Review #102

The Ultimate Generic Beach Chapter

Story by Rhada

Review by Hent

Hay Warnuts?


We have been doing this for at least a year now right?


How have we not done a KissxSis fanfic yet?

That is a great question.

It's my first Fanfic, hope you guys enjoy it;

We are your first? Lucky you.

 It is a POV of Keita when he goes to the beach with his sister and his teacher.

Hey didn’t Mikuni go to the beach with them?

Yup. The teachers sister went too.

Already off to a great start.

Well, i'm writing with the last Kiss x Sis MANGA chapter in mind, so if you don't get something; it's because of the manga.

So for everyone that is confused, congratulations! Hentai Man and Warnuts will fill you in on everything you need to know about KissxSis. Take it away Warnuts.

First off you have to keep in mind that Keita is not blood related to Riko and Ako his step-sisters.

However, they have fallen in love with him and constantly try to win over his affection.

And just when he is about to get some he gets interrupted, usually by the other sister.

Every...fucking….time. This story (apparently) starts off later in the story when his teacher starts to get feelings for him too.

As does Mikuni his classmate. She is mostly known for peeing on Keita.

That should bring you up to speed...I think.

Well the teachers younger sister also wants his D, but thats about it.

Know one cares about her...except for petafiles...and me.

So in other words just pedophiles.

Chapter 1. Lovely octopus


Wow I’m surprised it’s not porn.

My bad.


Kiss x Sis - Extremely Generic Beach Chapter With Keita's POV

Be kind with my first work



I took a deep breath and yelled. "Damn Ako! Damn Riko! Get downstairs already, we gotta go!"

And there they were… Almost naked… And somehow I wasn't having a boner.

A: What is wrong with your dick? B: What is up with your weird ass grammer? I mean “wasn’t having”, saying damn before both of their names. And that’s just three lines in.

Not even. First word is wrong. As it is spoken it should be in quotes.

"Keita-kun! Wich bikini am I supposed to weare!"


Both said.

"I dunno, just take a largest one, so I can't get even more embarrassed!"

You fool! Have them take the skimpiest one!

Or like I said before, none.

Where’s the fun in that? One of the best parts is taking it off and the big reveal.

5 more minutes, and there they were, with the same shit they used to use at 3rd grade.


Warnuts...we’re going to Japan. Get your bag ready.


It’s a glorified one piece.

I’ll take it.

"Ignooore, ignoooore."

Ignore what? By the sound of it they’re wearing school swimsuits, which show off nothin.


Damnit Hent.

Spoke to myself, after almost growing beard of waiting two girls choosing their clothes.

"G'Morning Keita! " Teacher yelled

Really you couldn’t take ten fucking seconds to look up her name.

The name you were looking for was Yuzuki Kiryuor by the way.

I know her fucking name.

Calm down buddy. It was for the author/readers. I’ll make fun of you later.

Keep talking shit and I’m going to make you read Twilight.

You can do no such thing. Mart is going to do that story.

Fine I’ll make you read one of Jenna’s other stories.

You forget that I am your boss.

No that’s Ray.

You forget that I am the new Mr. Super God Boss King Man.

inside the empty car,

How can the car be empty if she yelled inside it?

waiting for us to go to the beach."

"Where's Mikuni?"

"She overslept, get in the car already, if we go now, we still can get the sun shining"

Everything in that sentence is wrong.

Well there’s one character out of the way.

Are you just going to ignore the fact the Kiryour went to Mikunis’ house and said “fuck it she is still sleeping.” and then left?

Yes I am because she is my favorite character and I want to make this as painless as possible. Therefor; She has never been mentioned in this story.

It was about 3 PM when we got at the beach.

"Keita-kun, pass some sunscreen on me"

Go long!

Ako spoke with a tone of, 'You better not refuse muthafucka'. Well, I like my dick where it is now, so I couldn't decline it.


Where it is? Flaccid and in your pants? You need to take more risks.

She kinda liked it, so at 5 PM, when she finnaly let me go, Riko was being attacked by a giant octopus!

Seriously what the fuck is going on in this hell hole.

He took my advice? And I have no problem with this because


"Keeeiitaaaa, heeelp meee!"

That scream was SO inside my head that I couldn't do a shit, but I knew that if I didn't do nothing,

Didn’t we see that line in Twilight:Twilight of sunfall?

 it would end up like the hentai I saw yesterday.

Can I get a link? It sounds like something we should go over as well.

"Cuming young sister! I mean, Riko!"

There’s a delete key and you know it.

And my brave words were completely in vein, 'cause the godamn octopus gave me some hits and went away. I fainted.

They were in vain because they weren't brave… at all.

I heard moans, since they weren't mine, I was worried about Riko, my eyes were still closed… I felt something. It was Soft… It was… Rubbing at my dick!

"WTF RIKO!?" Yeah… Got some booby job from my own sister, it was nice, but maaan… Seemed soooo wroooong.


Stick with the booby!

"Get outta here Riko Gosh!"


She leaped off erect dick and began to blush

"Just wanted to make you happy, onii-chan"

…Let's get some pussy toniiight

But suddenly! SOMETHING happened and you gotta read the next chapter




Chapter 2. Yea


Kiss x Sis - Extremely Generic Beach Chapter With Keita's POV part. 2


"What now?"

"I want to pee."

A fucking goddamn blackout happened, the most generic thing that could happen in a ecchi/romance manga, glad this is real life.


This has to be a troll, no one is that fucking stupid .

#1. I’m now lost. #2. The power going out is not the most generic thing to happen in a echi/romance. Tripping and landing on a girl in a sexual way is. #3. Pee? Cross it off the fetish list.

"Hold it some more Riko"

"Nop. Gonna pee in that corner, be sure to watch" *Giggles*


start making some fucking sense right now.

So he leaves out the character that is know for peeing so that he can make someone else do it. Why? Toilets still work without electricity!

Of all things that’s what bugs you.

I know right! The author didn’t really say where they are right now but why the fuck would you piss in the corner of a room? It makes no sense!

"Don't fuck with me!"

Shit, I'm pissed, I could be with Kiryuu-sensei right now. But nooooo, let's get into the dark,

Well that came right the fuck out of no where.

...but he wasn’t dating her at the time….

My thoughts exactly. Hell if anything at this point in the story he was finally starting to be okay with fucking his step-sisters.

You know, for saying that he is going off of the manga and we (people who have read it completely at least three times) are confused is a very bad thing.

You’ve only read it three times? 

I have a lot of Comedy/Harems that I need to read. I can’t just give one all of my attention.

after wasting the perfect boner, and watch my own sister pee.

"Job's done"

"Way too information… But now that I realize, WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE?"


"Oh, it was already dark, so I got you into an abandoned house neaby."

"I'm going to die…"

Said the reader as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head.

"Act positive Keita-kun, we can do naughty things!"


"Sure… Later…


But where are Ako-chan and Kiryuu-sensei?"

"They must be at Kiryuu-sensei's place, it's a bit far, so we can spend the night here."

Okay I’m one hundred percent positive he didn’t actually read the manga.

"Hmmm, okay, I'm going to take a look around the place, to see if I can find something to eat."

Fifty bucks they make a joke about eating dick/pussy.

I’ll take those odds.

Maan… It's cold, I'm in trunks, at night, searching for food, I'm almost like a beggar.

I'm worried about Ako and Kiryuu-sensei; Are they fine? Oh, nice, now I can hear weird animal noises… I'm getting back to the spooky house.


Someone has a hardon for Nostalgia Critic today.

His reactions are just so spot on.

"Riko! Where are you?"

Where is she? Can't see in the dark…



*Master Ultra Leap that results into a pervert thing that I don't why I didn't deny.*


I...I don’t…..Why would you…..I…..What?

"If you wanted to do that kind of stuff with me, you could have said it from the beginning, Keita-kun""Stop blushing, I know that you want that, but let's sleep, we gotta big day tomorrow searching for the Ako and Kiryuu."


Okay last one.

"No suffix? Already that close to her?"


You aren't smart enough to talk about the proper usage of a suffix. And the things that go on the end of japanese names are called honorifics. A suffix is an ending to a word such as s, ed, or ing.

"What?! No! It's just that- -"

"I want to be close to Keita-kun too…"

Let's get some pussy toniiiight


It’s truly amazing how in such a short story I already hate this author more than Jenna.


Keep reading.

Chapter 3. Act like a man

All right.


I was almost there... After some kisses, doesn't matter who, you WILL be seduced, I'm not an exception, but THANK GOD, Kiryuu-sensei appeared from nowhere to save me!

"KEITA-KUN! That's… Immoral! Two brothers doing IT!"

Hold on for just a fucking second. Yellow! Get me my highlighter.

You got it.

When the fuck did this become a Yaoi! There is no way that was a typo.


"No! No, I wasn't doing IT. It is a misunderstand!"

“"I want to be close to Keita-kun too…"

Let's get some pussy toniiiight

Suddenly, SOMETHING HAPPENS AGAIN, READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!” That is a literally eight lines up.

And she there she is, running to nowhere, and SUDDENLY it fucking began to rain… WTF am I at? A Drama?

I has know dea butts go and save prep in in order to sea rainbow.

"Keita-kun! What are you doing with her! I want some too!"

"Wait up Ako, I wasn't doing anything, it was just a misunderstand,

“We set our swimsuits up to dry and she fell on my dick!”

This is the part where I should be happy….why am I not happy.

as I was saying, I just fell on her!"

I find it sad how close i was with that joke,

"So why you still hugging her?"

"… Damn."

I hugs her because is fun.

Does she really have to run in the rain too?

"I'm sorry Riko, I've got to go."

"No Keita-kun! Don't leave me! Please! Don't!"

Hay I have a good idea for a romance.

What is it?

I’m going to take a bunch of lines I have heard, put them together, and post it to the internet.

Great idea.

And there I was, not having a clue about what I was doing', on my trunks, walking in the rain, just to look like a soldier to war… Dude, I'm stupid…



"There you are"

*Ako turns around*

Wait who ran into the rain?

What am I doing'…

That’s a good fucking question. I’m so lost that taking direction from a woman would be beneficial.

Aaaaaaaand there goes are only female subscriber. Way to go.

taking an umbrella from a beggar in the middle of the street while he was asleep… I'm a FUCKING TOTAL DOUCHEBAG

This is true.

"What do you want!? Weren't you doing fine with Riko?!"

Running! Saying things! Names!

"Ako-chan, there are things a man needs to do. And I need you"Can you hear it? It's the sound of a wet pussy! … Or maybe the rain

Give it to me straight Martin.

That sentence was so retarded that it gave you cancer. You have a day to live.

Alright! I get to add to my collection!

*Ako kisses me*

I can feel it her soft tongue going through my mouth, I could grab her and do more, but… THAT'S NOT RIIIIGHT DUUUUDE!

Because this is where morals start to kick in.

"I'm sorry Ako, but there is someone else I have to look for."

"You love Kiryuu-sensei, don't you?"

"It's not that I like but… It is HER place, HER car, with MY clothes.

And there I was, leaving a wet pussy behind, looking for the Milf. I mean, Kiryuu-sensei.


Dude she has no kids thus isn’t a MILF. She isn’t even old enough to be called a cougar.

I now see why we should never do a story about something we cherish.

That’s why we should review the Manga!


Speaking of deal. They never did make that joke. I can’t believe you were wrong! Man you suck. How does it feel to suck so much?