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Sonic Fanfiction Anthology

Story by Sonic Fans

Review by Fluff

Shadamy real, by Shadamyfan29

Part 1

"Sonic I hate you!" Amy screamed through Sonic's locked door suddenly it opened. "Sonic you always ignore me and run away when I try to be alone with you...well ya know what forget you I quit." "On what?" said Sonic. "On YOU!!!"Amy ran away she was crying so much she was in a meadow not to far from where Shadow was. "Huh what is she doing all the way over there?" Shadow said. "Amy what's wrong." "Nothing Shadow it's just Sonic nothin really." "Amy something is wrong you can't hide it." Amy explained everything to Shadow. "That idiot faker!!!Who does he think he is!" "Shadow calm down...wanna go get sometin to eat?" Amy asked sweetly. "wELL i'm kinda busy" "Great come on Shadow!" "I don't recall saying yes then again i didn't say no well kinda..OW Amy stop dragging me!

Part 2

"Sorry Shadow....did you say yes?" "Oh my god..." "Ok sorry Shadow. " "Amy get away from him!" "SONIC!!!" "What's up faker." Shadow said walking in front of Amy."Amy leave Shadow's evil and you know it" "No. Sonic I like Shadow and he isn't a tottal jerk to me he actually listens to me unlike a certain moron. I hate get over it you blue brat and go on maybe you can have dinner with Sally "the princess"." Amy was steaming Shadow really didn't have to say anything Amy got it done.Sonic was silent and left wih nothing to say. "Come on Shadow I think I past that resturaunt by mistake." "UHHH ok.." Meanwhile they had dinner everything was cool Sonic was at his house he usually had Amy there to cook dinner.Amy was the one with the money.Sonic started crying tails came over. "Hey Sonic hey what's wrong?Where's Amy did ya outrun her again!" "No Tails she out did me." "Oh what happened?" "I'll tell you the main thing Amy likes Shadow and I'm scared that he likes her to. "I'm guessibg this just popped up at you." Tails said. "that's right. " "Did you do anything to her?" "All I did was the usual run away and lock door." "Sonic." "What Tails?" Tails slapped him in the face. "Don't you think got tired of that and wanted to be with you?" "" "Think about what ya done you may have just lost your girl." Talis left. "Man what can I do to get Ames back..... I will spend alot of time with her."Meanwhile Amy and Shadow were done eating and Amy wanted to see Shadows' house."Wow Shadow your house is amazing. Look how big it is and it's OMG! 4 floors AWSOME!" "Yep...uh so... did you have a nice time...with me...on our.uh" "Date?" Amy finished his sentence. "Sorry Amy I just didn't know if it was a date or ya know." "It's ok...Shadow um can you give me a ride on your motorcycle home?" Amy really wanted to ride on a motercycle with Shadow. "Yeah." Shadow was blushing pink so was Amy. They got on the motorcycle." Wow this thing is fast!Oh there's my house." "Alright Amy see uh Amy are you sure this is your house." Amy looked confused."Look behing you!" "What. MY house!!! Where is it what happened oh my god I'm gonna be a hobo!" "You could stay at my place there's like 10 guests rooms." "Oh thank you Shadow!" Amy kissed Shadow on the lips."Uhhhhhhh..." "Well Shadow ride come on!" "Ok. A girl kissed me a hot girl kissed me on the lips!" "*giggles* Shadow can you look at where your going and not me?" "What?" "Shadow look out!" "AAAAAAA *beeb* sorry!" "See Shadow....Shadow turn around!" "OK.." "Yummy ice cream!" Amy said running towards the freezer. "Hey I want some!" Shadow said with his arms crossed. "Ok i'll get ya some." "Ok there is nothing to watch on tv...ohh Family Guy!" "Ames ya like Family Guy?" "Yeah!" Sonic was spying on Shadow and Amy he was looking through the window but on the opposite side Shadow was on so he won't see him. "He doesn't call my Amy Ames!!" "Here Shadow." "Thanx for the ice cream." "Uh huh." Shadow kept on staring at Amy she was getting tired then she layed on Shadow's shoulder . "Anything else on tv?" asked Amy anxiosly. "No." Shadow and Amy started making out. "AAAAAAAAAA THIS HAS GONE WAY TOO FAR!!!" Sonic was furious.


Rest assured readers, there is a review. I just wanted to give you an unadulterated look at what these walls of text can be like before we comment on them.

Comment? Don’t you mean Retribute?

Meh, tomato tomato.

Morbid, by GeneralGodzilla





Oh, hello. Who are you?

I'm Ray Underscore Thompson, who the fuck are you?

Do you like my sanctuary? 

Hhmm…. I’m going to go with a no.

Graveyards fit a girl like me.

I’m sure by the end of this story we’re gonna find out a lot more things that can fit you.

The joke is implied at this point and if you have read any of our posts before this one, you know our maturity level… and that we will stoop to any level in order for a bad joke. This is one of them.

I love the smell of death.

Well I’m sure there’s some sort of fucked up club you can join somewhere.

Rain makes it even gloomier and I love that.


Who am I? I'm Raven,


Another Raven fanfic huh, well I’m not lasting long…

Have the wall punching gif at the ready, you're gonna need it.


I’m just going to set this on the table.


Raven the Echidna. And you are?

Ray Underscore Dark'ness Dementia Raven Thompson, were you listening at all? I feel like this is a one sided conversation.

Oh! Sorry. My name is Underscore Hentai Underscore Man Underscore. Nice to meat you.

It’s nice to meet you too Underscore Hentia Underscore Man Underscore, my name’s Underscore Lieutenant Underscore Fluff.



Sky the Hedgehog?

That's not even close to what any of us said, you inattentive echidna you.

Well Sky, do you want to hear a story? About how some of these people met their demise and now are in this very grave? About how my life turned to a living hell? Well I've told this to many people and usually in the end, I have to kill them. Why?

No...I don’t want to hear that story in the slightest. You’re still gonna read it and bitch and moan about being a goth, but

Because they tell on me and that makes me very angry.


Kill you? I like you so maybe I won't, that is, if you promise not to tell anybody.

"I've had to ask for your name twice, so this is clearly the first time we've met, and I have no reason to trust you. But I trust you, so here's my story."


You won't tell?

No but I will show.

Good then lets start the story.

Chapter 1


Chapter 1

I guess I should start at when I was 5.

How 'bout instead you start by taking this out of italics? Just sayin', I feel like that's going to get extremely obnoxious.

I was happy,


full of life, nothing bothered me. I may be a black Echidna but people used to describe me as a star. Like the sun they say. Especially my parents. I meant the world to my parents and vice-versa. I loved my parents; they took me out on trips, funfair's, any fun trip you name it.

Any trip?


My life was going so well.

And I'm sure that's the end of the story, nothing could possibly happen to shatter this perfect reality.

Until my parents were murdered.


Well shit. Time to become a ninja and then save Gotham.

That was when my life turned to a living hell.

I saw them murdered before my very eyes and I never forgot who did it. He was a tall, dark blue Hedgehog with a tuft of hair. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were scarred.


The cream-coloured coat he wore was in tatters.

Cream-coloured coat…..


In my opinion he looked like a zombie.

Because when I see a human sized blue Hedgehog, my initial reaction is undead human.

The Hedgehog took out his knife and stabbed my Mother in the head. He then pulled the now bloodstained knife out and pushed my Mother .


My Father caught her as she fell and cried, saying 'don't die, please don't die'.

That's not what apostrophes are for. If you keep misusing them like that, you won't have any left for when you really need them.

My Mothers eyes dropped

See? What did I just say?

and my Father sobbed like a baby.

Because I am goth and my parents are assholes to me. They will die in my story without a struggle and you will know my pain.

I was in the same position. I was drowning in a sea of grief, screaming for help but no-one came.

That is a good thing. It means no one in the near vicinity of wherever the hell they are has a gore or torcher fetish.

The Hedgehog decided to finish the job and stab my Father in the heart. My parents laid there, still, unmoving. The Hedgehog grabbed me and then did something unspeakable...

He raped me, in an alleyway.

How the fuck is that the unspeakable? I mean, yeah, rape is not good. I had a dream the other night where I was being raped by a panther, and it fucking sucked. Which reminds me, I really need to stop reviewing so much bestiality. But anyways, between murder and rape, I still don't think that rape is the more unspeakable atrocity.

And is it the raping part that she says is unspeakable, or that it’s happening in an alleyway?

Hay! Ray put a link to something in his text. I better click it. *click*.........


Haven’t you learned to never trust the internet Hent?

Of course not! Thats where porn lives! Now excuse me while I respond to my e-mail. The Bank of Africa wants to talk to me for some reason.

You….have fun with that.

I forgot to mention this happened in an alleyway,

No, you actually mentioned it around 10 words ago.

kinda like Batman, without the rape.

Can I just call this as another one of our running jokes?

We really need to start making t-shirts.

He defiled my body, stabbed my back


That’s not where that goes.

leaving a gash and then ran. I laid there, naked, tears forming within my eyes.  For what seemed like eternity,I waited for help. A female light blue hedgehog entered the alleyway and screamed at the sight. She took a phone out

“OMG found a naked goth in a alleyway. Totes like batman but with rape LOL”


of her beige handbag she was wearing and called the police and an ambulance service.

What happened after was a blur.

It was such a blur that I remembered practically all of it.

I was rushed to the hospital and they looked at my gash and had to stitch it up.

And by gash, they were of course referring to her vagina. It wasn't a medical necessity, so much as it was a service to humanity.

I was silent for the remainder of the night. The next day, a policewoman walked up to my bedside and said hello. She had a kind, friendly voice; it showed that you could trust her.

Maybe it showed that you could trust her, but it doesn't show me shit.

And I’m gonna take a wild guess and say they didn’t do a rape kit on her.

She sat down on a chair and asked me my name.

Ray Underscore Dark'ness Dementia Raven Altantiana Jenna Mary Sue Blackbird Skellington Armstrong Way Thompson!


Oh wait, her name?


Nevermind then.


Thats enough of that joke for one post.

I answered, saying my name in a weak voice. She then asked me what happened last night. I was silent at first but the words, slowly but surely escaped my mouth. I slowly recounted what happened last night, bursting into tears in the process.

What are we supposed to do with the word slowly? Are we supposed to picture the same exact scene, but at a slower pace? Isn't it the writer's job to make the pace feel natural, rather than some forced artificial bullshitery? I know I'm nitpicking, but that's because the story isn't interesting on its own merits, so I'm left to find enjoyment on my own terms.

I’m just glad there wasn’t a flashback right after the event happened.

The result of the story left the policewoman shocked, her hand covering her gaping mouth.

I’m not a police officer, but I can tell police officers deal with a lot worse shit than one girl having her parents killed and her raped. In usual cases, no one lives, the end. Merry Christmas.


No! Give me a good Christmas!

She reassured me that they would find the perpetrator and sentence him for life.

Well she shouldn't have, considering it's generally against law enforcement policy to promise they'll be able to arrest somebody. Not to mention, it's fundamentally against 'Merica policy to promise any sentence whatsoever.

One week later, a nurse came and told me that my Aunt Isabella and Uncle Sam were coming to take me to where they lived.

I can only see good/terrible things coming from this.

They lived in an old mansion on a hill in Apotos and nobody dared to set foot by their house and I was about to find out why.

Lets see…

Old mansion = Resident Evil 1

Hill = Silent Hill

Apotos is a place from the Sonic games so = Rape/Murder

Sounds like a nice place to live.

They came and escorted me to their car and drove for 5 hours.


They didn't even bother pack anything for me, just reassured me that I would have something better. How they said it however didn't sound right; it sounded devilish and wrong.

"It sounded devilish," said the pot to the kettle.

We arrived the old mansion and walked inside. They lead me to a door and opened it. It was bare. Just dark and damp. They pushed me in and cruelly locked the door with me trapped in there.

20 Internet points for whoever can explain how you can lock a gate cruelly.

I have no idea, but whoever manages to pull that off is probably the same person who makes cruel soap.

Cruelly? I’m on it. ME!ME!ME! Try to watch it without being turned on, disgusted, and amazed all at the same time.

I hammered the door down screaming 'LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT'. All they said was 'shut up you fucking brat'. I cried myself to sleep and wondered if things couldn't get any worse.

I did.

You got worse, huh, maybe you are a brat.

For the next three years, they used me as a slave; they made me fetch their drinks, cook them dinner, clean the whole house and cruelly made even more of a mess.

So they treated you like a maid? Welcome to the service industry, get used to it.

I sure would like to treat her like a maid.


If I said anything, they'd beat me with wood and the wood gave me bruises and splinters. They repeatedly told me to take extra care of their genuine katanas they won in a contest.

"They had been named Chekhov's Katanas, because the foreshadowing is so blatant that the next part of the story might as well have already happened."

One night my Uncle Sam unlocked my door and staggered into the room, drunk. He said 'I want you'.


He kept saying that while he edged closer and that freaked me out. Uncle Sam then lunged for me and did the unspeakable.

He raped me and that became a routine.

By the way, you spake the unspeakable, just pointing it out for anyone who happened to miss that.

School was non the less shit.

Okay, let's hear it; tell us about the assholes who bully you, and the teachers who don't notice, and how you're going to make them pay.

A tall blue Echidna with his friend a white, female Hedgehog who wore a denim jacket bullied me, beat me up to the point of death and the teachers didn't notice. I was going to make them pay

Congratulations Ray, your prize for calling this overused plot point is - to continue reading this story!


One week before my birthday, (I was going to be 9)


Now I understand that some fucked up shit happens to nine year olds, probably things even more ridiculous than this story. But I'm still calling bullshit here. The only reason the protagonist is going to be nine is because the writer is only thirteen, an age which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for flashbacks.

voices filled my head screaming sentences like ' KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL' or like 'PUT THEM TO DEATH' and 'LET ALL WHO MADE YOU SUFFER MEET THEIR DEMISE'.

Well isn’t that common for girls turning 9?

I finally decided that enough was enough and that I would kill the people who made me suffer for the past four years, starting with my aunt and uncle.

For a birthday present, my aunt and uncle didn't lock my door but beat and raped me twice as hard.

So this nice police woman from before never once went over to check up on her to see if she was alright? Yeah, nice my ass?

Also; worst birthday present ever. Well…


second worst.

Are you sure


True, third then. A close third, but definitely third.

Alright. Time to get back to the review.


Well...I’m doing the rest of this review on my phone.

That night, I sneaked out of my room and went to the prized katanas in the living room and unsheathed one of them.


Oh shit! Give this man some space! Breath!

The blade shined in the moonlight. A beautiful death. Perfect. I sneaked into their room. Their room was fit for a queen. I tiptoed to their bedside, katana in hand. I looked at their miserable excuses for faces and silently laughed to myself. 'Well, Uncle Sam. I want you both, to suffer'.

Wow, that line is actually so cheesy that I can't not read it in Schwarzenegger's voice.

I raised the katana and silently sliced both their heads off.

“I want you both to suffer”, proceeds to kill them in their sleep where they can’t feel pain.

Blood gushed out from the bodies. I laughed, a maniacal laugh, laughing so hard. The smell of death was so beautiful.

Well… this would be the best time to put in a Guro pic… but do I want to ruin my boner or not. That is the question. Whether it is hornier in the mind to suffer the allure and no reason boners of Japanese gorenography, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them. To fap, to fuck--No more-- and by a sleep to say we end the blue balls, and the thousand natural breasts that flesh is heir to! 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd. To fap, to bang with--To screw-- perchance to fantasize: ay, there's the rub, for in that sleep of horniness what wet dreams may come when we have shuffled off this sweet rack, must give us pause. There's the respect that makes calamity of so long penesia: for who would bear the whips and scorns of bondege, Th' dam's wrong, the sub's contumely, the pangs of despised love, the safe word's delay, the insolence of vanilla, and the sperms that patient merit of th' unworthy takes, when he himself might his quietus make with a bare ass? Who would pegging bear to grunt and moan under a weary Waifu, but that the dread of something after sex, the undiscovered virgin, from whose bourn no manwhore returns, puzzles the boner, and makes us rather bear those boners we have, than fly to others that we know not of? Thus fantasy does make whores of us all, and thus the native hue of climax is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of wetdream, And enterprises of great thrust and rhythm, with this regard their currents turn awry, and lose the name of action.-- Soft you now, the fair penesia!-- Slut, in thy fuzzy pink handcuffs be all my fetishes remembered.

Running to the kitchen, I grabbed a marker and two paper bags.


Finally, something a nine year old might actually do.

Kid tested, aunts/uncles approved.

Haha! This is where I excel! Art college for the win!


I ran back to my deceased aunt and uncles room to grab their heads and put them in the paper bags. I then wrote a message on there in big bold letters, 'YOU'RE NEXT'.

Wouldn't it have been easier to write that message on the bags before she put the heads in them?

Putting the heads in my rucksack, I ran to my bullies house in the dead of night. I thanked myself for following them a couple days ago, them staying together was perfect for my plan.

Who's staying together? I feel like we missed part of the story.

For the love of porn, don’t look for a sequel.

I took the heads in the paper bags out of my rucksack and put some heavy stones in them. I then threw them into the top window of my bullies house.

The human head weighs about as much as a bowling ball; the bags would've been plenty heavy enough without the stones.

The impact shattered the window and woke them up. A moment later a blood -curdling scream cut through the silence of the night


and I ran laughing.

The bullies would be next, then the teachers, and lastly, that dark blue hedgehog

The end, or at least, the end of what General Godzilla has actually written. Next up is another ShadAmy story, and this one is slightly less edgy. And by edgy, I do mean an edge coated in styrofoam so that nobody could possibly be hurt by it.

These people would beg to differ.


Drunk Lovers, by Pikacuteness1

Hey guys sorry for not posting for 2 weeks now I have been busy with my social studies teaches bullshit homework. And I'm sorry if you don't approve of my language there.

Hm, I don't know, let's consult our PR team. Martin, what do you think?

He spelled it correctly, good enough for me.

And this is a LEMON if you don't like lemons don't read this

Why the hate? Did they kill your parents? Did you eat one raw?


OH, Lemon. Not Lemon. 

One day there was a very perky pink

*starts to unzip pants*


…….*leaves pants unzipped*

walking in the park by herself.

She had a light purple tank top on a jean mini skirt on.

Are you sure that's what she was wearing? Are you sure it wasn't the same exact thing she's worn since the ancient-gen consoles?


Purple? I would think you would approve the new apparel Ray.

You'd think so, but I was wearing a purple tanktop and a jean miniskirt last week.


She wore purple flip flops to complete the outfit.

Nnnnnope. I'm no fashion expert, but I know enough to know that purple flip flops don't complete any outfit.

I beg to differ that flip flops don’t complete any outfits.


Also, The entire point of the Sonic games is, things running very fast. I dare you to run a mile with flip flops on.

The day was coming to an end and she was walking to a party that Rouge had set up for the hell of it.

Rouge? So now we are in the X-men?

The party was gonna start at 10:00 o'clock and it was now 7:00 o'clock.

The pink hedgehog arrived at her house

She’s walking to Rouge’s party and ends up at her own house. Either Amy is horrible at directions, or she gives zero fucks about Rouge’s party.

and immediately ran up stairs. Her room was a nice velvet red and her bed was queen size and had dark pink covers.

This room is given a description, despite the fact that it's going to disappear from the story just as quickly as Amy's outfit in the opening scene.

Suddenly her phone vibrated. It was a text from Rouge

Hey Amy u comin to the party

Yeah I'm coming

Oh God, are they really distinguishing the dialogue based on italics and caps? That's almost as crazy as distinguishing it by color.

Make sure u wear somthin super sexy ;)

Why should I

Also make sure to explain why you’re suddenly in bold.

It’s code. Keyboard shortcut for bold is Command + B. Stands for Command a Bitch.

Well then


Because Shadows gonna be there

Amy felt a slight blush came across her face.

Come on Amy he probably won't even come

"He's gonna be there, except he's probably not," said the liar. Oh wait, I did that wrong, my apologies.

He's gonna be there, except he's probably not

There, perfect. The made up formatting means you know the writer is important enough to disregard all prose conventions and implement their own. That's why the last story was written entirely in italics, despite the fact that there was no sensible reason to write the entire thing in italics.

Ok I'll be there early to help u set up

Thx and remember sexy clothing see yak

Alright. Time to dress for success.


Amy closed her phone and went to her closet

Hey Amy, let us know if you see Warnuts hiding in there.

She looked inside her small but filled closet. After a while of searching she found a blue dress. The dress fit snug around her curves. The dress end mid thigh and it showed all her breast.

Just the one? Amy, do you have something to tell us?

Breast also means chest, as much as I think he meant breasts I’ll give em that one.

Martin, you’re actually agreeing with the writer?! Is this what happens to you during Christmas?

I’ve been drinking too much egg nog… with bourbon.

She was at least a C cup.

“I think that’s what the bra I’m not wearing said.”

No complaints.

Amy added blue pumps to complete the whole outfit.

Warnuts would be pissed or really aroused if he were here.

Knowing Warnuts, he’d probably be a mix of the two.

Amy looked at her digital clock and it said it was 8:00 o'clock. Amy went straight to het bathroom to get her curler. After a while her quills were to her shoulders and it was super curly.

“You look nice.” What every guy ever says to someone who spends a lot of time, or not a lot of time, on their look.

You sir, do not know how to pick up chicks.How to pick up chicks. 

And he's probably a better person because of it. By the way, did she just curl her hair and make it longer? I don't think that's how it works, quills or otherwise.

At 9:00 o'clock she arrived at Rouges house

Amy knocked on the door. She could her footsteps coming on the other side. Then Knuckles opened the door.

"Hey Amy are you here for the party?" he asked while checking her out.

Damn, he's smoother than the edge of that last story.

"Yeah I'm also here to help Rouge with setting up decorations" Amy said blushing from Knuckles staring

"Hey Amy I'm in the kitchen and I need help with placing the food down on the ta-AAHH" suddenly a crash was heard in the kitchen

"Rouge are you ok?" Amy asked while Knuckles was on the floor laughing

What a douche.

"Yeah I'm good and I'll get you later knuckle-head" she said pretty pissed

It took a while to fix all the food again and now it was party time. Everybody started pouring in Rouges house.


Amy was sitting on the couch watching all the people dancing then she saw an ebony hedgehog


First a Raven echidna and now an Ebony hedgehog‽ They shall know no rest until they've destroyed every fandom from the inside out!


Get a hold of yourself man!

Oh, good idea. I should've thought of that earlier.

with red streaks in his quills. He was wearing a black muscle shirt and baggy jeans with a pair of white Nikes.

(Shadows P.O.V)

Person On Vacation?

"Wow is that Am? She looks so fuckin hot." Shadow thought as he was staring at Amy

I’m not very versed in the realm of Sonic, how many female hedgehogs are there anyway?

Two...I think.

Yup. There's Amy Rose, and there's Totally Not Amy Rose.

And both have little to no personality whatsoever, besides bang Sonic, or in this case, Shadow.

"What am I saying she's with Faker. I would never have a chance."

Oh really? Shadow and Sonic look alike, so as far as appearances go, there's really no concern. Now let's look at character. Sonic spends a good chunk of his time trying to avoid Amy, and has no qualms about telling her how annoying she is. Shadow is one of the few characters in the Sonic universe with an interesting personality, has a history of lost love, and is one of the only people to share a legitimate moment with Amy.

Sonic: -1

Shadow: 3

"Uh...hey...Shadow what are you doing here?" Amy asked me that question with a smile

It’s a party. He came for the boos, boobs, and bongs.

"Rouge asked me to come and I had nothing better to do." I said flatly

"Well can we go dance since I'm bored outta my mind?" Amy asked as my ruby eyes met her emerald ones

It’s poetic because they are both precious stones. It’s like if I called my Bowtie Spessartite. 

They’re like two beautiful unique snowflakes I’ll immediately forget the moment I wake up tomorrow.

"Well I don't know aren't you with Sonic?" I said because I really didn't want to dance

"No not anymore since he gave me the ultimate diss the other day

Get rekt m9!


Sonic: -2

Shadow: 4

so... pretty please with a cherry on top" she said with large puppy dog eyes

“Can you pop my cherry”

Haha. Cherry boy.

I signed "Fine we can dance but to one song only"

Wait, Shadow knows sign language?

Sonic: -2

Shadow: 4

she squealed and we went to the dance floor

When we got there Akon's Smack That started to play


Just then Amy started to grind her ass against my crotch.


I put my hands around her ass and then started going with the rhythm

After the song we kept going.

Rouge and Knuckles on the other hand, just stand and watch them have cloth sex in the middle of the room.

After a few songs we got tired and went to go get a drink. They only had beers so we each got a few. A few moments later we both got drunk.

I guess hedgehogs are lightweights.

(Amy's P.O.V)

What if, instead of switching between perspectives, you just stuck with third person omniscient? Might save you some trouble, just throwing it out there.

Well we both got drunk pretty fast

Rouge came and found me and Shadow and we both were really were drunk so we were really drunk.

Have you been having a few as well *insert name of author here*?

I wish I was at this point.

"Well looks like I'm taking you home"


Get in.

Rouge said with a concern look on her face

After driving in Rogue's car in the backseat with Shadow

Shadow and Amy are both operating this vehicle from the backseat?

While drunk might I add.

Yeah, that's… you know what, let's go with interesting. That's an interesting design for a car.

we had finally made it to my house

I got into my house and by then I had a headache and almost all the beer was gone but I was still pretty drunk.

The beer was already out of your system? Only vomit and piss does that, Rouge’s car must be trashed.

Shadow was still drunk though

I smell a lemon coming.

Sonic: -2

Shadow: About to get laid

"Well you two have fun now" Rouge said with a giggle as she slammed the door

"She was concerned, which is why she dropped the two drunk people off at the same house to find out which one will rape the other by morning."

"Well why don't we have some fun then?" Shadow said as he stumbled over to me


Most likely. But what if instead, they tried not doing that.

What if they actually decided to play that game instead of sex.

I will give up porn for a week if they do.

Shadow cupped my chin as he pulled me towards his face. I could smell the beer as I got closer to his lips. Our lips touched and it felt like timed stop for me. I deepened the kiss pouring all the love I needed from someone

Because nothing says “I love you” more than being intoxicated.

I wanted this to go on forever but our lungs couldn't take anymore so we broke apart. I just stared in to his ruby eyes just to see passion and care in his eyes.

Passion and care? How can you see that through those giant beer goggles he’s wearing?

"Why don't we go up to your room?" he asked seductively.

"Well let's go up then" I said with a smirk across my face

Just as I planned all along!

 *Evil Laugh* 

Shadow picked me up bridal style and he quickly ran upstairs to my room

Even if you were an anthropomorphic hedgehog, running up the stairs carrying another anthro hedgehog up the stairs without dropping her would be a bit of a challenge.

He put me down on my bed and laid on top of me. He started kissing me passionately.

(Normal P.O.V)

Normal P.O.V? Is that the camera guys perspective?


This dude has seen some shit.

Shadow tore off Amy's shirt and started to search for the back of Amy's bra to unhook it.


While he was doing that Amy was starting to unbuckle his pants.

After she pulled down his boxers she moaned at his long giant manhood.


And at this point, I have no idea whether or not to mark this as NSFW/HENT.

Oh come on Ray! I haven't even put


this into the story yet!

I’m...I’m not gonna ask...

I just want to know about the 7:56 leading up to this.

I believe it’s called Foreplay?

By then Amys bra was already off. Shadow didn't wait to take a mouthful of her breast while messaging the other

So there are two breasts!

Make up your bloody mind Amy!

and then switching to the other one

Or… three. Three breasts.

Shadow couldn't wait anymore so he pulled Amy's panties off and stared at her womanhood.

I like what he called the penis and vagina, haven’t heard that one before.

Amy had a blush since she had never shown anyone her womanhood before.

Sonic? You don’t diss your girl until after getting to see her womanhood.

Looks like Mart is only content on seeing and not experiencing.

Sonic: Never going to get laid

Shadow: Sex scene imminent

Martin: Not the former half of Team Sex Doctors

After staring for a few moments

What, were they having a staring contest?

Shadow couldn't hold back his instincts and finally put it in.

One would almost wonder why he felt the need to hold back his instincts in the first place.

As he did Amy winced in pain


"Ill stop if you want me to" Shadow said as he stopped in his place.

Amy just shook her head and told him to keep going. As Shadow thrust in and out Amy screamed and moaned as Shadow went faster and faster.

"Shadow...Faster...Harder!"Amy moaned as Shadow went

"Better! Stronger! Turn it up Shadow, I love this song!"

And then Turn it down. 

"Shadow I'm co-coming" Amy screamed as she was about to go.



"Me too get ready to take it all" Shadow said as he was about to blow it all

Is taking part of it even an option? It's pretty much one or the other.

They both screamed in unison as they both came.

I will never understand Fanfiction. The person either has unhuman sex stamina or finishes in two sentences.

Shadow laid on top of Amy as they both tried to catch their breath.

Which might be easier for Amy if Shadow would get the fuck off of her.

"I love you Shadow" Amy said as she laid down ready to fall asleep from all the excitement

"I love you too my precious Rose"

Dammit *insert authors name here* why the hell did you not use this opportunity to call her an Emerald?

Shadow said as he stroked her check

"Goodnight my Rose" Shadow said as he went to sleep

Well I don't know if you liked it or not


but don't hate just cause it's a ShadAmy and not a SonAmy well R&R I would it

Well after this I’m definitely resting and relaxing. I’ve done enough Sonic fics for this year.



Dammit Ray!

ComicsNix? Haven’t seem him since the Great Wolf Cum of 13’.

Did I hear