking like I give a shit. Just finish this story so we can get on with our lives.

...but this is our lives.


The several times I was with Paul I discovered what a great cocksucker

You’re all a bunch of cocksuckers to me.

he was so guess who was first? Me!

Congratulations, you can cum fast, it's not exactly a talent.

As I came I pulled my cock from Paul's mouth and shot a huge load onto my dad and Sue's faces and Paul's cock as they were still sucking him together.

  1. Remove tab A from slot B
  2. Empty tab A onto slot C, slot D, and tab A
  3. ???
  4. Profit

There’s nothing to profit from this.

Paul lets out a huge moan as he see my cum on his cock and he explodes a smaller load onto dad and Sue and the two of them just gobble up all the jism they could.


I go over to the cum chart mark in under my name that Paul made me cum and that it landed on dad, Sue and Paul.

Wow. Just wow. I thought this chart would be interesting, but Ross actually managed to use this plot device to shove even more bland narration into an already tasteless story.

I also fill in the box on Paul's name that his cum landed on dad and Sue and they made him cum. God this is going to be a fun Christmas weekend.

This is going to go on for multiple days?


It’s a Christmas nightmare!

On the other sides of the room George came on Aunt Doris and Aunt Doris pussy exploded onto Nancy's face.

Explode---burst or shatter violently and noisily as a result of rapid combustion, decomposition, excessive internal pressure, or other process, typically scattering fragments widely.

Are you sure this is the word you want to use in this situation?

Frank unloaded into Patties ass as mom, which she loves more than anything in the world, cleans up the cum out of Pattie's ass.

This story is gonna make me throw up for the third time.

Needless to say it was a 2 and a half days of lust and pleasure and cumming.

We're going to skip over it?

 excited animated GIF

At this point, I don't even care that it's generally bad storytelling to introduce multiple days and then not use them. I'm just glad that the story is a few days closer to being over.

You hear that Fluff!


We are almost there!


Just glancing at the cum chart there were many hot scenes of cum that were mind blowing. Here are the hottest cums recorded my name.


Now we're going back?



That it. We’re all going to die here.

Under George's name he wrote "came on my wife Nancy's face after pulling my cock out of Paul's ass. Under Nancy's name she wrote "came as Bob Jr. (me)

Ho. Ly. Fuck.

This far into the second story of this shit and we finally get the main character's name.

Bob Jr. can go suck a dick...which most likely he will after this story.

and his mom ate Bob's Sr's cum out of me... Under Pattie she wrote "came on Doris face watching Bob Jr. fuck his moms ass... Under Paul's name

Wait a second. I thought Paul was dead? It was all over the news a while back.

he wrote "came in Franks mouth and every drop was swallowed as I was eating out Nancy's pussy...

Almost there. Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.

Frank wrote "came on George's chest as my wife and Sharon (my mom) sucked and jerked my cock". Sue wrote "came on Bob Jr's face as he ate me out while I ate Patties pussy out" Aunt Doris wrote "came on my sister in laws face as she ate her sons cum out of me"


Just get to the ending please, I’m begging you.

My dad wrote "came in Georges ass as I reached and finger fucked his wife"


One of mom's cum said "came on Sue's face as Paul fucked my ass with his uncut cock

Why is his uncut cock such a big issue in this story, millions of people have it.

". . and finally one of the hotter ones I wrote on the chart was "came in Patties ass as sucked dad's cock and jerked Franks at the same time, with the help of mom and Sue keeping my cock in her ass"...


Needless to say we had a very MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! WHEW!! IM OUT OF BREATH!

And I’m all out of reason to breath.



Fuck this was difficult to review. Damn it Ray, why did you find this?

Did I mention that there's also a New Years—





We made it.

Great, now stop smoking that joint and help me kick Ray in the nuts.

Got it.