Review #108

Hidden Fun

Story by Andrea Stevens

Review by Ray

Thing has been changed throughout my whole life since I was 18.

If it was only since you were eighteen, it wasn't throughout your whole life. Also; conjugations motherfucker, can you use them?

See and do are two different things.

My dad died and I was left with my mom and sis. My sister is in the university and it leaves mom and me.


Well money was no a problem and so was girls!

That sentence wouldn't make sense even if it made sense.

My mom was 43 years old still very attractive and she well maintain her body and look.

Alright. MILF time!

MIF before too long.

We live in a big house with swimming pool, steam room and etc..

What comes after steam room and is normal to have in a house?

Well, let's think about this. A swimming pool has liquid H2O, and a steam room has the gaseous version of the same thing, so… a Bose-Einstein condensate creation chamber?

...You mean the shower things that the Nazis used?

With all the ridiculous pseudo science they were doing back then, it wouldn't surprise me.

Soon thing has changed my mind and mom and me got closer.

Changed your mind on what? Protagonist, you've pretty much established from the start that you're attracted to her, so what's the change?

We were very open to each another. I would give a massage sometimes to get rid of her neck pain and get a glimpse of her cleavage.

A true gentleman.

This should be a natural guy move.


She usually dress full and when I could get a glimpse of her thigh, cleavage, it gives me a hard on.

In November 5 she got a minor accident while driving

Does anyone care about the date it happened? And I mean anyone; the readers who were actually trying to enjoy this story, the critics such as ourselves, the protagonist who bothered to tell us, or even the author.

Remember remember the 5th of November. The Gunpowder treason and plot;

I know of no reason for plot as it is fanfic.  

(yes! She drinks sometimes).


I wasn't even accusing her of anything, but since you went ahead and said it; maybe the accident was kind of entirely her fault. Unless of course she got her drunk driving license.

Bruise were found on her right thigh and hand and partially on her stomach.

How big of a car crash are we talking here? On a scale of



The doctor has advise her to not to walk very often and lay on the bed.

Those are not my words, he’s just assuming that because her legs are gone.

The doctor has also informed her that since she was in medication, she would feel sleepy and weak.

In medication? She’s trapped in a bottle?

 She was also was being instructed to wear loose clothes.


I would also like a prescription.

For what? Honestly you guys always seem to forget I’m a doctor.

….never crossed my mind. Hit me up with all that good shit!

I’ll just prescribe you some fukitol, Ray’s onto a triple dose already it worries me.


Nice. Time to get hiiiii mean, use it as prescribed.

Lucky for me I was in college break. Well since the only loose clothes she has was her nightie.


This was my change to be a "good caring" son.

Does “good caring” stand for he’s going to rape her?

No no no. It will be consensual.


When we reached home, I carried her to the bathroom since she was still in hospital clothes.

….why didn’t she change before they left?

Damn it! I almost fired an intern today over that scrub.

 I offered her to change her clothes......


Hm, I'm not comfortable with this; a double ellipsis just goes too far.

She denied and was embarrassed however she was in pain as well.

Should of prescribed more fukitol, or less, not really sure it is just a placebo.


One way to find out. Hold still Warnuts.

A minute or two later she called me. Yes!!! I was about to witness heaven. She warn me to keep this between us as I began to undid her button.

Really, just one button? If she couldn't handle undoing a single button, I somehow doubt she'll be able to handle any sex worth writing about.

She was embarrassed and I told her I love her a lot and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Yeah, because confessing your love for her makes everything less awkward.

She smiled. This was my great change so I told her that I'll clean her since there is medicine smell. As soon as I finished undid all the button, I dropped her clothes. Mannnn! she was excellent with bra and white panties.


White? Needs blue stripes. Then it would be hot.

Of course I had my hard on and I have well planned to hide it from her view.

She complained her legs were hurting.

Didn’t I already say her legs were missing? Oh shit, ghost limb syndrome.

I apologized and made her sit on the toilet bowl. As I went to unbuckle her bra, she protested. Ryan...."Could we like do this later.... I mean its only my hand and leg, you don't need to take off my bra".

But he wants to mom.

I was shocked and thought for a moment. How can I make a mistake like this! It only her hand was injured not her breast.

She does have two hands...right?

Another limb lost in the tragic accident, amazing she’s still alive really.

His mom is a MILF and she is horribly disfigured? Holy shit!

I just made a story

And what a story it was.

All twelve pages of it.


Well I think that revew went quite well. How about you guys?

It had its ups and downs, but in the end I think—

Shit there’s more!


Shut up Mart! The readers never have to know about that!

To late.

and said that I wanted to make sure that I made a clean job since she is my beloved my mom. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

The foreplay is real.

I then said that I need to take off her panties since the bruises very close to her crotch .

Legs are overrated anyways.

She thought for a moment.....Then she said "I guess you're right...I'm sorry Ryan, would you mind taking off for me…

Ya, scram Ryan!

Sorry, I’ll just take off then.

Stay awhile.

I'm beginning to feel weak." Well I know her conscious were still active and I better not do anything funny.

But if she were unconscious, then rape is basically fair game.

As I tried to pull she scream in pain and I stopped. So I decided I did not want to pull directly since it will brush toward the side of her leg.

You let them take the severed leg back with them!?!

Let them? Hold on I have garbage to search through. *Grabs shovel*


Grab me a drink while you’re out!

I informed her that I'll have to do it gentle and slowly and may have to apply pressure on certain area of her private part.

What ever could that be?

This time she was really red and embarrassed. And she said "Ryan... just take off my bra first

Didn't we already establish that the bra doesn't have to come off?

No. We established that it would come off later.

and clean my body first and then my....panties. I'm sorry Ryan.


Congratulations Ryan, for winning this round of Bingo you've earned




Alright I’m back, I got you a Dr. Pepper. Oh, and the limbs are gone.

Dr. Pepper is copyrighted. PHD. Pepper for me.

You do know that we primarily review fanfiction, right?


But we can do so much more.

I get to see her breast first.

Just one? Martin, how much of her body is left?

She had both of them when she left, not my problem.

….sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

I remove her bra and I almost came when her nipple pointed at me.


The most destructive thing man has ever known.

I quickly brought a chair to sit in front of her.

Fuck, looks like we're gonna be here for a while.


I started to wet a cloth and began to rub on her body. She cried as I rubbed. I've told her not to worry


or embarrassed since I'll take care of her in any circumstances. And I said "Mom... just close your eye and I'll clean you off." She then said " Son why don't you lay me down on the bed so it will be easier for

you...I mean


Close one. I almost made this situation perverted.

Her breast crushed to my mouth as I lifted her. "Sorry mom!" I tried to speak within her trapped breast.

Something something something a joke involving a mother breastfeeding her son long after a mother should be breastfeeding her son.

I was on top of her on the bed as I rubbed her body. "Mom I need to apply lotion to you bruises as well as to your body. Remember the time I gave the massage to you neck, well I'm applying the same technique."



I gave her a quick medicine

I could also use a quick medicine.


I thought it was a placebo!

Yep, and I believe the fuck out of it.

Lets check on Warnuts. I gave him a shot of it earlier.


Guys. I don’t think It’s a placebo.

Nah, he was like that before.

I’ll give him another shot. See if he changes any more.

"caressing" on her hand and the my ever waited body massage.

So she has to wear loose clothing because of her injuries, but she can have a full body massage.


As I spread the lotion on her body, she shivered. I could see the wetness from her panties. She tried to cover her breast and as I massaged I gently remove her hand and continue.

Making that last sentence…... Entirely pointless.

Meh, I’ll give him that one, adds atmosphere about how the mother is continuing to be affected by the drugs and is having trouble resisting.

No protest came from her as I continued to form circles around her nipple. She moan for a moment and then tried to stop.

How the fuck… okay, this is bizarre. Normally when the sex scene picks up, that's when the writing goes to shit, since the writer is too busy jerking off to use spell check. But here, the writer's English is actually improving as this becomes more erotic. I'm confused.

I haven’t the slightest inquiry about the means of which you draw. Can you perhaps, not fathom the excruciating amount of quoitest that has been presented to us?


I really got a tremendous hard on... I thought I might cum. I played with her belly button and she started to giggle. "Stop that Ryan!" she laughed. And I continued to massage her again. I can't wait any longer....Without informing her I started to go for her panties. I could see her swollen vagina

I classify that as…


a sexual emergency.


from her see thru panties and it was really wet.. I laid my hands on her opening of her vagina (thru her panties of course)

Ah of course (the clarification was needed).

and slid her panties to the left so that I can remove it with no friction to her right leg.

And we now specify that her right leg is more injured than her left leg, even though the distinction couldn't matter less.

They are both detached from the rest of her body,


...So when is this going to turn into a Guro? I’m waiting with a folder full of the stuff.

Oh yeah, I forgot guro even existed, thanks for reminding me. But if you could do humanity a favor; never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (ever) tell ComicsNix.

As soon as I slid mom spoke "Ryan...your finger is in my in me." I realized that I was sort of finger fucking her.


Fuck her right in the pussy!

How do you not know if you are fingering your mom? It seems like something you would know if you were doing.

Immediately I moved my hand on the top region of her vagina. "Ryan" she panted. "Please don''re touching my errr.... I mean my clitoris".

I froze I can't believe my mom actually said that.

Dang, my mom knows what a clitoris is. Shocking.

"I can't believe my mom actually said that," he said while fingering her.

I can’t believe he isn’t doing more by now. How fucking long is this!

The foreplay is real. I know you’re not that familiar with it Hent.

Skip all the bullshit, go straight for the goal, and score.


Right to the pussy.

I Immediately removed my hand. "Sorry mom you are slippery there and I know" I pretended blushed.


"Ryan, I need to pee...

And cross it off the fetish list.

I am so weak. Please just remove my panties. Now I don't care how you remove it

Any way?



but don't insert your finger." She cried. "But mom I don't know how" I mumbled.

"We've crossed the incestuous event horizon, it's impossible to not finger you at this point."

Her eyes were closed all the while. So I just went and slide her panties to the left a bit with caution and the musk smell was really making me funny. I bent down to her vagina and licked a bit. "Ryan... what are you applying there?" she enquired.

"I'm applying porn logic mom, geez."


What was I doing I thought my self. "Well it was no difficult to remove her panties... but just I wanted to make it longer" I thought myself. "I'm actually making my mom suffer in this stage. Shame on myself " I spoke within me.

"Shame on myself for getting turned on by this and coming up with a story and taking the time to write it and posting it to a website for erotic writing under my real name."

...we weren't supposed to get turned on by this?

You can get turned on by any of these stories we review as far as I care, as long as you can joke about it afterwards.

Alright! Time to make my pants fit better.


I came to my sense and remove her panties.


Its about time.

My first time I ever looked at her vagina. Well she maintain her pubic hair as well. Now she was totally naked. "Ryan...take me to the toilet" she spoke.

"To the window! To the wall! To the toilet so I can violate my impaired mother!"

"Mom I'll carry you. You don't need to walk." I offered. And I went and carried her. Carefully I placed a hand underneath her buttock and the other on the back of her shoulder. I mentioned her to wrap her arm around my neck. As I carried I accidentally slipped my index finger into her crack of her buttock.


I could feel her anus at the tip of my finger

Then you're doin' it wrong. Or right, in the context of the story.

and her flowing juice which make it slippery at her anal region. "Sorry mom" I apologized. "No need for one " she comforted me. I brought her to the toilet bowl and make her sit. "Err Ryan...could you wait outside for a moment" she said embarrassed.

He just stuck his finger up your ass, Now you’re embarrassed.

I waited outside for a moment and then she called.

"Ryan... I feel so helpless. I'm scared. It's burning around my leg area. Could you like just sleep with me for tonight"

She gave him the all clear.



She asked. I agreed as I carried her the same way as before. This time no accident occurred.


I laid her on the bed and said "Mom, the doctor said that you should wear loose clothes.

But no clothes are even better.

But if I were to dress you again..." "It's ok son.. I'll sleep naked today.

Today? What time is it?

Irrelevant, at least we know the date on which the accident occurred.

I don't want to go through again.

You can say that again.

You can say that again.

You can say that again.

Since you are beside me, I feel very safe" she said. ("Very safe!!!!! This must be a joke! What happen if...." I thought)

I don’t always lose my train of thought, but when I do...

I fuck my mom.


Right in the pussy.

"It's getting late honey. Could you just apply the medicine on my leg"

By medicine, she meant embalming fluid.

she requested. Well I'm suppose to clean her, but I just went and applied the medicine on her leg. Her hand was covering her vagina. I could still see her vagina was dripping wet and I got another hard on. I felt like tasting her. "Honey please don't look at my vagina" she advised. ("Shit she was looking at me watching her")

We're in the first person, which means thoughts can be expressed as regular narration. ("Instead, the writer has chosen to stuff his thoughts into quotes and parentheses.")


. I just tried to give an excuse " I just trying to ....? Nothing! ". "Well could you get me my pills?" she asked. I brought her the pills and guess what!

No! You can't tell me what to do!

They were placebos!

Most of these pills were to stop the pain and make her sleep.


Best time of the day.

She took them. I my bath and jerk off immediately came in her room with towel wrap around .

Fuck the what words use say you huh ?

"Are you going to sleep like that with me" she asked .

“Of course not. We aren't going to be sleeping tonight.”


"No of cause with my shorts on" I replied. She was relieved. I told her that I was going to the shop to get something and be back in 30 minute. I closed her body with the blanket

In what way was her body open, and in what way was he able to close it with blankets? I feel like between a doctor and a pervert, one of you two should be able to answer this.

and gave a kiss then left.


Get on with it! You’re taking forever!

When I got back I found her asleep.

Wait, he actually went to the store? What did he buy? I feel like we're losing some important details in this story.

Condoms, handcuffs, rope, lube….lots of lube, a map, a shovel, and some air freshener.

I decided to get naked with her. As I remove her blanket to in with her, I saw her finger in her vagina.

She's fingering herself in her sleep?

Shout out the “Hentai Man Goes Solo” review.

I got an instant hard on. I called her and no reply was transmitted back.

Try a different frequency. She might be on FM.

I got in her bed and got close to her. I look at her...She was really beautiful. Her lipstick were still remained from the morning. I took my chance and kissed her on her lips. First a short kiss and then a longer one. I came immediately.

He came from kissing… diagnosis?

Lonely Island levels.

Oh shit I cleaned the mess and then got in the bed with her again.

I then repeated the process over and over. The end.

It was 11.30pm. I was not sleepy at all. The word incest was not at all an obstacle to me.

I feel like a lot of words aren't an obstacle to this writer.

I did not have any guilt of incest...why?

Because there's nothing inherently wrong with it. Taking advantage of someone while their body and mind are in no condition for any sort of sexuall activity, well, that's a different argument altogether.

She is my creator

Fuck, here we go again with the "Calling attention to the person I'm fucking being the person who created me" incest trope. I'm a little disappointed that I can even identify it.

and ....that's all. She is a human just like me. She has not have sex in over 10 years. She is very loyal to her husband.

"Except when she lets her son finger her."

She only drinks

"When she's driving."

and that's her bad habit. Maybe she is a lesbian since she only drinks with women only.

This is the only logical explanation.

 Maybe she hates sex.


As I looked at her for answers... I began to kiss her again long and slow. Hard on again....Her lips very slippery like a silk and we exchanged out body liquid with kissing. I know it was wrong but continued. I began to suck and kick her breast.

Kick? Your foreplay skill is worsening.

I was on her left while kissing her breast and a trail of semen were painted on her leg while my dig was brushing against her soft skin.

They are sleeping with the legs? This story is trying very hard to be a Guro.

I got even bolder , I removed her finger from her vagina and placed mine. I began to paddle my finger in her. It was difficult and tight. An answer to my question...She never had sex nor a lesbian.


She’s your mother, she’s had sex before.


I’ve seen stupid before but that might take the cake.

No, there can be a completely reasonable medical explanation here! She was impregnated through artificial insemination, which didn't break her hymen. Then, she gave birth through cesarean section, which again, kept everything in tact. She's loyal to her husband, even if she's more attracted to other women than she is to him, which is simple because she never has sex with anybody. It all makes sense.



She never used a vibrator as well. I am sure this judgement is true since I had sex with many girls.




I brought my lips and french kissed her vagina. I sucked all her juiced.

Even the apple juice in the fridge? Does he know no limits?

I inserted my tongue in her. Her pubic hair was around nose and was awfully heavenly. She began to move and I froze..............?

Did you freeze or did you not freeze?

I got back to sleep well pretending.

Want to try that again?

She was drowsy and called my name. "I need to go to the toilet." She said.

I already crossed that off the Fetish list. Please insert another fetish to write about. Thank you.

Well the medicine did not work well, I guess.

Told you. Placebo.

Speaking of which, how is Warnuts doing?


Mart! I broke Warnuts! There not placebos.


Breath you jackass!

*Cough* *Cough* You better not have kissed me Martin.

No worries, Hent did. Also, this needle is dirty Hent, that’s why he stopped breathing. What were you using it for?


What else do you use a needle for? Just to be sure. Lets give him another dose.  

Her eye were open now as she saw me naked. "Oh my...You're ....I mean...". "I'm sorry mom, I always sleep naked in my bed. I was not used to sleep with clothes on. And it's quite warm here." I explained. (quite warm!! What an excuse I gave).

If you're going to brag about your own writing within your own writing, there are pretty much only two acceptable situations. One, you just wrote something completely fucking amazing. Even that situation is iffy, because bragging about it tends to bring that awesomeness down a peg. Or two, you're bragging isn't genuine from the perspective of the writer. Whether or not the character believes it is optional, but the point of this is to draw attention to an aspect the protagonist's character.

Anyhow she was not that conscious to think. She says she need to go for a pee badly, to my surprise she tries to get up from the bed. She fails and I came to the rescue by gently carrying her as our skin touched. I gave me a shiver as I took her to the bathroom. ("Well she did saw my hard on and maybe probably thinks of a normal erection or ...? I said to myself)

I'm going with "or …?"

This time she never mention me to wait outside.

Her mistake, his enjoyment, our suffering.

Well I went and wore my shorts to cover my hard on. I carried her to the bed and she was already asleep.

She saw him licking her vagina and she doesn't talk about it. This mom is the queen of giving no fucks.

I noticed that her vagina was wet with her piss and she did not wipe it. So I clean her there by fingering her awhile.

This actually makes sense. Normally when people are fingered, they get wet. But Ryan is so preposterously bad at it that his mom dries right up.

I really wanted to fuck her.


And I went above her and guided my dig into her opening. I did not want to check if she is awake but just wanted to fuck her badly. I entered a bit and a bit and .....shit! I came.


He fucked her right in the pussy!

I was not even close to half the distant of her vagina. I just slept beside her.

Next morning mom woke up. She felt the slippery between her leg.

Well that area has been coated with unspecified medication, male and female egaculate, and piss, so the slipperiness shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

She just inserted a finger to her vagina and she could tell that it was not her juice, something different.

Is that mayo?

She will need a trip to the Mayo Clinic fairly soon.

She could see dry patched of maybe cum around he tummy and leg.

Does it even have to be qualified with a maybe at this point?

"Was my son fucking me?...

What would ever give you that idea?

He was sleeping nude with me. Oh my god...What if he did not do it? How am I suppose to ask him" she thought for a moment.

To be honest, you can just flat out ask him. He already fingered you. Everything is on the table at this point.

As I opened my eye,

Meanwhile, back in the apparently omniscient first person…

mom was examining her vagina. ("Oh shit! I forgot to clean up my mess.")

Happens to the best of us, but if you’re going to fuck your mom without her fully conscious consent, maybe you should be a little more careful than usual.

I saw tear in her eye. She started crying.


I pretended like just woke up and asked her "What happen mom?".

And the worst liar award goes to; this motherfucker.

As I went close to her, she did not look at me since I was naked. "Mom there something I need to tell you..." I said. She looked into my eye with fear. "Last night after you went to the bathroom, you did not clean your.....your..pus..err...vagina.

Good save. You don’t want to make this situation awkward.

Well I wanted you to be clean so I wash your vagina and applied lotion."

"Mom, I have a confession. And by a confession I mean another really shitty lie that doesn’t even explain half of this situation."

"Lotion!" she laughed to hide all embarrassement between me and her. Then she taught, the so call lotion was also inside her. "No this can't be... I mean I don't understand…

I fuck you in vagina. I cum inside vagina. I then try to clean inside of vagina with lotion. You understand?

the lotion is inside me as well." She replied. ("Oopps!! What am I suppose to say now..??")


"mmmom...well I actually applied the lotion in my finger and inserted in your vagina." I said. "Ryan! How could you" she scream.

"Also, if you happen to get pregnant, that's just more lotion."

I pretended to cry and said that I wanted her to be very clean and free of bacteria and all the science bull shit


and told her that she is the only one that I can rely and wanted her to be in the perfect stage of health.



She looked into my eye and gave me a kiss all over my face.


I take back what I said earlier, there's no way she's a virgin.


"I'm sorry Ryan, I know how much of trouble you have gotten to keep me in the perfect stage of health. Well Ryan, in future please do not insert finger in me.

Alright, we have an Aesop, prep for story ending, th… wait. There's more story. Why.

I not thinking negative of you ok." She explained. I know she has felt a bit of guilt when she said this. She hugged me without realizing naked.

Because that’s an easy thing to forget about.

My dig came into view and touched her public and we both broke off the hug immediately. "Oh my" she blushed. "Morning erection "


I said and laughed. We both started laughing.



Well she looks partially recovered today. She could walk a little but still requires support. She was still naked. I suggested that she needs to be cleaned up since yesterday was not a proper job.

Bullshit, yesterday she was allegedly cleaned inside and out.

We were in the bathroom as I carefully wet a cloth and wipe over her shoulder , breast, stomach and lower......."I'll do that " she said. So I had to leave to avoid anymore mistakes.

What do you think was you first mistake? Was it before or after cumming inside your mother?

I’m going to guess that it was before.

Couldn't it be before and after, but mostly during?

Sounds about right.

She wrap herself with a towel and came



out slowly. We had breakfast and she said she need to take the medicine. This time I gave two of each pills.


She then felt sleepy and told me to accompany her to the bedroom.

Mom, you are not doing a very good job of keeping your son from raping you.


Victim blaming like that is exactly the reason why we live in a male dominated society where women aren't valued but are contributing even more than men who are all just chauvinistic—


Thank you.

No problem.


She just laid and said..."Thanks for all the help you have given me, Ryan". I just took the opportunity and gave her a small hug and a kiss. "Why don't you give me a massage! " she offered while letting loose her towel.



I can't believe it, she actually let me do her whole body.


I started applying lotion on her body and rubbed her neck, stomach and to her breast. She signed.


Her nipple was hard and I circled it. "Please...what are you trying to do.." she giggled.

Alright what pills did I give this kid.



I am ok with this and I am not ok with that.

I started her legs, I went to her crotch as she shivered with her eyes shut!.

Interesting choice of punctuation, I can only imagine what incredibly deep meaning the writer had in mind when deciding on it.

I could smell the musk of hers.


I was hard and the weather was cold outside and raining.


Thanks weatherman Ryan, for that completely random update.

I daring this time as I gently massage her vagina. "uughhhh....Ryann..." she was very dizzy. As I traced over her wet labia. " promised.." More and more juice was pouring.


Careful now, I don't want to mark this as NSFW/HENT if I don't have to.

Your sarcasm just woke the beast.

Fun time!!!


Avert your gaze children, these horny levels are too high to fathom!

I inserted my finger into her and then the other and paddle.


At first I misread that sentence; I thought that Ryan was inserting an entire paddle into his mom. Then I realized, I didn't misread this sentence at all; the writer miswrote it by letting the story get to the point where paddle fisting is a reasonable possibility.

Her body arched a bit. She was almost speechless. "Stopppp

Not speechless enough.

....please....ugghhhh....". I started lickin and sucking her vagina


like the other night. Her vagina really swell and fierce.

Then she has a serious medical condition, probably brought on by an onslaught of poorly written sex scenes.

I was now on her nude and placing my dick into her hole. I gently inserted...."What are you doing????".

“I’m giving you...the sex.”


Little by little I buried my dig into her and rocked.

I Wanna Rock is by Twisted Sister, not Tsundere Mother; you're doin' it wrong.

Her muscle captured me hard as I started to cum........I blew inside her.

Oh look, it's another gif that I didn't mean to find, but just have to include now that I know it exists.


Ahhhh, I came.

Hulk the Hunk.

And Joan Not Plastic Rivers.

I knew there was no end.

Well it's not a short story, but hey, at least this one has managed to stay interesting.

And you say I’m the crazy one around here.

Crazy one? We have at least a crazy three, and that's a very generous estimate.

I did not get worried what will happen the next day.


On the next day she woke earlier than me.

One of the shortest sex scenes ever. Of all time. Stick it in, immediately cum, done.


I did not know what happen, later I woke up. She was not there. She was preparing breakfast.

“Oh my god, she’s still there in the morning? I’m going to have to move.”

"God!.... She is well" I thought.

"Dammit! Now who will I rape?.!.."

He did say that he had a sister.

Don't tempt me to look for a sequel.

Oh I dare.

I went to her and she acts casual. "Ryan, you naughty yesterday again!. You applied the lotion again in me" she grin.

Hahaha. It’s funny because thats not what happened at all! But we know...we know.

"....." .

Great use of dialogue.


Now that you say that...If you tilt your head to the left a little….and squint really hard...and then turn off the lights...

"Well thanks for taking care of me. Frankly the lotion you apply actually reduced my regular menstrual pain . " shyly she said. "Wow bingo! . She does not know I fucked her.


Let it be known that the cure for an amputated leg(s) is to have sex with your child.

Oh shit... she still can have period....pregnancy" I thought. It's about time I have to be a bit honest since this could lead to pregnancy. "Mom…

“I need you to fuck, like, 10 different strangers this month.”

I did apply my..errr the lotion in you and....I was rubbing you more and more and you're".... "Tell me Ryan!

Note how the ellipsis is between two different characters' dialogue. Now if only there were some other way to indicate both a pause and a change in speaker. But I guess no such way exists, now allow me to hit enter to end this paragraph and start a new one.

Were you having sex with me then ?" Her eye widen with anger.

“Not at all! Sex has only been used 22 times in this story in which, you and I are the only characters!”

"No! ...." I lied. "I was feeling uncomfortable and did not know what when into me and my penis...."


I believe the word you are looking for is “Dumbfuck” or “Thundercunt”.

"Tell me Ryan.. please" she beg. "It's ok I forgive you for the indecent behavior.

Indecent behavior is budging in line. Indecent behavior is sneezing on a bus without covering your mouth. Indecent behavior is showing up to a volleyball game and making vulgar comments about the players while drunk and dressed as a cow. And yes, I did see one person do all three of these in one night, and yes, it was Halloween. The point is, there's indecency and there's assault, and I'm pretty damn sure this story falls under the assault category.

Sounds like you had a fun halloween.

Beats my Halloween. Wandering around the city late at night with a camera and a tripod trying to find a graveyard.

I know it's a torture for you to see me naked.

You know what else could be considered torture? Rape.

Says you. Some of us actually like it.

Alright then, fuck it.






And towards that you have not been seeing any girls. Tell me the truth and I promise I will not change my feeling on you.

How much do you want to bet on that last statement?

What had been done is done ok." She said. "Well mom I was kinda horny so I took out my penis and slightly rubbed against your vagina." "Did you cum?" she asked "Yeah...I did.. around the entrance" I said. "Entrance?" she puzzled "I mean the entrance of your vagina" I explained.

Thank you Captain obvious.

She blushed and came and hugged me. "I'm worried if you would get pregnant mom" I cried.

"No honey...I will know when is the right time for me to get" She explained seriously.

“I can control when I get pregnant, the hive has told me so.”

"Can we not hide anything between us anymore" I asked. "Well sure honey...what do you want to know?" she asked. "I mean I meant was being truthful among ourselves and being extremely casual where we both be like couple."


Fuck it. Mart hit me up with the Fuckital.



I explained. "I'm not so sure could lead to..." "Lets, give a try mom! From now onwards we are a couple" I declared.

A couple nuts am I right?


I actually meant as lovers but I know she will protest. I thought of seducing her little by little.

Hay man..I...I think this stuff is...worccnn.. feel SOOOO omuch...bitter..

We took breakfast together and I playfully went to her and fed her and played some tricks.

But those are for kids!


Both of us sat and watched movies.

The Room?

I was close to her as I bravely ask her to teach me how to kiss. "Ryan... why are you asking me that?" "Well I don't know" I said. "It's natural...

I mean...come on mom. I already fucked you twice. Gosh.


you will know later when you get a girl" "What happen if I kissed her wrongly...


the only person I can trust is you. You can teach me how to kiss. I never kissed before" I lied . She thought for a moment and said. "Don't tell anyone that I teach you how to kiss.. ok!" "Ok mom". "Ryan.. All you have to do is met our lips...."


Use it.

Instantaneously I brought myself and parted my lips with hers. She gently held my head and kissed me and took of. Without waiting her explanation I kissed her again deeply.

Sir, I’m going to need you to stop making out and type a coherent sentence. Do you think you can do that for me?

Her soft lips were so moist and I lingered the kiss and broke off. No protest were made on her side.

All of the protests were on our side.

"Ryan... Are you sure you never kissed anyone?.

"I mean, define Ryan."

"Mom...can I try a French kiss". Without her reply I kissed her with my tongue found her. was like heaven. She moan a little. She was breathing heavily. I hugged her as kissed her again and again. She as well returned me kisses and said "Ryan...I don't know...but I love you." She whispered.

“As your mother, now go to your room and rethink your entire life.”

I knew that was the turning point of our relationship.

The kiss is the turning point? Not the two times you raped her?

Her lips were now slippery. This was my first time I actually could draw out her body layout


Jeezus Hent, am I going to have to put an age requirement on /r/TheRetributionists?

If my artistic skills keep increasing like this, then yes.

since the amount of hugging I had with her earlier. I could feel her mouth liquid

Known as spit or saliva.

replaced mine and it was so smooth in my mouth and all the way down my body. She was now lying her head on my chest on the sofa and told me. "You can feel free to ask me anything honey."

“You want to move your head a bit lower?”


“Where is the video camera?”


"Am I bigger than dad?"


Like her husband I told her to take a bath with me.

Wow. Marriage sounds horrible. How the fuck are you supposed to fit in a tub?

She did not answer. "Can I bath you " I asked. "What....err why err...bath?"

Also, cross bathing off of the fetish list.


 she puzzled. "Well mom you promised that nothing to hide among us. The most private issues that we hide will split us apart.

Careful now, that's the same approach Jenna and Link took in My Inner Life, and do we really need to read about another bonding ceremony?

We are not going to do anything wrong just learn to take care one another" I explained.

"Only bath right?" she asked.

"Yes mom, only the bath, that's why I said that we should share every single personal detail of our lives with each other."

"Yeah just washed each another...

Past, present, future. Pick one and stick with it.

If you are shy then I'll only wash you" I said.

I don’t think that was the issue here.

She blushed. She hesitate awhile and then agreed.

Phew, there was a conflict, but it's a good thing it was solved in the same sentence it was introduced it.

We went into the bath as I kissed her.

“She slipped on the tile floor and”


Well good work everyone. Looks like the story is over. No need to continue.

We got undressed and we looked at each another's body nude.

This would be the ideal spot to throw in some tantalizing descriptions of what these characters look like, so instead, let's find out how Ryan's dick is doing.

My erection was a disturbance to us as she understood the situation.

Oh now she gets it.

I turn on the shower as I brought her closer to me and we took together. We turned to each another as my erection was slightly rubbing her bush. She did not try to protest. I switch off the shower and soap her.


Other cultures take showers differently than I do? Uh oh, I'd better go start a debate on the internet, just to be sure that my way of doing things is the only way of doing things. And yes, the toilet paper does go over the roll, and no, I still haven't mastered typing while rolling my eyes, and I still think feminism—


Oh wait….were you rolling your eyes?


Half of my professors turned into social justice warriors this week, I need all the sense you can slap into me.

I applied on her face as she smiled anxiously and shut her eyes. [At that point I knew that she was not agreeing for this but it was just for me so that I will be with her. That was actually the true

Good man. Respectable.

love. Not mine, mine was only for sex come first buy her's were no sex involved...just true love.

I think it's fair to say there's some sex involved.

I know that I can influence her but it needs time.]

Does it really? This story, like most erotica we review, suffers from some pretty awful pacing. I appreciate the effort, but it's a little late.

I appreciate you calling me down to do a story all about sex but… I need to go call my mom.

I then soaped her breast and circle the rosy nipple as I got closer to her. My erection was on the other hand were applying it's own soap.

I feel like the writer thought this was a really clever sentence; I almost wish it was in English so we could read it too.

I stretched my hand to the back of her shoulder blade to soap her back as my chest crushed her breast. My erection has now aimed at her clit and pass down to her opening. "Arrrgg..."

♫ Yar har, fiddle dee dee, a motherfucker is alright to be! Do what you want 'cause a motherfucker is free! You, are, a mofo! ♫

she moaned as grabbed my shoulder. I could feel her labia which was touching my pink head and she brought her hands down. Without realizing she accidentally rubbed pass my dig and went to cover her vagina for unauthorized insertion.

Ya, “accidently”


My pink head was now rubbing her shield vagina against her hand. "Ryan....we shouldn't..." She warned. I came on the spot...Spilling my cum on her hand,


her uncovered vagina and her legs. But my hard-on remained, only another cum will decrease it. "I'm you mother, you can't have a feeling like this on me. I love you Ryan.. but we shouldn't...this is incest.


She said it, see, she said it!

What will happen if your sister gets to know this...

Oh yeah. How is Warnuts doing?


Well thats not good.

the world...the society…

Because society is always right.



God.." she cried. I could feel her public hair were getting dried up onto my pink head. "Mom.... I don't care about the world. I could have just had intercourse with you when you're ill." I lied.

Nice, dig yourself in a deeper hole.

"I didn't have because I wanted you and I to have it with our own willing.

Because fingering means nothing at all, that's basically just a handshake.

Forget about the world... society…

Normally I would agree; think for yourself, don't say something is right or wrong simply based on what's normal. But based on Ryan's judgement so far, maybe he could rely on society just a little.

They don't care for us. The only person that we can trust is our own family member." I said. We stood there without moving as she lay her head on my shoulder and cried. As I moved, she moved her hand from her vagina and my dig was now resting at her entrance

And here i thought you were going to have a touching moment.

and awaits my instruction to move in. My pre-cum was giving easy access to proceed. I did not fuck her but let her go. Sometimes I do think to myself, how complex am I.

Mary Sue?

We’ll count it.

Why don't I just fuck her since I already done when she was asleep.

She was in her room locked and then later she greeted me for lunch. I saw from her face that she was recovered from the shameness…

I don’t think that’s something you can recover from.

We had lunch together then she went for shopping leaving me alone. I on the other hand went out to do my own shopping and came back in the night.

Such character development.

I saw her there and she greeted me. She was in her white gown.


So soon?

I could see thru her gown and spotted bra-less but had panties on.

I’ll drink to that.

I went to her and gave her a hug and kissed her passionately. We had dinner and I followed her to her bed while she said there is something to discuss.

Oh really? What could possibly be on her mind?


She was on her bed sitting down as I went beside her. I increase the air conditioner even it was cold outside. "Ryan... I think we should discuss about our relationship further. Well you have seen me nude and also has ....err...I'm sure you know what I mean. We should stop this at once." She said.

That would be a reasonable thing to say, if it wasn't already established that this story doesn't have any reasonable characters. No, wait, the sister; she was smart enough to leave the story in the very beginning.

No the dad was the smartest. He died in the second sentence.


"Mom...I know how you feel.. but I love you, I want to be with you and have you. I don't need any girls. All I want is you and not anything else. I don't care what my sister thinks off this." I explained.

"And yes, I plan to tell her all about this while I'm fucking her."

She knew how much I wanted her and she is very sensitive at this time of discussion. She then came to a compromise ..."OK then... I will let you have me. BUT do not have sexual intercourse with me. Just do anything with me but not intercourse."

"But mom!..."


I interrupted. "No! Ryan, no intercourse" she cried.

So how long until they fuck again? Like a paragraph?


Does this look like a story with paragraphs?


I had no choice but agreed to her rules and I also made a rule. "Mom... When I make love with you except the intercourse, you must not protest at any point"

Wait. What?

I demanded. I saw tears rolling down her cheek as she undress with only panties. I was immediately naked in front of her with hard-on.

Ok then.. so about four sentences till they start fucking again. I was a little off.

She laid beside me as I went on her and parted her lips. I then began the process of fluid exchange

I'm sorry, when did we switch from erotica found on the internet's shittiest archive to a science journal detailing some rivetting experiments in hydrodynamics?

Dammit man! Smaller words! Brian hirt!

The branch of science concerned with forces acting on or exerted by fluids (especially liquids).

Thanks Google.

For nothing. Lets see what Bing thinks.

Bing - In physics, fluid dynamics is a subdiscipline of fluid mechanics.


while my dig was rubbing her wet panties. Her hand was on my back roaming with her knowledge.

Knowledge of his back? Is there some secret I don’t know?

I could hear her moan as her body arched. Her breast crushed against me with her hard nipple. Both mine and her nipple met with friction. Ultimately nipple to nipple, mouth to mouth and private part to private part crushed.

Censorship; highly necessary at this point.

Hold out just a little longer; it's still incredibly stupid, but we're almost done.

The weather was cold outside plus the icy sensation cast by the air conditioner was no match against our heat produced.

Nothing makes sense anymore! It’s cold, you're fucking your mom, the air conditioner is on...THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!

My pre cum was dripping on her panties which made her wet soaking combination of her juice and mine. I could smell the aroma of my mom.


She was now weak against my kiss as her eyes was closed. I began to trace my hand on her breast and circling her nipple. To my surprise I found a lotion at the corner of the bed.


Equip it to your “Master Sword” for a damage boost.

Without thinking I started to take the lotion and began to apply on her.

Is this really the only phrase in the story that has to be preempted with, "Without thinking"?

Her body shiver and arched against my touch. I massaged her then started to suck her hard nipples. Her breast was big and I tried taking he whole breast to my mouth greedily.


She was panting now when I traced my finger on her panties. I stated rubbing her vagina from her panties. I could see her swollen vagina as I traced her clitoris. She was really wet and I started to suck her. "'s dirty. Don't do that errrrr....nooooo!"

But since when does no mean no in a sex scene?

she begged. Her hands grabbed my head tightly and I pulled her panties violently off her.

She covered her vagina with her hands. "Ryan ...You promised!!!!" she reminded me.

And Ryan certainly seems like the type to keep a promise.

"Yeah I did...I'm not going to have intercourse with but just feel you with my hands...that's all.

….for now.

But you are breaking your promise by creating obstacle." I said. My hands went to hers as I removed hers. The clear vision of her pussy was shown to me. I could her pussy movement.. opening and closing and so on.


Something like this?

I won't even question where you found that gif, I will simply admire it.

So it finally grew? About fucking time. Project VPlant is a success. Begin phase two.

Her pubic hair was very little compare to the last time I saw. She must be trimming very often.

Wait, very often as in between scenes? How the fuck did she find the time or the ability to do that?

I could see her juice gathered by the side of her labia.

Majora or Minora?

She was still pink but her juice was poured out where I could see the stained on her bed. Her panties was really wet and soaked. My pre cum was dripping like water from the tap.

A gross, penis like tap.

I could wait no longer as I began to lick her. Her smell was so adaptable to me as I sucked her vagina. She made a lot of movement, moaning and panting. "No!! this can't be happening..." she panted.

Yeah, it actually kind of is happening. Like, right now; it is, at the present moment, happening. Perhaps rather than denying it, you could actually do something to put a stop to it. But I think we all know that that will never happen.

Gently I begin insert a finger into her. As I bypass her labia…

Which one!?!?

I could see my finger disappeared into her vagina.


Slowly and gently I draw back and forth. I could see her cunt juice on my finger while I pumped gently. I gently thumbed her clit and began to circle it over and over again.

The way this guy repetitively circles everything, I'm starting to think he might just have OCD.

I was almost to cum but controlled.

Are you sure about that?

I took off my finger and looked at her.



I saw tears from her eyes, her wet lips, harden nipples and her hands grabbing

the bed tightly. She smiled at me. I didn't know that meaning. I brought my dig

No! Don’t dig in that hole! There is no escape!

dripping pre cum to her legs and caress them and immediately I came, shooting my sperms accidentally over her legs, breast and her vagina. She immediately got up and scolded " dare you pour on me like this! I'm your mother for crying out loud. Don't you see this is incest....."

Yeah, you tell him! Way to stand up for—

After a while she apologized coming out of the bathroom cleaning herself.

Nothing. Way to stand up for nothing you useless, useless character.

"I shouldn't have scolded you.

Yes you should have! You are clearly very uncomfortable with this!

You kept your word by not having intercourse with me.

Let me reward you by having intercourse with you.



The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle is in effect here, let's just move on.

Honestly I felt good when you made love to me but let this be our last ok...? She said. She came to bed with me nude

Let’s never do that again… right now.

as I placed my knee between her legs while brushing her pubic hair. Her legs was smooth and slim. I placed my hand over her buttock and then to her crack. I roamed my finger around her crack and found her anus and gently trying to insert. "Ryan....It's dirty...don't do that.

Forget that whole part about it being the last time. Don’t do it because its dirty. I think by definition, an asshole is dirty.

I have not done this before. Just play around my vagina ok."


Your mum is the slutyest person I have ever seen. And thats saying something.

She informed while redirecting my hand to her vagina and help me insert into her hole. She guided me into finger fucking while her finger above mine and into her vagina. Her thigh was into the rubbing sensation of my dick as I got closer to her.


With the other hand I pulled my dig to her vagina area where my meat


touched her hands.


She then took off her hand and mine.


The meat comes full circle.

As a vegetarian, I am deeply offended by your meat jokes. In fact, I think it's about time we drew some lines around here. From now on, we're not allowed to joke about the following.

Well its been fun guys. Que exit:


Sex? that’s going to be a hard one…



Okay Fluff and Warnuts, it's not going to be easy picking up the slack, but I think the three of us can at least finish this story while we find replacements for Hent and Martin.


Yea sure...whatever you say. Dumbass.




Pirates! Fuck it, time to launch /r/Ray_Thompson, I don't need this shit. Goodbye forever.


Divas’. Am I right Hent?

Yea! Team Sex Doctors for the win!


She looked into my eyes.


/r/Ray_Thompson was an unmitigated disaster, can I be part of your club again?

I don’t know...

Team Sex Doctors has been very successful since you left.

If you let me back in, I'll rig it so that our page's randomly generated image is always hentai related.


That seems good and all but what do I get out of that?

Perhaps you weren't listening; I'll rig it so that our page's randomly generated image is always hentai related.

Dammit, I was hoping for more. I’m in.


Welcome back. Grab a glass.

I spoke "Mom since we are not going to have sexual intercourse, can I just rubbed my dick on you vagina...please... " I pleaded.

"Since we're not going to have sex, can we have sex?"

"Alright... that's the closest you can go. Do not even try to stick it into me ok..



I'm your mother remember...and I will rub your penis against my vagina" she warned.


She held my dick as I almost fainted. And then I got even closer to her by the side. She was breathing heavily and when my dick touched her vagina.... "Oh god.....Errr" she panted. She was tracing my dick around her vagina in circle

Definitely OCD.

and passed her clit every one round she made.

"And she made an even number of rounds, and she went primarily anti clockwise, but would go clockwise every fifth repetition, repeating this process over an even square number of times."

Combination of out juice mixed and poured out of her dripping vaginal waterfall. My dick was like a titanium rod with dripping end. Ever since my cum been drowned,

If that made any sense; I would probably be horrified.

Or extremely aroused it’s hard to tell.

I'm still ready for a more as I could feel that I have more bullets to spare.

I hope to God that this kid is shooting blanks.

Her labia and skin which creates friction against my rosy pink head make us go into the new world of heaven.

I think heaven has been around long enough for it to be considered old.

Either way, at least the characters have both died for some reason, so the story must be pretty close to being over.

As I panted, I began to kiss her deeply. Once in a while she would accidentally pushed my dick slightly in.. I mean very mild .

Ryan, what are you trying to justify here? You're not crossing any new threshold; I'm not going to think any less of you because you penetrated your mom. Mostly because it's nearly impossible for me to think less of you than I already do.

She felt tired of stirring my rod and stopped for a moment while without realizing, she used her thumb to circle around my rosy slippery head.

More circles, lovely.

She started slowly and then went a bit faster resulting my cum to bursting out of me with concentrating hit to her vagina and I jerked. "Oh my god!!! What have I done"

I believe you referred to it as cum. You have used this word 23 times so far.

she said by covering her palm to her mouth with her soaked thumb. "It's ok mom... " I said. "Errr... I didn't mean to masturbate you...I feel ashamed and I'm sorry. Did I hurt you penis." ....

Yes, cumming is extremely painful, that's why most guys hate doing it.

I don’t think jerking off your son counts as masturbation.

"I'm ok mom... I loved it. But mom... I'm still want to continue since you never gave me the change to rub my penis against your vagina". I said. She taught for a moment and then "OK Ryan, I'm letting you do this because I don't want what happen to you repeated and remember to stay discipline". She said as she wiped out my cum surrounding her vagina.

I couldn’t tell who was talking a few times there so I’m assuming the same person is talking to himself in a small dark room and should seek help.

Stop referring to us Mart, Ya, you know how we get.

I started to traced her vagina as I used my finger to flip her folds. She moaned. After a while I slowly applied pressure to my dick onto her opening. Then I was back to rounds of tracing on her vagina with speed incremental.

Tracing on her vagina with speed incremental

Applying pressure and being many gentle

"Errr… Ryan… I did " not mean to…"

This story sucks ass [Something that rhymes with to]

Too rhymes with to!

 GREAT SCOTT -  mein gott!

Our juice has give us more advantage of easy slip-ins. I began to slip a bit by a bit. "Ryan...did you try to slip in me" She asked puzzled. "" I replied while I continued.


I got bolder as I slipped into her first muscle ring and pulled off. "Ryan..!!! you slipped into me". She scolded. "No mom it's just the head a little" I lied.

I can’t believe this is an actual argument.

I was in Walmart the other day listening to a couple argue over soap. I didn't think there could be a dumber argument, but clearly, I was wrong.

 I did no attempted but then later I repeated. This time there was no response from her as I let myself deeper. "Stop that Ryan...." She panted heavily.

Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t that a response?

As I stopped in her. "Mom it's not even half inside and tell me the truth that you liked it" I questioned.

At what point was that even remotely a question?

You know...afterwards...when he stated that it was a question?


"We mustn't Ryan, yes I liked it but not with my son. Yes you are inside me less than half , pull it out please.. This is incest" she answered.

Let it be known that it is only incest if there is penetration.

It has been put on the tablets sir.

I started to gently and slowly pulling out. I then continued rubbing her vagina with my rod. At times I'll slide a bit. I decided to change position and went over her. I laid my hands beside both her shoulder and moving my hips front and back where my dick was rubbing her clit.

So remember how yesterday she was unable to move because of all the pain she was in? Yeah, apparently that's all 100% better now, because who gives a damn why.

My knee was at the side of both her legs and she knew that I wanted to fuck her.

What was her first clue?

Controlling my dick with my hips, my rod was tracing her vagina and I slowly pushed in. "No.. stop" she began to hold my dick and pulled it out. "Please mom.... I feel frustrated for not having it with you.... I feel like blowing myself off. .. Uugg... just let me pushed inside you once ...I mean a few strokes I promise . " I begged. "A few strokes!!... No.. Only one and that's it" she responded.

I feel like she is compromising with a toddler and her parenting is just…


*The Retributionists do not condone this kind of behavior. Do not try to recreate these stunts you see as we are trained professionals. (One of us is a Doctor...) If you find yourself in this situation please hide the body before anyone finds out. Then clear your browser history. Thank you.*

"One is not enough.... How about five?" I asked. "Three and that's it" she fixed. I found this hard to believe. It's like a bargain for fuck. How stupid can this go.

An excellent question Detective Dicklock, how stupid can this go?


Well I got the green light for a brief fuck.

I got onto her again and positioned my dick to her hole and pushed in very slowly. I was not circumcised


and as I pushed....I could feel my dick penetrating into her as her labia was caressing my pink head while my skin was pushed to the back. Her vaginal muscle held my dick tight as I could feel the wall of her uterus.

Um… I don't think that's how…


Maybe Team Sex Doctors can answer this.



Mart. Answer the man's question.


As you can see by this chart, the story is literally full of shit. Oh, wait, wrong chart.


Good team work! That should answer everything.

She closed her eyes tightly and she panted. "I love you mom than anything in this world" I panted.


Oh shit!

I was now deep inside her. I started to stroke once and then the second. I pushed myself into her as I could. "Oooohhhh...Ryan...Ahh...Ahh.. Ahhhhh....God...nooooo...don't....." she panted. I paused in her a while. She was out of her world and I started fuck. In and out... I fuck her regardless of her conditioned and my promise. To my surprise she followed my rhythm as we fucked together. As she looked into my eye. "Only for today ok.... Just don't cum in me sweetheart. " she said as she crossed her leg behind my buttock to prevent me from pulling. We were having a slow fuck since this is her first time conscious with me. I felt responsible for a moment and asked. "Mom... I'm not protected, shall I wear a condom? I might cum and there is no way of pulling out since you have locked me with your leg.. "We shall forget about this and worry later... I'm having pleasure that never did I have before. I love you. Just take me.. I'm yours." She whispered. I couldn't believe it. I went on fucking as suddently....spurt.. spurt ..I jerked with my cum shooting into her vagina as she yelled. "Oh god...Oh god....never have I had this pleasure..." We both was talking for a while as my dick become smaller and slipped out of her. We did not bother to clean ourself but just laid on the bed to keep ward. We slept together and I have sex with her that night for 5 times.


We become very close and had sex like husband and wife. She was never pregnant as we took precaution except that night. About blowjob.....I never let her give me one until today.