Lieutenant Fluff

Wolf, Critic, Fanfiction Writer

Hello to all you literary fanatics, my name is Lt. Fluff, and if my name wasn't a giveaway already - I am a furry. Usually on my downtime I write, play video games, and procrastinate on the internet. Between me and Ray, my focus is more on fanfiction, but I am branching out more toward original work.

Below is my work of art. A lot of it is a work in progress, but I never give up on a story even if it's months or years in hiatus so sit on down and have a good read.

In Progress

Title Contents Chapters
ScarsLucan was raised in a guild as an assassin at a young age along with his brother, Drake. After breaking one of the guild's laws, Lucan ran away and sought out by the guild's leader, Conway.14
WerepokeismSam Healman was a normal kid until one faithful day at camp. Can he live a normal life with a tail out of his butt, odd friends, and a perverted Vaporeon?18
Pokemon United: Umbreon EditionAfter a witch transports Hunter and his friend Jordan to the Pokemon World, they find out that Hunter is involved in a prophecy were he will defeat Team Galactic leader Cyrus and bring peace to his world and the Pokemon World, but there is a twist...Hunter has for unknown reasons transformed into an Umbreon.23