Back in Action!


Post by Ray

In 2013, four handsome individuals got together and laughed their asses off reading My Immortal. Though they didn't yet have a name for themselves, this was the first meeting of The Retributionists.

We’ve been through some changes over the years. On November 21, 2013, we posted our first review to r/TheRetributionists. We looked like this at the time:

On January 8, 2015, we announced that we were leaving reddit. We packed up our reviews, said our farewells, and walked on over to Google Sites. Slowly but surely, our image was improving.

If anything, Google Sites was a transitional period. We had left reddit because we wanted to have full control over our own content. But as we soon found out, a URL like was hardly our own.

So we built our own:, baby! We looked better than ever.

But as for the website…

Yikes. On February 28, 2016, Ray deleted

And at 3:00AM the following day, we were back.

So that brings us to Now. And Now is where it gets interesting. Over the years, we’ve changed our appearance. We’ve migrated sites. We’ve gotten better at photoshop, animation, and web design. But for everything we have changed, there’s one thing that’s always been the same; we’ve always done line-by-line reviews of bad stories that we found on the internet. It’s fun, but it’s getting old. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s so interesting about The Now:

We want other critics and storytellers to stand by our side.

Got a story? A Review? An article? Submit it, man. We want to get other people in on this, because our endgame isn’t complicated: we just want to entertain.

Welcome to The Retributionists Entertainment, everybody. Take a double dose of Fukitol and stay a while; we’ll try to make it as painless as possible.