The Stories

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Title Author Contents Chapters
Variations on a Theme by Julie OtsukaShe had a bad experience.1
Meanwhile in BaghdadMeanwhile in Baghdad, see what the antagonists have been doing in the absence of the heroes.7
The MusicThe Music is the story of artists. More specifically, The Music is the story of six artists, living in Manhattan and and being shadowed by recent history's most influential musicians.29
The Brilliant Disguises of John VaughnA man and his wife go for a walk to the park.1
ScarsLucan was raised in a guild as an assassin at a young age along with his brother, Drake. After breaking one of the guild's laws, Lucan ran away and sought out by the guild's leader, Conway.14
138There are times when we have to make choices.1
An Informal Report on HMS DawnIn the end, it was rocks that stopped Dawn in her tracks. As the sole survivor aboard the wreckage, engineer Hugh Donovan questions what it is to be alive and human.1
The Origins of Three or Four Punk Legends and One Hell of a Rock BandThis story follows the rise and fall of Punk Rock, as the noun and the verb: the music and the movement.13
Privilege"Why have you returned, comrade?" The shopkeeper says as he continues reading his paper. "I want to hurt you," I reply. Without looking at me, the shopkeeper brings out a firearm and slams it on the counter. "You are welcome to try."1
ProphetProphet features Aidan O’Moran, a man determined to get into heaven while pissing at the feet of God.10
Phantom LimbEnter Regis Maxwell, a young adult relearning how to live after a traumatic experience that brings a whole new meaning to phantom limb syndrome.10
Rock, Paper, ScissorsWe had enough food to support one life, for a week. Enough water for three days. Enough air for thirty-five hours. And two of us.1
Erotic Sci-fi Poetry AnthologyCaution: contents may be hot.14
The Graffiti ArtistA graffiti artist tags a billboard.1
JanineIt's getting late, and a man's wife has yet to return from her skiing expedition. With sundown fast approaching, he decides to take matters into his own hands.1
Well, ShitA skier takes a fall, and must struggle to survive—or maybe, struggle to accomplish something else.1
WerepokeismSam Healman was a normal kid until one faithful day at camp. Can he live a normal life with a tail out of his butt, odd friends, and a perverted Vaporeon?18
Pokemon United: Umbreon EditionAfter a witch transports Hunter and his friend Jordan to the Pokemon World, they find out that Hunter is involved in a prophecy were he will defeat Team Galactic leader Cyrus and bring peace to his world and the Pokemon World, but there is a twist...Hunter has for unknown reasons transformed into an Umbreon.23