Review #114

Nekrohedgehog Series

Story by corpsegrinder666

Review by Ray

Enter Warnuts, having just read this shit.

Hey, remember Rob's review of Death Cannot Separate Us?

Of course.

So you remember that at the end of the review, Rob mentioned a sequel.

Dammit Warnuts, I was trying so hard to suppress that memory. Are we really going there?

Are you really complaining when earlier this week, you stopped reviewing necrophiliac erotica because it was "Too decent"?

Point taken.

Exit Warnuts and Ray.
Enter The Nekrohedgehog Series.

Love From Beneath

Well, I think we all know what that title means.


Well he did pee in her ass last chapter.

(Yet another one-day-written short.) ...I shall now return to Dawn Of The End..


Why would we stop now?

Seriously, let me make a list of all the fucks we don't give.

On with the bloodbath.)

What a way to put it.

Cold night, late November. The clouds covered the half moon making it darker.

So you’re saying it was darker than night.

To be fair, the night can provide plenty of natural light to go plant an explosive at Team Sex Doctors headquarters, while still being dark enough for sneaking about.

All the tombstones were blanketed with frost from the cold air. It seemed as if the underworld itself had risen onto the earth just that night. Not a sound was made and not a creature stirred…

Not even a violated pink hedgehog?

not one "living" thing. In the frosty darkness a grave came apart, the soil lumping up into a pile as two hands...Two rotting hands reached for air.

Soil and grass ripped away as Amy Rose slowly made her way to the surface.

So did she just claw her way out of the coffin?

You know, I'm oddly alright with the lack of an explanation, considering what outlaworange came up with in the comments of Rob's review of the first part.

FFF has ruined me. By the time he came blood, I was guessing that it would bring her back to life or something, somehow. Don't get me wrong, I'm relieved that it didn't, but... I still thought it. On my own. Without any sort of provocation. I need to go bleach my brain now

Her face dripping with rot, pus and stringy sludge.

I can’t believe I’m about to ask this but,have you ever fucked a decaying body?

…What do you want to know?

Well, why the fuck is there stringy slug?

For the same reason there were maggots in the first part; corpsegrander666 doesn't know as much about post mortem biology as his name would suggest.

So in other words, he’s never fucked a decaying body… Thank god.

She made an asphyxiated noise as she stared at the dark sky with her white eyes. Licking her lips seductively she noticed the blood in her pussy and the puke on her ass...Knowing what Shadow had done she giggled.

I'm giggling too. I enjoy the idea that after being raped, as a corpse, and then coming back from the dead for no discernable reason, she's just so nonchalant.

"Oh Shadow."

She smiled as she rubbed her legs slowly in an erotic fashion.

I'm confused, when did she become a cricket?

Really. that’s what confuses you.


Come with me Shadow...I need you in my arms...dead.

So is she happy or mad at Shadow?

This is clearly a love story.

She said in her head as she began walking, leaving her grave in a big mess.

  1. Clean up after yourself Amy, who the fuck taught you your manners?
  2. Remember the mess, because despite the lack of explanations to question, corpsegrinder666 still manages to make this story inconsistent.

:Meanwhile at

The League of Villains.

Shadow's place: -

The TV was on, no other lights shown. Shadow laid stretched on the couch flipping through channels trying to find something that would keep his mind off the things that happened two nights ago.

Why did all that...feel so good?

Probably because sex. Physiologically, the body sometimes just doesn't give a fuck.

He wondered as he continued to flip through channels. The memory of him ejaculating blood hit his mind again. He remembered he had to see a doctor after that night, they said he had a bad case of hematospermia

For all you who don’t want to look that up, all it means is blood in your sperm. Not cumming blood.

without telling him why or how.

That’s solely because doctors don’t know how people get it

Raping corpses, apparently. I suppose we could ask Team Sex Doctors for a more in depth explanation, but we'd have to do it before…


Oh, nevermind, let's just forget about them.

His plans were to go back to the doctor's for surgery to get it fixed up. He had never told anyone what he did at the graveyard, if he did then the police would be all over him and everyone would look at him as a perverted sicko. Finding a not-so-boring show he was finally able to take his mind off it all.

"We now return to The Walking Dead."

Suddenly he heard the doorbell ring, curious of who it was he got up and went to get it. Going up to the peephole he looked to check who it was. Strangely, no one was there.

"Probably just some ten year olds going around ringing neighbors doorbells.."

Hey Ding Dong Ditch was a great game.

He said to himself while heading back to the couch. Just before he sat back down the doorbell rang again. He stomped back to the door and opened it. He looked around...No one.

Fool me once, sir.

There was a foul smell where he stood.

Look down, it's probably a flaming bag of dog shit.

He plugged his nose in an attempt to be rid of it, alas it didn't work. The smell went through his lungs, making him gag. He closed the door immediately and walked fast to the living room gagging and coughing. Somehow, the stench was everywhere. He nearly threw up inhaling another breath. As he was kneeling and puking, a dark yet lustrous figure moved closer and closer to him.

"Oh Shaddiekins."

HAHAHA, I’m sorry what was his name?

Shaddiekins. Fucking Shaddiekins. I think I liked Amy better in the first story.

It called, kneeling down beside Shadow. The ebony




turned towards the figure, a surprised and shocked look replaced his squinted face.


Amy stood there with a seductive expression, caressing Shadow's face with her decaying maggot infested hands.

Now that she's actually been on the surface for a while, the maggots might actually make sense. Let us celebrate this incredibly minor and incredibly incidental success.


Pushing Shadow onto the floor Amy jumped on top of his erection


and began to pump fast and hard, moaning.


"But Amy..I can't.."

Why, what’s the difference between now and two nights ago?

Amy suddenly struck a large steel nail into Shadow's hand, attaching it to the ground.


Where the fuck-diddly-uck did she get a nail? Did she purchase one? From a store? As an undead hedgehog?

I see nothing wrong with that.

He screamed feeling the sharp pain penetrate every nerve in his glove covered hand. Blood flew upwards from the impact of the nail.

"Amy..What are you doing!?"

Just then another nail was slammed into his other hand,

Why would you leave your other hand on the ground?


holding his whole upper body right into the floor. Amy then forcefully put his right foot on top of the other, when they were aligned she rammed a third nail into the stacked feet right into the tile floor.


"Amy! No! What the fuck are you doing! Stop! Nooo!"

And suddenly, I can't help but think of Shadow talking like Cr1TiKaL.

A sharp razor came down on Shadow's stomach, eviscerating him. His guts streamed out in a bloody mess. He began to tremble terribly and whimper,

Yeah no shadow is dead in like thirty seconds.

his voice so shaky from what was happening. Feces, blood and pus seeped out of his intestines.

Why pus? Because fuck biology, that's why pus.

Amy began to draw a pentagram around the dying hedgehog, lighting candles as she drew.

"Oh Shadow...Won't it be great? We'll both be dead!"


He felt his orgasm kick in, grunting and screaming as the blood from his ball sac exploded into Amy's putrid pussy.


His body began to feel cold and numb. Sweat no longer dripped and his eye sight went blurry. Amy suddenly took his cock out of her pussy and put it into her anus.

Holy shit Ray you were right. How do you feel?

Nervous. If I was right, then there's a chance outlaworange was right too.

Oh shit.


She shouted and screamed as her orgasm sliced through her. As she did, Shadow's body went limp.

"Shadow...Awaken my love.."

Oh, so Amy's orgasm is going to bring Shadow back to life, got it. I'm somehow more alright with that. Probably because we've not only jumped the shark by this point in the story, but we've crossed the shark jumping event horizon.

She said as she ate and chewed his entrails that were now covering his chest as well as his slashed open stomach.

You know I really should be disgusted right now. But compared to cupcakes, this is nothing.

Then, Shadow's body began to move again. His eyes rolled back as he tore his hands off of the nails, blood dripped from the holes. Amy did the rest by pulling the nail out of his feet.



She asked as she caressed him.


Shadow said in a zombie voice. Amy abruptly embraced her now dead lover.

"Shadow! Your dead! Oh Shadow" She kissed him roughly, wrapping his guts around his waist as they kissed.


It was a new feeling for Shadow being dead.

You don't say‽

His hands were ripped open, his stomach was gashed and mutilated yet he didn't feel a thing.

So if he doesn’t feel the holes in his hands and feet, why does he still have feeling in his dick?


"Amy...I love you so much."

He said warmingly.

After both of the characters are dead, corpsegrinder has the audacity to use the adverb warmingly? Face it, the story far more cold than warm.

"I love you too Shadow...Ever so much.."They kissed again, embracing and licking with ecstasy. It went on for a few minutes until they parted.



"Yes Amy."

"Come back with me to the grave.." She said with her hand on Shadow's bloody chest fur. Shadow nodded as he caressed Amy's cheek with his ripped hand, blood trickling from it. Amy licked the blood from her face in a slow and sexy way.

 Dr. Evil Air Quotes - "sexy"

"I'll always be with you Amy, even after death." They then got up and headed out the door back to the grave, to seal themselves and their love six feet under...forever.

So no one in there town lost thier shit when they saw two dead hedgehogs walking away.

Sextanic Unity

Oh come on, not even Eboney would put that in her story.

Chapter 1: Beyond The Cemetery

Chapter one of one, thankfully.


The voices call


The voices are calling me

Buried dead I've spiritually infected

Call to me from beyond their graves

Ah, nothing like Necropedophile by Cannibal Corpse to start a story off on the right foot.

Twas a beautiful day. So warm and not one touch of cold.

Yeah we kind of got that when you said ‘Twas a beautiful day. So warm’

On the road to the graveyard walked a handsome 17 year old fox named Tails. Beside him was his ever so beautiful companion Cream, who was 15. They were going there to put some flowers on top of Amy's grave.

It might as well say, "They were walking through the construction site where banana peels were covering the ground and railings were placed on every ledge," because there's just no way this endeavor can end well.

They had been close to Amy for years and it was very grieving to see her go like that...The ground made crackling noises from the pebbles as they walked up to the graveyards gate. Tails opened it up and they both walked inside. They walked along the dirt pathway and up a hill.

We get it. They walked, a lot.

Walking until they saw a grave with Amy's name on it.

Remember that line from earlier? If you don't, allow me to reiterate:

"…[Amy] began walking, leaving her grave in a big mess."

Yet somehow, neither Cream nor Tails has noticed this big mess. And don't bother trying to justify this by saying Shadow or Amy cleaned it up, because as we'll see later on in this chapter, they don't clean up after themselves whatsoever.

Cream held Tails' hand and began to shed a tear, for she missed Amy Rose dearly. Tails then stepped up to the grave and set the flowers in front of it.

"We'll never forget you Amy..."

He said quietly, cream still holding his hand. Cream began to shed more tears and even sniffle. The fox noticed this and hugged her closely. As he did she wept in his thick fur chest.

"Why did Amy...have to go n.. .."

N what? seriously that’s going to bug me all day. Is the not part of the same story and Amy died in battle?

Cream said in short gasps, trying to restrain herself.

"I know, Cream...I know..."

Well we don't, so could somebody fill us in?

Tails replied, feeling Cream's pain. Cream continued to cry in his chest, wanting Amy to somehow come back.

"I'm sure She's in a better place now."

Tails assured.

"You mean heaven?"

"PffftHAHAHAHA—oh. You were serious. Yeah, sure, the necrophiliac satanist is probably Heaven, why not?"

Cream asked, still gasping somewhat.


Tails said with a smile on his face. Cream also had a slight smile on as well. She hugged Tails closer, feeling so warm now.

"I hope she's enjoying it up there."

"I'm sure she is."

So remember when this story was about undead hedgehogs violating each other? What happened to that? It might not have been fun to read, but at least it was less nauseating than this toxic optimism.

Tails replied assuringly, stroking her head gently. Then all of a sudden Shadow came to his mind. He was supposed to meet the two right at the gates of the grave. It was arranged yesterday just before dinner. Tails knew that Shadow had been acting odd recently. He remembered smelling a foul odor while talking to him a few days ago.

Wait, Shadow was out socializing after the whole corpse raping incident?

The smell was so bad that Sonic had to tell him to leave the house.

"Hey Shadow, you know how we put aside our differences to save the world from total destruction, and in the end you sacrificed your life for humanity? Well you smell like shit, so get the fuck out of my house."

There was also the time when Shadow stayed in his own house for so many days, it made everyone think he had become a recluse.

Which, based on his character, he really should be. No, actually, I take that back; based on his character, he should be dead. My Sonic headcanon ends after Sonic Adventure 2.

After that period he suddenly took on an unusually happy attitude, the kind of attitude he had before Amy died. Tails' cell suddenly played You Shook Me All Night Long by AC\DC,

Well at least he has good taste in music.

it was Sonic.

Tails' ringtone for Sonic is You Shook Me All Night Long? Well, dammit. Which one of them is going to kill (and fuck) the other in the next story?

He pressed the talk button to answer the call.


"Hey Tails."

"Sup Sonic!"

Sonic sounded a bit stressed out.

"Listen Tails, I don't think Shadow's gonna be there with you guys. You see...well...Something happened at Shadow's.

So it is the same story… THAN WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THAT N!?!

I'm at Shadow's place by the way and the cops have got the whole place condemned."

"Oh shit, what happened?"

Tails asked with some concern.

"Didn't you read the paper this morning?"


"I can't explain it over the phone."

Sonic stated.

"Alright Sonic. Me and Cream are gonna be going home now, I'll see you then."

"Yep, later bud.."


Tails replied, hanging up the cell.

"C-mon Cream, lets go home."

He said calmly while holding Cream's hand, walking away from Amy's grave.

"Where's Shadow? He was supposed to show up."

Cream asked wondering.

"Thats what Sonic called me for. He said something happened at Shadow's house that he can't really explain over the phone."

Well that doesn't sound ominous as fuck or anything.

At the house where Shadow lived was a group of over ten GUN cops and some forensic investigators. The investigators in their white suits were examining the ripped flesh and the pentagram drawn on the floor. One of them held out a sampling bag and a needle, picking up the fluids from the middle of the pentagram.

I got this one.

Others took samples of the flesh and blood. They also collected the blood and flesh covered nails stuck in the floor, putting them inside more bags.

"Since when did we have something satanic happen here in Station Square?"

Since corpsegrinder666 came to town with a pen in one hand and a Cannibal Corpse mixtape in the other.

"I don't know. Probably never..."

"My god, first we have reports of Grave Violation, now this?"

It's almost like the two cases could be related…

The investigator thought aloud. Outside, Sonic was busy being questioned by an investigator with a notepad and pen.

"Can you describe what Shadow looks like?"

Why would they need a description when there's a photo of him on the president's desk?


It's not like he's this obscure guy who not many people have heard of; he's probably been in the news a couple of times.

"Same as me but with dark fur, red stripes on the legs and arms, and a thick white fur-patch on his chest."

"I see.."

The investigator replied as he wrote down the descriptions Sonic gave him.

"Ok, when was the last time you talked to him."

"A few days ago. It was before he had to go to the doc to get himself checked over. He called me during the evening of the same day just to make conversation. I don't know why he wanted to talk. Its very unusual of him to just call and pick a conversation with me.."

"Okay, just one last question. When he called a few days ago, did it sound like he was alive? It's just a standard question we have to ask, I wouldn't worry about it."

Back inside the house, investigators walked through the hallway that led to different rooms.

As opposed to the hallways that lead to fucking nowhere?

They flashed their lights in everything from the bathroom, to the computer room, to the bedroom.

"Alright, you search the bathroom, and you search this room, I'll search the bedroom."

Wait wait wait, go back; this room? Really corpsegrnder, you couldn't be bothered to name three whole rooms, despite the fact that you named three whole rooms one line earlier?

The higher ranking one ordered. He stepped into the bedroom slowly and curiously. The bed had black blankets with the face of Jack Skellington on it,

Wait, Shadow has Jack Skellington blanket, really.

and white pillows. There was a stereo in the corner ahead of the investigator. Beside the stereo was racks filled with CDS. Some of the CDs were out of the racks, he went over curiously to look at them. One was called True Carnage by Six Feet Under, another was called Death to Analog by Julien K, another Highway to Hell by AC/DC, and another was Reign in Blood by Slayer.

Death, satanism, the author projecting himself onto the character; we get it.

He picked up one of the cd cases to check for fingerprints and possible signs of blood. There was one cd case on the far left near the racks that caught his attention. He picked it up, grimacing at the cases cover art, Tomb of the Mutilated by Cannibal Corpse is what it said.


Why would he grimace at this cover? I'm not even exaggerating here, it might just be the most hilarious CD cover I've ever seen. For those of you who don't see why, allow me to point it out.


Boom, right there. Despite the fact that it features half of a corpse fellating a gutted corpse, somebody decided that this CD still needed a parental advisory warning. That's fucking brilliant.

Then he began to examine it, checking for possible DNA.

What he found was a thin smear of blood on the cases spine.

Wait, how the fuckd did blood get on the case?

Well you see, he was deprezzed and cutting himself with a steak while listening to MCR, when he had an epiphany; My Chemical Romance is actually a pretty good band, far too good for any self respecting trollfic. So he reached for something far most shitty, and in the process, got a bit of blood on the case.

His eye abruptly caught something below him. It was a small dried out bloodstain on the floor. He bent over, took a sample of it and put it in a plastic bag. He then put the Cannibal Corpse cd into another bag.

In the computer room was another investigator taking samples of a blood smear from the digital camera.

Thats odd...Why would there be blood on this thing?

Well when you're investigating the house of someone who ejaculates blood, it's bound to get in some bizarre places.

Gee, thanks for that imagery.

Hey, at least I didn't make you think of what kind of pictures he was taking with that camera.


The question prompted him to go onto the computer. He moved the mouse, getting rid of the starfield screen saver.

This detail brought to you by the fact that the writer just doesn't care what his story is anymore.

Then he opened My Documents and looked for picture folders. He found one that said "pictures", clicking on it and opening the most recent batch of photos. What he found was absolutely shocking.. Pictures of Amy Rose's half decayed corpse dug up and placed in various erotic and romantic ways.

So let me get this straight. Shadow was so distraught by the implications of what he'd done to Amy's corpse, that he decided to take a series of erotic pictures of her?

Yeah, that about sums it up.


One picture depicted legs spread showing her insect and worm infested vagina. There were dozens of them, all just as vile and disgusting as the last, and some were even more vile.

Meaning that not all of them were just as vile as the last. Lean your semantics corpsegrinder666, geez.

The last picture the investigator saw before turning away was wretched beyond humane. A shot of Amy's rotting anus regurgitating maggot infested crap.

One minute.



He suddenly got up to go to the bathroom to puke. When he got to the toilet however, he saw a small finger on top of it beside a roll of unused toilet paper.


I'm torn by this scene. On the one hand, I do like the idea that he just happened to find that bit of evidence while trying to recover from the last bit of evidence he found. It really is a nice touch. But on the other hand, whoever he sent to search the bathroom earlier did an exceptionally terrible job. Like, seriously, how did he manage to miss the disembodied finger just sitting there?

He said in a gurgly way just before puking up chunks of yellow slop mixed with fluid. Some of the puke got onto the toilet seat, bits of it dribbled off the toilet seat and into the water below. He began to cough, feeling the urge to puke some more. He put his fingers down his throat, closing his eyes, turning all attention away from the finger on the toilet.

"He shoved a finger down his throat in an attempt to forget about a finger." Splendid thinking detective, just splendid.

Then he puked again, making small burps and coughs as liquid regurgitated from his mouth. He stood up, getting a grip of himself. He had never seen death made so sexual before. It was overwhelmingly difficult to take in.

What a sick bastard...

He said in his mind.

That's called thinking. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I'm sure that even corpsegrinder666 has done it from time to time.

I get the worst feeling that the detective is going to get turned on by the pictures.

Finally pulling himself together, he slipped on a latex glove, picked up the finger and dumped it into a plastic bag. Something suddenly went crashing...Along with muffled screams...He dropped the bag in an instant, standing ever so still...He then pulled out his Glock pistol and held it up at the ceiling beside his head. Low growling began to emmit from down the halls out of the bathroom...His eye pupils

Nope. Just, nope. The word eye could be, should be, and will be removed from that sentence before we can continue, because it is utterly pointless. Let's try that again.

Low growling began to emmit from down the halls out of the bathroom...His pupils got smaller and his heart beat faster…

Oh look, the sentence works just fine, fancy that.

Holy shit, it does.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and went out of the bathroom to check what was happening. As he walked in the hallway the walls seemed to get darker and more rotten.

"Oh god..."

He said out loud, dropping his pistol in fear. Just when the walls turned completely rotten, the whole house seemed to turn a dark orange with some red. Shadows showed up in odd places, flames bursted out of the floor and he saw his own comrades impaled right in front of his eyes. Deep chuckling suddenly thundered in his ears along with agonizing screams and whispering.



There is some satanic shit going down in this house, are you really that surprised?

He put his hands on his head and shut his eyes, running for the door that led to the outside. When he entered the kitchen, the high ranking investigator, who now had yellow eyes, ambushed him and struck a kitchen knife deep into his flesh.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but, What happened to the zombie hedgehogs fucking?

Right? I feel like corpsegrinder666 has really let everyone down by not staying true to the original.

He gurgled, choking on the blood that spurt out of his jugular vein. The knife sliced open his ribcage with brutal force,

What kind of knife did he have that can cut through solid bone!?!

spilling his intestines and internal organs onto the floor. Disgusting sounds of cartilage-tearing and ripping filled the room.


I was almost grossed out for a second, but then I remembered that I don't care about these characters all that much, so what happens to them doesn't leave much of an impact.

The demon smiled a sadistic smile, its fangs ever so sharp.

Quick question; why was the lead investigator turned into a demon and not the guy we've been following for most of this chapter? Did his plot armor protect him?

It began to pick up the now torn up body and rip it in half brutally. Bones snapped and muscle tissue tore. The demon suddenly hissed and spit out a black, glue-like substance to the ceiling. It then hung the body by the spine on the gooey string. Parts of the body convulsed rapidly as blood continued to squirt and drip out. The demon went up to the bloodied corpse and began drinking the gushing blood.

"Hey, what's going on in he...OH SHIT! FUCK!"


A cop yelled after popping his head in the front door, looking at the next room. The yellow eyed menace

This guy has watched too much Supernatural.

then turned away from its meal to the cop. Pulling out his gun, he shot several rounds at the advancing monster and then pulled out his walkie talkie.

"Get some men in here, I've got a...demon attacking me."

"Say that again. There's a demon attacking you?"


"Son, stop toying with us, this is a real operation and not a gag."

Gag or not, perhaps you should send some men in anyways. If not to kill the demon, then to apprehend the jokester and stop him from fucking up the crime scene.

Before the cop could reply, the demon stabbed him with its claws and eviscerated him brutally. His guts fell out in a dribbling mess onto the floor, some even splattered onto the walls.

How in the Fuckasorus did that happen?

His head was suddenly grabbed and ripped off. The demon then threw the head at the wall, smashing it to bits of fleshy chunks. The brain smeared and splattered all over the once clean walls.

"Give me more blood...RAAAAAAAH"


The yellow eyed beast said. The investigators voice overlapped with a monstrous grunted voice. Outside, the rest of the cops wondered what all that noise was about. Just then the demon bursted out the front door. The cops raised their weapons in fear, pointing them at the thing.



One of the sergeants said. All of the pistols, shotguns and SMG's let out streams of lead at the beast.

Okay, who the fuck authorized SMGs for this investigation?

The bullets tore open its skin

So did the people holding shotguns just say “Ah fuck it.” Because just guns dont have bullets. They have shells with what is called "Shot." There are different kinds (lead shot, buck shot, grape shot).

and dropped it to the ground. It lay there breathing bizzarly. A cop came up to him, aiming his shotgun to its head.

"What is it?"

He asked outloud.

"I don't know...Whatever it is, its dead now."

Said the butt monkey to the jack in the box.

More screaming and growling came from inside the house. The commander of the unit pulled out his cell and dialed some numbers. He stood there listening to the phone ring, awaiting an answer. A tough sounding man replied, saying in his cool voice.

Mother of god, he has Chuck Norris on the phone.

Quick; which Nostalgia Critic Chuck Norris joke do we steal?



"Hello, yes, um, we have a situation you might wanna look at..."

"What kind of 'situation'."

The man asked in a somewhat dark tone.

"We were doing an investigation on some maniacs house, and we found some kind of paranormal creature inside. Now, from what I'm listening to, I'm suspecting There's more."

"We'll be right there, make sure the area is secured. We don't want this to turn into a full blown crisis now, do we?"

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir, we don't not want this not to turn into a full blown crisis. Understood."

As he hung up, he looked at the house, which now had flames coming out of the top.

"What the hell is this..."

He wondered with a worried expression.

What, it’s over. No I was so interested in the plot.

This story may be over, but corpsegrinder666 lives on. In closing, let me leave everyone with an experpt from his profile.

Sup everyone. Unfortunately for those reading my stories and 'awaiting new chapters', things arent't gonna continue... As for writing I've moved on to bigger things, not gonna say what they are but I will say it has become a passion thats been growing on me since I discontinued fanfiction a year and a half ago.