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Review #200: Fan MailIt's time to open some letters from the fans.
Ray Does a Very Serious Novel ReviewHere at The Retributionists, we review serious literature.
Review #199: Dragon ball 6Oh hey somebody wrote Dragon ball 6.
Review #198: Sonic's Ultimate HaremThis fanfiction is longer than the complete works of Shakespeare.
Review #197: Mother GoddessWarnuts' journey, four years in progress, finally comes to an end.
Review #196: Just The Way I'm NotRay does careful analysis on a potential trollfic.
Review #195: Forbided LoveMartin and Ray retire to the Batcave for their first full-length Batman review.
Review #194: My Inner Life: The Legend Of Jenna (Post 3)The journey continues!
Review #193: Dead in loveHalloween is the favorite holiday of both Ray and Fluff, so they decide to celebrate with a spooky piece of smut found on SoFurry.
Review #192: My Inner Life: The Legend Of Jenna (Post 2)Warnuts and the gang go on a journey through time.
Review #191: CAPTIN AMERCA: INVASION OF VLADEMIR PUTINBack for their third consecutive review, Team Fluffwrights showdown with a crackfic of communistic proportions.
Review #190: A Piece Of My HeartTeam Fluffwrights and Team Sex Doctors equip their proton packs and go head-to-head with a creepypasta.
Review #189: Blood Raining Night (Post 3)Team Fluffwrights tackles the third chapter of this behemoth of a Sue fic (with a guest appearance from Hentai Man!)
Review #188: Harry Potter Becomes A CommunistIs communism really better than capitalism? Bah, I say! A plague o' both your houses!
Review #187: Blood Raining Night (Post 2)The review haitus is over: we're back, baby!
Fucking Br'yan: The Kingdoms & The Elves Of The ReachesFantasy world-building has been a bit of a passion of mine ever since the first time my older brother called me a faggot.
Review #186: Poetic OrgyAlright everybody, grab your rhyming thesaurus.
Review #185: It HurtsChoose Your Own Review! Yay!
Review #184: Blood Raining Night (Post 1)Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, eat your heart out. There's a new Mary Sue in the house, and her name is Reicheru.
Review #183: A night to rememberA wild Jigglypuff appears! It uses attract!
Review #182: Pet Human And The VampireOoh a romantic story about vampires, we've never done one of those before.
Review #181: ShiftWait, it's Friday? Oh shit!
Review #180: foxpaw and sandstorm mating lemonMy roommate got a cat, so naturally, I've been reading erotic Warriors fanfiction to it. I present to you my findings.
Review #179: BenwarsSpoiler alert!
Review #178: CarteroticaFluff found a story.
Review #177: A First of FirstsI like stories. I like dogs. I do not like stories where the main character is mean to dogs.
Review #176: Riding the Cock TreeMany moons ago, I set out to find salacious tree erotica. This week, I'm immensely proud to announce that I have found it.
Review #175: A Brother and Sister on Holiday[CAPS LOCK ENGAGE]
Review #174: A Special Truce

This story was recommended by shadhardblogger. Who's shadhardblogger?

Review #173: Fan Request: Rawcoli AnthologyIn today's review, we give a shout out to our most frequent requester, we talk about the future of The Retributionists, and also there's some stuff in there about The Rawcoli Anthology.
Review #172: Dragon's BreathThe protagonist's name is Sorrow. Sorrow is a dragonkin. His pronouns include he, him, OC, and Gary Stu.
Review #171: Harvest TimeTo christen our new site, I want to review something special. That something, ladies and gentlemen, is Alex Reynard.
Review #170: A Tale of Four BlowjobsIt was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.
Review #169: Eevee TF TGHent faces his inner demons with a little help.
Review #168: Cupcakes MulliganLast Friday, Hent reviewed a story that we already reviewed. Today, I decided to make a series out of that concept. Introducing Mulligan Monday.
Review #167: Fan Request Triple PackHent goes to that dark scary place known as the comments section and nocks three of the suggested stories off the list.
Review #166: Thirty TsSomeone out there in the world loved Thirty Hs so much they decided to write their own MLP version of it, and it's as amazingly bad as you'd think.
Review #164: The Metroid Conspiracy: Pasts of the SinPrepare your body for another work by 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006-chan, who will be our guide through this tour of insanity.
Review #163: Howl if you canAfter the smashing success of there first video, the gang discuss what they should do next.
Review #162: Fan Request: The Hunger Games NoteHent and Ray chip away at the comments page when they should be working on other projects.
Review #161: My Inner Life: The Legend Of Jenna (Post 1)So I was just sitting at home playing some Piano Tiles when Hent told me about this story.
Review #160: Friend-FictionPrepare your body for something special.
Review #159: Walter White and Sly Cooper Team UpThe Pete Peterson Experience is back for revenge!
Review #158: PiecesThis story is by Ray Thompson. No no, not this me: Ray Thompson of Wattpad.
Review #157: My Little PiggyToday at 2:04 AM, I set out to give the least amount of fucks ever given in a retribution. And, now at 2:09 AM, I'm proud to announce that the goal has been reached.
Review #156: Childhood LostThis story is pretty bad.
Review #155: FurRag AnthologyIn this groundbreaking retribution, we ponder whether or not furries can blush, we learn the origin story of Team Fluffwrights, and we welcome a special guest star to the review.
Review #154: SonichuI don't like this story.
Review #153: Night TrapIt's Powerpuff Girls fanfiction. Yes, that kind of fanfiction.
Review #151: Fluffy Reviews: Crazy Anthro CreepypastasLt. Fluff and a new addition to Team Fuck You go deep into the realm of creepypastas which is furry but not furry at the same time. It's confusing.
Review #150: Introspection Round 3Sometimes we must ask ourselves, "Why are we qualified to critique fanfiction? What makes us the authority on retribution?"
Review #149: A Lost RoseMartin and I dive headfirst into the shallow end of romance.
Review #148: Gaybutt AnthologySome names jump out at you; gaybutt is one of them. When I found out that there was a user who went by gaybutt, I just had to find out more.
Review #147: Battle Against Fate (Post 4)Continuing our trip into madness; Here is part 4: A Stigmata Of Sorts.
Review #146: Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark YagamiThe lost episode, finished at last!
Review #145: My Immortal 2: Wake Me Up InsideThis one wasn't as easy to track down, but Fluff found what we believe to be the correct story, so it's the one we're rolling with.
Review #144: Brotherly LoveWattpad. Romance. Fanfiction. Justin Bieber.
Review #143: Fan Request #1: The Death of NickHent makes the fans happy by being miserable. Shout out to the Fan that hates the number 17.
Review #142: Battle Against Fate (Post 3)Part 3 is here at last. Are you excited? I'm excited.
Review #141: A Night at the MoviesThere's a reason writers avoid telling a story in second person, and that reason is this story.
Review #140: Seduce By MommyWe decided to check back up on Brickhousebunny21, just to see if all of his work was as bad as Adopting a Cute Bear Cub. Spoiler alert; it was.
Review #139: Falling for the demonThis was listed under romance on Wattpad. I don't see how, but there are far bigger problems with this one.
Review #138: Dear Cis People (A Haiku)Thanks to YouTube's flawless recommendation system, we get to review this lovely poem.
Review #137: Battle Against Fate (Post 2)Well if you read the first one, you know what to expect. Hent is back with Part 2.
Review #136: Harmonia's Big AdventureIt's April Fools Day, and shenanigans are abound. Last year we caused quite the kerfuffle, but this year, why don't we just sit back and relax with some good ol' fashioned Portal fanfiction?
Review #135: ♥♥Hot lover's♥♥Yup, those are emoticons in the title. We're in for quite a treat.
Review #134: The Nostalgia Critic Meets Kinoko NasuWe decided to take it upon ourselves this week to critique this parasitic critic fanfic. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Review #133: Pokemon StrategyJoin me and Hent as we go on a Pokémon adventure...where we fail completely.
Review #132: Battle Against Fate (Post 1)Hentai Man starts on his quest for a running series. Join him for a review of a fanfic of a show that no one has heard of except for him.
Review #131: Ruto's SongI'm back bitches!
Review #130: Hent goes to IKEAAfter one to many table fillips, Hent needs to replace his desk. Join him on his quest to construct his new desk from IKEA.
Review #129: Dreams come trueOh wattpad, why did I ever ignore you?
Review #128: My Darkest DesiresAfter some dank 360 no scope hacking, I found a way to breach Wattpad's copy-blocker. Enjoy.
Review #127: Catapult Melons Into Nose For The Best BallsYour guess is as good as mine.
Review #126: Phoenix White: Justifications of Justice!Hentai Man is back in action as he takes on his biggest case yet! But will his sanity hold out?
Review #125: After worldRemember this is for entertainment only. Contains Bondage, Yuri (lesbian), Dickgirls, Torture, Rape, Vore (cooking alive/ cannibalism) and Female slavery. Don't like then don't read.
Review #124: Loving PainWe might never find a story that can induce as much PTSD as Cub Training Institute, but dammit, we've been looking. And in that search, we came across Loving Pain.
Review #123: the surviverIf apple short and Secondpillow collaborated on a story, I imagine it would turn out something like this.
Review #122: Thanksgiving SurpriseIt's January, so naturally, it's about time for a Thanksgiving special.
Review #121: A Cheesecake In TimeWario is a generally unpleasant character, so honestly, I don't know why I was surprised to find this work of generally unpleasant fanfiction.
Review #120: Imma Wiserd (Post 4)Back by singular demand, here's the final installment of Imma Wiserd. May Joseph G. Buttsex have mercy on our souls.
Review #119: HabitrailI'm not typically a religious man, but I can feel a little better about the universe, knowing that Uncle M is nice and toasty as he burns eternally in his special place in hell.
Review #118: Reporting for DutyHm, what to review next...
Review #117: Emily H The Viking PrincessNothing will stop this Mary Sue in her quest for ethnobotany.
Review #116: Spider-man vs Santa ClausMerry [Seasonal holiday of your belief] everybody, have some ComicsNix.
Review #115: Sonic Fanfiction AnthologyWhat's better than one bad Sonic fanfic, how about three.
Review #114: Nekrohedgehog SeriesEnter Warnuts, having just read Death Cannot Separate Us.
Review #113: Pleasure PainJoin Team Fluffwrights, as we revolt against the tyranny of Manor Farm.
Review #112: Some Snow Related StoryYesterday I was building a snowman. And by yesterday, I mean last week. And by building a snowman, I mean crying.
Review #111: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: WORLD WAR 2 DRAGONYes people, this exists. Now go and enjoy this fuckery
Review #110: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles ) (Post 2)I'm a Hufflepuff
Review #109: Arthur's Naked WeekA more appropriate title would be Arthur's Naked Day, because that's really all we ever read about. But oh, what a sexually ambivalent day it is.
Review #108: Hidden FunMartin, Hent, and yours truly searched every sentence of this story for fun. After ninety pages, we can only conclude that the fun must be hidden in some other story.
Review #107: Be Careful What You Wish ForI wish for a story with characterless characters, a plotless plot, and sexless sex.
Review #106: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles ) (Post 1)Well I figured I'm going to hell for calling myself god, so I figured why not piss off the big man upstairs some more. So without further adu, Blessings
Review #105: Things ForgottenHogwarts, goths, and a Mary Sue; need I say more?
Review #104: I Need YouFun fact; the first Fan Fiction Friday I read was Alvin and the Chipmunks erotica. Well, I figured there had to be more bad 'munk smut out there, and as it turns out, I figured right.
Review #103: Clifford's Dog YearsYes, Clifford the Big Red Dog fanfiction does exist, and yes, it's as bad as it sounds.
Review #102: The Ultimate Generic Beach ChapterHas anyone heard about KissxSis?
Review #101: Sly Cooper 100Of all the stories to review after 100, this one was painful.
Review #100: Introspection Round 2Two months ago, we announced the second round of Introspection. It took us long enough, but we finally got it done.
Review #99: Passion NightBad grammar being used to tell a tale of anthropomorphic erotica set in the Harry Potter universe, this has retribution written all over it.
Review #98: The Exploits of a Small Town CopPrepare to be disappointed like a person who was recently disappointed.
Review #97: Pokemon: Attack of MewtwoI choose you! Staring Hent, Ray, and Mart.
Review #96: CONTACT BANK OF AFRICA FOR THE RECEIVING OF YOUR $1.5M USD.I received an email the other day. Guess who's about to be a millionaire.
Review #95: Dora must die 2: the revenge of Agent BMWell turns out Agent BM decided that one small story wasn't enough so he made Dora must die 2
Review #94: Nintendo Fan's LustThese horney levels are off the charts.
Review #93: Daddy's PunishmentJoin me and we shall go on a journey of incest, gender confuckulation, shower scenes, golden shower scenes, and BDSM. Not to mention, an encounter with a long time rival.
Review #92: Johnny Testosteroneay bby u want sum science?
Review #91: Grand Theft RWBY (Post 2)Hent is back and he has brought backup. Join us as we continue the epic story and give the audience the chance of a life time...
Review #90: Phil and Lil's Greatest Sexual AdventureSome of you might remember Rugrats: All Grown Up. I don't, but basically it was a spin off that took place several years after the original series, putting the characters in their teens. And yet, a completely canon and much more socially acceptable alternative didn't stop Sasha from writing Phil and Lil's Greatest Sexual Adventure about the baby version.
Review #89: Naruto Veangance RevelaitonsGet ready for the worst think to happen to Naruto sense they killed all of the Akatsuki members.
Review #88: The Tail (Get It ;P) Of pRince Martin WillisDo I even have to say anything? Just look at the title. Look at it. Did you look at it? Here, let's all look at it.
Review #87: My Inner Life (Post 8)I'll just leave it at that.
Review #86: Desert Bus Ride 1: A Romance Story and for LadiesDesert Bus is not an interesting game. Desert Bus Ride 1: A Romance Story and for Ladies is not a good story.
Review #85: Cloud and Tifa search for a New HeartDid someone say ComicsNix?
Review #84: Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Review #83: Gun Gale Online: The SwordswomanWant to get trapped in a game with me?
Review #82: My Inner Life (Post 7)Gods be presided, sorry that took so long. New job, longer hours. but now Rays back in hell so they should be out faster. So enjoy
Review #81: Center, TheNo, the title isn't a typo, but it is what told me this story would be worth reviewing.
Review #80: Halflife: Fulllife ConsequencesIt's time for me to live up to my fake name and face full life consequences.
Review #79: Kronicals of Rebecca SwansinSparkling vampires, aggressive Sues, shit spelling; this story has it all.
Review #78: LegolasI can't even
Review #77: Fluffy Reviews: Abby's AdventureLt. Fluff here, back from the dead to bring you a comic about a female fox in heat and three horny males. This'll be fun!
Review #76: Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From GodHere we look at the first five chapters of a story that has nothing to do with the Blues Brothers despite the title.
Review #75: Grandmother's TuitionThis story has very little to do with tuition. It does however, have a lot to do with a grandmother.
Review #74: TheOnlyNightTroll AnthologyA while ago Fluff and I reviewed Set Fire To The Cottage, by TheOnlyNightTroll. Turns out there were other stories.
Review #73: My Inner Life: Here We Go Again (Post 6)I thoroughly dislike this story.
Review #72: Dude Your Dog is GayThis story features a dog named BD who may or may not be gay, may or may not be female, may or may not be a furry, and may or may not be an actress from the twentieth century.
Review #71: I'm the Only One that can Touch HerWelcome to the first episode of my new experimental Hentai Manga.
Review #70: Oh crap, I'm pregnantJesus cheated on his husband, Satan, with Nicolas Cage and is now in labour, about to give birth. Includes: MPREG, Slight Gore, M/M, crocs and Miranda Cosgrove.
Review #69: Grand Theft RWBY (Post 1)So what happens when you combine a video game and a Anime like web show? Lets find out!
Review #68: fullmetal twiliteThis is by a writer claiming to be Tara Gilesbie. Is she full of shit? Probably. But let's take a look anyways.
Review #67: A Team Fortress FanficThey forgot one word in the title, and that word is bad.
Review #66: Et Tu, GeicoIt gets bad, real bad, it punches you right in the logic and beats you over the head with insanity.
Review #65: How Videl Discovered her Abortion FetishThere's one story Rob refused to review. He even avoided the name as best he could, simply dubbing it The Other Story.
Review #64: Bloodninja AnthologyI put on my robe and wizard hat.
Review #63: My Inner Life aka Fuck My Life (Post 5)Well shit is there anything left to say after you read the tittles? All i have to say is...BULLSHIT! so have fun with 9 10 and 11
Review #62: The Petals Fall TwiceThis is page 143 of a book that doesn't exist, and it's the only page we need to know that it's probably for the best if it never does.
Review #61: My Inner Life (Post 4)Well if you've made it this far you're half way there so here's 7 & 8 Fuck what Ray says you guys get two reviews today
Review #60: RaspephabioWhat is this story? Well what the hell isn't it? Good, for one thing, but see for yourself.
Review #59: I'm Not OkayRaven: the editor of My Immortal. She wrote her own story, and it's about goths going to Hogwarts. I hoped it wasn't really by Raven and I tried to put it off, but... this is I'm Not Okay, by Raven.
Review #58: ImmaWiserd (Post 3)The third part of this insanity is here: buckle up.
Review #57: ImmaWiserd (Post 2)Finally figured out how to post this. Here, enjoy your gay porn.
Review #55: Sonic in the MoodThis story is so bad that it was deleted from the internet. That is all.
Review #55: Sonic in the MoodIt's finally time for a legitimate art critique, and I can think of no better artist to feature than ComicsNix.
Review #54: Twilight Fanfiction AnthologyBe weary: 'tis the night of the Mary Sue.
Review #53: Fluffy Reviews: Crash at ChristmasRay and the others are drunk off Fukitol, so I'm here to entertain the fuck out of you all. This story almost destroyed my childhood. And I'm not lying, it get's worse.
Review #52: Gettin' My Dick Sucked By a TREEEEXXXSo Warnuts, Hent, and I are all working on longer reviews, but I took some time off from mine to review this. I hope it's enough to hold you over until Triforces and Clothing and Goffs, oh my!
Review #51: Memoirs of a GeishaI was lurking around /r/AskReddit, when lo and behold an opportunity threw itself at me.
Review #50: Introspection Round 1in•tro•spec•tion: observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself.
Review #49: My Inner God Fucking Damn Long Life (Post 3)Ooooooooh fuck me.
Review #48: Becoming FemaleAn excessively long Harry Potter fanfiction? You better believe we're on it.
Review #47: Hannah Moantana Part 3: Lilly Likey DoggieI was taking a look at the stories we review, and you know what seems to be missing? Animal related sex.
Review #46: Inkbunny AnthologyYou all remember Cub Training Institute, right? Well it came from a sight called, and it's not the only bad story there.
Review #45: THA SOTRY OF KAWAIIFLOWAThe plot cheats, the grammar is non existent, spell check is off, and emoticons reign supreme; this is THA SOTRY OF KAWAIIFLOWA.
Review #44: Imma Wiserd (Post 1)Ah yes, it was only a matter of time.
Review #43: Goffik BloodTo prove myself and show Warnuts that the My Immortal he reviewed was far from the worst, here's Goffik Blood.
Review #42: Shitting off a BoatYou'll never guess what happens.
Review #41: Shiny Green BugsThere aren't many ways to read Shiny Green Bugs that make it sound good.
Review #40: cheezburgerluvr AnthologySome trolls are stealthy, lurking online for the opportunity to strike and then retreating back into the shadows. Some trolls are cheezburgerluvr.
Review #39: the wolf the creeper and the humansThis story isn't awful, but we have our reasons. And who knows; we might make an appearance if the author doesn't hate us.
Review #38: My Immortal 3: The life among the deadWe have to review any My Immortal we find, and I found this. At least it's short.
Review #37: Jim Carry as the Grinch meet Wrestling and SonicSorry to disappoint all of you, but this story does in fact exist.
Review #36: My Inner Life (Post 2)Well, I did it. I'm not happy about it, but I did it.
Review #35: thundernator AnthologyThis guy. I don't know, clearly he writes whatever he damn well pleases.
Review #34: P uHere, we take a look at the work of a very talented artist: Warnuts' sister.
Review #33: The Wolf Blood LineageComicsNix is no longer writing just short stories; he also does long ones. These are the first six chapters of The Wolf Blood Lineage.
Review #32: The Pink Pies JokeThis one is by Hollybuckets, a name which I'll admit is kind of clever. But don't hold your breath for more creativity, this My Little Pony fanfiction is nothing extraordinary.
Review #31: Hentai Man Goes Solo: Getting Around the BlockIt's what it sounds like.
Review #30: patshley luvThis is patshley luv. It may be short, but it's the best thing I or anyone else who is so lucky with ever read.
Review #29: Set Fire To The CottageTheOnlyNightTroll wrote this, which should be an indicator. Set Fire To The Cottage is Hannah Montana fanfiction, and I promise Fluff and I kept the twerking jokes to a minimum.
Review #28: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHThirty Hs is a story written by Secondpillow that blows me away; I don't know how a person can be on so many drugs and still write so fluidly.
Review #27: My Immortal 2: Revange of Da Bark LurdIt exists. It fucking exists.
Review #26: Stupid Tales AnthologyI found a list of stories; a list of stories actually called Stupid Tales. Here are some horror stories that probably didn't even scare the people who wrote them.
Review #25: Da PostmastrWritten fittingly enough by daPostmastrGeneral, Da Postmastr seems to be a story about the cast of Harry Potter competing for the attention of one lucky lady.
Review #24: wonderouswaffle AnthologyI really don't know what to make of this guy, but one thing's for sure; he knows how to make history a little more epic.
Review #23: Fluffy Reviews: Sonic Becomes a WomanHello I'm Lt. Fluff and welcome to the first installment of Fluffy Reviews. Starting the series off is this story. A wonderful story of cross dressing, romance, and ponies.
Review #22: the awesome adventures of amynda in the fayz!I don't mean to freak anyone out, but I think I found it: a story on par with My Immortal.
Review #21: TWILIGHT: TWILIGHT OF SUNFALLWarnuts, Martin, and I finally got around to this story. We've known it existed for quite some time, but pretending it didn't was so much easier.
Review #20: Snape Meets the TeletubbiesYes, believe it or not, somebody has written a crossover between Harry Potter and Teletubbies. Not only that, but they've written what is meant to be an erotic crossover between Harry Potter and Teletubbies.
Review #19: Pikture PurfectThis is a Legend of Zelda fanfiction, but if it weren't for the characters having similar names to the canon, you wouldn't even know it. Pikture Purfect is anything but.
Review #18: Finnegan's WakeWritten by the renown author James Joyce, Finnegan's Wake is a book that lives in infamy. Why? Because it's too good, or rather, too advanced for most people to read. Let's take a look at why sometimes simpler is better.
Review #17: Hans Von Hozel AnthologyThis man is either a genius able to manipulate the rules of English to his will, or an idiot incapable of using them in the first place. Either way, his work deserves to be read.
Review #16: Jesus and Hitler: A RomanceThere are some crossovers that are bizarre, but understandable. Then there are those like, I don't know, Jesus and Hitler falling in love.
Review #15: iFall in LoveIn Cub Training Institute, I proposed a sponge fetish. I thought I was making it up, turns out it's actually a thing. This is a crossover between iCarly and Spongebob.
Review #14: Dora Must DieWarnuts had the brilliant idea of searching for Dora the Explorer fanfiction. Thanks to his recklessness, we now know this story exists.
Review #13: Cub Training InstituteWhat's it about? It's written by someone who chose to call himself yiffyspoodge, that should tell you everything you needed to know.
Review #12: Doctor HooWhovians and lovers of the English language alike, get ready to rage.
Review #11: My Inner Life (Post 1)Here's the introduction and the beginning of the story of My Inner Life, by Link's Queen. Most rational people would think I just repeated myself, but Link's Queen isn't most rational people.
Review #10: The Worst YYH FanFiction EverNo, I didn't dub it that, it was already called that when we found it. Enter Hentai Man.
Review #9: The Horny Rooster and the Hard Ravenit's possible that this story wasn't even supposed to be online in the first place. But fuck it, here's The Horny Rooster and the Hard Raven.
Review #8: 111Super-Saiyan-Sephiroths2008 AnthologyOnce again taking a look at the account as a whole, the Super Saiyan Sephiroths could use some retribution.
Review #7: Metroid High SchoolThere's really nothing I have to say that the title doesn't already cover; it's an absurd concept with an absurd delivery.
Review #6: Bowser's Mexico AdventureIf you're looking for a ridiculously preposterous fanfiction with a ridiculously diverse cast performing a ridiculous variety of actions, you're looking for the ridiculous Bowser's Mexico Adventure, by Mr. Market.
Review #5: Dr. Splattenburgers AnthologyDr. Splattenburgers isn't actually the name of the story, it's the name of the author. He wrote three stories during his time on, each more bizarre than the last.
Review #4: Sonic halps fite eggmenWritten by Kasper A. Vestergaard back in 2007, this story is pretty harmless but ripe for mockery nonetheless.
Review #3: CupcakesWritten by Sergeant Sprinkles, this story is infamous among bronies and the internet in general. Martin and I decided to figure out why, and we weren't disappointed.
Review #2: Scooby Doo and the Trip of LustComicsNix, the quintessential author of bad fanfiction. It didn't take long after delving into the heart of madness that is his account to find this gem.
Review #1: My ImmortalThis is my critique of My Immortal, written by Tara Gilesbie and often regarded as the worst fanfiction of all time. It's haunted me since I first read it, so I figured this was a good place to start.