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Small Announcement: (Creative Commons)For those unaware, copyright lasts a long time.
On POVsRay talks about the advantages and use-cases of different points of view in fiction.
Back in Action!: (Ch-ch-ch-changes)In 2013, four handsome individuals got together and laughed their asses off reading My Immortal. Though they didn't yet have a name for themselves, this was the first meeting of The Retributionists.
Rivers and Highways—Why You Should Pay Attention to Pace and Flowit is all too often that I end up reading a piece and it drones, on and on, almost as though the writer has yet to hear of such wonderful things as commas, semicolons, em-dashes, and the myriad of other options that an author has to vary up the pace of any passage.
In Defense of (Some) Bad WritingWe've all seen bad writing. And I don't just mean a piece that could use another draft; I'm talking about legitimate eyesores.
You're Not Writing a MovieThis essay covers the biggest thing I learned while writing my first book, as well as the biggest thing you shouldn't.