Ray Underscore Thompson

Storyteller, Critic, Hippie

Aloha! My name is Ray, and on all levels except physical, I am a wolf. My favorite hobbies include writing and being sarcastic.

Below is a collection of my writing. There's plenty to choose from, so pick your poison, find a comfortable place to stay for a while, and get caught up in some feels.

Set on Earth

Title Contents Chapters
The Graffiti ArtistA graffiti artist tags a billboard.1
Well, ShitA skier takes a fall, and must struggle to survive—or maybe, struggle to accomplish something else.1
JanineIt's getting late, and a man's wife has yet to return from her skiing expedition. With sundown fast approaching, he decides to take matters into his own hands.1
138There are times when we have to make choices.1
The Brilliant Disguises of John VaughnA man and his wife go for a walk to the park.1
The Origins of Three or Four Punk Legends and One Hell of a Rock BandThis story follows the rise and fall of Punk Rock, as the noun and the verb: the music and the movement.13
ProphetProphet features Aidan O’Moran, a man determined to get into heaven while pissing at the feet of God.10
Phantom LimbEnter Regis Maxwell, a young adult relearning how to live after a traumatic experience that brings a whole new meaning to phantom limb syndrome.10
The MusicThe Music is the story of artists. More specifically, The Music is the story of six artists, living in Manhattan and and being shadowed by recent history's most influential musicians.29
Meanwhile in BaghdadMeanwhile in Baghdad, see what the antagonists have been doing in the absence of the heroes.7

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Title Contents Chapters
Erotic Sci-fi Poetry AnthologyCaution: contents may be hot.14
An Informal Report on HMS DawnIn the end, it was rocks that stopped Dawn in her tracks. As the sole survivor aboard the wreckage, engineer Hugh Donovan questions what it is to be alive and human.1