Review #112

Some Snow Related Story

Story by Fairy-Slayer

Review by Ray

Yesterday I was building a snowman. And by yesterday, I mean last week. And by building a snowman, I mean desperately trying to compensate for the crushing sense of loss brought on by the muddled memories of someone who I can never romp through the snow with again, no matter how much we both enjoyed it. Anyways, the point is that as I wrapped my body around the snowman in an attempt to keep it from collapsing, I had a thought. I though to myself, "Self, I bet somebody has written some terrible snowman erotica."

And so, here's Some Snow Related Story.

Some Snow Related Story, by Fairy-Slayer

10/10 title, it really shows how much the writer cares about the story.

Giant snowballs lay lifeless.


Does this take place before Frosty was actually alive? Oh dear Flying Spaghetti God, are they… are they going to fuck him to life?

Huge carrot with frozen juices juts obscenely between her thigh marks melted in.


She took his hat as a trophy

Oh, she killed him, got it. Well that was underwhelming. The second sentence was probably trying to imply some snowman smut, but those three sentences were the entire story, and I think everyone can agree that it didn't even come close to meeting the prestigious standards I was hoping for. So instead here's a story about some guy raping a corpse.

A Promise, by Francis

He was lying on the gurney, waiting for me. I'd lied to the undertaker,

A necrophiliac and a liar? Well now I just don't think I'll be able to sympathize with this character.

I'd said I wanted a viewing,


open casket. I wanted him to look nice. I'd never seen him in a suit before. The truth was I just wanted to see him one last time.

It wasn't as if I was planning this all along.

And as much as I want to believe the narrator, I somehow I have my doubts that he just happened to have sex with a dead body. That's not exactly something you can lead up to with, "Well one thing led to another…"

All I wanted was a few more hours with him, a few more hours to only deepen the pain that filled me. I didn't mean it to end up happening the way it did, but he'd been in my dreams and nightmares since that day I walked into the mortuary and saw him lying there, and made love to him.

And with a single sentence, I'm completely confused by the timeline going on here. Did the narrator know the dead guy when he was still alive, or only after his death? Is this the first time the narrator has fucked the dead guy? If not, how often has this been happening? And either way, how long has this guy been dead?


He was so beautiful, so young and innocent, still scarred from the violence of his life, though he'd never talked about it to me.

I'd laid him, dressed, on my bed, the curtains drawn, the door locked.

Wait, he brought the dead guy back to his house? Or did he bring his bed to the funeral home? Either way, I have to think it would've raised some questions.

I restrained myself for a couple of hours. But I loved him and I didn't want to let him go.

The loss of a loved one is a very profound feeling, and coping with it can be difficult. But you know what won't help? Any of the things the narrator is about to do to the dead guy.

I tried to explain myself to him as I undressed him, gently unfastening each button, forcing myself to go slowly, ignoring the urgency of my own frustrated desires. I slowly slid the shirt off over his cold shoulders and stood back to admire him. Now he was half-naked, I could see the wounds the coroner had left, the incision where he'd cut into the dead flesh, looking for something I could never understand.

Speaking of things I'll never understand; the dead guy is about to get a back story, and I'm not even going to interrupt it, because it actually doesn't suck.

Thank god for the abbreviated autopsy.

They'd found him – the police – slumped on a bed in a cheap flat on the bad side of town, dead. Overdose, they'd said, and the coroner had agreed. Heroin. Suicide. There had been a broken syringe lying beside the bed, but they didn't know where he'd got the drugs from. There had been no note, but the door and windows were closed and it was impossible that it had been murder.

Neil had a vaguely crescent-shaped scar on his shoulder from an old love-bite. I don't know what kind of things he'd been forced to do when he was alive. I know that he'd hated the thought of sex. He would have resisted me when he was alive. I bent low over him and opened his mouth with a gentle kiss.

I have to say, necrophiliacs write some decent erotica.


Okay, let me explain what I mean by that. It's not the sex that makes these stories decent; I actually find the idea of sex with dead things to be quite disturbing, not to mention the unpleasant odor that must come along with it. So again, it's not the sex itself; it's the circumstances surrounding the sex. Often times, there seems to be a sense of poetic tragedy that comes along with death, which lends itself to a more developed conflict. And whether it's fighting or fucking, conflict is what drives a scene. So to reiterate; this story doesn't do anything for me, but objectively?


His cold lips were firm against mine, and I pushed my tongue past, into his dry mouth,


rubbing myself up against his tongue, plunging into the depths of him, moving more passionately as my desire flamed inside me. He didn't react, but as I carried on kissing him, I only felt the urge even more than before.


I hate to admit it, but this story just isn't as terrible as I would've hoped. Don't get me wrong, I hate reading it. But I try to reserve judgement for things that are bad in a literary sense; a terrible plot, unrealistic characters, shitty grammar, basically anything that ComicsNix would write. It's not my thing, but if writing stories about necrophilia stops Francis from dragging his bed to his local funeral home, then all the power to him.


Hm, let's see, snowman erotica didn't work, it was too short. The necrophilia erotica started off as promising, but it was disappointingly decent. What else is there…


Ships Slave, by Cerberus

A young girl is taken as entertainment for the long months at sea

(I accept the story is nowhere near chronologically correct but, it makes it work better)


Around the British Port on the east coast – rich in poor black families, freed from the slave triangle, leading simple lives. The fathers as fisherman, the daughters and mothers tend to simple crops, tending quietly. The Powers that be had allowed piracy if it benefited England.

Well if nothing else, it certainly helps with global warming.


The ships were granted supplies at port as they dropped off pirated treasures, but most importantly for the crew, they were permitted each bay, to take a young girl from the village, not a rich one from a well respected family of course, but one of the poor black girls from the port.

Because if they took the girl from a rich family, this policy would be ridiculous.


It became a sort of sport amongst the residents. The richer people would gather to watch, the young girls from the town would hold their breath, praying it was not them who was taken. The crew mates raided through the town, bursting into house after house

I can't help but question the logistics of this. Let's go over what we know to see if we can reach a verdict on this plot.


– until they came to Consuela's house – she was just turned 13 athletic, but not bony.

She stood at 5'2", with shiny black skin, D cup breasts that hung slightly without any bra or corset to hold them, just a sack cloth top and a modest skirt – They had large brown areoles with big nipples.

How are we supposed to visualize the nipples and the sack cloth top at the same time? Cerberus, I'm starting to think that you didn't put a whole lot of thought into this story.

She had thick curly hair pulled back in a bun. A thin nose and big brown eyes. Like an African princess.

The pirates went straight past her mother, attractive like her daughters, but too old for the pirates. They craved young flesh to defile.


How dare you depict pirates in such a depraved manner! Pirates are nothing but peace loving explorers, who would want nothing more with children than to give them candy. Want proof? It's in Wikipedia, there's all the proof you need.

None of the women moved, but looked terrified. They groped her younger sister, at 9 – considered taking her as well... but were allotted one only –

Good to know that the rules here are strictly enforced.

and she had nothing to Consuela's beauty and formed breasts.

They roughly handled her breasts through her top, then her crotch and ass.

They fondled her ass through her top? I have to think there would be more practical ways to molest a child, but I guess it's not something I've thought about much, so I'll have to leave it to the professionals.

One of them grabbed the back of her neck, slammed her down on the kitchen table, and felt up her skirt, and straight to her hairy cunt, bone dry, he slipped one finger along the lips... and smiled.

Geez, take it easy buccaneer, at least wait until you're back on the ship.

Consuela's body shook in fear, and she began to cry silently.

They grabbed Consuela and took her from the house in their arms. She began to struggle, but was slapped harshly to the ground. Her mother and sister looked on, the rich women laughed as they always did, at the horror that awaited this girl – the other girls in the village now laughing too, also at the pain that awaited her and at the relief that they had not been chosen.


The women in fine dresses pointing and laughing as the pirates began to rip the clothes off Consuela's shining body. As a tear rolled down her cheek and rope was bound around her.

That was an odd sentence. Fragment.

The women of the town in hysterics, all but two.

Which two?


They dragged her bound body along the floor from a long rope. And people began to throw tomatoes at her,


stinging wounds from the dragging along the hard cobbled street. When they got to the ship they threw her in the water and dragged her back up from the extended rope.

That might seem needlessly cruel, but keep in mind, people were just throwing tomatoes at her. Being the kind souls that they are, the pirates were just washing her off.

They pulled her upright into the ship along the bridge, huddled round her in lust, grabbing handfuls of flesh greedily eyeing what would be their whore for 9 long months.

Why nine months?


On second thought, I'd rather just hope that I'm wrong and move on.

Consuela tried to look brave, but shook with fear. She stood in front of the first mate. Who eyed her "good choice lads..." – immediately

✓ A terrible plot

✓ Unrealistic characters

✓ Shitty grammar

she was flattened to the deck, and her legs held open, she was being pinned by at least 10 men, smiling eagerly, as others crowded over. A man brought a razor blade to her hair, shaving it all off, leaving a few small cuts.

"Hey Razorbeard, we got another little girl to rape! Should we, you know, rape her?"

"Of course we're going to rape her! But first, I need at least ten of you to hold her down; that haircut has got to go."

When he was finished. Her cunt was splashed with some water, then salt poured onto the cuts and directly on her lips.


It stung like fire, Consuela writhed in pain, squinting her eyes and whining and whimpering. It was met by cruel laughs and smiles.

I'm starting to think that Cerberus really has something against pirates.

She was picked up and put in stocks

If you're raping people frequently enough to justify the purchase of stocks, then you might want to reevaluate your life a little bit.

as the first mate explained to her the situation. While three pirates smiled as they heated something over hot coals.

Is it a boiling pot of pasta?

The first mate said, "you are the ships whore" he stated boldly.

A statement so bold that it was tagged twice.

"you will respond to cunt, whore, bitch, fuckmeat and slut." He continued.

"And sweetie-pie. You will respond to cunt, whore, bitch, fuckmeat, slut, and sweetie-pie."

"if you do not, you will be beaten, and thrashed" he nodded to someone behind her and a cat of nine tails fell harshly on her legs and rump, drawing smiles and laughs as she let out a scream and then whimpers.

I Googled "cat of nine tales," and was disappointed to learn that Cerberus probably wasn't referring to a genetic snowflake of a feline, but rather a type of whip. Now aside from the already unpleasant characteristics of this whip, this is actually disturbing on a deeper level as well. Cerberus clearly did no research prior to writing this; if he had, the pirates would be friendly and the English tolerance of shenanigans would be aptly minimal. Since no research was done, that means he already knew what that particular type of whip was called, which means this probably isn't his first time writing about BDSM in the middle ages.

"You are our property, and we will mark you as so shortly, each evening you will provide entertainment for the crew, being tortured or stretched, or anything else we think of."

Whatever comes to their minds?


He seemed so official as he said this, but was clearly enjoying the thoughts of it too. "You will service all of the crew, when you're told to. In groups of 5 at a time usually, unless told otherwise."


Five at a once, and they still find the time to plunder. These (Historically inaccurate) pirates are efficient if nothing else.

He finally said, "You will refer to ANYONE on this ship as master, is that understood?" Consuela said nothing, he slapped her hard, her head sank.

"The ship then sank shortly afterwards, because nobody seemed to be steering it."

She replied solemnly, "Yes Master."

Eagerly the men looked on as the branding iron was plunged onto her rump as its sizzle was drowned soon after with a scream of pain, she continued to scream as it burned her flesh leaving a blacker mark of the ships crest on her right buttock.

Are you even going to tell us what the crest looks like Cerberus? Or are you too busy masturbating to the thought of a peasant girl getting abused by pirates? Come to think of it, I… I actually find the idea of necrophilia less repulsive than the idea of medieval abduction BDSM pedorape.


What? I just mean that if I had to pick one, necrophilia seems more poetic. Besides, at least the corpse doesn't have to feel anything.


She struggled to breath, in heroics in the pain.


The crowd roared with excitement and the first mate slapped the new wound and she tried to scream but could not, she had too little air in her lungs which burnt now like her right buttock had before.

The men crowded round in the 1st mate's absence and one man, forced open her mouth, and thrust in, making her gag, but he continued to, as her cunt lips were spread and a thick cock was mercilessly plunged in…

These are, some truly unusual, commas.

she would have screamed but was gagged with meat. They pumped her hard and hard, one man spilt his seed up her cunt, another in her mouth, each was replaced with another. Her cunt was red raw and she hadn't yet serviced half of the crew.

And sadly, we've not yet read half the story. Believe it or not, it actually manages to get dumber.

Many were already masturbating and stepped forward and came all over her face, breasts, ass or back.

"But absolutely none of them came on her legs or hands. They only came on her face, breasts, ass, and back; I can't stress this enough."

By the end of her first session, she had unknowingly fallen pregnant.

Yeah, kinda figured that would happen before too long, it's really the only reason to keep her on the ship for exactly nine months.

Once she was completely coated in sticky cum, the first mate came down to the deck. The men immediately grabbed the black beauty

And now, every time I hear this masterful display of vocal talent, I'll think of nautical rape. Thanks Cerberus, I needed that.

and forced her face onto the floor

But wait, wasn't she in the stocks? This doesn't even make sense anymore. It's almost like Cerberus is just writing whatever shit comes to his mind next.

where someone forced her to stand completely bent over. One of the pirates held her there with his body weight on her back and spreading her cheeks, the 1st mate dropped his pants, his semi hard member slapped against her virgin ass, it grew as he squeezed her cheeks, when it was at its full, 9 inches and thick, he placed it at the entrance, smiled and as the pirate braced and tensed holding her she was whimpering in the anticipation


and then the first mate plunged in as Consuela screamed.

He thrust brutally in and out harder and harder, burying himself 9 inches deep into her ass. He pumped the little nigger


A racial slur? In this story? Why I never!

so hard her arse was so sore. He finally released a jet of warm sperm up her ass, he pulled out and shot one on her back, and as she was turned, he shot one on her eye. He pulled her down on his cock as he forced her to suck it clean. When he was satisfied, he dried it on her hair.

Her hair which was cut off when she boarded the ship.

When the first mate had left, and every man on the vessel had got use from the newly made whore, she was forced to clean up the deck with her tongue,


after the piss shower she had been given,


after her body was soaked, the pirates had held her mouth open, and forced her to swallow litres of golden urine. She squirmed and gagged on it, but eventually after several thrashings decided to swallow it.

She was taken to her…

Come on narrator, I know it's a big word, but you can figure it out.



soon after. Three pirates led her by a neck cuff and chain to a small creaky dark room below. Where she was put against a glory hole and strapped against it.

Yes, a glory hole, because anonymity clearly means so much to these pirates.

She could see there were three restraints and different holes.

One presumably for each of her three orifices. She was strapped kneeling with her head forcing her mouth to a hole and left there – she soon discovered after a daily orgy in the morning, that she would be left in one of these glory hole positions until about 8 in the evening, where a "show" was put on.

I hope it's a puppet show.


On second thought, I no longer hope it's a puppet show.

After the show she was taken back to her room and strapped to the inside of a small wooden cage. Needless to say, she did not have the best sleep at night.

That evening, after she had swallowed more cum from the hole, she was taken to the deck for the evenings show. The pirates were sat cross legged and eager like children at a party. At the front was the pirate who usually punished the men,

Considering the downright brutal shit they do to Consuela, I hate to think of what behavior actually warrants punishment.

he wore an executioners mask and was next in command from the 1st mate. He carried in his hand a cat, but Consuela had found out that he had a whole range of torturous implements.


For tonight, the show (Like always) was Consuela's torture.

Oh, how surprising.


As she was thrown at his feet, the two pirates who escorted her took their seats. The man in the mask pulled her up by her hair and she let off a scream as the men laughed. *

I searched the page high and low for footnotes, and after literally seconds of trying to figure it out, I'm still not quite sure what that asterisk is supposed to mean. There's another one in a few sentences, so perhaps Cerberus thought that they're used like parentheses. They aren't, but regardless, let's look at what he has to say.

It must be quite funny I suppose, to see such a woman in such pain. It is after all, all they deserve.


All women are filthy whores to be degraded and used by men*


Really? That's all women are? Maybe that's all they'll ever be to you Cerberus, but I urge you to give women a chance; there are some fantastic females out there. And besides, what is Cerberus' claim even based on? Biologically it makes no sense, psychologically the difference between men and women is nil, and the sociological basis is entirely dependant on the perpetuation of gender roles rather than the non existent inherency of them. I suppose anally there might be some validity to what Cerberus is saying, but other than that, there's not much to support him here. But enough about this, let's get back to the story.

She had her hands bound behind her back, and her elbow and shoulders were bound back tightly as well. Then her legs were bound apart and bent towards her back, with her feet touching her bare ass.

Then they put her right arm in, took her right arm out, they did the hokey pokey and… I don't know, probably raped her, that just seems like something they might do in this story.

It was so uncomfortable as he bound her hand bondage and feet bondage together, pushing out her beautiful breasts.

Wow, that was almost a compliment, I'm impressed. Still, this is a lot of description to go through just to say that she was hog tied.

She was then hoisted up, and from the gentle whimpers and crying she transgressed to screams of agony in her joints as she was hoisted to a table four feet from the floor as she was set down, the burning subsided as did the roars of laughter from the crowd.

Overall this sounds like an incredibly overengineered way to move her onto the table. It's nice to have passions and all, but when an entire crew seems to be dedicating all of their time and resources to raping this one girl, I just don't see how they ever get around to plundering. They really need to reassess their priorities if they want to stay in business.

The man in the mask too took great pleasure in this, he couldn't wait for the next few months, torturing such a beauty, and so young too. With no further adieu, her breasts were slapped down onto the table her hair pulled back by an assistant of sorts,

For fuck's sake, did they shave her hair or not?

Consuela could not see,

When did—

all she could see was


the extremely thin and extremely sharp iron tacks,

Which would require passable vision to discern. As in, better vision than not being able to fucking see.

slender and shiny they were placed menacingly on her nipples.

What could they possibly have against her nipples?

This drew attention further from the crowd, men literally sitting on the edge of their seats, the howling broken, silence fell upon them so they could fully enjoy the screams of this girl. Most of them had already started to masturbate in the open.


She whimpered and screwed her face up, pleading silently nearly to the masked man, who only mocked it. He too saw women as what they are, sacks of flesh to torture and use for mans depraved desire.

Here's a short list of what's wrong with that sentence.

Now here's a more expanded list.

He held the pin in place and with a sharp blow brought down a hammer on the pin head, nailing her nipple and breast to the cork table.

This is getting ridiculous. It's a pin, why does he need a hammer? I'm starting to think that Cerberus knows nothing about pirates or their labors. And I suppose it's also a bit much to be affixing Consuela's breasts to a table in the first place, but we're clearly past that point.

The men cried in laughter, many came into a bucket in the corner,

At least they have a system.

while watching still her agony with lust-full eyes. She screamed and writhed only once as she contained her movement that pulled on the breast. As her screams subsided and tears cascaded down her cheeks, the men fell silent once more as the other breast received the same.


Notice how disturbed, invigorated, turned on, and bejollied are absent from that list.


I'm not disturbed because Cerberus isn't that great of a storyteller, and he didn't establish any reason to care about these characters. Honestly, he could take a lesson from Francis, who made me interested in a character even after the character was already dead. But instead, Cerberus took Fairy-Slayer's approach; he started violating the characters before there was any attachment or intrigue whatsoever. Yeah, vulgar and violent things are happening, but they don't mean much when they're happening to characters we don't give a damn about.


I'm not invigorated because Cerberus isn't that great of a person, and he hasn't given me any reason to agree with his point of view. In other words, I'm not at all inspired to rally behind him or anything he says. Quite the contrary in fact; he almost makes me disappointed to be male. Or human. Or sentient.


The reason this doesn't turn me on is pretty simple; I'm just not all that into rape. If this story does manage to turn anyone on then fine, I say let them have it. But it's not for me.


These pirates are nothing like the foolhardy merrymakers of yore, and that's just plain disappointing.


Cerberus hasn't accomplished much regardless of what he was aiming for when he wrote this. Unless of course he was trying to write a piece of shit story, and if that's the case, then he hit the pin on the head with a fucking hammer.

Once secured, her breasts were beaten red raw with a cane. Then her ass was given the same treatment, then finally…

 popcorn animated GIF

she was re tied splayed open. And her inside thighs and exposed cunt were thrashed for hours.

Remember what I said about not giving all that much of a fuck? Yeah, still not giving all that much of a fuck. Just saying that it happened for hours doesn't give the impact of it happening for hours; showing it as though it happened for hours would give the impact of it happening for hours.

Her voice hoarse from screaming. She noticed the bucket was spewing with seamen now (no pun intended :] )

(No pun enjoyed 눈_눈 )

As she was cut down she fell to the hard deck. She serviced the masked man, and was told to thank him.

As she gagged on his long dick while he violently throat fucked her, only taking momentary brakes to vomit watery piss and semen onto the deck then continue.

To be fair, that would be a pretty reasonable occasion to take a break. But why she was taking a brake instead, I have no idea.

He slapped her now sagging breasts hard, while she did it. She winced of course, screwing her eyes. Every now and again he would slap her face hard and then back hand her.

She still has teeth, right? Just throwing it out there.

Until finally he spewed a huge amount of cum over her face and hair (after it had erupted out from inside her cheeks when she could swallow no longer, and he shot once more over her beaten breasts.

Cerberus seems oddly captivated by this guy's cum. I'm not saying anything, I'm just pointing it out.

She went to wipe the sticky goo from her body. Amazingly thick for such an impressive amount, when she went to wipe it she was backhanded fiercely. "You are a whore! Everyone should know it by the shame you wear on your face and body!"

Is anybody surprised that Consuela was insulted? Anyone? Nobody then? In that case, let's just move on.

After he finished speaking her nodded.

This story really could've used a second draft. It would have cleared up some grammatical issued such as that one, and maybe, just maybe, rereading his own story would have made Cerberus reconsider his life as a whole.

Two men grabbed her arms and pulled her tort the masked man said, "Swallow until you are drowning, no sooner!" – the pirates grinned once more at her as the bucket was poured into her mouth, mostly hitting her face and cascading down her face and hair and body.

Then she's not drinking it anymore, is she?

The juice of 100 men, many had juiced their cocks dry twice!

Well, at least I'll be able to take one thing out of this; juiced is now my favorite euphemism for masturbated, just because it sounds so amiable. Ironic, considering the story it came from.

It was all pouring over her. It erupted from out of her mouth as she gagged on it, as man juice was inhaled into her lungs she coughed and spluttered until there was no more. She was literally covered. The whole of her top body covered in cum, Her eyes,

Why was "Her" capitalized? Is Consuela a god? Is she luring them into a false sense of security before reigning holy vengeance upon them? Ooh, I hope she's Cthulhu, that would be perfect.

had collected thick globules of it around them. She cried as she thought it was over. Every man was to go back to his quarters after the show. Before they did however, the torturous man in the mask had one task for them.

She was washed down with litres upon litres of steamy potent yellow urine.

Steamy? They should really get that checked out. Granted, I'm no expert like Team Sexdoctors, but it just seems like common sense.

She was forced to swallow 20 men's before she was allowed only to shower in it. Her mouth held tight around their cocks as they pissed down her throat. Her arms flailed helplessly as her eyes watered.

After 20 bladders had been emptied in her gullet.

Were you going to finish that sentence? No? Just gonna leave it like that then?

She was washed down in the urine. Cleaning off much of the cum admittedly. But now soaking in mixture of cum and piss, her beautiful hair,

"Her beautiful hair, which may or may not still be there, but is beautiful all the same."

sat flat and stinking. As the pirates filed out after a happy evening, well motivated for work the next day, each one spat directly on her face. Some in her mouth and forced her to swallow. As the last pirate left, she got up to stand wearily and go back to her "quarters" to prepare for the next days glory hole duty and service.

What if instead, she went overboard because life clearly isn't worth it at this point?

Before she went she was cracked on the head by the masked black man, he told her. He still wanted a go in that ass. He raped her hard for 20 minutes. She had too little energy to resist, just folded like a rag doll against his mighty thrusts, until he shot warm jizz, thick and again in large quantities. Up her ass.

How. Do you not know how to use period. s? Seriously, I vaguely recall having trouble with it in first grade, but after that it became pretty straightforward.

He forced her to squat, clean off his cock and then squeeze out the cum onto the deck. She was told to lick it up and all of the other cum and piss on the deck by the time he had finished his late dinner.

Now's your chance Consuela, the ocean is right there; try to push him over or jump for yourself, but at least do something.

She wept over her huge task, as he kicked her on her way past. However when he returned she was slurping up the last morsels of cum and piss on the deck. "Good whore..." He picked her up and put her in an open barred cage, and hoisted her up to the mast.

Stocks, a glory hole box, cranes, a mast cage; these pirates have invested an absurd amount of capital into this whole raping thing.

"enjoy the cold little one!" he shouted and laughed. Too small to lie in, she got next to no sleep, not being able to kneel or sit due to the short top of the cage she had to squat. The cold and burning in her thighs kept her awake. Until she was lowered in the morning for glory hole duty.

As the months went on, every Saturday a large show like the aforementioned took place, every day she took glory hole duty, every day her belly grew larger and larger.

Yet she never miscarried despite the clear nutritional deprivation and the direct physical abuse, how strange.

The next Saturdays "big" show was a cunt stretching. She was flayed open, warmed up with a cane of course and stretched with a tool, that once inside the cunt (which was painful enough) expanded outwards.

Well damn. Not only did they acquire a shitload of raping resources, but they invented one; it doesn't even have a name yet, but they invented it just for this.


She screamed as the shipmates cried with laughter and lust, slapping their thighs and wanking their dicks. As she got bigger, she was forced to clean the decks in the days also, so she would fall carrying buckets of water, and have to kneel.



Fuck it, I don't care.

She was pushed over constantly to the shrieks of laughter as the painful fall hurt the pregnant woman.

As the 9 month mark drew near their final "Saturday show" was luckily for them Consuela's birth. She screamed and cried as her cunt was stretched. Little helped by the cheers and laughter that was met. Or the tit slapping that took place during the birth.

Seems like overkill, but what do I know?

While she gave birth on a table most ashamedly she was to service the 1st mates cock.

Okay, how has this guy not lost his dick yet? Even if she didn't bite it off consciously, I have to think that it would've happened as a reflex from some other pain. Like, I don't know, giving birth while getting her tits slapped.

He came in her mouth and pissed on her face just after her baby was born. The baby was taken to the captain's room where it was looked after by his maids. She was fucked relentlessly after the birth,

The baby, or… nevermind, it doesn't matter.

for a week without seeing her baby, but swallowing piss, cum and taking dicks in every orifice.



Please note: The author DOES condone treating women like this.

Trust me Cerberus, I didn't doubt that for a second.

They are sacks of flesh to be used by men, he wishes that he could make his own little island where consent didn't matter and where girls are fucked from the age they become a woman, in his eyes 2 years

Seems reasonable.

before a period approximately so 8 or 9 where women were not acknowledged as citizens but toys for men, however agrees that laws in all states forbid "forced penetration" and "underage sex" nor does the author think that a mother should be separated from her child initially.

Oh good; thanks to that one reasonable point, he's clearly a man of compassion rather than an ideological monster.

 Eye Roll George Clooney animated GIF

Fuck this story and everything about it, I'm gonna go build another snowman.