Buttchat Manifesto

In the house party that is #writerchat, #buttchat is the few people gathered on the patio outside, smoking cigarettes. #writerchat is the main event: our intent will never be to replace that. #writerchat is a wonderful party with wonderful hosts, many worthwhile conversations to be had, and games such as word-sprints and trivia. It is the case, however, that with all of these dialogues happening in tandem, the party can get noisy at times. #buttchat is the place where a few guests can step aside, and have a more isolated discussion. Perhaps they wish to talk about something more private, or just don't want to interrupt another conversation that is taking place.

What began as a channel to discuss the human posterior has become something greater: a place to discuss the ulterior.

We do, of course, celebrate the butt. Had we a flag, a rear would be on it. Insomuch as #buttchat can have a topic, butts would be it. But it is the topic in amalgam with the off-topic that creates a channel worth popping in to.